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    • By Coilpower
      The day ended up too hot for man nor beast and my hunting buddy and I ended up in the water to cool off. We havent had rain since 1st week of December so relic hunting in dirt is out!!!!  The spot we went to was mixture of Black Iron sand, quartz sand and rocks I had to turn over. Iron and nails were in abundant supply but we will revisit here in cooler weather. I suspect people in the past with PI machines have snuck into this spot guaging by the mixed dates of targets found so the finds we were after were not as plentiful as they should have been , however I was happy with what I got and the performance of unit in hard hunting conditions.  Photo includes the trash before sussing out cherry picking.
      Jews harp (broken unfortunately) , musket/pistol ball, 1889 UK penny, Nz pennies 1961,1946, bent apostle reaspoon, button from S.W.Silver &Co, London clothiers, oarlock.....which looks old but I cannot date, square nails which straight away tells me 1800s site and etc.

    • By GB_Amateur
      Found this yesterday while searching a site that previously produced a Civil War cartridge box plate.  I don't remember the exact location of that previous find, but the pictured stirrup was found within 30 m of its location.  (Hopefully I don't prejudice responses with this tidbit....)
      As mentioned previously when I posted that find, it's over 100 miles to the nearest CW battlefield.  At that time I was pretty sure the box plate was a 'souvenir' drop from a homestead family member who had participated in the war.  It is possible there were practice maneuvers at this location, although I haven't found any written evidence that supports such.
      All I know is that this site was previously a 19th Century homesite and I'm in what was previously a pasture.  It's been a municipal park for 51 years so almost certainly dropped before that.  The condition is pretty decent but I haven't found a manufacturers mark (and frankly don't know where to look for that).  My guess is that this was made in a blacksmith shop and not a mass produced item, but I'm about that least knowledgeable person on this subject.
      Any help in identifying will be appreciated.
      Oh, this was a 3 1/2 hour hunt, hoping for some old coins.  7 cents (modern coinage) was all I got in the coin category, so the stirrup saved the day.  It TID'ed in the upper teens on the Minelab Equinox.

    • By maxxkatt
      Looking for anyone who has hunted Civil War locations in the 70’s, 80’ & 90’s in Dekalb county, Georgia that might wish to share locations and help me out. I am looking for Civil War camp sites, river or stream crossing or skirmishes that happened in Dekalb county in Metro Atlanta, Georgia.
      Or if you know someone who has hunted those areas in the past that would be helpful also if you could give me their contact information.
      Please send me a private message with any info.
    • By calabash digger
      I tagged the bullets and my buddy got the S.C. Button....

    • By Coilpower
      I have a question pertaining to restoration of iron artifacts. Has anyone used Parrafin Oil at all to say coat an axe head or similar article in rather than using using the hot dip Parrafin Wax method? I have some relics whereby they are delaminating, and wondered if perhaps after wire brushing, spraying with wd40 that I could use Parrafin Oil? TIA for your answers.
    • By DetectorMoe
      Jan 25th and 26th. Colonial site. Cuff-link with green stone, flat button, buckles and more.
      My youtube channel.. My latest video.. DetectorMoe
      Cuff-link with green stone, I been told it dates late 17th to mid 18 century, buckles and other things.

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