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Smart Digger- Digging Tool With Built In Pinpointer

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    • By Westy27
      Hi All,
      I'm new to detecting and this group. Have only been out a few times myself looking for coins/relics/jewellery etc. I'm a bit of a shed tinkerer and decided to knock up some picks from old leaf springs from a LandCruiser. Made two different sizes. One for my older son and one for my girl. Thought I would share them with you guys. I was pretty stocked with them!
      PS. They do not look like this anymore... I didn't want to get them dirty at first. They were almost mounted on the wall! hahaha

    • By Jin
      Any suggestions on a good pick? My last one snapped the blade in half when digging in hard ground. (It was previously broken and welded so didn't expect it to last forever - got it for free from the next door neighbor) I got suckered into buying a medium sized pick 4 years ago, with the salesman saying the larger ones were for people that felt inadequate in certain areas.
      But I think a bigger pick would be better for digging bigger holes. What do the Aussie guys here use?
      I still have the medium sized pick but the tip seems to be too rounded and doesn't cut into the ground as well as my broken one that had a sharp pointy end did.
      I plan on digging plenty of 3 foot plus holes shortly, it would be great if the handle of the pick could incorporate a mini crowbar head on the end. (never seen that anywhere, just saying it would be good.) Once you get down a bit it gets tough swinging in a confined space. Cant be carrying a crowbar a mile from the car.
    • By Dig It
      Just a shout out & Thank You to Davsgold, pick arrived today !!! Also a  Thank You to Phrunt & a few others that mentioned he was on this site. Been wanting one of Dave's picks for awhile. Now ground just has to thaw !! Haha !!! Can't wait to put it to work !!!!!!!    I'm sure this pick will Dig It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • By cool riverr
      I just started working an area with lots of exposed bedrock.  In addition to my EQX 800, I carry a few lightweight tools to help open up cracks.  So far, this combo has proven pretty effective.  I haven't really tested the battery life with a long day of hard use.  Happy hunting!

    • By 1515Art
      I was wandering Ace hardware the other day and spotted this sexy little heavy duty claw digging tool hanging on the rack priced for around $15 if I remember right. Made of aluminum and really solid with a comfortable handle I JB welded two neodymium bar magnets for searching iron infested signals on the top hopefully out of the way enough to stay in place.
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