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    • By Gerry in Idaho
      I'll let the nice email they sent me say it:
      "My wife and 2 daughters thought it would be nice to escape Los Angeles for a fall weekend vacation to Boise. During our visit we were playing in some leaves at a park when my wife noticed that she was missing her deceased mother's class ring which she holds very dear to her. While she hopelessly sifted through a sea of leaves, I immediately got online to see what my options were to get help on locating her ring knowing how much it meant to my wife. Gerry was very responsive to my call and email on a Saturday evening and did a fantastic job of explaining the process of recovery the ring. We agreed to meet at the park on Sunday morning with tempered hopes of locating the ring. Gerry was very friendly with myself, my wife and daughters while he searched for the ring with his metal detector. Within 20-30 minutes of searching in a leaves, he was able to locate the ring. My wife was ecstatic!! I can't thank and recommend Gerry enough considering he turned a stressful family event into a pleasant experience and demonstrated care, professionalism, urgency and integrity throughout the entire process."
      Thanks Again, Neil

    • By mn90403
      I'm getting ready for another gold nugget trip.  I've been told where we are going to bring a VLF for all the bedrock.  That is a style of detecting nuggets I don't normally do so I thought I would need practice with the 6" coil.  I live in Santa Monica so where am I going to 'practice?'  The beach of course.
      Waves have been very small for a week or more.  I went out a couple of days ago with the 11" coil and got so few targets in the tide zone I detected back to my car in the dry sand.  I prefer wetter detecting.  That is what I did with the 6" coil for about an hour and a half.  There still weren't many targets but I was going to dig everything I heard.  It is a little weird going out there with such a little coil but I did it when I first got the 6" coil and I got 4 cheap rings that day but the conditions were better because of the waves.
      This afternoon I used Beach 2/F2 4/25 sensitivity/5 or 6 speed.  I had just reduced to 5 (for the ring) when I got a slight negative target but it was repeatable.  I turn up the negative sound so I can hear it and see it.  I dug a bit and the sound was solid.  It took several scoops and it was still in the wet sand hole.  I was not fighting the waves but the hole was filling with water.  My scoop is 6" and I was now down a full scoop and the number came in at a solid 10!  Its been a long time with any of my coils for that sound.
      It came out of the hole and I swung over the pile and it was still 10 so I was hopeful.  I might have hit it with the scoop.  When I shook the wet sand away I saw it.  It looked good now and it sounded good so ... please don't be a cheap ring ... haha  There were lots of people about and I didn't want to answer questions so I put it in my pouch and hunted for another hour after I found it.
      It's a 14k Lee that is .1 oz (2.7g) with 5 little diamonds.  It seems I'll have to use the 6" coil on the beach more often.

    • By 57buick
      Wasn't sure where to post this but since it is modeled after my Equinox coil I'm posting here. Just got this keycahin made by "Coin RIngs by Sully" a one ounce silver dollar punched out like a standard equinox 11" coil. He also makes all kinds of jewelry like rings and pendants from coins. You should check him out

    • By Rivers rat
      Hello to all we moved house on the 26 th of july into a ...........another house which needed a fully restoration it is all done now thanks god after skips of rubbish ,timbers and plaster .
      Anyway back to the subject i managed few session on the beaches which have been hunted to death with my CTX (Silver ring) and my G5c (PI) the gold ring came out after 5 min of switching the machine on....at maybe 10 inch loud and clear:2.97 gr made in 1887 Birmingham)UK) so lost a while ago,i observed the ocean the day before and waves where a bit stronger han usual........
      I want to emphasize that i m no a super experienced beach comber but i just decided to step up my game and invested a fair amount of money in this project.Broke another sand scoop shaft in the process but it is now all sorted
      The last ring (Green jade) was found in the street yesterday i  was parking my motorbike at work.........
      Any Drum rolls here are the pics

    • By Mike Hillis
      A little gold chain from my last time out...... More details in the Minelab forum as it was an ETRAC find.
      26" long, 15 grams of 14K gold.
      Chains really give me gold fever as they weight adds up so fast.
      PS....the dime is for size comparison.

    • By kac
      Top left appears to be bronze, back part is broken off and worn thin. Was fairly deep in the woods under some thick pine roots. I can't really see any inscriptions other than faint hash marks and something embossed on the front.
      Other has a solder seem and seems to be brass base with high copper content. Might have been plated at one time and also was found away from any signs of trash also under roots.
      No idea on the age.  Anyone have any clue on them?

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