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    A change of pace from all the Zed topics, geology and gold formation lecture in Washington state, USA. I even stayed awake.... Published on Mar 16, 2015 Central Washington Unviersity geology professor Nick Zentner discusses gold deposits in the Swauk Mining District at Liberty, Washington. Includes a Question & Answer session with Liberty gold prospector Rob Repin. Zentner reads audience member questions. 250 folks attended the lecture at the Hal Holmes center in downtown, Ellensburg, Washington. March 11, 2015.
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    The Andesite bombs have always been a problem with past pi detectors, but the issue I have is with certain Motherload "hot" slates/shists with surrounding red soils and clays. These areas were a tough ground balance for me with the GPX series, but even more so now, with the increased sensitivity of the 7000. Im using difficult but it still groans. Otherwise It's a killer detecor on old patches, but there's room for tweaks and improvments imo.
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    Thank YOU Steve! Finally, someone has made it very clear in laymen terms. I have recently switched brands, the process was daunting because of all the hype and my lack of knowledge around how detectors work. Not having the $$$ to lay out for the big OZ machines I struggled to get into a brand that would give me confidence at my level of knowledge. My choice of the GMT was based on what I learned on YOUR site. I am grateful for your generous sharing of info and also your honest and direct evaluation of machines. If the release of the new Nokta had been a couple months ago, I might be swinging that machine right now but have no regrets about the one I bought. It goes down the road well, now I have learned the tweaks. It's a jungle out there. I'm happy I found a good guide!
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    I thank Steve for allowing me to post this information. Hello all, I would like to invite everyone to visit my new website "TRINITYAU.COM". HTTP://WWW.TRINITYAU.COM I started this website to advertise and sell my book "Detecting for Gold, Adventures,Trips and Tips". The website has turned into quite a bit more and I am looking forward to adding all my weekly trips to the "My Trips..." page. Of course any of my longer trips that carry me off to locations away from the Redding, CA area will also be posted as well. I will continue to add new content and pictures that are educational to all as time goes along. If anyone has any ideas as to subject matter that could be added, please let me know. I am open to comments and hope to have a site that will offer information to both the beginner electronic prospector as well as the seasoned gold prospector. There are many subjects that I plan on going into more detail about with a common sense approach. I will continue to post on the different forums where I have posted in the past. Again, thanks for looking, and leave a comment on the Blog. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS TRINITYAU.COM TRINITYAU.COM TRINITYAU.COM
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    I have to say after reading Rays book twice now. Then spending 2 days with him in the field for some geology training it was time and money well spent. Actually it was information over load, as he is a wealth of information and knowledge. Its impossible to put 40+ years of training into a few hours, but he does a heck of a job trying. I must say I had a ball with him, and feel I could call him a friend. He wants you to succeed and have fun doing it. I look forward to a bit of detector training on my new gpx4500 with him in the near future as well. I just thought this post should be bumped for those that may be thinking about needing some training, or looking for more good information. S.Dee
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    Marketing. You can't sell VLF detectors by claiming "our detectors find gold about as well as any of the others". VLF tech is old stuff these days with no real change in depth of detection and sensitivity for over twenty years now. There have been a few tweaks on the discrimination side but that's about it. There is more to it than just frequency, but as a rule lower frequency detectors are less sensitive to small targets but have less issues with ground mineralization and hot rocks. Increasing frequency increases sensitivity to tiny stuff while increasing ground issues and sensitivity to hot rocks. Batteries used has no bearing on this issue. There is not much difference between 15 kHz and 19 kHz so I would expect only a minimal boost in small target sensitivity if any. The FORS are unusually hot machines anyway. The change is probably as much for marketing reasons as an actual performance change to better match up specifications with the Gold Bug Pro, the main competition. The new iSAT control does add a new twist as does the change in stock coil. Notice also the option for a concentric coil - a first on the FORS models. Note also the lack of a three tone discrimination mode, replaced by a two tone mode designed for bad ground. Under 10 kHz you have the coin machines. 10 - 20 kHz is the realm of the multi-purpose do everything VLF that is hot on gold. Above 20 kHz would be dedicated units very hot on tiny gold. Multi-frequency acts like the lower frequency range for prospecting purposes. In the 10 - 20 kHz range most popular machines used for prospecting have settled around 14 kHz to 19 kHz. From my perspective at least when comparing for maximum depth and sensitivity they are all about the same. Anyone expecting anything magically different will be disappointed. It is like buying a commuter car. There are bunches of them, all different, but all about the same. They get you from point A to point B. The differences are in the bells and whistles. That all said I very much like what Nokta has done here. Before the differences between the FORS Gold and FORS CoRe were so minimal that they were basically the same detector. See http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/531-difference-between-nokta-fors-gold-and-fors-core/ for details. The changes make the FORS Gold+ less a multi-purpose detector and more one clearly designed for prospecting. A good move in my opinion.
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    Or sell it! Any more than a few nuggets with special memories always seemed superfluous to me. Compared to the things I've bought and been able to do with the money I made off my gold, I have never once regretted getting rid of some small, shiny yellow rocks that I rarely even look at (especially when they are in a safety deposit box). I feel bad for that guy though, so much hard work, at least the memories are still there but that's hard...
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    I like your summer wrap-up a lot better than mine and although a little embarrassed with my tiny gold, i did love every minute of the hunt. Lunk you are an inspiration and seeing how you magically pull the yellow stuff gives me hope that someday (next summer) i'll learn enough to find a little more, WTG. some of my hard earned trash...
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    Nope, no surprise here.... You rule with that machine, I can personally attest to that. WTG! Happy hunting this Winter. I'm nursing a new partial knee replacement, but hope to cross paths this Winter/Spring. Dave
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    Lunk way to kill it...
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    Good shooting Lunk. By any chance will you be at the Gold Basin outings in a couple of weeks? Is that too far south too quickly? Mitchel
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    WTG lunk, your story makes me all to ready to head south myself but still to much work left to get done on the ranch yet.
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    Hope to run into you somewhere out there. I'll be looking for that truck! strick
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    WTG, Lunk! That's great "off season" detecting. Good luck this winter! Dean
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