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  3. Hi, I have found several references to this but none of the links work, does anybody have a copy please?
  4. Ive sold my 4500 but for the 4 years I had it I used irrigation clips (50 cents) bought from Bunnings. (Do they have bunnings in NZ?) Holds the coil cable nice and tight against the shaft.
  5. Yep, although my first wraps are with electrical tape as I find I can't get the straps to really hold it in place.
  6. Ok, thanks. The Flat/spiral wound Evo's and Coilteks sure sparked some life back into the GPX's that's for sure. Interesting if something new has come into the mix.
  7. Today was spent detecting a 'ridge' in the morning. All the old timer workings were up but nothing to be found. I took a break and then went to seek a couple of more marks on the map. When I got to this location there were no workings at all. It was just patches of quartz and red dirt. I worked at it and then took off up the reefs to see what I could find. After 2 hours just more bbs! Time to move but the roads were washed out and I couldn't make my next spot. It was tricky getting back out. I noticed some workings on the way out and I had about 1.5 hours of daylight so I stopped. I wasn't there 5 minutes when I got that nice mellow, repeatable sound we love. I scraped down about 4 inches, past the topsoil layer into the quartzy, yellow gravel. I knew it had to be a nugget and it is! I used all of the rest of my time there trying to get a second nugget and it was not meant to be.
  8. Well done Phrunt! I noticed something in your pictures Simon. Your coil wire is quite loose all along its path. You might get some falsing from it being that way in the bushes or not. We have all decided to put the wire straight up the shaft for the first 12 inches or so and hold it firmly in place with straps and enough slack to bend the coil. Going up higher we wrap it around the shaft. Mitchel
  9. WA is the last 'big game' around that is relatively safe. In a few years it will be over and then there will be flogged areas where once there were BIG nuggets. My trip here proves that up quite well as they have been taking all the big ones for 170 years. If a detector or coil company wants to take a little credit for it and send a spiff back to the detectorist then that is good business.
  10. Yes Mitchel, Five bits with the 2300 will just about buy you one of your much loved 'Burger King' indigestibles.
  11. Yes, you can listen for 'deep' all you want but as you have told me and everyone else getting over the nugget is the trick and what you have in your hands doesn't quite matter so much. Now, going small on the mullock heaps with the 2300 may have certain advantages if you want to be a vacuum cleaner! Mitchel
  12. I'm not sure in the GPX models, I believe they come in both, Davsgold may have to clear this one up, I'm not even sure what winding type my 12x6" has.
  13. My 12x6" X-Coil arrived yesterday from Russia, I was out prospecting with my Equinox when it arrived, luckily my wife was home for the courier. I ended up with a skunk on the Equinox, I took it back to the place I found my 1.2 gram nugget last week. I detected the living daylights out of the hillside I found the nuggets on hoping there would be another. There ended up being no more for the Equinox but now seeing I had my X-Coil I figured I'd give it another try. I jumped in the car and started the journey, it was another stunner of a day so I did a few stops on the drive to soak up the view. Not a breath of wind anywhere. I figured my X-coil would like a photo shoot, being such a good looking coil 🙂 I arrived at my spot and started hunting, I immediately noticed the X-coil wasn't as concerned by the hot rocks in the area as my Evo was. Here is an example of the areas hot rocks on the Equinox Here is the X-coil running on the same ground, maximum gain of 15, audio in boost and sensitive extra, hardly even notice the hot rocks. You notice the cars more than the hot rocks, when they drive past even though I'm a reasonable distance from the road they interfere with my GPX, this is always the case on any coil. There was a bit of EMI noise but that's because my gain is on max 15 and I'd forgotten to airplane mode my phone before taking the video. The hole in the video is where my nugget came from. The GPX using the X-coil was blissfully unaware of them being there, only the biggest ones would sound off, a majority were silent, about 90% of them didn't make a peep. On my GPX with Nugget Finder EVO they were quite troublesome. There was no knock sensitivity at all and I was running the detector flat out, gain of 15 (max) with audio in Boost. This made detecting in this area quite enjoyable, I had been here now a few times so I wasn't expecting much but I really wanted to detect the exact hole I dug to get my 1.2 gram nugget with it as when I found that nugget with the Equinox there was another faint signal on the Nox coming in the -7, -8 range but I was never able to pin it down and ended up deciding it must be a tiny hot rock annoying it. It turns out I was wrong, as soon as I put the X-coil in the hole I had a signal, I scraped a bit and out it popped. My first X-Coil gold !!!! 0.287 Grams, a nice screaming signal too. I detected the rest of this little mound but didn't have any joy on the gold, the one interesting thing though was I found a NZ 1 cent piece, a long extinct coin. What is interesting about this is the Nox missed it, there is no way I wouldn't dig it with the Nox as they come in at 21 on the VDI's, same as a NZ Gold coin. No more luck at this spot so I went back into town to get some lunch as I had a plan to try another spot to see how the coil goes there. I'd decided on another occasion I was unable to use my GPX with EVO coil in this spot in the past, it's close to power lines which drive my GPX nuts there, it also has hot rocks that also set my detector off constantly. I also can't use the VLF's here as the amount of shotgun pellets is just insane, damn Rabbit shooters. The X-coil was a different beast. It still had the EMI issues but dropping my gain back from my usual 15 (max) to 10 mostly resolved the EMI with the odd UFO siren sound occasionally. I guess being a smaller coil helped with EMI. By dropping my gain back I wasn't picking up any shotgun pellets at all, I was a bit worried at first as when I used my EVO here I was digging many pellets, I believe with the EVO I kept my gain at about 13 and put up with the EMI but I wasn't going to do that today, I didn't really want to spend my time digging pellets anyway so I ran with my gain lower hoping to find some gold bigger than a pellet. The GPX was running really nicely, the shape of the coil was letting me snoop around in spots my EVO couldn't get. Being long and skinny it gets into tight places well, it's also a dream for pinpointing. I could squeeze in between rocks and right up next to them too. For my EVO I'd be going over the top of these, not between them. Also in the plant life it was great, again going between them. These little plants are quite stiff, you can't just push them over easily but you can navigate between them with this coil. I felt I was detecting places that hadn't overly been done due to this, even though I was in flogged ground. I managed to pull a signal too, very faint but there every swing See how thin I can do my dig hole, the width of the coil... And this was it, gold number 2 for the X-coil It's heavier than the other one, just 🙂 0.294 grams! I was pretty worn out now so I decided I'd hit the lake front for a quick detect near Mcdonald's to try find enough coin to buy dinner. It was a pretty nice time to be doing it. There is the beach I detected, my cars the first one on there, the silver one. I'd done this beach before some time ago and it was never great for finds, this time wasn't much different. My days haul. I do like my X-coil. I ended up having to pay for my McDonalds I think one of my nuggets looks like me, especially on the non-zoomed photo above 🙂
  14. Hi John, yeah I hope my daughter gets the bug. Maybe it would be better if she had a milder dose of the fever than me though. I'd like to do more posts / videos but unfortunately I've not been getting out golding as much as I'd like and I'm generally too busy to do write ups. Plus I'm about to start an extension on my house and have another kid due in August. I'll be lucky to sneak out a few more times this year. I'm glad you get out as much as you do and do a superb job of reporting on your trips. I especially like your down to earth reporting on the various minelab models. I might add another detector to my arsenal once the house is done... Equinox or sdc not sure yet.
  15. G’day all, can i have the pros and cons on this unit for gold in highly mineralised ground of Aus please? Thanks.
  16. Hi there Mat, Nice to see you posting on here. Cool finds & awesome "breaking" your daughter into it gradually. Hopefully she gets the bug as bad as you. Out of my four sons, none of them took a liking to it. I found that very odd. You should post on here more often. You have some good yarns. I always enjoyed them. Take care mate & all the best. Good luck out there JW 🤠
  17. I know the name only but have heard & read great things about him, it saddens me to hear of his passing. RIP Jim. ☹️ My condolences to his friends & family. JW PS. It also saddened me to learn that Dan Blankinship, from The Curse Of Oak Island, passed away at the age of 95. Another treasure hunter gone. ☹️
  18. Yes & X coils are answering that for Zed users. Good luck out there JW 🤠
  19. Wow, they're huge! They'd be worth a fortune wouldn't they? I cringe when I remember my earlier days detecting and am sure I've found a few small one's, tiny compared to those, and discarded them as junk. 😟
  20. I was walking to the local Sushi shop and found 7 1/10th oz Canadian gold coins. Then another a week later on the same decomposed granite walking path with my detector. I didn't keep them though. There were lost by an elderly alzheimer lady that walked out her door with several thousand in jewelry and gold coins and found later with nothing. Put one and one together since I heard the police chopper flying around low the night before with its loudspeakers blaring out they were looking for her.
  21. Im convinced a lot of those little wiry things, we get em here too, are from broken off ends of broaches, pins and stuff like that. Found lots of, over the years, broaches, decorative type badge things, all minus their pins or with broken ones. Same for old safety pins and the likes. Im sure that doesn't account for all of them but I'm convinced it does for many. Scream in don't they!?
  22. Yeeah finding that chunker was a “marketing ploy’ Rick! 🤩
  23. Its a superb find and it makes no odds if it was found by a dog,metal detector or eyes only find and really pleased for the finder/s,but i am wondering and this is just my personal opinion if this is a slight PR marketing ploy trying to get more folks into the area buying detecting equipment and supplies making a mini gold rush because of a few high profile nugget finds......probable wrong but gold fever can grip folks and get them too part with money into the local economy 😉
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