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    I've found most people are inherently negative about things, I don't think they realize how much a negative attitude effects what ever they are doing, this is even worse when they don't understand something its always easy to blame the tools and not look to the cause. I've noticed all of the most successful prospector's I have met have a positive can do attitude.
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    Been getting into macro photography, here are some close-ups of nuggets found with a GMT in Northern California by the factory's own Steve Howard. What's your best nugget picture? Interested in seeing different photographic techniques... might steal some ideas from those with more experience. I know "size matters" so having a reference like a US Quarter is good, but I think there is a lot of beauty in seeing just the nuggets - texture, structure, color, that sort of thing.
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    Here is a wire specimen I just cleaned recently, a before and couple after pictures. The last two pictures are taken from the same angle. This wire specimen was found with a White's GMT.
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    Here's close up of a nice piece I got in Nevada a few years ago. I had it made into a pendant, hence the wire you see. I was just playing with a new camera to see how close I could get and still maintain the detail. You can't tell the size but it's about an inch long and rather thick.
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    You are on the money Dale, I go back a bit and expand on your comments re negativity. I know of no one who has achieved their goals with a negative attitude. You will note one thing about this 4M, Steve promotes positivity, he has stated a fair while back he doesn`t like to associate with negativity or something to that affect, that is why this 4M is a 4M people who are positive thus successful or have the potential to be succesful with detectors visit. I guess what I am saying is positive people associate with positive people, wheras our OZ 4Ms seem to be a haven for negative people who are intent on knocking anything positive. I know I`m being a bit negative here by knocking them, but I`m cranky about it, it achieves nothing.
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    Went out yesterday with the Zed and 19 inch coil Golden Triangle. Running Jonathan Porter recommended settings with just a couple of minor adjustments to suit the area. Within 150 metres from car had already picked up a few shotty pellets and 22 slug. I then get a low tone clear signal no double tap to this one. Clearly heard well above ground level. Is it ground noise is it a tree root nah sounds too good. Dig down hit chunky fist size quartz at about 8 inches into clay signal still clear low tone but starting to get a wobble bit of a smile when the wobble came in. 12 to 14 inches deep scraping the bottom of hole out and there it is. Nice bit of gold. Later placed nugget on ground and swung over it what a change in signal. Less than half the original depth before l could hear it and just a warbly pathetic scratchy signal with no low tone. The response to the undug target absolutely smashed the response to the air test over the dug target. I'm happy. I have no dout the 14 inch coil would have heard it but also have no doubt the 19 was a far better louder response than the 14 would have given from past experiences with the 14. Cheers
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    Hi Guys, I made the plunge & got myself Minelabs latest flag ship. The mighty Zed 7000. Mrs JW was up the north island (New Zealand) visiting family & had a wedding to video in Camebridge. The weekend before I made the trip up the West Coast to view & then purchase my latest acquisition to my detecting arsenal. With Mrs JW gone for the weekend I made the trip to my detecting location straight from work on friday. Two & a half hours later I was rigging up the mighty Zed. Due to our mild ground I was in High Yield/Normal. Gain on 13. Could have been higher. Soil smoothing off. The chap I got it off had soil smoothing in low but I turned it off. Other wise rest I am guessing was pretty much Pre set. Only trouble is it was blowing a gale. Put the speaker on 20. No bloody good. Thank god I threw in some head phones. Even then I still had to have the volume on 20. The wind was insane. It was difficult trying to keep still without getting buffeted around by the wind. Ok....we were off. Did the auto tune....ground balanced, but not over the ferrite ring Hence detector was running a bit ratty. Bit like the 2300....but I could coupe with that. The wind made it bloody difficult to hear & focus on any slight blemish in the threshold. I had targeted an area where I did well with the 4500 & NF 14 x 9. I had in fact got 2 pieces the weekend before going up the West Coast with the modded 45 & 11" Elite coil. There was no wind then. There is very little to no rubbish due to the many times I have combed over this area. I hadnt bagged on the zed loving those little round bloody lead balls. SHOTGUN PELLETS Oh No... You just have to dig them dont you. So after more than my share of these critters I decided that if the signal had moved after a couple of ground scrapes I would move on. One dig I scraped & scraped & the signal just kept on coming through but getting more pronounced with each scrape. I was in to the schist bed rock & thought.....oh boy....this could be gold. Down about 8 inches Gold it was. Ye Ha 10 minutes later & 4 feet away the same scenario. Into that schist bed rock & signal still there. And this is why That was it for friday night. The wind blew me off the hill side but I was happy with what I got knowing I had given that slope heaps over the years. I would like to go back over it with the Zed when there is no wind. Saturday dawned with the wind still howling. BUGGER. Went to another spot that was a bit more sheltered from the wind & another area where I had got over an ounce with the 4500/NF 14 x 9. Boy it was hard going with those bloody shot gun pellets. They were driving me nuts. Then I got a signal that stayed in the ground after quite a few scrapes. You beauty. A little speci. But that was it from this area. Had a late lunch & coffee break & headed for my mushroom gully.....& yes ....there were more mushrooms. Got a good signal....all be it a bit warbly but it improved with a bit of depth. Down in to that schist again. You beauty. Signal still there. 2.38 grams. That is my biggest for a while OOOh that looks better That was it for Saturday. Just the two. Bit of rain during the night but the wind had dropped. Sunday woke to snow on the tops. I went over a few areas & wasnt getting any thing but shot gun pellets, a live shot gun shell & half an old shearing clipper hand piece right in amongst some old timer digging piles. WTF... I went back to the area I was on friday evening. Got the most horrible, ugly, warbly, echoey, hollow sounding signal. Had wire or nail written all over it. Signal never improved, even whan it was out of the hole. So as I waved my hand over the coil to locate the target I just threw the hand fulls of dirt back in the hole. Mushroom top right. Got the target in my hand. Bloody gold Ugly little speci Well that was it. Battery went flat. So I headed home. Can see I will have to get a 2nd battery. All up 5 bits for 3.88 grams. The Zed has been blooded first time out. Pretty happy with that. This was work back in Queenstown monday morning Snow on the Remakables Snow up behind QT. Officially it is the start of summer tomorrow. 1st December. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
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    Hi Steve and good members I took the 19 in coil out for its maiden swing yesterday, it was supposed to be a 10 day camping trip but my start battery on my car dropped a cell and I had to come back to town to get a replacement. So lucky for you guy's you get to see this 66g specimen with about 50g Au content that I pulled out of a deep rock crack at a measured 890mm. The 14 could not pick it up until about 250mm was removed and the 5k 14 elite could not pick it up until a further 120mm was removed. My pick handle is 1150mm long to give you a reference point and im holding my hand where the top of the ground was before I excavated the hole.
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    Thanks! Tom, I'm learning a new technique called focus stacking when taking and processing photos. Upside is a decent photo, downside it is a very tedious process. Here is crystalline gold specimen, front and back side.
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    Tom, nice closeups. Try a black background, that should make the nuggets pop even more.
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    Thanks JP. Minelab sure likes making new part numbers through incompatibility. Why have three similar but incompatible wireless audio systems? I do like the idea of a volume control directly on the module and wish my GPZ in particular had that feature. Maybe they will retrofit the system into the CTX and GPZ at some point so everything works together.
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    Steve I don't think the system is compatible with the WM12 or WM 10, it wasn't mentioned when I did some testing with it anyway. I feel it is actually a stronger WiFi set up than whats available on the GPZ plus the receiver has a volume control rather than using the inbuilt volume controls or you can use a combination of both. This set up will be a boon for SDC users, especially as it has the SDC adapter as part of the kit. JP
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    Hi Kiwijw. Welcome to the world of the Z..Ive still got my 4500 as a backup but it hasn't had a run since I turned on the Z lol. Great start and I recon u will be shaking your head when u go over your old spots and find some yella. I actually found a little patch in Nth Qld that had been hammered by just about every detector known to man.. including the 2300. Got 12 nuggets for 16 grams..a couple of 2 to 3 grammers and the rest sumgrammers. The think which impressed me was the depth ..mostly about 9 to 10 inches which obviously was just out of the range of the other detectors. Enjoy the Z. cheers vet69
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    Hi Dale, Cant blame you for not doing the filming thing & all the editing etc. All very time consuming when you are busy as hell out there doing what you do. My wife videos weddings for a living. A day or half a day videoing & the rest of the week editing, cutting, adding titles, music etc. So I know whats involved. Thanks for what you have filmed & entertained us with over the last few years. Very much appreciate the effort. Cheers for that. I have to agree with you on the negativity & bagging issue. Sure is a bit of history repeating & time will prove the coils worth. We are seeing a bit more positive stuff coming to light. Best of luck to you out there Regards John Wilson (JW )
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    Hi guy's Thanks for the reply's! I don't bother filming any more as I don't have the time to edit and no internet where I live doesn't help either. I only have internet on my phone when I'm in transit or visiting a friend. And I'm that busy making a living and managing our company's exploration projects I no longer have time to edit film. I could not believe how deep I got such a small speci ether and how sensitive a coil of this size is to small gold, its now proven its self to me to be run as my standard coil! In a few month's those that were sensible enough to give the coil a proper run will not regret it. It will be just like when I said how good the 7k is, and got bagged on au forums, a bit of history repeating. It is funny how only positive accounts get bagged or scrutinized but negative ones get much less scrutiny. And most of the time the negative ones are full of operator errors.
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    Liked your specimen have found a few like them. Here is a one that I treasure.
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    Just thought I'd share this with everyone. I always like gold in quartz, but I really think it's neat to see gold in host material that isn't what you might expect to find it in. The black piece is from Arizona.
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    OK, I`ve revisited a patch found with the Z 14", flogged with the Z and a 5000 with a new age 14" coil,(two of us) revisited it with the 19", spent 9 hours for ziltch with my hot settings I used with the14", went back this morn for a 3 hour detect with the 19" used JPs conservative settings and I`m stoked. Is the 19" worth its weight in gold, you bet. Tis magic but this old fella is knackered, pick and crowbar holes in 45deg heat at 8 in the morn. Don`t feel sorry for me it was bloody magic, Thank You JP. DDancer we may need to rethink our settings, especially volume, operating the Z at low noise may be more productive, certainly has shown to me to be so with the 19", reminds me a bit of the VLF hot or conservative debate days. Pinpointing was no drama, dug directly over nuggets (coil centre), finished off digging them out last couple of " using pinpointer and pick point carefully.
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    Got to love that warble tone :) Its one of my favorites. Funny enough that tone usually occurs only with large bits or bits with sharp points but it never fails to halt me in my tracks. It does not surprise me in the difference with insitu targets and air targets even if they are on the ground. Seen a lot of foolish arguments in forums over the years about "air testing" so its best just to ignore them. If nuggets were in the air we'd be using butterfly nets to get them not picks and crowbars. Good stuff.
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    In both PI and ZVT its about the ability to pick a target from out of the noise, Its just that the electronics on GPZ are much more refined so we can use less filtering and thanks to ZVT targets are lit up much more aggressively, that mix of abilities is very powerful in a metal detector. The GPZ 7000/GPZ14 combo is a delicious combination of amazing sensitivity to small fast time constant gold, much better than a GPX 5000 with the smallest coil you care to put on it and on par with the SDC 2300 except for micro surface stuff (due to the SDC's smaller coil size), yet at the same time the GPZ 7000/14" combo has more grunt than a 5000 with the largest coil you care to put on it in whatever timing you choose. When you go to a larger coil on the GPZ you sacrifice usability due to weight and also sensitivity to smaller bread and butter gold, so it requires a more specialised approach. The GPZ14 is my go to coil for 90% of my detecting with GPZ. DDancer I'm passionate about the way I use the GPZ but please do not mistake my passion as me being closed minded about the way others use the detector, SteveH has a completely different approach to the way he uses the Zed compared to me and he's is extremely successful. I feel I would be doing everyone I talk to a disservice if I did not at least try to convey my experiences and opinions on this product to inform operators of the GPZ 7000 all of the options and why they matter so much. Knowledge is power and power with the GPZ equals results. Hope that makes sense? JP
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    I've been running the GPZ, here in Yuma by the Sea, with the In Ear Monitors (Etymotic)+ 75 ohm Impedance adapter + mini stereo amp. My settings have been HY, Normal, Sens of 20, Low Smoothing. The main difference for the past 2 weeks has been full stop minimum Threshold. What I have found is that with more volume from the mini amp, I am hearing everything the machine has to offer with no threshold. Mind you, this is all pretty quiet ground and I really make an effort to avoid the trashy areas. Occasionally I hit the zones of red clay and the machine will heehaw to beat the band. No bueno for these settings. I end up running Difficult in those clay zones. As you can see from the the photos (past 2 mornings), I am finding some really tiny gold. All I can say is without threshold, the Z's background chatter smooths to a hum over tiny gold. They're a bugger to recover and I've walked away from quite a few that I just couldn't get into the scoop. They are obviously so small that it's not worth the effort. The big ones take care of themselves. The 6 gram piece was down about 14 inches on a small terrace above the normal dry desert wash. This system is working for me because with 0 threshold I'm not bombarding my hearing with constant noise. The Ety's are super noise isolating so I am hearing all changes in the background chatter of the Z. The down side is I will have trouble hearing that Lion or rattlesnake if he gets after me. Well, until that becomes a problem I'll stick to what's working.
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    Sunday we were using Bogene's settings as it was noisy yet again. The EMI dropped considerably close to noon, but as we were on a roll we persisted and ended up with 31 bits for 14 grams. It is amazing how small some of these bits are and the depth they come from, especially considering we have been hammering this spot since 2008 with all the Minelabs since then. There are 2 little bits in the 0's of the GPZ7000 logo that will be about 0.05 in weight.
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    Steve I've seen larger than ounce pieces give poor responses in the High Yield modes so it pays to go over the deeper sections in General to be sure a big piece is not lurking there somewhere, especially the more solid type gold. The Gold modes will liven targets up differently, High Yield is brilliant on disseminated gold and nuggets from around an ounce but more particularly around the 10 gram mark and down. General is the best outright depth on larger than 1/2 ounce right through to mega size unless the target signal is very fast time constant (specimen or irregularly shaped gold). There is also a corresponding increase in ground signal with the use of High Yield which can counteract the response of very deep targets. JP
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