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    I got to hit a yard for a little while this morning. Yep, I'm going back. 😁
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    I decided that since it's been a while from my last visit to one of my favorite gold hunting locations It was time to charge up the batteries, brave the heat and find some gold. Only managed to dig up these 3 little ones but still it was a good day πŸ™‚
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    You wouldn't believe it! I found it!! right near the gate on the way into the paddock, In the morning I started at the far left of the paddock and was going to make my way left to right walking a line, when I got back from lunch I fired up the detector and was going to run it as I walked to the left side where I was roaming along and got a hit right near the gate on my way in and it was a loud signal, a 19 VDI in field 2. It's lost a diamond somehow, I didn't hit it with my pick so I'm sure I didn't cause the missing diamond, I don't think I did it so they think it may of been when they sewed the grass seed, They're currently digging up the soil around where I found it and putting it in a bucket to wash the soil away and see if there is any diamond left behind, but they're not worried about that, small price to pay to get the ring back. Very happy people. Pure fluke as I'd just got back from lunch, I only walked about 10 steps with the detector on before I got the hit. It wasn't deep, it was basically on the surface with a slight layer of soil around it, I knew I had a ring as soon as I got the signal as I could see a bit of gold colour in the soil, it was almost a sunbaker. I just had to pick it up. I'm exhausted now, They gave me a bottle of bourbon on my way out the door after me refusing to take any payment and I've got two processed sheep coming my way for my freezer πŸ™‚
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    Hi guys, Yesterday Mrs JW & I went to scout some new ground. Found a very likely looking area but had no idea whose property it was. We decided to go to an old haunt that wasnt too far away. I called in to see the farmer to let him know we were there. I asked if he knew who the property owners were of the area I had the interest in. He did so he gave me a name & a phone number. Just happens to be the property next door to the large glass jar full of gold story I told on Simons gold/diamond ring find post. It was getting too late to make that contact & to go back to that property so we just stayed where we were & I detected on there. Got skunked with both the Zed & the Nox with the new 6" coil. Bugger. Come sunday I thought I would try to rectify that. Didnt travel too far from home & didnt get out until after midday. Was to a spot I hadnt been to since my GP 3000 days where I had got a few bits. I don't know why but there was just heaps of rubbish. I didn't recall this much rubbish back with the 3000. I had visions of another skunk. I started heading back towards my wagon & thought I would try one more spot that seemed very unlikely but there had been some mining activity here in the early days. There were a few remains of old tailing races & water ditches & a bit of bedrock showing. Was making hard work of it with just more rubbish & no gold to show. I got a signal over some bedrock & it lived on down a bit more than a lot of the rubbish targets had done. So I was getting a bit more confident. Hacking into a crevice & the signal was still in there. Finally it was out. Waved the magnet through the dugout pile where the signal was now coming from. Signal still there. Could have been a .22 shell casing like so many had been. Or its lead bullet head as others had been as well. But it wasn't. Looks a bit like a snake's head. 1.14 grams Beat the skunk. But that was it. But I was happy with that. Cheers Good luck out there JW
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    Ya ya, you're probably getting tired of all the "new Equinox just got gold" threads, but here is another. Same old tired cliche, first day out with new said wonder-machine, then BAM out comes a 8" deep, 1/4 ounce gold ring from a previously pounded location. Sigh. I mean come on, it was right under the soccer net, 4 feet from where I usually set down my drinking water. The place I stand when I look at other gold I find. The place that every newbie heads to. The place I did a tight over-lapping spiral around both posts with a Deus and a Lobo. The place that my 2 friends have detected on multiple occasions with a Deus and Etrac. Yet it was right there the whole time. I walked up to the net, dug a penny and thought "hmm, I'm surprised that is still there" but hey it is a multi-freq Mineslab right? No big deal, stranger things have happened. About 14"-16" away I get the almost identical signal, perhaps slightly jumpier, flickering 20-22 ID. I saw that soft edge golden glow in the bottom of the hole, I said "F-you don't be something or other" cause this place has gold toned aluminum scraps and beaver-tails that would make Peter Munk take a triple take. I thought the ring looked to be about 3-4 grams, my eyes almost bulged out of my head when I saw it weighed in at over 8 grams, a good size piece of alloy around here. It might be higher then 10K due to the heft, the mark is worn and my acids are expired so I will get it XRFed when I get a chance to stop in. This is my forth Mineslab and the third time something like this has happened. There was that week of silver running around town with a new Etrac, I also hit gold 45 minutes into a first water hunt when my Excalibur was new. My old friend deep 2 1/2" square nail is back, some of his big brothers too. They are a rough bunch to hang with but I usually get the old silver when they are around. For those wondering, the ring is a 22. I was in Park 2, 7 reactivity, sens21-22, multi-IQ
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    Actually, set up properly, the Equinox is the PERFECT tool for a trashy park, if you hope to snag keepers that would otherwise be masked by the trash, due to its high (and adjustable) recovery speed. If you are not hearing the machine gun bursts of trash target then you are not going to hear the keepers either because the silence you would hear with slower detectors is just the recovery circuit playing catch up while you pass the coil over that keeper target. Some suggestions: First of all, you need to figure out what your objective is. Grab all jewelry, nickels, clad, and silver. Or just cherry pick the high conductors. That will tell you what mode to use. For example, if the trash is indeed modern (i.e., aluminum can slaw, pull tabs, freshness tops, twist tops, crown caps) then just try notch out everything below 20 and go for the clad and silver because you will be hard pressed to pick out the gold rings and nickels amongst all that mid-teen stuff without a trained ear (after awhile you can start to tell the difference between a nickel and a pull tab and a gold ring and a crown cap by tonal quality) and will just be digging it all. Sure you will give up on gold and nickels, but you will lower the audio fatigue as you just listen for the the high conductors to ring out. If you are just going to cherry pick high conductors, then keep it in Park 1. Depending on the ferrous situation you might want to consider lowering the iron bias as that may exacerbate high conductor masking in iron, but that will also create more iron falsing. Avoid the "2" Park/Field modes if there is a lot of modern mid-teen trash, those modes which are optimized for mid-conductors and you will just hit that trash harder. Key is DO NOT MODE HOP and DO NOT TONE HOP. Pick an objective, pick a search mode and stick with it otherwise you will drive yourself insane. The only time I will switch modes during a hunt is if I want to use an alternate mode to interrogate a specific target (i.e., see how the target sounds in Park 2 vs. Park 1 for example for a mid teen target. Pick the tone setup that you are most comfortable with. I prefer 50 tones because it gives me a lot more information about the target than just a visual number. I think of TID number as a Black and White television - sure you get a single tone corresponding to that number in 50 tones but the audio "quality" not just tone gives you so much more information than a number. Is the tone sharp or pinging with steep rising an falling edges (likely coin) or is it soft an long (freshness cap) or distorted (bent pull tab) or unstable and flutey (rusted crown cap). Just a wealth of info - I call that Color TV! 5 tones gives you less audio fatigue but also less information, it is like having a TID display with 5 numbers on it. You need to decide which is the best tone setup for you, learn it and stick with it. Other strategies to consider to reduce fatigue: Consider lowering sensitivity. If the park is really trashy, it is likely that keepers missed by other detectorists with slow machines are just sitting there at the same shallow trash depth. No need to light up the machine with all that trash and ground noise as the higher conductive targets will be "visible" even with lower sensitivities. Also, avoid the tendancy to lower reovery speed to compensate for the depth loss as that will likely just result in more ground noise plus you will lose a key performance attribute that enables you to separate the keepers from the trash. Consider hunting in single frequency (5 khz). Tnsharpshooter and others have run some single frequency tests and have found that running single frequency at 5 khz really helps shallow high conductors pop out of the trash vs. multi IQ. Give it a go and see what you think. Be advised though, once you go single frequency - it doesn't really matter which mode you are in as the only thing that then differentiates the Park and Field modes are the different user settings. It is the unique multi IQ profile (including the multifrequency weighting and target signal processing) that gives each of the Park/Field modes their unique personality. You also lose some other "performance" enhancements that Multi IQ brings to the table like precise and forgiving ground balancing, no iron bias setting is available in single frequency mode, and of course, if you use the lower single frequency, you will be less optimized for mid conductive keeper targets too (besides the mid-conductive trash). But that is what metal detecting is all about - managing and balancing the tradeoffs. Consider removing some of that trash. Getting the trash out of the way will help uncover even deeper, older targets. This takes a lot of time (and multiple visits), effort, and finesse. You don't want to be digging up the entire park and destroying the landscape, but if you have a large beer can impeding your view, then by all means get it out of there. Use pinpoint to interrogate probable trash targets to get an idea of depth and size of the trash and make a call as to whether it makes sense to get rid of it to see what else may be hiding there. HTH HH
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    Hi there Mop, More often calm than not & clear blue skies. If it rains it is usually at night & then a stunning blue sky day. Just like it was in the above pics that I took from working on that new house. Great this time of the year for the skiers as it would be snowing up the hills then a beautiful day with that fresh snow. Gets a bit windy with the change of the seasons. You can fly direct from Melbourne to Queenstown. If you feel inclined to hop the ditch we do holiday accommodation. Could cut you a deal & most likely get you a discount on a rental car too. Same goes to you Northeast. Same goes to any of you for that matter. Could even take you out for a detect & supply the gear if you don't mind using a 4500 or an SDC 2300 or one of the high frequency later model VLF's. If you want to get all nostalgic you could even take out the old Garrett A2B Groundhog. You might even find a "Hand Of Faith" nugget with it. Cheers Good luck out there JW
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    Getting a week at the beach for a little R & R and yes detecting. I must be honest my first day was not that grand (two zincs and a shell casing) with the Equinox 800. Hunted with the stock beach 1 program with no adjustments found very little in the way of nice finds. I had high hopes the beach was like it was a couple years ago, but sand had been hauled in and built up by maybe 5'. Even the wet slope didn't yield much in the way of finds. But decided to hunt the towel line the second day and found a matching set of earrings some 4" deep at the edge of where high tide and the towel line began. Talk about small, but the Equinox had no problem finding small targets.
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    Well, these aren't as impressive as Gerrys, but I can attest that it is a real upgrade to the GMT.
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    Thank you kindly. Here is what the second charge is looking like. 3 pieces of silver, maybe 4 if you include the earring. (I still have 3 bars left)πŸ˜„ I did good to get the silver but that clown ring was the real shocker. Its the adjustable aluminum kind and came from between two sand pits that yielded 3 gold in the past. That could have been a monster miss. Anyhow I'm heading back out now. Its hot and I've already washed the machine once today, but what the heck lets see what else is down there. This site is showing signs of potential building development, so I guess I'll do what I can to ransack the dirt first.
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    Thanks. No, I did not write the Equinox book that is currently out there. That is Clive Clynick. I would need at least a year with Equinox before I could attempt something like that. I am working on a several page "Introduction to the Equinox", though, that I will post here in the coming weeks when I think it is ready.
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    I totally agree GB-A! I think Jorge Saad was the lead guy on the F5 project, but as you said, DJ most likely had a "major roll". Right now, there is a huge amount of detector design talent at First Texas. With the addition of Carl Moreland as you mentioned, and their collaboration with the French physicist on their new Pulse Induction programs, I expect some pretty good stuff to come from that group in the near future.
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    Thanks Steve, I'm pretty proud of myself, I haven't been able to wipe the smile off my face since I found it! It's my second good deed lately, I found someone's purse on the ski field beginner slope. I slammed on my anchors and picked it up, opened it up and there was over $70 in there, I then saw a Student ID card as the owner and felt I had to hand it in, I gave it to guest services, I only hope the staff member was as honest as I was and contacted the owner who they should be easily able to find as it had their season pass in there so they'd have their contact details on file. That's pretty terrible they didn't offer you anything for finding their earring John, maybe you shouldn't be so good finding stuff and take all day, harder work = more payment πŸ™‚ A couple of sheep to a sheep farmer is next to nothing, I know quite a few and they feed sheep meat to their farm dogs as it's cheaper than buying dog food. I don't want payment from people for stuff like this but it's nice when they offer, at least you know they really appreciate it. I'm often being given sheep meat by farmers when I fix their computer problems as a bonus payment. I really thought I'd be walking the paddock most of this coming week, I am glad I turned on my detector at the gate rather than walking to where I left off, I would only reach the point of that gate in about 2 days at the rate I was going πŸ˜„ That gold jar story is awesome, I bet you would have found it too! It has to be there, old tales like that aren't often made up. It had to be close to his hut if he disappeared for a short time to bring it back!!!!! A good treasure hunt is impossible to resist. I would give people likes for their nice worthy comments but for the 3rd time ever I've ran out πŸ™‚
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    Holy cow, Simon -- GREAT JOB! SO cool that you were able to find it for them! I have been on several "lost jewelry" hunts for folks; I have managed to find the item about half the time, and while I HATE it when I'm unsuccessful, there's nothing like it when you manage to find the item for the owner! The way they light up with excitement is priceless! You did a good, selfless thing, sir. I congratulate you! Steve
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    You can cheat with an auto tracking machine if you want to up the GB a bit by ground balancing but only lowering you Coil down to 4 or 5 inches off the ground or even higher and you can make it go the other way by only raising it by about 3 inches from the ground and by letting the coil linger on the ground, So you can off set the GB to suit although you have little control by how much, I know with one pump of the coil it will be slightly negative and at two pumps it will be slightly positive and by the third pump it will be more so making a bit more noise as you lower the coil, but as a rule it always ground balances with 2 pumps of the coil or if I have had the tracking locked If I press and release the ground grab it update to the current GB setting that the detector see's without have to pump the coil and it only takes about half a second or less for it to GB it's self, Manual GB is handy for those who like to tweak things but if you only have Auto track and Lock you can imitate it to a fair degree.
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    You are too kind.... the lack of anything remotely resembling poor behavior is a real testament to all the forum members. I was more worried about a troll or spammer joining in my absence and going nuts, and even considered disallowing new members while I was away. I did also figure if anyone tried that you would all step up and just run them off. Part of me just wanted to see what would happen though so I just let it go since truly nothing could happen that I could not clean up on my return as if it had not happened at all. I know people want to know where I went and what I was doing. Yes, I went to some old haunts in Alaska. It would be hard to have a better time than I did in all respects - truly a fabulous trip and wonderfully relaxing. Other than that I have emails and posts to catch up on first. The tale itself will be a long story since I am going to backtrack decades and tell you all a genuine story full of context and photos. What I did the last few weeks will simply be the exciting ending you will all have to wait for. Yes, I do like building a little suspense. I think the tale will be fun and enjoyable for all so all I can say is get ready for a peek at a part of my life in Alaska over the years. It will also be a journey through models over the years and how improving technology really can make a difference. I am looking forward to telling the story as much as as some of you may be in hearing it. Note Sept 1, 2018 - The story is told here Thanks again to everyone for running a great forum. Yes, that is what you all did while I was gone - good job!!
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    Go west young man and be sure to take a VLF gold detector. That was the dream I had...so I packed the rig and off I went. My research showed load gold and so I knew the potential for some VLF pickin was possible. The White's 24K performed as I had hoped. Photos of a few more specimen pieces. Yes I did get a manual and it makes a world of difference. I think I'll go back to another site I found a picker and with the new settings, I should be able to and some more to the poke. After all, mama needs more shoes. I'm expecting to have new in box detectors to sell and of next week. Contact me for details.
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    Apologies if im posting a lot, but im really into this hobby. My finds arent stunning by any means, but it does show that this machine is very capable! Its only a matter of time before the treasure is found, hehehehehe. Cheers Peeps! Edit: You may think this is a lot of finds for the amount of time ive been hitting it, but kindly take note, i was informed one location was the spot of an old wishing well. LOL. Andy
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    Almost I used to ride my bike in the snow about 1km to get to school πŸ˜‰
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    GB, hope one gets under your coil soon. My settings in this yard were pk1 factory defaults and the coins seemed to be in that 5" + - range in this yard. HH, Tom
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    On a serious note simon, there's some simple and inexpensive alteranatives to a phone App. One would be something like the Bushnell Backtrack. It's a GPS system that you can use to set your starting point, say at your vehicle or trailhead. You can "backtrack" to the starting point and it gives you distance and direction to your starting point. You can store 3 different locations I believe. It's about the size/shape of a pocket watch, has an electronic compass also, and has a lanyard to hang around your neck for easy access. Honestly, I think the best way to avoid getting lost in unfamiliar territory is the simple compass. It requires no batteries, satellite access can't be blocked by tree canopies, and they can be purchesed cheaply. No electronics to interfere with you detector either.
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    Nice ring. Looks hefty. πŸ‘ Rich (Utah)
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    Interesting, I think I'll have to visit the soccer fields again. Great recovery.
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    Ain't that the truth. Not a good thing really. Bit like the old analog ,manual ground balance detectors versus the computer chip microprocessor technology detectors of today. I believe people who cut there detecting teeth with the older detectors have a better understanding of the fine tuning operations of detectors. JW
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    Looks like that little coil is "doing you right!" Hope to have mine soon... Steve
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    It's probably more confidence than anything, remember how long it took me to drive to your place without my GPS lady directing me? πŸ™‚ I can get lost in a supermarket πŸ˜„ I've had a GPS since the day I got my first car, I had one of the first model GPS's in existence, it was a PDA unit with a GPS built in, people now probably don't even know what PDA's are! They've been long made redundant by mobile phones. Rely on technology too long you don't know how to do things the good old fashioned way.
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    Unearth, I’m impressed with the ability of the 800 to sort through dense park trash. The 800 audio can certainly pound the brain unless you do something about the sounds of those unwanted targets. Early on I stumbled on this YouTube video by Dirtfishin. I took the ideas and adapted them for my trashy park hunting. It got me started on the right track of taking advantage of the equinox features of changing tone and volumes of various target ID’s to allow me to hunt the trashed areas without getting a headache. I can change tones and volumes on the equinox so that unwanted targets are a pleasant low freq tone that’s also very low in volume, then make the ID’s of wanted targets stand out with higher tones and increased audio. Good targets literally jump out at you and stop you in your tracks to investigate. If there is little trash, and my brain isn’t getting pounded, I can go back to Park 2 with multi-tones which I prefer for general hunting and coinshooting . good luck Rich (Utah)
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    When you are blowing bubbles under the water you don't hear the motor so much. But I agree with your direct of thought.
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    OMG look at that thing! Way to go Simon. Way to go. Congrats to you and them.
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    I’d highly recommend getting a photo of the ring! High carat gold rings can read very high! my only 22k rings both read over 20 but it’s entirely relevant the chunkiness! i have a decent variety of sizes shapes which I can compare to but don’t disc out 20+ yet!
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    It is a good deed, and fun! Hope you snag it. It's always fun to have an objective challenge and since you know what you are looking for, you can narrow down the settings more so than usual and eliminate falses even further. For example, I would also consider eliminating anything greater than 20 because you are not looking for silver or other high conductors like copper (unless you want to do that too) and that might null high falsing big iron tones and nail heads. Any chance you could recruit one of the landowners to join you with the T2 - would be pretty simple to set it up for them in JE mode? They might have fun looking for it too and it might pop up faster. I would join you for the hunt if I were down there, lol. Good luck, Simon!
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    https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/326548/4901-0249-1 Inst. Manual, EQUINOX 600 800 EN.pdf On page 52 there is a graphic similar to your EXCEPT for the Iron Bias it's only a factor of 2 (similar to the recovery speed conversion which you have shown correctly and is on page 51 of the manual) -- that is: 600 value 0 is equivalent to 800 value 0 600 value 1 is equivalent to 800 value 2 600 value 2 is equivalent to 800 value 4 600 value 3 is equivalent to 800 value 6 And yes, there is no higher Iron Bias setting on the 600 even though the 800 goes all the way up to 9. Good mnemonic: both Iron Bias scale and Recovery Speed Scale on the 600 is a factor of 0.5 times the equivalent value of the 800.
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    Another picture of some more coils that will be getting tested for the 7000, really looking forward to testing these. cheers dave
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    haha I can't believe I typed "hit" in that sentence, I've done that a few times lately, it's when I'm telling my daughter off for hitting the TV or the dog or whatever she's hitting at the time with the blanket she just loves swinging around and somehow it ends up in my sentence I'm typing. The brains getting rusty. I'm extremely glad we bought that house, I just wish I could live in the darn thing πŸ™‚ No better place to be. Couldn't wait to get out of Brisbane, most people feel the same, they even made a movie about it https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0818897/ It's hard to believe you got skunked, you're just trying to make me feel better πŸ˜„ Hopefully I don't get a skunk tomorrow, one bit is all I need!!! I landed on my head skiing again, slammed my head hard into the damn icy snow tonight, I'm going to wear a helmet from now on. It's at the point now It should be changed over to an ice skating area.
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    From what I've read he's damn near there already.
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    I have a little wall cabinet that I put a few relics etc in My valuable finds are locked away safely
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    I think that's what Kiwijw was trying to educate me on auminesweeper, I was on an endless pursuit to find better detectors than what I had when I hadn't even leant to use what I've got, and I've got some really good ones. All these detectors are so close in performance it comes down to features more than anything and what features you like. It even seems to me at the moment the Equinox with 6" coil is going to be very competitive with the GB2, kiwijw proved that with the absolutely tiny gold he found with it. All that is .24 of a gram, it just shocks me he could find that. I started off doing exactly what you're saying, blaming the machine, that didn't last long when kiwijw was using the same machines and doing well... I had to quickly realise it was me not the machine πŸ™‚ I am improving every time I go out, we mostly have tiny gold here, the positive to that negative is it makes you a better prospector, when you become a master at finding these tiny specs just imagine how well you'll do if you're in a place with bigger gold πŸ˜„ It's like my Gold Bug Pro's, I thought they were rubbish at the start, the more I use them the more I like them, on anything over .010 of a gram they're deadly. Sure they won't get 0.001 of a gram easily but a pan will. Thanks for this conversation, it's been very helpful. I appreciate it.
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    The Earnslaw has season passes, only about 80 bucks from memory for a season.... damn good value. Nice photos! The house your working on looks like its on my street, Sainsbury Rd/Aspen Grove Road, the paved/brick footpaths and view angle give it away. Must be nice working with that view on days like today, was hot though. Stefan looks a lot like you. The little fella has snowball white hair, I used to have that myself until I was about 10 years old.
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    Hi Simon, This be that trail? I had to scratch my head as to which trail you were referring to, but then the penny dropped. The gold being at the upper reaches. I must admit I was very surprised to get gold there the last time with the Zed & its 14" coil. That type of ground, very shallow exposed rough & crevicey bedrock & the small size of the gold, is very suitable to a high frequency VLF with small coils for getting into those tight spots. Considering I had been over it back with my 4500 & little Nugget Finder Sadie coil, A couple of times with the Gold Monster, don't recall having used or even taken the GB2 up there, but got gold each time. The last time with the Zed just blew me away. But then the Zed always blows me away, even after nearly two years using it. . If I remember correctly, the last time there we had to dive for cover as a herd of mountain bikers came screaming along, bouncing there way down very fast & aggressively. You have unfinished business in there. Lot of scope left in there for the adventurous. Which you have to be in the gold detecting game. The snow should have climbed out of there by now. Your ski legs will be up to it easily now. Good luck out there JW
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    I don't agree there, The GB2 could be improved a lot, auto ground balance/tracking being one thing, people using it seem to spend a lot of time pumping their coil. I like innovation, I wouldn't care if my detectors were outdated every two years, as long as the new model has actual improvements not just a rehash with a new paint job or supplied with a different coil like seems to so often happen. For those who don't want to buy new detectors all the time, they can still use their older one, it doesn't stop working when the new one comes out. I really hope we are in an age where new innovative models come out regularly caused by fierce competition as long as the manufacturers don't hold out improvements so they can trickle them out in new models rather than lumping them all in one model. In gold prospecting especially you have to have an edge of the last people that went through the area, be it due to you having a better detector or just your skill using it. It's getting harder and harder to find gold.
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    They sure do, but at least the walks are pleasant, loads people are doing them for fun, tourists come to walk along the same tracks so it's hardly a painful thing to do... as for finding gold on walking tracks... heading to one particular location which is a good hour or more walk once you park up it seems every single time we do it John pulls gold out of the walking track, in the exact same spot, it's about a 20 meter stretch if that and every single time we've walked it we stop at this spot and have a quick detect as its the half way spot and good for a breather and drink, there hasn't been a time John hasn't got any gold out of that spot. I'm yet to get any there! Maybe now I'm armed with the Equinox and 6" the story will change, for some reason I'm very comfortable on that detector, I know how to work it and it works well for me. These new cycle trails that have just had their funding approved may open up some more gold ground too, especially now you're armed with an Ebike.
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    Hi Gerry, Thank you. I have actually found quite a few nuggets on sheep trails at various places over the years. Mostly by accident just by walking down them with the detector on & the coil on the ground as I walked. Not really deliberately detecting. Here is one such incident with my 4500 & little Nugget Finder Advantage Sadie coil. I was just walking back to my wagon parked above these old timer diggings. Hit that sheep track & as I crossed it I got a signal. A nice little slug On the same old workings at a different time with the 4500 & the 11" Minelab Commander Mono coil I got a signal on another sheep track. The track going up the left of the photo is the same track as the piece that I got with the sadie coil. This one with the 11" coil the sheep track goes off to the right behind the control box & my hole is right on the track & into the wild thyme bushes. This dig was an earlier time than the sadie one & a different time of the year. You can see how much greener & thicker the grass is. But a nice slug. You are absolutely correct in the sheep having worn the ground down to the rotten schist bedrock & very close to the gold. I now scan many sheep tracks but because I am deliberately detecting them I seem to come up empty. Murphy's law. As to me detecting those & similar tailing piles....yes I have....but apart from maybe the odd alluvial piece that must have stuck to a bit of clay or mud when the old timers threw the rocks out, or stacked them, I have got bugger all & no specimen bits. Where the old timers had a good flow of water & could wash the rocks thoroughly I have got nothing. If l now see that the rocks piles are very clean with no mud or dirt I tend to give them a miss & just focus on bedrock they exposed & target the shallow to deeper ground around the fringes of where they worked the ground. If they didn't have a lot of water or had none at all then there is always dirt, mud & gravels in the piles then definitely worth detecting. Cheers Gerry. Best of luck to you. Hi Mac, I would call it fairly close, within 45 minutes. πŸ‘ Thank you for your kind words. Cheers. Hi Mitchel, Yes I am spoilt, I do have many places within a couple of hours drive from home. The Queenstown area & Central Otago in general is gold central. Just a lot of places need a long walk/hike once you have driven to the locations. Aye Simon. Thanks guys for the comments, kind words, Likes & feedback . Good luck out there JW
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    I am very fond of my Makro gold racer and still have it to date. Matter of fact, I carry it with me while using my gpz 7000. It is helping me learn the sounds the gpz 7000 makes on ground and target. The gold kruz is an upgrade of this detector. A true upgrade, slight upgrades but important ones. I think it is a great intro unit for a multitude of grounds. I had the Monster and didn't like it all that much, for my own reasons. That does not mean it is a bad unit. It simple did not fit what I wanted from a detector in that range. Plus Makro has more coil options that might be important to you over time. Each to their own, fits detector selecting to a tee. Good luck.
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    Hi Mac, GPX 5000 - just so that no-one thinks Minelab has brought out a new detector πŸ˜‰ I have never used a GPX of any model nor even held one but...it is one of the reasons I went for a GPZ 7000 - I was told they were less complicated with the array of settings. And I have found the 7000 very easy. But, there is a bloke on Prospecting Australia that goes by the name of BJay and I have been out with him a few times. He has a GPX 4500 and he always finds gold, usually more than me. He says that he basically leaves it in default and changes only 2 or 3 settings up or down depending on the type of ground he is in. I suppose it depends if a person wants to over complicate things or not. Then there is the plethora of coils that can be used on a GPX - my bank account couldn't afford wanting the latest and greatest coil every 3 months 😁 Good luck with your choice.
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    How rare is this? One of my customers has been finding native Michigan copper nuggets with his Minelab Equinox 800 and said I could share this amazing discovery. Kind of makes my nuggets look like dinks. What do you think something like this is worth?
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    I got into the hobby of metal detecting three years ago and have a couple of Teknetics detectors which work just great. I watched the development and release of the Equinox brand with interest as a friend is an avid Minelab user. To cut a really long winded story short, I bought an Equinox 800. Nobody has been more amazed at the capabilities of this detector than I. In the short six weeks I have been learning to us it, I am in awe of it's simplicity, or if so desired, it's complexity. I have not ventured too far in adjusting settings yet as I learn the basics of this machine. One of the standout features of the detector is the wireless headset capability; I did not think I would enjoy it as much as I am. Anyway, I don't always find silver when I head out detecting but when I do, it is magical. I'll let a couple of pics tell the rest of the story.... The quarters are 1918, 1951, 1952 and 1960. The dimes are 1942, 1949, 1950, 1960 and 1965...and that Merc is a 1944. The ring on the left is stamped sterling and the other two are stamped 925. I think I've caught the silver bug that is going around!!!!! Thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum as it is a very impressive resource for folks like me. Thank you all!!
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    Yes Sir, the 1965 is 80% silver. Canadian quarters and dimes were silver up to 1967. In 1968, some were silver and some were nickel...only a magnet knows for sure. And at some point, we digressed into steel garbage... I just reviewed my files and a conservative estimate would put me about 35 hours or so over 10 outings using the Equinox. Yeah, I take pics of everything I dig even if it's 51 pennies and a bunch of nickels and then file them by date and location. And the missus has the unmitigated gall to say I have OCD. It's CDO, dammit...the letters have to be in alphabetical order!!! LMAO!!!
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    Yup, what Terry said. If two people listen to 100 targets, they will differ as to how much stuff they dig as being β€œgood targets” and β€œbad targets”. In other words, what one person may decide is a trash target may be good enough sounding to dig to the other person. We vary in how aggressively we reject trash, which goes hand in hand with potentially missing good items. Then add the fact that the local trash mix varies tremendously and how much it interferes with your detecting depends on the targets you hunt and how much local trash reads the same. This leads to situations where one person says β€œthis works for me” and another says β€œit does not work for me”. It’s not a matter of making things up or anything, and no reason for anyone to take offense or argue. So whether it worked for Sinclair or not I will just say thanks staffydog33 for sharing your advice. Even if it does not help Sinclair it may help someone else, and helping others is a large reason for this forums existence.
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