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    With yesterday being fathers day I went down to my claim with my dad. Targeted the same spot as last time where I got 3.2g in an hour. This time we spent almost 4hrs and did a huge amount of digging but only managed to find 1.2g. Including a little specimen, which is a bit more rare for that area.Such is life, golden day out with dad though.
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    Art, We aren’t that far behind you! But, looking at Northern Nevada...over all cooler in the Summer and plenty of Prospecting and close enough to head over the hill to my old haunts. Rick
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    I don't need to say much here, other than the White's 24K Gold Detector performed as expected for me. Here is his story. Boise, Idaho 8/22/2019 "To Whom It May Concern: This past Saturday I was helping a co-worker build a fence in his yard. Several hours into the project we stopped for a break. I pulled off my gloves and walked to my water bottle. No more than 30 seconds had passed since taking off my gloves when I noticed a weight differential on the hand where I wear a custom, 1 ounce Gold nugget ring, made in Alaska and given to me by my Grandfather after graduating from college. He has since passed away. The ring, a token of the affection he had for me. Upon realizing the ring was not on my finger a fear coursed through my whole body. Maybe you know it. It's the feeling you get when you lose your wallet or any other valuable possession. It is a horrible feeling. The ring had come off of my sweaty hand when I pulled it from the glove. I immediately let my friend know it was gone. Also helping with the fence were his son and neighbor. We spent the next 3 hours on our hands and knees searching. The search quadrant where I had been was not big. We were incredulous at being unable to find it. At the end of the 3 hour search, I gave up and started mentally preparing myself for the loss. Needless to say, I could not rationalize or minimize the loss away and I was feeling beyond terrible. I started going over what I would tell family members when they most certainly would ask why I was not wearing the family heirloom, which I never take off. At this point my friends son suggested I call an expert (Gerry) who he found doing a simple google search for "metal detectors," to consult on what the best course of action would be. I was not optimistic. My thought was, if 4 people searching for 3 hours in a small area could not find it, then who could? Nonetheless I called Gerry. Right away I could tell by the questions he was asking he knew what he was talking about. I scheduled a time later that day for him to come over with his equipment and perform a targeted search. To me, this was akin to throwing up a "hail mary." Fast forward two hours and Gerry arrived. Right off the bat I could tell he was a good person. He showed empathy, explained his process, went over the area with me, got a description of the ring and went to work. A small spark of hope was ignited. No more than 15 minutes later HE FOUND IT! To say I was ecstatic and overcome with joy does not even come close to describing the elation. After giving Gerry a bear hug and attempting to express my thanks verbally, the ring was safely back on my finger. We visited for another 15-20 minutes, getting to know one other. Gerry gave me advice on how to prevent this happening in the future, which I have already implemented. I imagine all this situations are different and have their own set of challenging variables but in my case Gerry came through for me and in extension, my family. My thanks to him in unending and I will not forget the service he provided. Of the many takeaways I gathered from the situation, perhaps the most salient point is, there are professionals out there who know what they are doing and can help in this sort of a situation. If you lose something, don't just write it off or give up hope. Don't struggle on your own. Give Gerry a call and consult with him. His personal and business integrity are unflappable and he will give it to you straight. If anyone would like to learn more about my experience, feel free to email at my personal email address, XXXXXXX. Thanks, Gerry! Words alone do justice to communicate my gratitude. "
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    I have that coil, and use it. I also have the 8 x 6 NF Sadie. I think the Sadie is just slightly more sensitive, though they're very close. YMMV. I prefer to use the 7 1/2DF, however. Just like swinging it. Recently I acquired an MJ 8 x 12, which is very hard to find since MJ got burned out in the Paradise fire last summer. This is a great coil on the SL model, and maybe the others. For tight spaces, and working around brush, I recommend either the small DF, or the Sadie, whichever you can find the cheapest. I'd like to find one of the 7 1/2 Aussie mono versions to test, too. You'll have to install some spacers on the Sadie to use it with the S:L lower rod. Jim
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    Fred, believe me I am, she swears on a stack of errr.., something very important culturally I'm sadly unfamiliar with "the last house I ever want to live in." nice,, but smaller... less expensive😁, simpler is the one she likes👍
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    Mr. Calabash Digger..... I watched this Video..... There was no Discussion on how you initially tuned the AT PRO. You mentioned AND got the Frequency of the AT Pro WRONG. Your Credibility on the way you tune your detectors is seriously in doubt in my opinion. That being said, the Minelab Equinox 800 is right near the top of the Food Chain behind the Patented. Tarsacci MDT 8000 which by the Way is Made In America. In my Tests, the Tarsacci comes out way ahead and I do understand both units and have compared both on several occasions. It would help your entertaining Videos to do some more homework on the basics which also includes the operating frequency you got wrong.. When you make Mistakes like this, it brings in other questions regarding your credibility in how you are tuning these detectors in the first place. What Professional taught you the finer points of either detector or the other detectors that you have made, Lets be fair to Garrett and the Other MFGs. I've seen you make plenty of mistakes in your tuning from the first time I watched you when I can make out how your setting things up.. AND, why do you disable the comments???? You might learn from the Comments from your Viewers, both Loyal or the Trolls, so don't be afraid of opinions and responses both good, bad and constructive.
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    Took my AT Pro out in the water and didn't have too much so I hit an area near where I found some flying eagles and came across these. IH is 1881, the nickel is a shield 1866. Will hit that area more this fall when the undergrowth is down more, same with the water as the weeds were too thick to swing.
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    I got just over 500 bits with my 24K in 3 months. All on ground Ive hammered with various Goldmasters, a Gold Bug 2 and GMT. Got a Gold Monster...tried it for a week....hated it. Got the 24K and never regretted it. The new XGB ground balancing system, coupled to that amazing 6" concentric coil is a real winner. Itching to get back into it once the weather improves and my shoulder fully heals after surgery. I just really need that 6x4DD to maximize the areas I can search effectively. Still waiting......
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    Hi guys and thanks for the comments, the area I am using the 800 in is strewn with horrible hot rocks and patches of highly mineralized soil and is called the San Domingo placer district. I like this area and it is great for seeing what a detector "can do" in some difficult ground. Now about the video, thank you for all the comments and advice and I truly appreciate it and so far my videos on the Equinox 800 have been designed for folks new to this little beast and I do indeed switch to all metal in parts of this video to sharpen the target as phrunt has mentioned in his very helpful comment. As I use this detector more my videos will also reflect this and I will show some more advanced settings (as I too learn) I have been a hard core nugget shooter since 1991 or so and I too am new to and amazed by this detectors abilities in the goldfields and am having a lot of fun finding nuggets with it and find it to be much more capable than I expected. I am actually now falling in love with this little beast and trying to learn all it many secrets so all input is very welcome! Thank you Steve for posting some of my videos and thank you Mitchell for giving me a heads up there was a conversation about it. So in the video yes I am using stock Gold 1 with sensitivity at 18 or 19 and auto tracking. I have tried Gold 2 a little at the same placer area, but it struggled some with the ground so I settled on Gold 1. I am trying post videos as I learn to help folks new to this detector be able to "turn on and go" and be able to have a great chance at scoring a nugget or two and I think Minelab has done well with Gold 1 for this purpose. Those that have commented here I know most all of and have met several (respect all) and really appreciate the kind words and I guess I just feel it is time to share some of what I have learned in almost 30 years to give some of the new folks a boost. Good hunting, Bill
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    The Minelab SD2200D was the first Minelab PI model I really used a lot. I tripped over this old photo from 2000 of me and my SD2200D taken by Jeff Reed. I am pointing at the location where I found a nice 8 pennyweight (20 pennyweight per ounce) nugget. This was high in the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska. Steve's points to where nugget was found
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    I have a very early Equinox, after buying the 15x12" coil mine rapidly developed the dreaded shaft wobble, the bottom cam lock just wouldn't tighten enough to stop the shaft wobbling and swinging the big coil really made it obvious, then going back to the little 6" and the problem went away. I contacted Minelab about it and they were great and sent me out a new shaft pronto which was nice. They used international express from OZ so it arrived within a few days. I then started paying attention to the aftermarket shafts and saw a few people were enjoying using various carbon fiber shafts so I thought i'd try one out. I went with a Detect-ED shaft, the Classic 3k Twill It arrived today, the local courier was kind and delivered it on a Saturday for me seeing I know her, saved me waiting for Monday when it would normally arrive. I also purchased some of the Coil saver washers he's selling. The washers are interesting, two sizes that you mix and match to get your coil so you don't need to over tighten the bolt to help keep the coil in place nicely. They seem to do as described, one red and one black on each side of my shaft seemed to do the trick, I can have my bolt just slightly turned and my coil is nice and tight but still moves when I want it to with ease like when I put my detector down. 4 Red's (thicker) and 4 blacks to mix and match with. The shaft is lighter, it's more noticeable with the big coil as anything to take a bit of weight off when swinging that thing is nice You'll see I have a ferrite choke on my coil cable, not sure if it does anything but I've got plenty of them so why not 🙂 It took about 5 minutes to put the Nox on the shaft and it came with the tool required to remove the control pod off the old shaft. The clip that lets you shrink/expand the shaft is nice quality, it's quick and easy to reduce the size of my Nox for transport now. So far I really like it, I can't see any negatives to the upgrade and my Nox now feels much higher quality, I really felt the stock shaft made the Nox feel cheap. I think it's far too good of a detector to run off that basic cheap junky shaft. I now just want to source a better quality arm cuff.
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    Was a rough week at work and needed to unwind. Have been metal detecting when I could since my vehicle accident in April. Today me and my wife went to a place I secured permission to earlier this year. Not been able to get there until today. The grass was grown up about 3 inches here and I broke out my Tekentics T2 factory coil. It SUCKED. Skipped right over the 1963 quarter in the photo below. I could not believe it when I dug this one. That silver was beautiful. The Cors Shrew is no joke. This little coil has made me very happy. Went on to find a 1939 mercury dime and 1951 rosie silver dime! This is the most silver I've found in the last 16 yrs. The only other silver I found was back in 2003 and it was a single worn mercury dime. I also found a couple buttons, a 1944 or 1945 nickel and a 1926 wheat penny. I love my Teknetics T2SE. It's an amazing piece of equipment. With that Cors coil, it's a beast. Worth every penny.
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    Finally had a good sized nugg turn up for me. Hunted Fri. and Sat. over near Helena and drug up 8 pieces but I lost one little dink so only 7 in totals pic. Definitely did the happy dance and still can't believe I finally stumbled onto a big one!!!! Enjoy!
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    As said I like both the Sport and the Nox face . The great thing about them as you hunt you can really look at the face of each and know what you have notched out . What makes the Nox even better over the Sport is you can notch out one number at a time . Oh I know the Nox has so many fine qualities over the Sport it will never have but like the Nox it has a pretty face . I don’t know why but a pretty face always tugs at my heart strings and a detector is no different. Chuck White's MX Sport Display and Controls Minelab Equinox Display & Controls
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    The Equinox will also give you lots of options for settings and adjustments that help determine what you hear and what you see on the screen (if you can see it submerged!!) which can help give you hints about your target's identity. Excal is tone only for all possible target identification information. So, like Chase said, your hunting style and preferences matter. Do you like tone ID more or visual ID or if you are like me, do you like all the information you can get! Jeff
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    congrats on your gold and a day out with your father
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    These detectors are so different that it is hard to compare them without additional info. How deep in the water do you want to detect (diving or just hunting off the shore break)? [Winner: Excal for deeper submergence] What targets are you after (coins or jewlry)? [Small gold edge goes to Equinox] Do you hunt by tones or visual ID or both? [Excal is tones only] Do you need/want high recovery speed? [Winner: Equinox] Do you like to have the ability to swap coils? [Winner: Equinox/Excal coils are hard wired to the detector] The Excal tends to need a number of user mods/customizations (straight shaft, pinpoint button mod, knob guard, chest mount) to suit most detectorists which necessitates additional cost on an already high cost detector. On the other hand, the Equinox is readybto go out of the box save for the purchase of a set of waterproof phones. I would probably opt for a water and sand friendly third party carbon fiber shaft too for the Nox. The Excal being a tone machine only with quirky controls tends to have a higher learning curve. The Excal can be submerged deeper than the Equinox and is arguably built to be more suited to the repeated abuse that salt water use heaps on detectors. I don't dive but do like to get my detector in salt water and like a more versatile detector that is suited to a variety of detecting situations, so when Equinox came along, I sold my Excal which basically could only be used at the beach. If you are not an avid salt water detectorist and not a diver, I would prob invest in an Equinox 600 since it is a more economical until you are assured salt water hunting is your passion. It will get the job done if you are only working in 3 meters of water or less and can be used for general land detecting. HTH
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    I’m one that likes to give credit to one where credit is due . I want you to know that I didn’t post the pictures of both detectors . Steve done that and by doing so gave my post more meaning. I thank you and I know it’s not the first time you’ve done that for me . Chuck
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    In air tests, the Sadie is better. But in my in-the-ground tests on a 1 gram piece of nickel at 6", and a 1.84 gram piece at 10", they're really close, if that helps. Jim
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    I bought this one Simon and I'm happy with it...not as tipsy as the plastic one... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Armrest-Cuff-for-Minelab-X-Terra-305-X-Terra-505-X-Terra-705-Equinox-Detector/142831629052?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 strick
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    I hope someone takes Clark under their wing in Nevada.... it wont take long before he shares right back with you... He is a very "giving" prospecting partner willing to exchange info......good luck over there buddy! strick
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    I went out today with the 15 on the wet beach and there were no targets, not even trash. You could hear a bit of wobble now and then but not digable. I switched to the dry sand around volleyball nets and what an improvement. The 15 on dry sand was enjoyable for picking out the coins and even a couple of cheap rings. I used the pinpointing and bringing the coil very slowly over the target to the maximum volume and the indicators to the top does place the target in the same location just in front of where the shaft points into the ground. The pinpointing works much better in dry sand than wet, iron beach sand.
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    I understand what your saying kac and if the AT PRO and MAX were half the price of the equinox it would be unfair to compare them. But comparing machines of roughly the same current price and purpose is entirely fair. Expecting people to pay the same price for a decade old model as for a new model doesn't work in any other computer/tech type industry, and I suspect its starting to no longer work in detectors either. Thats the nature of true competition though.
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    Yep, auto ground balanced and tracking on in gold mode, auto ground balanced in park mode. Sensitivity has little effect. I've lowered it to under 10 and the knocking didn't go away. I assumed dealing with the knocking was the better choice.
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    Keep in mind the AT Pro is running on almost decade old design, and their MAX is a drastically improved relic hunter but does lack features found in the newer generation of machines like the Nox (running in single frequency) and Amphibio, Kruzer and XP's. I found the comparison a little bit of a stretch on this one and less informative as I would have liked to see especially when comparing the technology of an older device to something far newer. If Minelab came out with the Nox and it wasn't better than a 9 year old machine I would really question the engineers and marketing people at Minelab. I don't know if the Tarsacci can stay underwater for any period of time but it is a machine I have been keeping my eye on though a little pricey I would love to take one out relic hunting. For me and the areas I hunt the AT Pro has and still serves me very well. Knowing the machines abilities as any machine will make the difference if you dig or not more so than glossing over a target. Newer machines have made picking through trash much easier and have become more precise but that's technology for you. I do enjoy your videos but I think you don't serve yourself justice product and manufacturer bashing. Peoples brand loyalty is a toxic subject much like politics and religion and no matter what side you choose it will only inflame someone. I'm not making any personal attack on you but would love to see videos of you showing the features of a product and showing in action rather than one machine vs another. Seeing a machine in action helps others make choices and doesn't pollute the reputation of a manufacturer. So when are you snagging a Tarsacci 8000 so we can all see how it does in the field ;)
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    Where do you live, I am just outside of Kalispell?
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    That is also a good question. That is why I really recommend that ML put a statement out explaining what is going on so that people can be aware and informed of any vulnerabilities.
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    My experience is that knock sensitivity occurs if the manual or auto GB reading is high. I first noticed then when I started using the Equinox in highly mineralized ground that forced the GB number high (you can't necessarily make a direct correlation to the GB number and the level of mineralization, but in this case, I knew that the ground was mineralized). Anyway, I noticed coil bump sensitivity whenever I hit a corn stalk. In fact, I could just shake the coil in the air and get noise due to the coil vibration. I thought I had a coil problem, but when I switched to a mode that had GB at the 0 default setting the bump sensitivity went away. I lowered the GB setting manually on the mode I was using (I believe it was Field 2) and the bump sensitivity went away. I subsequently noticed that the "2" modes (Park 2/Field 2) and Gold mode were most sensitive to this phenomenon, which makes sense because these are the "hottest" (most powerful) modes, also. So, similar to what phrunt was driving at, see if lowering the GB setting makes a difference. Unfortunately, if you need to keep GB set where it is for optimal GB you may be stuck, but perhaps you can try running at default GB (in Multi IQ) of 0 or at least a manually set lower GB setting and see what happens because the Equinox in Multi IQ is pretty good at compensating for a less than ideal ground balance. HTH
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    I would like to join the contest, I dont have 35 oz of gold to refine, but I can picture casting some lead fishing weights. Kodiak.
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    I have a PM coils 18x14 AI coil and it runs perfect on my 4500..... zero EMI whatsoever. Also used to have a 12x4 AI but I stupidly swapped it for a Platypus mono... 😞
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    Thanks for the tip on the Herke, With the 6" coil on does it give good stability?, The stock arm cuff and small coil make my Nox topple over all the time on the hilly terrain around here. I'd probably rather one with two legs and not the flat bit on the ground for better hillside balance on rough ground though.
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    The Tarsacci MDT 8000 sounds like a great detector. I have not used one yet or even seen one in person. It and the Equinox are not really comparable in my opinion. I would instead compare it to the Anfibio Multi or the XP Deus since they too are selectable single frequency detectors but are not exactly mixed mode like the Tarsacci. If the Tarsacci was simultaneous multi frequency and had frequencies higher than 18 kHz, I would almost consider it for a detector I would like to own, even though it costs three times as much as the AT Pro, almost twice as much as the Nox 800 and more than the Deus too. So, is it almost three times as good as the AT Pro and twice as good as the Equinox 800?????? Jeff
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    What a find! life changing for sure. The Nox on the S shaft looks kinda good to me.
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    No regulator required. I would use a charger that allows you to set the max charge voltage, and limit it to 16v, rather than the 16.8v of the typical 4-cell pack That has two benefits...it reduces the chance of a detector problem, and also will nearly double the life of the pack. (number of charge/discharge cycles). You can use a buck converter as a charger...most have adjustable charge current and voltage. Jim
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    Nice comparison but.. Not to knock the Nox, try tossing a larger coil closer to the 11" on the AT Pro and set the Nox to fixed freqency of 15 and you will probably find that they perform similar. At Pro is dated but at 2/3 the price of a Nox 800 it serves people very well in it's class. Closer machine in it's class would be the Kruzer with fixed freq of 14kzh. I have found many dimes in the 10" mark but ground conditions make a huge difference around here. I tend to do better after a good rain vs the dry grounds. Not sure if your aware but on the AT Pro you can gb it then drop it by 5 clicks and you will have a better id by a couple inches. Targets that were marginal will come in clear. This might be the equivalence of running the machine hot but I get confused which way Garrett runs their numbers. Lastly my Pro has been through hell and hasn't leaked yet but i always check the seals prior to dunking. Hopefully that doesn't jinks me :)
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    Phoenix, That beautiful/ugly specimen ended up producing almost a half ounce of gold for you. You enjoyed the hunt, enjoyed the find with a shitty grin when digging it up and now you learned how to make your own gold bars. Detecting is one of the most enjoyable hobbies out there. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.
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    6" round coil to get better target separation in the yard full of iron nails. Signal Strength and a hard Positive reading. It was 25' from where he thought he lost it. Took me about 15 minutes. It was the 2nd signal I thought could be it. The other was a brass sprinkler. He did offer a small reward. I always try to gain a potential hunt site when doing these.
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    Quick detective work I found owner. Joyce has been reunited with her class ring. Turns out it was stolen 22 years ago. She’s tickled. https://postimg.cc/gallery/1beypse2i/
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    For me it traveling through farmland and fields of corn for miles. (relic hunter) . The only gold I hunt is through my eyes and this site. So yes, would like to see pictures of your travels to the gold. Pic is of one of my permissions, hunt the field borders until harvest then the fields.
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    When you do report back, it would be really helpful if you kind of summarized how many machines failed the dunk test and how many passed that you have first hand knowledge of. Also, any comnent back from ML repair? You reach a wide audience with your Channel, Calabash. If there is a run on the repair center because you are widely reporting what seems like a high failure rate and folks are now dunking their machines and experiencing failures similar to what you are seeing first hand, do they have any comment on the situation? Thanks. By my count (correct me if I am wrong): Your first machine machine failed (800). Second machine OK (800) Your friend's kid's machine failed (600) Your friend's 600 failed, 800 was ok. 5 machines, 3 failures. 2 of 2 600's and 1 of 3 800's. These are in addition to the other previously reported failures on the forum. Small sample, but seems like a high failure rate. White's took a lot of heat for a similar situation with the MX Sport a few years back and identified a symptom of failure (minor screen cracking) so users could send their machines back preemptively for repair before they actually drowned. This explicit acknowlegement of the issue helped calm the masses because it showed that Whites understood the problem and was owning it. If I recall, correctly. Even though ML is dutifully replacing machines under warranty as they should, seems like it would be a smart move on Minelab's part (now that a prominent Equinox user is putting the info out there) to proactively communicate with customers on the issue and its actual magnitude (large or small) and cause (design or manufacturing), if the indeed they have those answers (hope so). This would help to assuage buyer doubt before it gets a life of its own. Just my opinion.
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    Just an update... I just received a large re-stock of both black and colored tubes, so if you are interested in an Equinox shaft, now is a great time to order. Counterweights are also available for the Equinox shafts, and CTX 3030 lower rods are in stock, as well. ***I have also begun making custom Equinox travel shafts, which feature a two-piece upper shaft (instead of the one-piece upper). I can make each of the three shaft sections (upper, middle, and lower) in any custom length you need.*** ***I am also now producing custom "dive shafts" for the Equinox; these can also be made to any custom length, and can be either be a one-piece, fixed length shaft, OR an adjustable two-piece shaft (see the picture below, showing a fixed-length 28" dive shaft, in blue).*** Thanks! Steve
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    Well done phoenix, good job, I also make my furnace from Hebel blocks, about $13 from Bunnings for 600mm x 200mm x 200mm block. The Hebel last a reasonable while with the heat going into it, and probably get 20 or more firings and pours from a furnace, about the same with the graphite crucible as they get thinner and thinner from the heat flame on them and also last about 20 or so firings and pours. End result is a 2 oz ingot cheers dave
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    Hi All, I'm new to detecting and this group. Have only been out a few times myself looking for coins/relics/jewellery etc. I'm a bit of a shed tinkerer and decided to knock up some picks from old leaf springs from a LandCruiser. Made two different sizes. One for my older son and one for my girl. Thought I would share them with you guys. I was pretty stocked with them! Cheers PS. They do not look like this anymore... I didn't want to get them dirty at first. They were almost mounted on the wall! hahaha
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    Yup, still my biggest nugget to date, 1.2 grams, solid 15 on the VDI's, never once budged off 15. I thought it was going to be a coin of some sort. The Equinox is in a tight fight to be my favorite detector.
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    Hey Guys, Being a dealer for over 20 years, I have to tell you, Bill is one dealer with a lot of integrity. I have known Bill forever and he is only down the road as we would say. In this business, it seems typical that most dealers find each other as competitors rather than friends. I have to say, Bill and I are long time friends and dealers selling pretty much the same products. We have never had our issues, he does his thing, I do mine. There is enough business out there for both of us to do well and even support and work together. There are times when both of us relied on one another to make sure our own customers were able to get a product in a timely manner. No question, Bill makes great informational type videos on many detectors such as the Minelab Equinox series and Gold Monster 1000. It's great we have people like Bill that are willing to help inform and educate the public about this great hobby of metal detecting and prospecting for gold. Keep doing what you are doing Bill! P.S. Save me a nugget or two out there at San Domingo if you would. Rob Allison
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    Iron bias simply increases the ferrous weighting that Equinox gives a mixed ferrous/non-ferrous target response. This is fine if you simply want to reduce the likelihood of getting fooled by a ferrous target such as a rusted nail that tends to give both a ferrous and non-ferrous response as you swing the coil across the target. I won't get into the nitty gritty of why that happens, but we all pretty much have experienced it. There are two other target possibilities, however, that will give you a similar mixed response. One is a an actual target of mixed ferrous/non-ferrous composition such as some crown caps and the other is two separate targets in close proximity, one being ferrou and the other non-ferrous. Increasing iron bias simply tells Equinox to more heavily weight the ferrous component of the mixed response giving you a more pure ferrous response and de-emphasizing the non-ferrous response. Great if you want to avoid digging nails or rusty crown caps but not so great if you are looking for partially masked non-ferrous, mid to high conductors amongst a bed of ferrous targets. In that case, those partially masked non-ferrous targets will become totally masked as far as the detectorist is concerned because iron bias will emphasize the ferrous target. I have never seriously prospected for natural gold with a metal detector nor do I have any detecting buddies who prospect, so all I know is what I have read and that has been posted by Steve and other pospecters such you that have posted on various forums. From what I know, typically a gold prospector is neither concerned about ferrous masking nor ferrous falsing, because, as you described it ferrous target density is typically, relatively low and the variability in gold target ID based on nugget mass means that desirable gold targets can fall well into the ferrous range of target IDs. Since neither masking (favoring a lower iron bias setting) nor falsing are a concern (favoring a higher iron bias setting) , the iron bias setting is largely immaterial for the prospector. Since gold does not "false" and may indeed ID around the breakpoint of the ferrous-non-ferrous range and since masking is not of great concern, then keeping IB at the default higher setting on the 800 (IB 6 out of a maximum of 9) is probably a reasonably sound choice because at least you will avoid the falsing that might occur when you sweep over the occasional ferrous target (e.g., nail) that might be giving you a mixed ferrous/non-ferrous signal and IB may help "emphasize" a repeatable signal for those nuggets that ID in the ferrous range that may be in the near proximity to a non-gold, non-ferrous target (this latter point is dubious at best but theoretically true). Seems to be pretty consistent with your actual experience experimenting with IB, Simon. That's my take, anyway based on my understanding of how iron bias works and my limited knowledge of typical prospecting conditions. Perhaps someone else with prospecting experience can chime in.
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    SLGuin, I appreciate your desire to know how an ATX does on sensitivity to the same targets. I don't know for certain as I did not have an ATX in the salt water with me that day and compare the signals/targets. But I do know this, the TDI Beach Hunter is almost half the cost of the ATX, lighter and easier to swing. Now if I was wanting pure depth on larger targets and or Prospecting, I feel the bigger coil of the ATX would edge out the TDI BH'er. Now since I paid an extra $1000 for the ATX, I might as well step up to the GPX-4500 for $500 more (same price if 15% military discount) as it has proven many people with success in a variety of soils. That is one of the main reasons it is now the #1 performing PI detector at the Civil War Hunts called DIV. One of my beach scoops has a stud ring catch screen. I sometimes use mask to see tiny targets and fan with my hands in clear water. Hope this helps.
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    I use a Tesoro Mojave for tiny jewelry hunting. Playgrounds, sports fields and fitness trails around the exercise equipment. Always jokingly call it “urban prospecting” because most of the gold I find is tiny broken bits of clasps, chains and earrings. Here’s a little 10k clasp from yesterday. Unfortunately didn’t find any of the chain.
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    A note on Recovery Speed. The basic story is lower Recovery Speed settings draw out and elongate/enhance all audio signals. In low mineral ground and sparse targets you can in general say lower is better. In areas with electrical interference lower Recovery Speed settings tend to reduce EMI "chatter". However, the detector gets touchy in bad ground at lower Recovery Speed settings. Ground response is magnified as well as responses from hot rocks. If the Recovery Speed setting is too low the detector will not even want to ground balance on bad ground. Hot rocks will react more strongly at low Recovery Speeds, and can act to mask adjacent gold nuggets, just like a coin can be masked by a piece of trash in a park. Trash items like nails can obviously act to mask nuggets also, and so low Recovery Speeds will enhance nugget masking in trashy locations. Coil knock sensitivity is enhanced by low Recovery Speed settings. This is a problem in particular with the stock 11" coil, not so much with the 6" coil. If the coil seems overly sensitive to being bumped against things, increasing the Recovery Speed will help alleviate this. Which all gets back to that the simple out of context "lower Recovery Speed equals more depth" is an incredibly misleading statement. It is just as accurate to say that higher Recovery Speeds can reveal targets missed by lower Recovery Speeds. If a lower Recovery Speed results in a missed target due to masking, how exactly is that "going deeper"? Anyway, long story short is if you look at a lot of my earlier writing I tend to fight back hard on this idea of "lower Recovery Speed equals more depth", especially as regards nugget detecting with the 11" coil and knock sensitivity. With the 6" coil out now I am lightening up on this because the benefits of lower Recovery Speed are immediately obvious with the 6" coil and on tiny gold in particular. For covering ground I still lean to the higher Recovery Speed setting, but when down and dirty hunting a 20 square foot patch with the 6” coil at a snails crawl low Recovery Speeds can really enhance tiny targets.
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