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A Few More Tiddlers For The X Coil 10 X 9

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9 hours ago, flakmagnet said:

That is some challenging detecting there, bravo. Thank you for including pictures and the details, it makes a much more inclusive experience. Kind of like looking over your shoulder from afar. 

Thank you flakmagnet. A picture tells a thousand words, so you can see the terrain I am in. Pictures don't often do justice to the depth of some digs or the awkwardness of some of them. But they help give some perspective. Cheers.

Best of luck out there


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Kiwijw, Great pictures and story with them. That is terrain which we have not seen on our travels. Challenging to say the least. Makes me want to work with my 10x9 xcoil now. The 18" that i have been using has hogged the detect time so far.

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    • By Skookum
      Alright, I know nobody really knows the answer to when there will be a GPZ successor.  Because of that, I'm just pinging for some opinions.  We are currently a VLF only family that's interested in a detector that reduces some of the hot rock music we listen to here in Arizona.  If you were in the market and didn't have a PI detector would you:  A) get a used GPZ for $4500-5000 or B) wait and see what comes out over the next one to several years (depending on what rumors you believe)?  And, a here's bonus follow up question.  Does anybody have a guess what happens to used GPZ prices after the next model appears?
    • By afreakofnature
      I would like to start a thread of peoples opinions on what they found between these two machines with various coils.  I love my SDC and have found my biggest and smallest gold with it (8”).  My GPZ has definitely gone deeper for gold (14”).  I am about even on the total count for each, weight a being different story.
      I understand that if you only have one detector then you want coil options, but if you got both I wonder what would be a better bang for your buck?  A 10” Xcoil at $1000 or a 11”Coiltek at $310.  Thats if they compare at depth and sensitivity.
      Norvic I would love for you to state your opinions here, you seem to have the most on thses just based on other posts.
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      Clearly, with the huge amount of interest that is being shown in the after market coils for 7000, it`s obvious that there is a market out there for coils other than 14'' and 19".       I don`t take the 19" out much because I have had very little success with it and with my bad wrists it`s just too damn heavy, but Minelab did tell us in the early days of marketing the 7000 that they would be releasing a 11" coil down the track, and now there is another company that nobody has ever heard of making a huge range of coils that are lighter and have so far been very well received by the public.
      What`s going on Minelab?
    • By phoenix
      A couple of months ago I put out a call for the parts list for the WM12 because my original WM12 was taking forever to charge.          At the same time I bought the replacement battery, I also bought some heavier charging cables because I have about half a dozen devices that all use the same cable. I bought cables that were listed as suitable for external hard drives and they were about 6 bucks each. Because I kept changing cables on different devices I don`t even know now what cables came with the WM12.         Anyway, with the heavier charging cables my original WM12 now charges QUICKER than the newer WM12, so I don`t need to fit the battery.        Maybe, if your WM12 is getting sluggish charging, it may not be the battery, it may be the cable breaking down.   Just a thought.    Dave

    • By davsgold
      The battery is ok but, it maybe the speaker or some other connection.
      It has static at times and cuts in and out, even when it is clipped to the arm strap on the detector, I have narrowed it down to the WM12 as even when it has headphones plugged in it still does the same as when they are unplugged and with a booster and external speakers it does the same whether they are plugged in or not.
      Is there a way to check if it is just the WM12 speaker or something else inside it.
      It looks like the actual speaker is a replacement part? and would hopefully be cheaper than a whole new WM12
      Any ideas?
      So for now I am just plugging the booster and dual speakers into the back of the 7000 near the battery, but after getting used to being unteathered  by cables it is just a bit annoying when you put the machine down and go to retrieve the target. 
      cheers dave
    • By Jonathan Porter
      Hi Bill, Salt is always going to be a problem, especially if you want to also achieve depth. Deeper targets are slow responses, salt signal kills slow signal responses. My advice on salty areas is to try your most sensitive modes first and go down from there, in this instance it would be High Yield, then General then Xtra Deep Normal before I changed any of my other settings.
      Your Threshold is too low, stick to 27 especially if Audio Smoothing is in the Off position, I would also recommend using Semi Auto mode because Salt signal messes with the Ferrite Balance in Auto mode. 
      There is a huge difference in Salt signal if you go from Normal to Difficult, this also might have been a good option for you dependant on the ground in your area. A lot of people shy away from Difficult especially in quieter soils because there is a perceived depth reduction, however on Half ounce nuggets Difficult actually gives a better signal response than Normal does in any of the Normal modes (HY, Gen or XtraDeep). 
      Minelab introduced the Ground Smoothing mode in the last update, this mode was specifically designed for Salty ground conditions, essentially they are Motion filters so there is a depth reduction when you select either Patch or Salty mode so I tend to avoid them but it does smooth the machine out a lot.
      Finally, having a controlled swing speed helps immensely with Salt signals, try not to suddenly vertically lift the coil as this exacerbates the salt signal immensely. To confirm it is salt signal just lift the coil from detect height to abover your head, as the coil transitions from your waist height to shoulder height you should hear a moaning sound, the level of salt signal is determined by how loud this response is. The other way is to place the coil in the air out in front of you with the coil parallel to the ground then rotate the coil from left to right and listen to the audio response, the greater the noise the greater the salt levels. This will help you to decided how aggressive you need to be in reducing sensitivity via the Gold/Ground type Modes or the use of the Ground Smoothing filters.
      Hope this helps
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