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  2. Mate, what an awesome hunt site. Good on you. I love the look of those Maori coins. Two thumbs up mate.
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  4. Besides latency, the other issue with using a wireless receiver as the source for your recorded audio is how do YOU hear the detector itself while recording, since the control head on-board speaker is cut out whenever you are using wireless audio. So here are some strange Equinox wireless audio fun facts that may provide some folks with alternative ideas to route "auxiliary" sources of "no latency" detector audio out to video or audio recording devices (or detecting "partners") instead of having to inconveniently capture lower fidelity audio from the control head loudspeaker so both you and the camera or your "partner" can hear the audio simultaneously. Many folks don't know this, but if you are using the BT headphones or the WM08 receiver, the control head speaker audio is cut out, but the headphone jack audio is still active. In this manner you can actually use the BT headphones to be able to hear tones yourself and you can route hardwired audio from the headphone jack via a mini-patch cable into a camera mounted on your detector shaft, detector housing, or mounted on your hat, backpack, or clothing. Another way this "feature" can be "used" is to enable a partner to hear the audio via the BT headphones while you swing and simultaneously listen to the audio using a pair of hardwired phones which can be useful in helping someone else walk along and learn how to use the Equinox. Another strange thing is that if you are using the supplied BT headphones, which also have a "hard wired" headphone jack on one earcup, is that you can actually use the headphones as a BT receiver and you can plug a separate set of hard-wired stereo headphones or earbuds into the headphone jack of the BT headphones and get audio that way. In this way you can "rest" the BT headphones around your neck/shoulders while using a set of wired earbuds. Not too practical, but it can be done if you want to use more comfortable wired earbuds in hot weather- though the bulky full-sized BT headphones are still resting on your shoulders/neck (I can't recall as I type this whether the BT headphone speakers are cut out if you do this, but I do think that is the case). Also, although only one set of BT headphones or a single BT receiver can be used in conjunction with the Equinox's BT transmitter output at any time, however, up to four separate WM08 Wi-Stream modules can be simultaneously paired with the Equinox at any time for small, four-person "group" Equinox instruction opportunities. Though, good luck getting your hands on four WM08 receivers at any one time unless you can borrow them from four Equinox 800 owners, because they are cost-prohibitive to be obtained as stand alone wireless accessories. All strange but true wireless Equinox audio factoids.
  5. I am looking for suggestions for detecting at a construction site. A local village has sold some property that was once a baseball/football field to a store. Currently they have removed the top 4 inches of the site and has placed it along the perimeter of the job site, and is going to take out the next 12 inches of soil to bring in new soil in which to build on. I have permission to check what ever ground I want as long as I don't interfere with the construction, and then there is the rest of the property that will be needed to be gone over. The topsoil and grass that they have placed on the outer edge is 5 feet tall by about 6 feet wide and is in a lot of clumps. These areas is the outfield of the ball field and the main playing field for football that they have moved the soil on. So if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear how to do this search. I have only been there for about 20 minutes and have found about 11 coins already. I would have stayed longer, but I didn't notice my battery level being on 1 bar. Valen
  6. Well day two is over, I got too tired to keep going at about 4pm I called it quits, I'll be back tomorrow weather permitting. In coin count I believe I did better today, unfortunately I got a bucket load of NZ 1 and 2 cent pieces, long extinct coins. The last coins of these denominations were minted for circulation in 1987, with collector coins being made for 1988. The coins were slowly withdrawn from circulation, before finally being demonetised (no longer legal tender) on 1 May 1990. I will have to date check them all to see if any are 1988 🙂 The 1903 or 1908 Penny I found with the photo in my previous post was almost the first coin of the day, it was down quite deep too For those concerned about my big holes, this is how they look once I'm done, this was the pennys hole I can't even find it in that photo 🙂 I think taking a big dinner size plate hole out helps the grass survive, the roots don't get damaged as I dig deep, but I have to.. as the ground is so soft rarely is a coin shallow. Another silver! and another 🙂 and another 🙂 but this one was interesting, it had an old 20 cent coin in the same hole as it, there is no way they were dropped at once, the silver is from 1934, the 20 cent is from the 1980's, they weren't in circulation at the same time. The field has these power lines go to it's club house, they caused me a bit of EMI issues today as I went near them, and also they have feeder wires going underground to each of the spot lights, the back and forward I did today was especially annoying it was directly in line with lights, and under the ground between the lights seems to be the power wire for them. At first I didn't know what was going on as I was getting terrible EMI and had to knock my sensitivity back to 15 but I worked it out eventually. This is the bottom of a light pole, the black conduit I guess has the underground wire going between lights. You can see my car in the distance, I detected from 9am until 4pm and only made across the field eight times.... this place is going to take me weeks to finish, another 40 or so crossings yet, that's if I don't take it from the other direction too, it's also a lot shorter across the football field than it is along it.... big job ahead of me A 1936 half penny, I don't think I found any halfs yesterday I didn't have to get far from my car to get coins. A shilling! Got to love all the silvers at this place Another hole with two coins, both modern $1 coins. another Silver! This would have been a silver if it's date was a bit earlier, I guess at some point between the 1930's and 1940's they changed composition away from silver for the sixpence. Another half penny, pretty cool coin from 1941 Just had to show this 5 cent photo as it had a good imprint in the soil Now down to the dirty bit, the junk A lot more than yesterday, in saying that I'm digging every target with an ID over 5. I have no idea what that Leed drink is, never heard of it before.... Looked it up, 1950's to1980's Sprite, before it became Sprite lemonade. And now the good stuff 🙂 A few more than yesterday, the only modern coins that can be spent in this lot are the line of gold ones to the left 🙂 The penny to the right I can't tell what it is, it's almost gone smooth. I have no idea how to clean these older coins, they must have copper in them as they go green? Stay tuned for day 3 I wish I had a Nel big coil for my T2 That would help take on this task. When you have good days like these it makes metal detecting an absolute treat, I wish I was around for the early days of detecting, at least I have the advantage of modern detectors I guess. The crazy thing about this spot is it's a 5 minute walk from my house, I'd never thought to detect it before and only went there to test out my new T2 to get away from the power lines near my house.
  7. I imagine it would be possibly with a Bluetooth receiver plugged into a phone to record but it might require some tinkering. AndThere is the problem of latency. You would want the vdi in sync with the tones. Instead buy a small lapel mike with a 5 foot cord. Plug it into your phone tape the mic to the speaker or even place the mic into the earphone cup on your headphones.
  8. Definitely do dig them Phrunt!! My last two gold rings were a pull tab signal and a zinc penny signal. Both were in places I’ve detected before and can almost guarantee that I passed them because it was hot and I’d already dug my share of similar ID junk targets.
  9. Well done!!! Thats a neat ring design. Looks like a tire??
  10. Just dug a nice zinc penny too!!!! This was a solid 19 on the Equinox at about 2-3”. 16.6grams of 10K. Now to do a little research and see if I can find this kid by his nickname on the ring. The other is 10k gold filled over sterling.
  11. No news – hopefully that’s good news! No news – hopefully that’s good news! First Texas is being very very careful about putting out actual information about their progress.
  12. The only problem with not digging the foil in a playground is that any little gold jewelry that a kid is likely to loose( broken chains, clasps, earrings, gold baby rings) is going to register in the same zone as those bits of candy wrapper foil. Its a daunting job digging all that trash but most places the persistence will be rewarded with sweet shiny gold, albeit little tiny gold. I like to refer to it as “urban-prospecting” LOL I love my EQX for the majority of my detecting but in a playground I will always use a Tesoro Compadre or Mojave. When you get the sweep speed right you can find targets within a foot of those big metal poles. Best advice is to place some common targets you want to detect near the poles and play with the settings until you can find them. Varying the distance from the poles and sensitivity of the detector will teach you what to listen for.
  13. Mitchel -- This is an excellent question, and something I have wondered, as well... I hope someone who knows, could share a way to do that -- record the audio of the unit, synced up with the video being recorded... Steve
  14. Not necessarily, impedance is not just resistance (which is determined by copper wire diameter and length) but also the diameter of the coil introduces inductive reactance which also "impedes" electrical current so these are balanced to enable the coil to match the output circuitry of the detector. VLF detectors are simply inductive balance machines where the two loops (a transmit loop and a receive loop) in the coil be they coaxial (typically concentric but can also be coaxial elliptical loops) or double-D overlapping Tx and Receive loops are perfectly balanced to produce a null signal until a metallic target is introduced into the balanced field area causing a phase imbalance that is then detected. As Steve and others have suggested, there is perhaps some difference in the power put into the larger diameter transmit coils to produce a larger/deeper detection field but the field strength/density is lower primarily because of the larger area of the coil, not the power put into it.
  15. half time lunch break! I'm doing better than yesterday I think, I've found an older coin too..... I'm not covering much ground, I was there from 9 until 12 and only walked across the field about 4 times, about 50 times to go Best so far, and oldest, I think it's a 1908 English Penny. I'll find out when I clean them all up properly. 28 coins so far today I think.
  16. From what I understand the coil is matched to the detector and needs to have a certain amount of impedance so if the coil is bigger it would have the same amount of copper just spread out over a bigger area. If there is more copper then there is a chance the frequency will drop and not perform as well. Some if not most companies will have small boards in the coil with capacitors to adjust the coil to the detector. You planning on making coils? I thought about making a better concentric for my Garrett but they have a proprietary connector that isn't available to the public.
  17. Hey Lady I’m one that knows how great your service is due to the fact I got one detector defective straight out of the box. I got better service direct from you across the water than with some in the USA . Not one time did you ask for me to pay shipping are did you drop me . I guess you could say you stuck with me through thick and thin but never left until you knew I was happy. Dilek I’ve said the same in the past and I’ll always speak up for you and your company. Chuck
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  19. Assuming you're referring to VLF machines: The power consumed by a coil does not vary at all with size. If the designers have done their job correctly, the electrical resistance should be the same, and in operation, the voltage applied to the coil should remain constant, too. "Ohms Law" fills in the missing info - the current must be unchanged, too. Hence power is unchanged. Even if there was, say a 10% variation with a particular coil, you would be hard pressed to observe it's effect on the total detector power draw. Take the frugal Teknetics T2: approximate power put into the coil is 20 milliwatts. Total power draw of the whole machine is about 300 milliwatts.
  20. Bingo those onioms bottles will fetch good.money if ypu decide to sell them BRAVO!!! RR
  21. Does anyone know if an 800 will connect to a phone or any other Bluetooth app or device that records video or audio? It sure would be interesting to record directly from the detector. I guess the best way is the old way of just putting the sound on the detector speaker and then capture the event that way. Mitchel
  22. Hello Rob. Just happened to read your post and would like to make a few comments ..hope you do not mind. Please do not let the price of Simplex+ mislead you. As our Simplex+ video says, the only thing that is really entry level about this detector is its price. This is what we say as the manufacturer of the product and we will leave the rest to the actual users of the product to comment upon as whatever I say here will be biased. Now regarding myself and service – It is totally my personal choice to respond to end users and interact with them as I really enjoy it ...and more importantly I feel like I must understand the customer profile and their needs from first hand experience to be able to perform my job the best way I can as the Sales&Marketing Director of the company. Of course, Nokta Makro is not a one-man show. I have a team of sales and operations guys reporting to me as well as many other departments who make it all happen. In addition, we now have a service center in the USA and the turn-around time is pretty good so far. Are we sprinters or marathoners? I can only speak for the current team including myself as I do not know what the future will bring. All I can say is that we made an announcement end of 2014 when Nokta bought out Makro. Within that announcement we said ''...We will not only offer a richer product portfolio to our customers but address the whole market demand with products at different price levels.'' This is exactly what we have been doing for the past 5 years .... standing behind our word. We have been working hard, really hard to reach where we are today and will continue to do so as the limit is the sky. However, regardless of where we end up, we can promise our customers that: 1. We will never forget the fact that we owe it all first to our end users 2. We will never close our ears and we will continue to listen to the actual users 3. We will maybe make mistakes but will always try to be open and honest about them 4. We will stand behind our products and our valued customers Just wanted to point these out … thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment. Dilek
  23. Could you say what the target locked in at once you had it out? Did you try to ID this in all metal before you dug? And what were the results? I am very interested if someone else had a target go from negative to positive after taking sand away? I have not had this happen to me yet, but very curious to see if others had issues? Also, if you had targets that changed were they of any worth? Dave
  24. Fingers crossed today is just as successful, weather is good, gear is charged, digging muscles recovered... itching to go.. now for breakfast! I've been digging everything, no point not when there is such a good ratio of good to bad targets. I'll report back 🙂
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