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    Found this while scouting out another section of woods along a main trail. It's a Harvard Crimsons pin that was gold plated over brass. Also found a 61 silver Canadian quarter. Got excited at first until I whipped the dirt off the rim and saw it wasn't a really old USA coin :( . Also a musket ball and small round.
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    I agree. If you announce give up the specs. I am not a fan of the endless tease whether it's from a girlfriend or a detector company. Seriously, all metal detector companies are working on something that will come out someday. So announcing "we are working on something that will come out someday" is just a given. Or should be anyway if a company intends on staying in business. Hey everyone! Garrett is working on something that will come out someday!! Stop the presses!!! And better wait and see what it is before you buy anything else!!!! Especially that detector White's is working on that they will come out with someday!!!!! You heard it here first!!!!!!
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    There was no reason to put the ATX in the Recon housing. The option existed up front to use the Infinium housing and they went with the Recon housing instead. My theory is the Recon never was a real winner either so they wanted to try and get the sunk costs out of the housing development by sticking a consumer detector in a military housing. Even the water hunters have lost enthusiasm for the ATX due to never ending issues with the rods locking up from sand intrusion and cable deterioration issues that Garrett seems to never address. I actually loved mine for saltwater use since it is stout and is nearly neutral in weight underwater but when my last one flooded (was replaced under warranty) I lost faith in the unit. I am convinced the ATX packaged properly could actually have given Minelab some decent low end competition and would have sold much better in the nugget detecting world, where it has now all but been forgotten. For the company that really helped launch electronic prospecting Garrett’s complete lack of interest in getting serious about gold detecting has always puzzled me. I tried to work with them but when it came to the area they most need to listen to someone like me about (practical prospecting ergonomics) they completely ignored me. When asked I said the Infinium housing, even with it’s own issues that need work (the rod sucks) would be preferable for the ATX. Not what they wanted to hear obviously, and to this day one of my greatest failures as a consumer advocate. Garrett so far refuses to make the Garrett LTX and until they do I will never touch another Garrett detector with a ten foot pole. It does not need to look like the unit below but under 4 lbs and under $2K should be no challenge at all for Garrett... if they simply cared to try. Garrett LTX Prototype 4.73 perfectly balanced pounds including 8 AA NiMH batteries Control box can be moved forward and back to re-balance for larger coils Control box removable and can be chest or hip mounted Employs standard inexpensive cable type coil options PBSRP* $1999 Construction thread with more rod options here *PBSRP - Prototype Builder Suggested Retail Price before discounts. No, I'm not building any more and not selling these!
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    Deteknix/Quest mistepped early on but they are adjusting and moving forward. Another company quietly sneaking up to eat the low end market. Single frequency is in a race to the bottom now and it all boils down to low cost manufacturing.
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    Nokta/Makro has flat out said multifrequency is next and that it will be in the Simplex housing. So far they have been doing single frequency and doing it well, but it will take the leap to multifrequency and PI to take them to the next level. At that point lots of people who are still ignoring them will have to perk up and pay attention. To a certain extent they have simply been doing what I expected the Chinese to do for a long time. Ground balancing PI and multifrequency are higher level product though. Garrett has no multifrequency and First Texas has been years without any PI at all. That is what makes White's more disappointing from my perspective - they have had both TDI and V3i for a long time but instead of doing the OBVIOUS and taking the existing tech and making it into the smaller 21st type units we crave, they stood pat with their big box design far past the time when those designs have gone by the wayside. There are sound reasons why the big box White's makes sense from a certain perspective. I mean heck, I liked my old rotary dial phone because I always knew where it was! But times change and expectations with them, and the fact is those big box designs are starting to really look like dinosaurs compared to something like an Equinox or Simplex. I cannot imagine a younger person used to a cell phone wanting to show his friends a new MXT. The part many people miss is that these new detector in a sealed pod designs are easy to crank out at low cost in a modern production facility. White's is still essentially hand building detectors in a very old facility. That one thing alone means they are in a real bind right now compared to outfits leveraging 21st century designs and manufacturing processes. I've got a real soft spot for White's so people may mistake my words as criticism... it really is frustration on my part for wanting U.S. companies to succeed and feeling like they are clueless. Typical arrogance more likely; they have always thought they have known better than their customers what their customers want. Fisher and CZ is another example of sitting pat with an ancient analog design instead of translating to a new digital version. I very much like DigsAlot comment as regards Minelab and their arrogance for the same reason. They have had the tech lead for so long it has let them build some amazingly clunky product and basically just expect people to not only suck it up but praise them for it. There is not a serious water user out there that does not almost completely rebuild an Excalibur into what it needs to be instead of what it is out of the box. That's just one example in a long list of ergonomic nightmares from down under. But Equinox at least shows that maybe that tide has turned. We will see.
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    Local park, E600 with 11" coil and running default Park2, got a 16 on the meter. There was a bracelet on the surface but hidden by the grass. I guessed it was copper. Searching the name on a tag hanging from the bracelet, Alex and Ani showed a wide variety of bracelets. I'll guess this one cost $28 or so. Then switched to Park1 Cherry Picking and found some recent drop coins.
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    What experts? Most of the information you are quoting originated from a Russian website that regularly makes things up out of thin air and I personally place no value in it’s accuracy. So hoax information? Probably. Minelab created? No. I repeat over and over unless it comes direct from Minelab somebody is making it up. The ONLY information you will ever see from me you can absolutely know I have officially verified. In other words, if I don’t post it, official confirmation can not be found and it’s rumor. I may as well toss in the towel though. Once the Russians post it spreads everywhere like gospel and it’s spitting in the wind trying to keep it at bay. I suppose it really does not matter anyway if people want to believe it all. Once Minelab reveals the facts we will know for sure. What’s annoying to me I guess is these guys get proven wrong time after time but it never matters. On the next go around they will do it again and nobody will question it. So if the Russians make stuff up and Minelab does not deliver on the made up stuff it’s a disaster? If Minelab actually cared about that they could clear it up with official information, but they let it ride. I suspect just this discussion is a marketing plus. That being the case I think I really will just let it go. So far the only reliable information is from two Minelab videos and a company annual report. The videos state clearly the machine has Multi-IQ. The annual report information states the machine falls above X-Terra and below Equinox in the lineup. Most everything else is conjecture but we can place some safe bets. A display? You think?
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    The GPX 4500 was long ago superseded by the GPX 5000. In fact the 4500 was officially discontinued but then later reintroduced as a lower price alternative to the 5000 and perhaps as a counter to the Garrett ATX which came out around then. If you want a 4500 new with warranty, it would be time to buy before they are gone. I assume the GPX 5000 will continue to be available. I would not expect prices on remaining 4500s to change but once they are gone perhaps the GPX 5000 will be reduced in price. Or not. With Minelab you never know, they may increase the price! https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/5765-4500-vs-5000/
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    Hi again everyone. I went ahead and bought my coils. after many hours of thinking and reading i decided to get 3 additional coils for my GPX. I should be set for life now :) 11" Minelab Commander Mono Nugget Finder 14x9 EVO Detech 15" Ultimate Spiral DD
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    I'd rather watch paint dry.
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    Hold up there Stu....nobody was lecturing you, just giving feed back as well. It’s reality tv but so far removed from reality it’s not funny. As an example, you mentioned Rick’s break in. If people think someone actually broke in and stole Rick’s battery, then I suppose people also think the film crew with him sat there and filmed him risking his life hiking 40klms into town in 45 degree heat to get a new one.
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    Hi Phrunt, thanks for the great survey! 1. I have had too many to remember. I retired from middle school and high school teaching after 27 years and gave myself a budget for trying out detectors during the past 3 years. So, I had a Tesoro Lobo and a GP 3000 for many years that I used for prospecting while I was still a full-time teacher. My first detector with a screen was the AT Gold (hated it) sold it and got the Makro Gold Racer (really liked it) and something with a mid range frequency=F19 (really liked it too). I decided to devote more time to coin/jewelry and relic detecting, joined a local club and quickly realized that I needed a more versatile coin and jewelry detector so I got an X-Terra 705...........(hated it) and traded it for a Whites MX7 (really liked it and kept it for awhile) until something called the Equinox 600 came into my possession. I sold everything except the Nox, F19 and GP3000. I still had two almost grown kids living with me that liked detecting so I got them a Teknetics Minuteman and a Whites Treasure Master....(hated the TreasureMaster=gone) and still have the Minuteman (more on that later). Decided to get the Nox 800 too=fantastic decision. I realized that I had not tried an XP Deus so I got a used one=excellent for relics and prospecting, just so-so for coins and jewelry in my area=sold it after 6 frustrating months. Got a Gold Kruzer=awesome detector. Then the Orx came out=maybe I misjudged the Deus?????? Kept the ORX for 6 months of frustration=bye bye. (I really can't stand the XP audio and also can't deal with so much money for detectors that do not coin and jewelry hunt any better in my area than the Teknetics Minuteman=$149! or my Gold Kruzer in micro=waterproof😱) In the meantime I upgraded my PI to a TDI SL (big mistake) and then a GPX 4800=awesome. I have managed to not lose too much money and have actually stayed within my budget after all of the wheeling and dealing and the incredible finds (mostly from the Equinox.) Retirement is pretty good! 2. I have been very happy with my Minelab purchases (except for the X-Terra 705), adore the Fisher F19 and really like the Nokta/Makro products. 3. Warranty repairs on the MX7 (which I eventually sold) and just returned the TDI SL (ground balance issues) and TreasureMaster (just couldn't handle mineralization here) for credit. Whites were great about repairs and returns. Also had a Tesoro Mojave for a week but returned it too (also could not deal with mineralization here) for a credit. 4. Both Equinox detectors fit my detecting environment, hunting style and choice of desired targets perfectly. I am so glad they were produced. I have a love/hate relationship with the F19 (more love at the moment with the Ultimate coil!) and I have never regretted owning Nokta Makros. I wish I had not wasted so much time on the XP products and on trying to find a 7 to 10 kHz detector that was lightweight, easy to use and would actually detect past 3" in the mineralized soil here while handling EMI. Long list of failed attempts. The only one that has passed that test is the Teknetics Minuteman!!!!!! (cheapest detector deal I know of and one of the best too). I regret not having a Tesoro and wish they were still in business and making more modern detectors!!!! Unfortunately, I just can't see the point in having one since I would pick any of my VLFs and even my loaner, the Minuteman over a Tesoro 99% of the time. 5.I use them all regularly but use the Nox 600 almost everyday (I've got too many hours on the Nox to count=1500+) 6. Equinox 800 7. next detector..............? (not the Vanquish or the Simplex) I'll wait for Nokta Makro's multi frequency or a Fisher PI...... Jeff
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    I still own and occasionally use my old faithful DFX,it was one of the 1st batch into the UK back in 2002,its found me some of my nicest finds,not necessary a deep machine as such but had a certain biased towards gold coinage especially when using the 10x6 coil or my all time DFX coil the 12'' Hotshot coil,amazing combination and the coil is ultra lightweight because its foam filled but of course would be no good in the surf as the coil tends to want too float. Only reason i still keep it though is that although i have used it for many 1000s of enjoyable detecting its still in remarkable good condition,would only get peanuts for it if i sold it anyway.So it stays in my detecting arsenal but still occasionally comes out too play. Like yourself i do also own a Equinox but because more modern and lighter machines have come out ie my Nox and Deus and T2 etc these 3 machines are far superior performance wise and also so much lighter than the DFX.I am away on a charity rally dig this coming sunday and may take the old DFX with me with the Hotshot coil on and blow the cobwebs off the detector.
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    Personally I really liked the DFX and it still is a decent detector, but not as “hot” as the modern crop of machines. The plus side is that means it is well behaved, and the target id system is still superior to most machines even by today’s standards. I always was a SignaGraph fan and still am. I own a White’s detector still for the sole purpose of running my Bigfoot coil. The coil was specifically designed for the DFX and runs best with it. I currently have the coil mounted on a V3i, but there are times I want to go back to the DFX as it was a smoother operator in the ground and EMI here in Reno. The V3i is chatty by comparison. You should be able to get a good condition DFX for under $400.
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    From the Minelab Knowledge Base Article at https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/254884/KBA_26-1 GPZ 7000 Tips for Better Ground Balance.pdf "A ‘dust iron’ toroid suitable for the HF frequency band (e.g.1–30MHz with an initial permeability of between 6 and 10) has been carefully selected. It is recommended to use this specific Minelab accessory, only. Alternate ferrites may significantly degrade ground balance quality." Note the words "recommended" and "may". Not trying to knock Doc but I would only use the Minelab ferrite personally.
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    Bought the Equinox and a used GPX 5000. Extremely happy with the purchases. No warranty claims yet (but could have over the broken rest on the Equinox, but decided to buy an after market one.) I would still buy the same 2 machines. Don't use any of my other detectors. I don't have a single best because I use these two as a one, two punch. They compliment each other extremely well. I guess I could say for gold and parks, it would be the Equinox, for deep beach and relic hunting it's the GPX hands down.
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    What makes me wonder with companies like White's is do they have the means to do what we wish? It's fair enough for everyone to say they should be doing this or doing that but as a small size business they're probably just getting by, paying wages and the day to day costs of running their business. You need to sell a lot of detectors just to cover running costs. Maybe they don't have the financial means to upgrade to a newer facility and change over to modern construction techniques, this is all very big bucks to do and would it even be viable? It could sink the ship even faster if they don't get it right. Minelab take on and mentor University graduates which I would imagine could be a very successful method of getting new talent for them. If you take a look at Philip Wahrlich, a good Kiwi boy 🙂 and a key player in the creation of the Equinox he was a University graduate that went on straight from University to work at Minelab. https://au.linkedin.com/in/philipwahrlich Do they even have the talent working there at White's to do what is required to keep up in the market? Can they make a competitive multi frequency machine? Can they make this PI machine we are all hoping for? Minelab have a team of talented people working on a single detector, they don't rely on one or two people trying to do it. If White's were to just modernize their old detectors into smaller housings would that be enough to pick up the sales enough to justify the costs of doing so? I highly doubt it. It's a tough position to be in for the companies not at the top of the game and the further they fall behind the harder it is to recover. White's are now the underdog. As the other companies like Nokta grow, Garrett or First Texas may become the underdog at some point when and if White's falls. They're becoming like Kodak doing what Kodak did with cameras. Digital cameras took them by surprise for some unknown reason... First Texas had to outsource to get the talent required for their next detector, fingers crossed it is a success and their land version becomes competitive to the Minelab PI's. White's probably needed to do this back when they were doing well, selling lots of detectors, that's the time they needed to pump money into R&D and expand to take advantage of their popularity and the steady income. When you're slowly just ticking along it's very hard to catch up. I truly hope they can pull a rabbit out of their hat and do something to get back into the game. I'm surprised China hasn't really put any effort into making their own metal detectors, It could be the fact it seems like it's illegal to do in China.
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    It is the same idiots that can't be bothered to carry their beer cans out, their trash out and bury their holes...mama did everything for them and they don't know how to behave!
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    I went back today with my daughter on our adventure. I'm not certain I am finding the actual town site. I hunted around for other possibilites close by and hunted a spot with a fair amount of glass on the ground. I ended up digging 6 or 7 bullets. Everyone I showed my daughter she said "oh wow" immediately followed by "you need to dig the gold now dad". I'm pretty sure she is convinced I'm just confused on what the goal actually is. We moved back to the site downhill from the mine and honestly I think I'm giving up on that spot. It's just covered in sheet metal, from small peices to several square feet pieces at all different depths. If I lived closer I would hunt areas just outside the sheet metal zones but it's 4 hours round trip. I think for now I'll just go another direction. My kid had fun till the thunder and rain started. Then she said "we need to get out of here dad". It was her adventure so we headed home. A good day, and enough quartz crystals she felt like she found treasure.
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    Great news for all the QED owners, it was announced today the QED has been updated with new ground balance firmware along with support for DD and CC coils like the new Concentric coils from Detech that have just been released. Here is the official announcement from Howard, the God of the QED. Interfacion Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that the QED has been modified to allow the use of DD (double D) and CC (Concentric Coplanar) coils. This change involves a simple change to the electronics within the control box. The firmware has also been upgraded to include a further improved Ground Balance. All detectors being delivered to new customers from Monday 5th August 2019 will already have the above upgrades included. As a show of commitment to all QED owners, the hardware modification to allow use of the DD and CC coils will be provided at no cost. Of course and as per the QED warranty, the firmware update is provided free of charge, except for P&H. Any QED owner who plans to attend the Laanecoorie Bash is encouraged to bring their detector along and have it upgraded at no cost. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Awesome news, I'll be sending mine off ASAP. You can find out more about the QED on their official website here http://www.qedmetaldetectors.com.au/
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    Over the last Month I have been doing quite a lot of detecting on my local beaches . I found not as much coinage as I used to as cashless society has well and truly kicked in . But the Gold and Silver less society is way off. My total for the last Month other than a few Euro's and other coins was £384.76p , 1 Platinum ring which I found for someone and returned to him . The picture of a ring on its own is the Platinum . 3 Gold rings 15 Silver rings 2 Tungsten rings 1 other that looks like a Tungsten but doesn't say so and a Gold looking Stainless Still ring and a junk ring . I searched for 13 times for around 5 hours . The last picture is of the finds I had today.3 August. That search was during Pride. It shows how the cashless society has ruined coin hunting . There were a lot of people about but in the gaps where people had been it was quiet mostly apart from lots of rubbish. I had £13.57p and 2 Silver rings and a 9.3g 9k Gold Signet ring . The 2 notes , the £10 note I found on the way back to the Bus stop and the £20 was from a man that paid me that for trying to find his Gold Wedding ring that I failed to find that day and still haven't found. But will try again when the beaches open up . Machines used were the "ET" E.Trac or the "EQ" or Nox.
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    I hope I don't sound like I'm hyping it up, I'm very careful not to say it's better than my GPX in performance as I don't know if it is, it has it's better points like small target sensitivity which I know for me it's more sensitive and EMI resistance and clearly comfort of use, I'm not good enough on either detector to know which is better overall in performance and what's better for me may not be better for someone else anyway so I don't really like the "better" way of thinking. I say it how it I see it in my ground and point out my ground is mild at every opportunity 🙂 I'm not sure about ever saying any detector with similar specifications is better performing than something else as there are so many variables to consider and I'm not a skilled operator by any means. If I find something better it's because it's easier to use or I've had more luck with it 🙂 It to me feels very much like using a VLF, same weight, same sort of performance on small targets.... No idea on bigger targets as I never find any other than 22 shells but it likes them but in saying that so does the GPX 🙂 What I like better about it are more cosmetic I guess, light weight, with very cheap batteries and not being tethered to my detector. For someone in NZ who can't afford to spend their money on a GPX it's an obvious choice to get into the world of the PI and use the massive range of coils for the GPX. I can't speak for someone in different ground. I'm just happy to have both, each have their strong points for sure. I do get excited when I am happy with something though which may seem a bit hype like 😀
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    I like your reports Simon and while I understand there may be issues in extreme ground my use would be far closer to what you are doing, therefore my interest in the detector. Thanks!
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    You left out all those poor Howard's building stuff in the garage. Course even when they do announce no one will believe them. Sometimes you just can't catch a break 😄
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    In general lower than AZ but that really does not mean anything. I have been in low mineral ground here and moved a mile and been in bad hot rocks. It simply depends exactly where you are. People also forget salt mineralization can mess you up even more than magnetic sand and plenty of NV locations are loaded with salt. Ok when bone dry and near undetectable when wet.
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    🤣 Another example of the founder leaving and the inheritors not having the same enthusiasm/vision/dedication. Charles Garrett gets a lot of the credit (if 'credit' is the right word) for me being in this endeavor. His books were (still are) inspiring. Apparently he isn't looked upon as highly as a designer/innovator as much as some others, but he was (and at least his successors still are) at the top of advertising and marketing. The 15 kHz Ground Hog is acknowledged by many as the first productive gold nugget detector. Charles's books on how metal detectors work carried the banner for a long time (but are now replaced by Carl and George's Inside the Metal Detector). I would have owned an ATX a couple years ago if they weren't so ridiculously heavy. Your LTX was a great existence-proof mod and I still kick myself for not buying it when you put it on Ebay.
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    Well, we do have a detector now that beats the price part of the challenge and comes close on the weight. The Interfacion QED PL2 at 4.4 lbs and under US$2000. And potentially in the running the upcoming Fisher Impulse that will beat on weight at an estimated 3.9 lbs but may be slightly over in price. First up is a beach hunting version but a dry land nugget hunter is supposed to follow soon after. So a short list of possible options now or in the near future: White’s TDI SL Special Edition 3.3 lbs $1049 Interfacion QED PL2 4.4 lbs AUD$1850 Fisher Impulse 3.9 lbs? $2500? I am seriously irritated with Garrett now and swear I will never buy another Garrett metal detector unless they come out with a light weight version of the ATX. To continue to hobble a very good PI circuit with a waterproof 7 lb housing (for desert use?) and the overpriced heavy rod/coil combos borders on “metal detector criminal negligence” at this point. Whoever is running the show at Garrett these days needs to get a clue.
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    Scottish stu; On my second tour prospecting in Oz, I was with Doug Stone. we drove from Leanora to AYRES ROCK on corrugated roads for three days and never seen more than one vehicle and a road grader....we did see the occasional wrecked car that was flipped...IF you have a problem in the Out Back it is all yours, unless you get really lucky. That is one reason I suggest a Tour with a licensed operator if you are thinking WEstern Oz or the NT. Miles from no where we broke an axle, Doug was the only one allowed into an Aboriginal Village to get help.... good luck fred
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    Jeez Reg that was polite, LOL.
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    True, regardless its interesting to watch its progression. I occasionally like to drool over other detectors, but i put in a ton of research before i pull the trigger, which often dissuades me from changing my current setup.
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    I’m not so sure I would trade a GPX for a QED but going from nothing to a QED would be a big step up! Since I have no PI currently it’s on my short list of potential buys next year. Upgrades/service do concern me though. I guess I could send the control box only to Oz and back. It would lower the cost but still not be free.
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    See the link I added to my post above. Bottom line good general purpose machine, very good modern park and beach machine for coins and especially jewelry. Weakest area is nugget detecting... don’t bother. The unit is always locked into dual frequency saltwater mode and it’s “single frequency” modes are achieved by ignoring half the signal, making them weaker than the V3i in that respect, which has true single frequency modes in addition to the multifrequency mode. That’s all fine except when chasing small gold nuggets or micro jewelry.
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    Paypal only for me!
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    The Ace250 was the first real detector I bought and it's what really got me into detecting. I had a couple $5 garage sale 1970's machines before that and they were a bit frustrating to learn on and I didn't do much with them. But they got me into reading forums for a few years as a distraction from homework. In 2004, I believe it was the first year the Ace 250 came out, I finally decided to take the plunge and spend what seemed like a bankrupting amount to me at the time - $199. I literally spent months going back and forth on whether I should spend that much or not. I was paying my way through college as a dishwasher and doing lab TA'ing at the time. I bought it with the idea that I'd detect the campus grounds and pay the machine off quickly and have extra money to go to concerts and movies, one in a long line of get rich quick schemes I had at that age. What I didn't know was that the White's factory was literally right across I-5 (an interstate) from me and many times a week there were 2 guys (sometimes 3 or 4) associated with White's, sometimes testing machines, who would grid all the good spots regularly. So I'd try to wake up real early and haul ass through all the fields, detecting a million miles an hour, to try to beat them to it. That machine absolutely rocked for that purpose. It was so fast, easy and intuitive. And that fast technique kinda carried over to prospecting too in a way later on. I still got the 250, I take it out with me looking for old abandoned homesteads and ranches, it's beat to hell from bouncing around in the back of my truck and being abused for 15 years, and still runs great.
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    Hello Everyone Scott Ellis here, known as IRON MASK around other forums and detecting events. I run the minelabowners forum and I am the designer for the "Detecting-Innovations" "Tele-Knox" telescopic shaft for the Equinox. I am Canadian however I have been in Europe for 19 years and I have been detecting since 2010, currently own and Equinox 800 and a "dusty" CTX. I have some of my finds featured in the Equinox Handbook by Andy Sabisch. One of my best finds is a silver Roman Seal matrix that is now in a museum in Croatia. My oldest find is a piece of pottery from the Neolithic period and was a surface find. The season is just getting underway for us here in Europe and I hope to have time to get out and find the goodies. Good luck and happy hunting to all.
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    Hey Guys, Sorry I missed these posts. I can tell you Andy Sabisch has been using and writing publications and books on the Minelab metal detectors for at least 20 years, if not more. Some of the best books written on how to use them are written by Andy. I highly recommend this new book for any Equinox owner, regardless of your experience level with the detector. We just received in several more cases, but they will go quickly. https://www.robsdetectors.com/the-equinox-series-handbook-by-andy-sabisch/ Clive also writes a few smaller booklets on the Equinox, one is a Beginner and then the other is more Advanced. I would suggest all three, as they all have helped me at some point with settings or general use. Hope this helps a bit, Rob Allison
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    Any signs of historic habitation (such as glass) are good indicators of where to hunt. Glad to hear your daughter enjoyed the adventure. Quartz in the right form, etc. is valuable, as I'm sure you know. But the thrill of the hunt is often the greatest value and she seems to have discovered that already. Good fortune finding a successful hunting spot closer to home.
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    One more update, after talking to the manufacturer it looks like all coils will now come with these plastic spikes/clamps on the cables.
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    Well it's been 4 months on these Blackube AA lithiums on my Tejon and loving them! I am getting double the battery life with full power till they are drained. I did have an issue with one battery not taking a charge and Blackube immediately shipped me a replacement, who knows it could have been beat up in the postal. Anyone using these and relying on indicators on battery life might be thrown off though as they run at high power until they don't have any unlike traditional batteries that simply fade in power. Being lithiums they don't have a memory so if your going out for the day it doesn't hurt to top them off. They take about 2 hours to charge from fully drained. Now if they made 9 volts that would be cool.
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    Easy answer. Look at machines like a Gold Bug Pro or Fisher F19 and tell me what you think it actually costs to manufacture one. Might not be the Simplex is priced low but that we have been charged a lot for too long and think that’s the way it should be. It costs no more to make a $499 F19 than it does a $219 F22. You are paying for features, not manufacturing costs. They were actually charging $799 for the F19 not too long ago. First Texas in particular was playing that game of selling the same detectors that you can buy as a Bounty Hunter or a Fisher but changing the rod or maybe just the decal and charging you extra by calling it a Teknetics detector. Literally charging for the brand name. Looks like Teknetics is now morphing into their factory direct discount brand. We have been supporting really, really nice profit margins that are now getting competition. Finally. Thanks Nokta/Makro!
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    Actually, they kind of did do that. The wireless headphones come with a patch cable such that they can be used passively (i.e., powered off) and the mini-mini patch cable connected to the headphones and the other end connected to either the detector itself (the cable is a little short though) or to the WM08 wireless receiver (no adapter cable needed). It is kind of moot now that you have the Sunray Pro Golds, and a little odd to consider, but some have reported better sound using the WM08 with the wireless phones hooked up in "wired" mode rather than using the wireless phone's built-in BT receiver. I like the wireless phones as is, personally. They sound great to my ears, but everyone has different hearing, so I know not everyone is a fan. I just applaud ML for providing the myriad of audio options they do right out of the box with the 800. Be mindful of the Equinox's upper operating temp limit (122F). Folks have reported erratic operation and LCD faceplate "blackout" when the head unit is exposed to direct sunlight at similar elevated ambient air temps. The control head can quickly exceed that 5F delta in direct sunlight (especially when usung a black protective head cover that limits air flow/ventilation) and might need a little powered down shade and water to prevent an Equinox version of heat stroke. 😉
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    With the Ace detector I just notch in the slots that are NZ coins, everything else is notched out. Because the notches cover a lot more of a range of targets per notch than the Equinox with 50 VDI numbers and the T2/GBP with 99 you don't have to worry so much about missing coins that are on edge and so on, as the range is big enough for each notch it will hit them too with only 12 notches. You end up with a lazy days cherry picking coins. All the good coins which are $1 and $2 fit into the same notch so you can just leave that notch open and everything else blocked out, couldn't get easier to find coins like that, it's how I set it up for my daughter 🙂 I can see why they're popular with beginners as they're so easy to use. That's why I call it an easy relaxing lazy detect with it for coins. It works well here on the beach too.
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    Stick with it. The Equinox is a good machine. If I could get 1/2 oz of gold each time I went out I'd quit my job.
  44. 1 point
    The GPZ remembers the Ferrite balance, so assuming the balance is correct relative to current temperature you can go too and fro between one Gold Mode or Ground Type Mode very easily. JP
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    “The Nevada State Museum will be hosting this years’ 150th anniversary of the Carson City Mint. Numerous events will be taking place to commemorate the anniversary, which holds significant value for coin collectors, due to the 1870 Liberty Seated Half Dollars’ historic and monetary value. On Thursday, the coin press that minted the original coins with the famous “CC” mark in 1870, will be recreating this very coin in the same building that produced the originals. These replicas will be incused with “copy” and placed in a card bearing its series number. The event will be going on from 5 to 8 p.m. with tickets at $150 or $142 for Nevada State Museum Members. Attendees will be receiving a pure silver planchet, admission to the party, and a mint history program.” More at https://mynews4.com/news/local/carson-city-mint-150th-anniversary
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    My detecting "Philosophy" I cannot understate how much a good attitude and confidence play into detecting success. Not only does a good attitude and optimism help you focus on the task at hand but have you ever noticed how your energy and focus fades as the day goes on and how it is worse when you are having a bad detecting day. Conversely, noitce how energized and refreshed you feel after a good find is recovered or if you get into a zone and the finds keep coming. The confidence piece of the equation doesn't just come with success but also when you have confidence in knowing your machine and, more specifically, when you have a firm grasp and knowledge of how you expect your machine to respond as you tweak settings. Having the knowledge to know the tradeoffs of the parameters you can adjust and what you gain AND lose with each adjustment is important and allows for "informed" experimentation rather than random tweaking to see what works. That being said, don't be afraid to go out on a limb and try something counterintuitive like using a low frequency in a high EMI environment or a low recovery speed in a high density area, or lower your sensitivity to sift for shallow keepers. Just manage your expectations accordingly. Also, be careful of absolutes. There really are very few absolutes in detecting. Examples - Higher frequencies hit harder on mid-conductors and are generally more immune to EMI but have lower ultimate depth than lower frequencies. Increasing senstivity can increase depth up to a point before it just starts becoming a noise amplifier and realize that the impact on depth is not linear and plateaus out at high sensitivities (i.e., you get less depth increase bang for your buck if you drive Equinox sensitivity much above 22 - the reason I don't fret if I can't increase sense due to chatter). Multi Frequency is ALWAYS better than single frequency (Wrong). Reducing recovery speed can effectively increase depth until it starts to increase ground noise. I could go on and on. In summary: Tips for success Site selection trumps most other varibles including detector and detectorist capability (this may require some up front detective work and research). Know your machine well. Coil coverage is key - you can't detect it if you never put your coil over it. Have a good attitude and enjoy the day regardless of what you find. Be glad you got the opportunity to detect, especially if you got to do it with good friends, good weather, and/or good scenery. ?
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    Klunker we should all suffer from so much gold under the coil that our detectors will not ground-balance...poor thing! fred
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    There is so dang much that happened gee oh lodge iklee in the Northern Sierras that in a days worth of detecting you could run across a dozen different rock and soil types. Ya just do the best you can with what ya got. There are some spots where the ground is so mineralized with gold that you can't get a detector to run quietly no matter what you do. It could drive you crazy- as it did me.
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    I'm hoping these plots make it easier to digest all that good data from kerelian65. I've shown the axes gridlines in 2.5 cm divisions since that is very close to 1 inch.
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    It'll be interestingly funny that after all these teasers the product turns out to be an upgraded Go-Find.
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