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    My brother and I didn't find any nuggets on Monday last, but he did find this two sided crevicing tool to add to the collection. We are going again today and hope to get a few pieces.
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    Here are a few Crow Creek nuggets I found several years ago with a GMT when I was there for a day. Fun place! Wish I had the chance to go more while I was there. Found these in the side of the bank across the creek. Bryan
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    Back by popular demand and priced $100 less, the White's M6. The M6 is an extremely simplified White's MXT variant, and although it may be simple the MXT power is still there. See my early M6 review here. White's M6 information page White's M6 Owners Manual White's M6 metal detector White's M6 metal detector features White's M6 metal detector diagram and controls
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    Thanks for the help everyone. I ended up going with a brand new proline 6". real happy!
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    Cause I'm sure they checked your packing job when they took your money...Tell them you thought they were putting it ON the truck, not running it over with it.
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    I have found that a little of something is better than a lot of nothing. I've come home with a lot less than you show but tomorrow is another day. Chuck
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    If S.H. has been there your endeavor is hopeless. Take a good romance novel to to entertain yourself. I wish you the absolute best of luck as good romance novels are harder to find than gold.
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    After an unfruitful couple days in NorCal (only a couple specks), heading down to Crow Creek with the GPAA guys for 5 or 6 days and hoping Steve left something behind! It's the only place I've found anything worth talking about so far, so here's to doubling it! GMT, ATX, Sluice and Pan...any other suggestions?
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    I guess it a ll depends on what kind a a mood the driver and all the handlers before are in...recently had a a package with damaged good as well strick
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    Heavy package on package syndrome. I have few videos about it... normal day in business.
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    I've had USPS tell me the insurance is only good on packages that are properly packaged. The package was double boxed and spray foam filled. They said by the damage that occurred I should have put it in a wood crate! Refused my claim. So much for insurance. LOL!
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    Hey Auwander, I can tell you that I have been in business for over 17 years now and have shipped thousands of packages. Some people have questioned me over the years why I might charge a few dollars more on shipping than others. Well the main reason is just this - damage control. For a few extra bucks I can guarantee the package is fully insured. I'm still fighting with Fedex on a GPZ 7000 I shipped earlier this year. If you seen the package, looks like something tore the entirepackage in half. Luckily, I insured for $8000.00, but Fedex is trying to play games and not pay for it. Funny, they will take the money you spent on insurance all day, but it's now been 3 months and I have yet to see them replace or send me the value of the package.
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    AuWanderer Sorry to hear about your loss. I mailed a lot equipment but yet to have something damage. I know insurance cost and so many times I didn't want to pay the price and always got there all together. The first time I didn't insure that's when it all go belly up. Chuck
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    Maybe take atx next time...at gold too noisy this place..emi
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    Northeast I'm sure if you win knowing the type of people at Lost Treasure they will deliver. Every time I go up that way I've got to stop in and say hello. I have a friend that lives about 10 miles from them and We drive past their door so many times while I'm there. One time I called Lost Treasure and ask for past issue of their mag. We have Army Hospitals here in San Antonio that our men come to from harms way to get help. Well in no time I had a big box of LT mags. and I got them to our guys to read. The only thing Lost treasure wanted to know was my address. It was none of this I've got to check if we can do that. Chuck
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    Lucky, nice finds and great tips. Thanks
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    Another tip for hot noisy ground is to hunt in Ground Balance Mode in Manual, and turn your sensitivity down to 9 - 12. I have my quick button set up with a push of the button to switch from Manual to Auto Tracking. I don't want to say that the GPZ, will track out a target...but, switching back and forth on occasions has added a few nuggets to my poke! Rick
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    I bought two 19 inch coils. Snowshoeing in right now. They work well. If you think I'm trying to keep you out a few extra weeks? Come knock yourself out on getting up there. Even if the counties open up gold Lake Road. It will still be weeks until the Forest service road open up. Especially longer on northern slopes. And bring bug spray. Buffalo gnats are ready for the non locals that don't have the gnat shot.
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    Well got the dredge fixed up as much as I'm gonna! Springs here and I got the fever. So in we go. Took the dredge in assembled just skidded it in on the float and pulled it with a snowmobile. That was nice with all the snow it was about a mile in. Getting the dredge into the canyon was another deal. Although not to bad lowered it in with a rope and a pulley. Made for a long day but I was glade we got it in before the snow melted, skidding everything was a lot easier than packing in. Went up the following weekend to try out the new six inch dredge! Had big plans to get in early Saturday and work late, figured I could get 8-10 hours on the nozzle. LOL! Well its been a long winter and seems I'm a bit outta shape. After four hours of dredging in the cold I was done! All in all I had a blast. The new dredge really put out compared to the four inch I've been using. Even got a few grams for the effort. May not seem like much but after being cooped up all winter and seeing all the gold post from down south and across the pond........ I was getting Bitchy ;-) P.S. Hope the snow pics helps you down in Texas.
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