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  2. Ok, let me try this again. For some reason it shows up fine for me, but I just dragged and dropped from my email so maybe it's cause I have it in my cache.
  3. I first noticed it the first time I used the 18" prototype over one year ago, and this was the only coil in Australia at the time, and was a traditional type "DoD" and the later coils also seem to posses this characteristic also, and the spiral wound coils which came along sometime later seem to also work in a similar manner with Mono like properties without being a mono coil. This is just what I have noticed. regards dave
  4. Nope, your photo isn't displaying at all, just the name of the photo is. I haven't seen your photo before, it was no doubt made later on. Maybe try some of the heat shrink with adhesive on it, even a few layers of it may toughen it up enough.
  5. No, I'm talking about the photo I attached in my post, did it not attach correctly? It's the one in English, with a tape measure. The numbers written do not match to the diagram being measured on the tape. I ignored the Cyrillic one because I had no idea what it said or even how to type the characters in to Google translate. I'm just going to hotglue the crap out of the connector end on the outside to the ML cable to prevent movement, I'll cut the glue off if I need to get inside again later. It'll look like crap but I have a bad feeling this mechanical failure is going to happen to me again because I can still feel quite a bit of tension on the cable as I tug on and extend the middle shaft. When I release the clamp, the whole shaft will suck back in a distance due to this tension. Dave, is the manufacturer going to decrease the radius on the coil curls? I'm not trying to neg on him, I'm actually quite pleased with the performance from what I see at this early stage. I'm recommending this as something I view as essential to a usable end product and I think he'd be wise to take that advice. If this electrical tape is the suggested fix then I find it insufficient.
  6. I really hope its no red . If that one is then i hope its the lowest of the 3 machines of the type. And the 440 and 540 are different . Maybe they will be colour coded like the Terra's have been and the 540 will be black. Red looks to much like a toy .
  7. I assume this is the photo you're talking about, you're not really freakin' bad at reading a tape measure unless I am too 🙂 JW and I were a bit confused about that too so we just followed what the ruler said as it visually shows where to do it. You'd probably be better off stripping back 10mm or so if you're good with fiddly stuff depending on your plug end type. The type used in the videos above is different to the one we had, it had black plastic surrounding each of the terminals not open like the one in the video. I hope I explained that in a way that makes sense. I was thinking at the time the only reason it has to be so short is due to the curly cord starting, so worst case scenario if I stuffed it up in any way I was going to straighten some of the curly cord out 🙂 As I said in a previous post I wasn't game to try cut off the insulation as even losing one strand of the wire could change things that we don't know about, so I melted it off. Much safer.
  8. You say that as if mine did not just fail... Can someone tell me if I'm really freakin' bad at reading a tape measure or is this photo in the instructions wrong? It says to cut at 56mm, but the tape shows 54mm. And it says to pair back 18mm but the tape shows 15mm being pared back. It also shows the pare ending at 39mm on the tape but says to pare to 38mm. I don't know why I didn't notice these inconsistencies when making the cable, but apparantly neither has anyone else. I remember just following the numbers and not the tape, but I can't be certain I didn't look at one and then use another for a different cut, or what. If someone followed the tape instead of the numbers their patch may be a little bit stronger as there would be a little more rubber sheath remaining, which might be why some haven't failed as mine did, I really have no idea. I was measuring everything today to try to figure out what caused the mechanical failure in mine though and just noticed this.
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  10. I thought about it for a bit, but the new adoptee part of me won. Steve summed it up perfectly, simply by saying they are experimental, hopefully their uptake and obvious success reported in the field has got the ball rolling in MLs camp and a solution is on the way. Otherwise I`m going to have to continue hiding my X coils behind a tree and quietly turning the Z on, as that heavy stuff jumping out of the ground at the coil could be deadly...…..😉
  11. Did you do the sweep speed mod on your SL, Mark? Jim
  12. Instead of tape, I always use dual wall heatshrink. It has a glue inside which not only makes it waterproof but also stiffens the whole patch lead. Hate to say it but his soldering looks as dodgy as hell 😂
  13. Nokta Makro, you are awesome. I love my Makro Gold Kruzer. It finds gold easily if I get the coil over some gold. It will not detect mica or any other non-metallic substance that I know of especially what the gentleman above has in his plastic bag which sure looks like mica to me. thanks Jeff
  14. Fred, please look closely at the timing tables in Simon’s post and read through the DP GPX reference article linked in Simon’s post. The optimal coil recommendations for the timing settings in the table seem to have nothing to do with the target of interest (i.e., relics vs. gold) or with iron rejection, it merely states what coil type is considered optimal for that timing setting using relative descriptive terms like “suitability” (“OK”, Good, Very Good, Excellent) and “coil type X works best...”. The question is what is it (I.e. what characteristic) about a DD vs. Mono that makes optimal for a given soil timing.
  15. Yes, I am just confused by the charts seem to be contradictory to what everyone says, they're more indicating mono are better for bad soils and DD for mild soils, that's why I'm asking if I'm not understanding the charts right. For example it says for Sensitive Extra timing which is the one I use always, it says suitability for DD coils = Very Good, suitability for Mono coils = OK And Sharp which seems the other timing that would be good for my small gold hunting situation suitability for DD coils = Very Good, suitability for Mono coils = BLANK Blank definition = Not recommended. Very confusing. It looks to me like Coin/Relic mode might find the tiny gold at the most depth in my very mild soils but again, mono coils are not recommended.
  16. I understand Scott, there are a number of people taking that position.. The cable when made probably isn't an issue at all though. Aussies who are worried about doing it should just ask Steelphase if he'll do it for them, he may not want to make a million patch leads for people but the ones he makes I have no doubt will be of excellent quality. He makes a brilliant product his SP01 audio enhancer and that's a whole lot harder to make/solder than a patch lead, after all he is a professional in the field. So sorry if I'm flooding you with unwanted business Pat but I'd rather people get a good quality patch lead so they can enjoy their coils 🙂 I am also sure there are many businesses in USA people who are worried and don't want to make their own could pay to get a professionally made cable.
  17. I may have missed something but I don’t think DD coils are excellent, except for relic hunting. Of course I may be confused. I have. Found some sub-sub gram nuggets with a dd flipped to mono....if you can get Jonathan Porters vids it might help.
  18. This whole patch lead scares me. Possibly burning out my coil, my detector. It just looks hokey. I'm not trying to be negative. But until something is made that is 💯 safe and reliable, I'll just sit on the fence with this one.
  19. There are heat shrinks that have adhesive too so when you heat them up and they shrink down they also glue on. They are good for strength and waterproofing Here is an example https://www.jaycar.co.nz/heatshrink-tubing-with-glue-lining-4-1-12mm/p/WH5643
  20. I returned to the patch (to mow more of the beach) this morning and mostly re gridded what I had done before but added on to the ends to see if it continued. It can be tedious as I just want to go wander and walk long distances but that is not the type of energy supplied to the beaches in the last few days. I need to lock in to what I've found. Just as an aside story, one night last week I was near this same area in the middle of the night and a guy kept coming towards me and I could see he was swinging. He was hitting some areas I wanted to go back on but he just kept on his way through my area. I didn't want to talk but he stopped and asked me how it was going and I said just coins and he said he had just found this chain with a cross! I saw it with my light and I immediately thought it came from his last dig hole near me but I don't know. His pattern had been to walk quickly with his Gold Bug for miles. Lots of detecting patterns work. His 'style' beat me that night. I must note that a couple of the quarters and the star ring were not from that area. It was in an area I walked through to get to the patch. One of the first targets I got was the gold ring with the little diamond. It shows up as a 10 but a little hard to read but I think it is 14k. Much later on I found the pendant which is 22g with a .925 sliver back to it. I don't know what the stone surface is on the front but it is kind of a nice pendant. The bobby pins are a must to dig if you find them. They stay about -4 but some deep targets start negative also when listening for the subtle beach sounds. On more than one occasion I've heard more than one target before I start digging. We'll see when I get the urge to go again.
  21. Is this a Spiral wound coil your talking about Dave or traditional wound DoD? The Spiral wound coils have the Tx spread out really wide and I’d say the Tx is then influencing the Rx during receive.
  22. Now I wish I had known you were in Tenn. George, I went through last November on an extended road trip. It's been way too long since we visited, last time was when you were still in Copper Center. For some reason I thought you had moved over seas permanently, must be thinking of someone else.
  23. The best detector is the one you have the most time and confidence in. I took the time to learn the Deus and I was rewarded greatly. When I used it it was the best detector out there.....for me. When the equinox came out I invested hour's after hour's learning it, not the buttons, programs etc., but what a good and bad target sounded like in each of the programs. To this day all I do is select a stock program based on the location I'm detecting and do a noise cancel, ground balance and go. I wouldn't know iron bias other than to sit here and tell you I'm definitely against iron, always have been and always will be. I'm an ironphobe. The best detector you will ever own and use is the one between your ears. The deus, nox or the makro just tells you what it thinks might be in the ground, it's up to your experience via hearing and digging that makes all the difference. I don't want to be the best at knowing what a particular detector can do, I want to be the best at using that detector.
  24. Yeah, I went with both, wrapping a rubberised insulating tape then heat shrink over the top. The rubberised tape sticking to itself with pressure as you wrap it tightly much better then plastic insulating tape but perhaps not as stiff as the plastic tape. time will sort out any weakness.
  25. Good question, Simon. I always subscribed to the simplistic view that as far as a PI is concerned, and the GPX in particular, the mono will go deeper than a DD but a a DD is needed to make iron rejection work. It is obviously more nuanced than that and it would be great if Steve or another GPX guru could go into more detail as to what makes a DD more suited to some of these timings than a mono and why a mono appears to be more suited to work in highly mineralized soils than a DD (or at least more suited to the soil timings one would use in highly mineralized soil).
  26. Hello i was wondering if anyone here will be attending the show in chattanooga on july 27th and 28th?
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