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Newbie Trying To Get A Metal Detector ( Trying To Avoid A Garrett Vs Other Brands Fight )

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The Fisher F75 series seems like a possibility. 

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On 5/9/2019 at 11:00 PM, 31-coinshooting said:

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I need to explain myself a little better. 

First, I'm removing completely the beach from my places to look for coins, I do not know If I need a waterproof MD, since I'm just going to use it in small streams where the water is very shallow, a waterproof coil should do.
Second, I'm not going to spend more than $500 (maybe $550 including the pointer but that is it.) So, I'm definitely not getting the NOX 600 right now.
Third, what do you guys think about the AT PRO, X-TERRA 705, TEKNETICS T2 CLASSIC, White's TREASUREpro, and FISHER F4, which one will you get based on my needs, previously explained?
Finally, anyways after my first MD (still do not know which one) I will save money to eventually get the NOX 800.

After trying multiple detectors and brands I can admit I'm the definition of "hard to please". Had the Equinox 600 but it didn't click with me. I did have trouble with some things, but Minelab DID take care of the problem in a very fast manner. Not a bad word on them concerning how they handle warrranty claims.

Still have an XP ORX and just got the Tekentics T2 SE. Very pleased with the T2SE. It's more than what you want to spend though, and I can respect that.

If you go with a Teknetics T2 you should be happy. The T2 Classic doesn't have some of the modes the T2SE has though. But you should have a detector base you can do a lot with, like add extra aftermarket coils. The build quality is excellent, and has a good balance.I hear the Patriot is also a good unit and many have praised its abilities.

I looked at the Garrett AT Pro series and to me the Target ID is so small it was of no use to me. Some videos have shown it to Id deeper good targets as iron. That is not unique to the Garrett though and others do it too. Garrett makes a good product and I've heard they have good support, so that is a plus. Many people like the AT Pro, but for me it wasn't an option personally.

Either way, wish you the best on selecting a detector that you feel is right for YOU.

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