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    Participating in a forum and sharing detailed information takes a bit of effort. We all lead very Busy lives today. Our lives are full of distractions from work, family and all kinds of other things. My Nox 800 is due to arrive with me tomorrow and I can safely say that I have gained some very helpful and interesting tips/information here on this forum. I thank all you posters that have shared their experiences. Wednesday after work I have 2 hours to hunt in an old area that saw a lot of activity from the early 1920's. I'm trying to stay away from cellar holes until I can somewhat master the beastie! Ok well maybe as long as Saturday lol. Wish me luck..I'd love to be one of those guys with sillllvar on the first outing 😋 HH Sillllvar
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    ..it finally arrived - happy like a little boy Will probably hit the beach with my son for some first tests this evening
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    I detected a couple parks this weekend for a total of about 5 hours. One of the parks I have found a gold men's band at before. This time I found a class ring. While it's not gold (Lustrium), it's still special. It rang up a strong 3-4. I Googled the person's name which was in the inside of the ring and was able to track him down. He lives out of state but has family close by. Glad to be able to get it back to the owner. He could not believe that it was found after so many years. He was a 2009 graduate. Park 1, 50 tone, recovery 7, GB, and tracking on. The earring and other ring are silver.
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    We just went through a few years on constant releases of new prospecting detectors. And now the flood has subsided, with almost nothing on the horizon. There is the “any moment now” Makro Gold Kruzer, running at 61 kHz and waterproof to 15 feet. After that however it gets pretty thin. First Texas has new detectors in the works, but nothing rumored that is aimed specifically at prospecting this year, but maybe later. Right now a PI beach detector appears to be up next. Garrett - maybe they are working on it but personally I have given up waiting on a lighter weight ATX. Tesoro - nothing going to happen there obviously. Minelab still “owes” us GPZ owners a smaller coil but with Equinox occupying all their efforts....? Nok/Mak outside of the Gold Kruzer has been working on a PI for years, but absolutely no hints on it getting any closer to market. XP I thought might bring a version of the low cost DPR 600 to first world markets but no sign of it happening. And White’s? Who knows. Maybe we will see a repackaged GMT but the shine has worn off of repackaged detectors these days. Long story short is it often takes new detectors to stir up activity on forums. For now at least the future is looking pretty quiet. The good news is we can just focus on using what we already have to best effect without being tempted or distracted by new shiny toys!
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    For fast and easy, the EQX manual suggests; turn it on, choose a mode, noise cancel and go detecting. In my particular case however, I've found adding the auto ground balance step enhances the performance of my EQX in this particular area. I get deeper, clearer target hits in my test garden anyway when I add that one additional step: Turn it on, choose a mode, noise cancel, auto GB and then go detecting works best for me. Admittedly, your area and ground conditions may be or will be different than mine here in central Florida but give it a try and see if you get similar enhanced results. I'd be interested in reading your opinion after including that additional step to "fast and easy". Just the view from my foxhole...
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    Today i took the Nox out again and only the Nox "mistake" ! I went to the beach at around 12 noon so i could work the tide out then do the tops for the fresh losses and i am sure there would have been some . The machine behaved mostly lower down the beach between the tides where i found all the finds for today . I didn't have any gems this time , considering the conditions of the beach i am surprised . It looked good . But like i said it was a mistake to only take the Nox , normally i would take the Terra and change the machines over on the Anderson shaft. When i tried to use the Nox on the dry tops like the last trip i had nothing but interference from something . Maybe EMI from the clubs again or maybe mobile phones ?? plenty of people using them on the beach today . It got so bad that the headphones kept tripping out and the machines main speaker would go on , then the machine would just go silent like when the ET or Explorer's would nul on a target of Iron or something . I noise cancelled several times but it made no difference at all. So i gave up at around 4pm and headed home . My finds for today were £15.03p and 2 foreign coins . It is an understatement to say how bad the conditions of the beaches i search are , and many think i am being negative . I'm not . From now i will only take the Nox out with the Terra 705 , it will mean more weight in the rucksack but its the only way to make sure i have a machine for all areas of the beaches i do . The Nox works in the water and up to the ridge where it gets level with the tops but on the tops its hopeless . I will have to visit another beach elsewhere at some point . Tomorrow i am thinking using the ET so i can go on the tops and do a little in the tidals too , on that beach that and the Explorer 11 are the only machines i have that can do all areas without trouble . Except for some nulling on Iron and bonfire markings , that will be early in the morning at 5am till 10am if i go . Tuesday is a definite due to 6 days working after that. Very frustrating !
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    Finally, they have arrived, now I can put the snorkel back on..... Extra long cable, 41" of straight cable from connector allowing you to Velcro under the arm and still have plenty of cable to the headphones. No cable having to dangle in front of your face! Loudness is good, preliminary garage tests show constant mid 70's decibels on a target with full volume on the machine settings. Fit is typical Koss yellows and can be improved with gel ear pads which will be on order shortly. Cliff
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    Went to a place that I knew had lots of trash, bits of metal and square nails and I've hunted this place out I thought. I had found a seated quarter and V nickel back in the day but nothing for the last couple years. This is why I got the equinox for places like this. Mostly shallow Target surrounded by iron.
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    GBing is just part of the process for me as well. If the ground is too trashy and I can't find a clean spot to GB I just put it in tracking and let the machine figure it out. It seems to settle down after a short period and all is good. Dean
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    Fast and Easy Start in the manual actually includes a recommendation (side note) to GB if you are experiencing excessive ground noise that manifests as ferrous range falsing (bouncing -8, -7's) when you invoke the all metal pushbutton. Otherwise, Multi IQ is very forgiving to a less than optimal GB setting. Since Auto GB is relatively easy to accomplish, I routinely Auto GB at sites with any level of mineralization present. Otherwise I just use the default GB setting, especially at a white sand beaches (i.e., beach with non-existent black sand) where there is little for the Auto GB to grab on to, which could actually result in a worse GB setting because the auto circuit is just guessing without a solid mineralization or salt reference. In the surf, I use tracking which is recommended due to the constantly changing salinity levels. HTH
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    found these little guys and had fun! thanks RT for all the help and info!!!!!!!!!
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    I also think folks are hesitant to dial down on sensitivity as necessary to mitigate EMI related falsing. I haven't done a scientific test to verify the detection depth vs. sensitivity curve, but based on the respectable beach recovery depths I have achieved even with sensitivity at a few clicks lower than 20, I imagine you can achieve significant relief from falsing at sensitivity settings near 15 yet still retain respectable recovery depth. Optimal improvement in signal to noise ratio vice just raw target signal reduction can be achieved with relatively small reductions in sensitivity as the noise sensitivity can, in some cases, fall faster (on a percentage basis) than the target sensitivity. In other words if relative target signal "S" amplitude drops from 10 to 7 while noise "N" drops from 4 to 2 by reducing detector sensitivity, then the signal to noise ratio (S/N) goes from 10/4 (2.5) to 7/2 (3.5) which can result in an actual increase in target detectability because of the greater signal to noise ratio. Of course not all noise situations will respond as favorably to reductions in sensitivity and there is always a point of diminishing returns but its worth a shot before going to what I would consider more extreme measures such as forgoing the advantages of Multi IQ for single frequency operations. I know Steve and co. would only consider single once all other noise reduction options have been exhausted (i.e., auto noise cancel/manual noise cancel [800 only]/reduce sense/try another perhaps less than optimal mode/try single frequency/Use heavy segment notching/disc). Not sure any of the above options would have helped Nuke, however, in the extreme EMI conditions described. Sounded pretty nasty.
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    Thats fine. Frankly I don't need to spend any more money on detectors...what I have seems to find stuff to my liking any ways... finding the time to detect and getting the coil over gold seems to be the problem... Hopefully I'll get to the high country soon for some fun in the Pine forests. I'd better charge up the GPZ as I have not looked at it in months lol strick
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    Be careful what you wish for. Equinox is very high gain and that leads to increased susceptibility to EMI. Reducing its susceptibility to EMI will not come without a resultant lessening of sensitivity to desired targets, especially smaller targets and the deepest targets. There is no free lunch. Since Multi-IQ is receiving multiple frequencies it is more susceptible to EMI. Terry is right in that the single frequency options offer some relief in many areas. In general, low frequencies receive more undesired signals than higher frequencies, and if you flip through them 5 kHz is often the main culprit. 20 kHz on the other hand is usually very quiet by comparison.
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    Thanks Steve and Jonathan...nothing I do has been earned. Rather it is the wonderful work of Steve and Jonathan and of course many others that get me running somewhat correctly. If only I had days, weeks and years of continuous experience; rather than the odd week or day... fred
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    Nice find Joseph....and you found a gold "J" pendant, how neat is that? Neal
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    Congratulations oneguy… those “little guys” look awfully good to me!!! Moreover, you spent the weekend outdoors enjoying the hobby and obviously having success with your Gold Monster. It doesn’t get any better than that IMO. WTG Jim.
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    Hey Love2dig, There's a camp on that island called Isola Bella that started in the early 1900's. It's still used as a camp/school for the deaf. Anyways, they have a page on their site with extensive history of the island: https://www.asd-1817.org/about-isola-bella.
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    Very cool! It would be super to learn the history of that piece! Steve
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    It's cool because it's so specific to an individual. Hope you can date it and nail down the event.
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    27APR18 approx 15 minutes of sniping with pin pointer at son’s school, and yes this f-pulse works as a stand-alone detector for fresh drops anywhere.. I love this thing. I
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    From my perspective it’s pretty simple. Recovery speed is important in dense trash but coil size trumps all. A detector with a 9” round DD (Deus) is going to outperform a detector with an 11” DD (Equinox) in the densest nails. A Nokta Impact with a 4” x 6” DD will outperform them both at pulling stuff out of the densest trash. This does not surprise me - I expect it. Equinox will not outperform any and all detector / coil combinations on all targets in all locations. Anyone expecting that is unrealistic. On the other hand, in every case I have seen so far the Equinox is going head to head with detectors costing two and three times as much and certainly holding its own. Might a $1500 Deus with 9” HF coil squeak an edge on the Equinox in dense trash? Sure. Might a $2500 CTX get a silver coin a little better in low trash moderate soil? Sure. I have never seen a detector compared so relentlessly to machines costing much more money as if price means nothing. Any other brand and people would scream foul. The fact that Equinox only really compares to detectors costing much more money tells you all you need to know about relative value and performance. The thing is even in an area where something like a Deus with a specialty coil manages to squeak a bare edge it literally is just squeaking a bare edge with a coil size advantage. The Equinox is not getting slaughtered by any means. I look at it and it tells me I can go up against a Deus with 9” HF coil with my Equinox 11” and be doing just fine, thank you very much. Not that I may as well give up and stay home. There is not a VLF machine of any type under any conditions that would leave me feeling significantly outgunned as long as I have an Equinox. Yet let me pick the terms of the hunt and Equinox will significantly outperform the other machine. The Deus with 9” HF coil does well in dense nails. Fine. Now let’s wander down to the saltwater beach and give the Deus 9” HF coil a go in the water versus an Equinox. The CTX does well on silver in low trash moderate turf. Fine. Now let’s take the CTX and go nugget detecting versus the Equinox. For every instance where these videos are comparing an expensive machine under the best circumstances I can flip it around and blow the other detector away. The videos that still need to be done - Deus vs Equinox in saltwater. CTX Versus Equinox on small gold nuggets or small gold jewelry. And so on. Sure, I can make a video of an Equinox versus another detector at what it does best and make it look like a tight race. But is that not showing one machine in the best light possible? It’s not the full picture, just a setup really. I think that for performance on all targets under all circumstances no detector holds a candle to an Equinox. Only specific machine and coil combinations for specific situations might eke out an edge here and there, but nothing is going to match an Equinox for across the board performance for all types of detecting. That machine does not exist. Equinox is in my opinion the best all around detector on the market, bar none.
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    You can get an aerosol can of rubberised coating from auto shops that is very hard wearing. Used it in the past to coat the underside of the coils that had no skid plate, don't think I ever had the need to recoat them from memory. Initially picked up on the idea when some beach hunters were using it on their coils for increased longevity.
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    My first Gold Coin! I was working my way back to the truck today while hunting an early 1900s city park when the unimaginable happened.. I had about 5 minuets left to hunt and got a nice solid, deeper sounding 18-19.. I had pulled Indian Head cents out of this area of the park before, and I’ve had a couple on the Equinox bounce down and touch this VDI region in the past, so I thought I might be on to either an Indian or very early Wheat cent.. Little did I know my Indian would turn out to be a 1910 Indian Half Eagle Gold Coin! When I first opened the plug I went down about 5” and found a small piece of junk.. Its an old snap cover or something unrecognizable.. I put the plug back together and and gave it another sweep figuring the target I pulled didn’t really match the signal.. Back came the solid 18-19 signal, only better. I reopened the plug and started scooping out the dirt when a nice chunk of round gold appears in the hole! It looked good, but without my readers on, and being fooled a million times in the past by gold foil and such, I wasn’t sure.. It looked good enough to get my heart racing.. I don’t normally talk out loud to myself, but I blurt out to who I don’t know.. “You Better Not Be F***ing With Me!!” I put on my glasses, picked it up and instantly felt the weight.. I then knew it was gold! To say I was shell shocked is an understatement.. I don’t consider this area to have great potential for a gold coin, so I never really thought I would find one.. Thankfully, I thought wrong.. Equinox 800 - Park 1 - 50 Tones - Recovery 4 - Iron Bias 3 Approximate depth 7”.. Bryan
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    Talked with a customer yesterday who ordered a Detech 8in DD for Gold Basin, he has been using the 15in Ultimate Spiral DD GPX coil and has been ( killing it ), his words, on nuggets and meteorites. Said he follows after others and picks up missed gold.