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  2. Beautiful old coin!!!! First time I noticed they only spell out half of the word "dollar" (DOL.) on the reverse.
  3. Nice work, that is exacting detecting. Those coils look good, I'm looking forward to hearing how they do in more mineralized ground. Thanks for taking the time to show us your efforts.
  4. Outstanding bit of detecting on your part JW and the crystalline piece is a ripper as they say down your way.
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  6. What I am surprised by is that they even managed to last as long as they did. Coasting on 40 year old tech can only take you so far - and they aren't alone in this - hire a decent Electrical Engineer and try and make some real progress. Too much of what you see out there is just a rehash of the same old tech and designs.
  7. Love that crystalline piece! And those coils sure are doing great for you. Nice job!
  8. Real interesting crystal bit John. Keep that piece.
  9. You can beat an egg, but you can't beetaroot. (Aussie humor) Sorry.........!!
  10. The ctx gets most gold chains, the really thin ones not but the EQ needs to be right on top of it and the chain needs to be on surface, even then the EQ signal is weak.
  11. Yup pegmatite. White looks like feldspar with the more translucent minerals being quartz. Black probably biotite maybe tourmaline can't tell in the pic.
  12. Thank you 🙂 The larger button is brass, it's the lighting.
  13. Nice crystal gold piece! As well as the rest too! Makes me really want a 10”
  14. Maybe in a few centuries, but you're safe until then. 😄 Thanks for posting your settings, too. Is that larger button silver? Very nice looking after you cleaned it.
  15. From the video it looks like they just abandoned the place with all parts and equipment sitting there as if the Andromeda Strain had moved through. I would think there will be an auction of the contents with proceeds going to creditors. Someone is going to get a bargain on the parts, but turning that into a repair business is unlikely to be much of a money maker unless they already are doing such.
  16. ok, thanks guys...…...anxiously awaiting some better tech for the beach......the way the CTX3030 misses gold chains leaves a lot to be desired for me. I opted for the Equinox 800 because all the reviews I saw it pretty much held it's own with the CTX and it is much lighter and doesn't miss gold chains...…..looking for an even better option though.
  17. I've since looked on the map and I was on the east side of Creswick Regional Park and the diggings are more to the western part of that park ...
  18. Thanks Jin, I haven't even tried the 12 inch yet. As to loaming.....I am trying electronic loaming But the damn gold is just randomly all over the place. It is like a meteor exploded above the ground, scattering gold every where. 🤔 MMmm, there is a thought Cheers Good luck out there JW 🤠
  19. Have you tried loaming to find the source? loaming is going to become a big part of the way I search for gold in the future. Well done though on the gold and thanks for sharing the pictures and write up. The 10" coil looks like a winner. It would be good to see how the 12" performs. I reckon a 12' coil is about the perfect size for detecting. It was for me.
  20. The best hamburgers are from fish and chip shops. "One with the lot" ...make sure you add pineapple or beetroot.👌
  21. Monday two weeks back I headed to the spot where I had done well with the 15 x 14 X coil getting 12 bits off an old flogged patch first time going over it with the 15 x 14 coil. Over Easter Weekend I went back & searched a bit wider with the 15 x 14 X coil. Getting 17 pieces. Monday two weeks back I decide to try the 10 x 9 coil over the first area I used the 15 x 14 coil. Mrs JW came along for the day. I parked up in the same spot as the first time & went straight to the spot where I got 4 bits all in a 2 foot square area. High Yield/Normal. Sensitivity on 19. I had hardly put the coil on the ground when I got a signal. Of course I was thinking shotgun pellet. You will see a hole above the coil from my last dig here that the rabbits have dug back out & top left disturbed ground from the previous digs. This signal was to the left of the coil. Small gold it was Not two feet away another very faint signal right up against a tuft of tussock grass. I pushed the grass over with my boot as best I could to get the coil in closer & confirm a signal. Definitely a signal but I hacked the grass out to pin point it better & to get the coil over the top of it & right down on to the ground. Signal improved. Down a good 6 inches, maybe a tad more. The tufts of grass are dying off but still pretty stiff for the coil to flatten down. With the 15 x 14 coil I couldn't get the coil down on to the ground among this grass. The 10 x 9 I was able to negotiate a lot better. I ended up getting 7 bits in this very small area. It was just crazy. Some quite deep for their small size I then moved on to another little area & managed a couple more. A total of 9 before calling it quits & the long drive home. The piece top right intrigued me. You will notice the sun glistening off one face. It was almost a perfect crystalline pyramid shape. With equal square four sided base terminating four faces at the top pyramid apex point. 9 for just over 2 grams. Fairly rough reef gold, but damned if I can find the source. I have been trying for 7 years. Cheers Good luck out there JW 🤠
  22. That wasn't a very good burger. I thought it was going to be an Australian burger. I've since had several good fish and chips and no more burgers.
  23. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-05-22/large-gold-nugget-found-near-kalgoorlie-as-gold-price-soars/11135228
  24. Aw and yes I'll be getting the new 6x4 also for my bedrock hunting will be perfect I have a pre order in with the place I brought the detecter from in the states
  25. Thanks for your reply my 24k will be here tomorrow hopfuly so I'll be borrowing my mates gm1000 and nox 800 with 6 inch coil and try them head to head here in our nz soil.. I have a YouTube channel nugget hunter new Zealand all my videos will be up there with comparisons and real world tests... I really can't wait to see how it goes here. And like you I like the thought of a real threshold and and target noise id as I started out with gb2 for years and years you can't beat that zip zip noise.. Plus I want to try out the ground scan in some of the rivers here for highbanking slicing etc. Have you had a play with that mode any thoughts on it
  26. Ok, now for the remainder of the trip. Where do I hunt tomorrow? I'm in Ballarat for the night and I will make reservations soon for someplace near Maryborough because I have an appointment there on Friday. I want to see Blackwood the first thing in the morning but I don't know about the detectable gold around there. After my tour today I drove up to Creswick to try and find a random spot but it was without diggings. All I got was a few more scratches on the car. Will they polish out? I'm staying at a very nice place tonight. The last couple of nights in Maryborough were the most uncomfortable of the trip. The room was tiny. Oh, I also figured out something today about detecting. I couldn't quite hear and/or understand some of the speakers. You know they have an accent. And then I realized why I can't understand the nuggets here!!!! Heaven help me if I go to New Zealand one year. I won't know what a nugget sounds like there either!
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