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Bedrock Vs. Cemented Gravels

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Hi Tom

 Well you hit what one would call false bedrock. Like you said you’re finding gold on top of this .

 What I’m about to say and to do some would say a big question why but only cost you a little time. If you can get your hands on a hand post hole digger try this . Dig a hole pass that false bedrock and as you dig pan the material that you bring out . That false bedrock was made over time and between it , it’s a true bedrock that your post hole digger may hit . Remember things have been going on long before man came on the scene. Who knows you may hit another false bedrock of different material before you reach the real one .

 From what it’s worth department . I miss your face and voice coming from White’s.


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Good to see you are out and about finding a little gold Tom - thanks for posting! :smile:

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Good to see you around Tom, I thought you'd done the runner on us ?

Nice gold too, A mixture of chunky and flat bits.  I do hope that's not a glass bottle, I learnt the hard way not to use them!

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15 hours ago, phrunt said:

Good to see you around Tom, I thought you'd done the runner on us ?

Nice gold too, A mixture of chunky and flat bits.  I do hope that's not a glass bottle, I learnt the hard way not to use them!

I've been there mate. Spent a whole summer working bedrock and dropped a glass vial once - never again! I take plastic out in the field and save the glass ones for home.

It's been a busy spring with working my new gig so trips have been rare, but I'm hoping to get out more once things slow down.

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Not fun vacuuming up a broken glass vial of gold off the tile floor at home either!! 

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Good to see you posting again Tom.....

Don't be a stranger.

Nice gold by the way. 

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you've done good! Congrats on the gold!

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  • Similar Content

    • By oneguy
      Finally had a good sized nugg turn up for me.  Hunted Fri. and Sat. over near Helena and drug up 8 pieces but I lost one little dink so only 7 in totals pic.  Definitely did the happy dance and still can't believe I finally stumbled onto a big one!!!!  Enjoy!

    • By 1864hatter
      Hi guys and girls, 
      My wife is due to give birth to our second child next weekend so I thought I'd squeeze in a quick trip up to the local gold field to find some gold. We'd had a fresh dusting of snow on the higher hills the day before and so my very pregnant wife, daughter and mother in law decided to tag along to try and find some snow. 
      We drove up to the same spot I last went to on our claim with my 2yo daughter. I was dropped off at the creek and the ladies continued on up the hill for a snow/picnic adventure. We arranged to meet back at the road in 1.5hrs time. 
      The spot I chose has a 1.5m high gravel/clay Bank resting on bedrock. Flooding has exposed the bedrock at the base and on our last trip we were successful in finding gold by removing the remaining material off the bedrock and detecting the nooks and crannies. 
      This time I applied the same method and soon found my first piece of perhaps 0.3g. There were some very large worms in some of the gravely clay which were very impressive! Some almost half a meter long! 
      So I managed to get 6 pieces for one hours digging and detecting. The largest was 1.6g and the total weight was 3.2g. A perfect quick mission before baby arrives. Alas the ladies didn't find any snow. 

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      My little brother shared with me a couple recent finds over the weekend with his EQ-800 and stock 11" coil.
      Smaller specimen is 48.5 grams and its bigger brother is a sly heavier at 53.5 grams.  Each piece probably has close to 8 to 12 grams of gold in them and in todays value approx. $300 to $500.   What is so cool about this style of gold, is a GPX-5000 will not see it.  In fact what further makes many minds wonder is why the GPZ-7000 misses many of them as well?  I've personally found larger pieces in the multi ounce range and they have over 1 ozt of gold in them, but I try my best to get a GP/GPZ or GPZ to read and I get nothing.  On occasion some are heard with a bigger machine, but then the VLF can see them 12" away.
      Moral of the story?  Just owning a big dog detector for a variety of gold is a mistake and most owners don't know.  So you better own both to have all bases covered.

    • By PG-Prospecting
      Got to go detecting on Saturday on good gold ground that was just recently clear cut.  This area has been detected in the past but it is a huge area and the clear cutting has surely made more gold detectable.  One of the guys who originally found this spot came with me.  Having first hand experience on hand is always helpful.  I was using the gpx 4800 with a coiltek 11 inch elite mono.  I started off in normal and at the factory presets, after digging a number of hot ground signal, I switched to enhance and this removed the hot ground that was giving me issues.  The first hour or so of detecting yielded normal small bits of trash, and one target that I thought for sure would be gold, but was a piece of rusty iron about a foot down in cemented gravels (that was a let down lol).  We moved up to the logging road and began detecting it, after a few trash targets, I got a nice mellow signal, it was easily heard, and upon scrapping down about 3 to 4 inches out pops a coarse little 8 grain nugget, my first piece found with the gpx.  
      I continued to detect this area of the road and pulled out three more small nuggets, the smallest being 5 grains and the largest just over a gram.  By about noon the I was beat and the heat was almost hitting 90 with about 100% humidity.  So we packed up and hiked back out.  All in all I was very happy with the day, and it showed me what my gpx4800 is capable of, and now I have more trust in its ability to find small gold at pretty good depth.

      Then today I had to go down to my normal prospecting area and pull my dredge out, and while I was there I fired the gold monster back up and went to my little picker creek picker hole.  Found some more nice little pickers with the monster, and finally got it over a larger nuggets.  Man does it scream on bigger gold.  The area that the bigger nugget was in looked like bedrock with no evident cracks.  I had to bring the crow bar over and just ripped up the soft decomposing bedrock, and out pops a nice 1 gram nugget.  I detected for about 1.5 hours and got 5 nice pieces with one being a little quartz and gold specimen piece.  

      So all in all a fantastic weekend with gold from two separate locals, with two different detectors.  Total gold was about 4.5 grams for the two short days of detecting in Virginia.  
    • Guest AussieDigs
      By Guest AussieDigs
    • By jrbeatty
      Currently camped on the job in central Vic where comms are difficult, but here's a progress report.
      Been at it for a couple of weeks (I think ) but there are some results to report. I've been working solo a lot of the time but also with Reg when he's not too busy.
      We started off testing the new Detech 32" coplanar concentric which Stinky Pete kindly loaned us for a few days. What a coil!
      Although we didn't manage to put it over any deep gold, it's easily the deepest seeking coil we have ever used, yet sensitive to small targets as well. I'm ordering an 18" to 20" model as soon as they become available. Howard is busy planning mods to the QED so it can run them as well.
      I'm pretty excited about these coils. My friend Tony has been winding and using them for years with great prospecting success. Needless to say, he isn't interested in owning a "Z"
      Hang onto your GPX's folks, they're about to penetrate previously unreached depths!
      Some of the properties we've been prospecting are familiar and some are new. Always a buzz to finally get onto new ground after meeting with the "Cocky" and negotiating a deal. In some cases the ground has been detected before by others, but with careful gridding we always manage more. On one property we worked yesterday a previously detected patch yielded an additional ounce and a half in chunky colours (young blokes we were told) Perhaps they were ignoring screamers, but we're not complaining
      First up, my solo tally so far. largest piece (front) over half an oz. All found with QED PL2:

      - and our shared tally to be eventually split 50/50 . Again, largest piece (front) over half an oz detected by Reg:

      All gold located in patches on eroded Tertiary leads. Some pieces still have traces of the cement matrix they eroded out from.
      A general view of one of the Tertiary patches with Reg's young foxy "Boo"  photobombing. Reg in the distance:

      Posted elsewhere on this forum, my two largest pieces, found under 500kv powerlines:

      A 400mm dig for a 5 grammer. I love that 18" Elite, it even centered shallow flyshite that doesn't register on my scales:

      That's all for now. To be continued - - -
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