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Mike Hillis

Here Is A Little Beauty.... 10k With Some Chips

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Awesome find.

A lot of wisdom in leaving, I do the same thing.

Don't won't people to see me dig anything.

Good  job, Mike.


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Great find, congrats sir.

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Ran you off or just crowded you out?  I haven't been chased off any place I have gone so far, usually get a few that like to ask questions , usual canned "did you find anything?" bit.

Nice ring btw. 

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As he stated in his post he leaves when people start to show up. I'm the same way as I dont want to be doing a lot of digging with people around because someone is libel to start crap. 


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Congrats, that's a pretty ring!

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    • By NCtoad
      There's a small stream not too far from where I live that has a smooth rock bed that you can slide down.  So, the other day I took my kids there and I also took my nox.  In fairly shallow (18"), but swift water my third target rang up a solid 12.  I was in park 1.  Got a 2.2 gram 14k ring.  I don't have a scoop yet but I did just order one.

    • By rod-pa
      if anyone has ideas, i would appreciate your knowledge or guesses.  I am pretty sure it isnt plated, but it doesnt ID like a sterling ring would on my detector.
      Thanks for your help

    • By Againstmywill
      I pulled the trigger on the 15" coil (and 6") and needed to make sure all was OK with it. So, out to the football field again for 2 hours. After hoovering about $3-$4 in change(one hole had 4 quarters and a large chunk of aluminum foil that was really jumpy in the numbers), I headed to the area where my silver chain was found. There was a strong and long signal which showed up as a 9. About 5 inches down came the start of this day's highlight. I had to dig more as it was stretched out underground. Not quite as heavy as the last one, but it was enjoyable seeing another silver chain come back to life. Again, I was using Park 1, ground balanced, 7 recovery, and 20 sensitivity. The coil sure covers ground, and it actually does a good job of picking through the clutter. 

    • By Mike Hillis
      First rings with the Gold Kruzer.
      The anchor ring is rose colored 925 silver.
      The white ring is costume but the stone looks to be real.  It is very pretty.   The camera just doesn't do it justice.  Everyone I show it to tries to keep it.  HA.
      A fun couple of hours. 

    • By The Seeker
      I did a short beach hunt at one of my favorite spots and pulled the silver ring under a big pile of rocks.  I couldn’t find anything else in the wet sand so I move to the dry sand and my first target was this little gold.  This is by far my smallest piece of gold. Good luck out there.

    • By GB_Amateur
      😛 Made you look!   OK, there is a dectecting story behind this, and actually more typical finds below.  The theme is that sometimes you're out detecting and find things you weren't expecting, and even things your detector might not see (or could see but wasn't needed).  Two weeks ago I was out a new site (park).  Someone I was walking past asked me if I had found any mushrooms.  "No, but then I wasn't looking for them, either."  So I go back this week, detecting again, and while peering down at the ground while swinging my detector, there plain as day was this morel.  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morchella)
      Actually, around here they sell for around $25/lb when fresh.  So in those units it's worth a bit more than a US silver dime (but I'd rather have found one of those).  My wife fried it up for me -- two small bites after all the water was out of it.  Pretty tasty nonetheless.
      This sorta reminds me of another hunt I had a couple weeks ago, this one to a school built in 1959.  I was thinking "that's about 10 years for silver coins to have been dropped" so I was hopeful for those or maybe some Wheat pennies.  Less than 30 minutes after starting a survey hunt (the school grounds are many acres in size) I got a high but inconsistent tone.  Looking down I could see some silver, and dropping to my knees started pulling out a chain with a pendant, then seeing more silver, another chain and two rings.  About a foot away I saw something white that turned out to be a porcelain elephant, likely part of some kind of jewelry box.  Why was all this jewelry (every piece marked '925') laying on top of the ground in a schoolyard??  We can only speculate.  I did dig another sterling silver ring (on the right in the pic below) about 6 inches deep in another part of the schoolyard later that same day.  Although I've been back two more times and found lots of clad, nickels, and copper Memorials I still don't have a single old coin from this site.  And I haven't found any more jewelry, either.

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