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    This video is a 17" round spiral x-coil on GPZ7000 using the new long "Chet type" patch lead, I reckon it worked very well, "x" balanced very well over ferrite and "G" balanced very well over the ground and ran like a dream, very smooth. Settings are Diff/Hy, sensitivity 16, semi auto GB, Ground smoothing Off, Audio smoothing High, threshold 27, threshold pitch 30, both volumes about 12, and booster, and WM12 and dual external speakers. cheers dave
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    I knew my house was old, but just recently found out the owners had this property in 1850. So far no silver, or old coins even, but some interesting finds. I just bought a White's MX7 back in May, and haven't had the opportunity to use it a lot, but I'm giving it a workout lately.
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    Keep pulling that iron you just might find some old coins. Think the odds are in your favor.
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    Site loads much faster too, nice and clean. Old site almost had an iron grunt to it.
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    Hello metal detector colleagues, I went on the beach yesterday with my minelab safari. I worked in all metal with discrimination from -10 to 0 (iron), sensitivity on 18 and trash density on high. 3 hours later I had dig around 40 holes with pull tabs, so I decided to increase discrimination from -10 to 20. I quitted from finding gold jewelry and I was focused on coins. In one hour I found 10 coins (7.05 euros).
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    Iffy Signals Dec 1, 2019 - We took the Simplex and Vanquish to a 1675 permission and compared some signals throughout the day.
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    Hi there Lanny. Here is our New Zealand coinage. Yes the one & two dollar coins are just gold coloured. The $2 coin has a White Heron (Kotuku in the Maori language) which is one of New Zealand's rarest birds & is held in particular high regard in Maori mythology. The $1 coin has the Kiwi bird on it. Our indigenous flightless bird. The 50 cent piece has Captain Cook's ship the Endeavour sailing past Mount Taranaki, in the background, on the West Coast of the North Island. While right on the coast is snow capped in winter being 2,518 meters high. A volcano that last erupted in 1854 . The 20 cent piece has a well known Maori 'Pukaki' carving & the 10 cent piece has a Maori carved facial head or 'Koruru' & is copper plated steel. I took the photo on the latest NZ Jet Boating mag which turned up yesterday. Due to us having a brilliant day jet boating on sunday. Best of luck out there JW 🤠
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    Even better if you already have a QED or GPX Nugget Finder are doing the Sadie with all Evo sales: " Xmas Super Special Offer Buy any Coil from our Evolution Range during December and receive the ever popular (8"x6") Advantage (Sadie) worth $290.00 FREE..."
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    I forgot to add in my posts that I am able to run the Zed in our conditions at full max sensitivity of 20, High Yield/Normal. No falsing with careful coil control using the swing arm, no ground noise. Just a nice stable threshold, even when pumping the coil up & down. Heaven. I know many of you wouldnt have that luxury which may have you questioning my validity. I know I have my doubters which is why I have been quiet of lately & just going about what I love to do. JW🤠
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    The depths can be quite staggering on small/tiny gold. On this particular day, last saturday 30 November, I left my phone back in my wagon but Mrs JW came along on this day for the adventure & she had her phone. Trouble with that is that she sets herself up in a comfy spot with her "beach" towel & girly magazine & settles in there for the duration of the day. Wandering off to get cell phone coverage so she can do her face book stuff & phone calls. Mean while I wander off doing my detecting & the first couple of pieces of gold I find I wasn't that far from her so I came back to use her phone for some photos, but I didn't get photos of all 8 bits. I know that Simon had been here by himself a week or two earlier. Not sure what detector he was swinging on that occasion but I think he got skunked. I noticed quite a few turned over & moved biggish flat slabs of schist. I just couldn't help myself & had to detect where the slabs had been sitting. You will see where that slab had been sitting. Nothing there, but under the detector you will notice a smaller indent where a smaller slab had been sitting. Bingo....first very faint signal, first bit of gold. The gold was actually on the edge of that imprint from the slab. Where that little dig hole is that a bit of dirt has fallen back into. So it was probably 3 inches deep. .04 of a gram. 2nd piece a bit deeper but a very good signal. Probably 4 inches. Again it was just above where a slab had been moved. The scoop is in the hole it came out of. Tucked up beside a briar rose bush. The last piece that I got a photo of. One piece I got that I now wish I photoed was a signal I got on what I thought was solid sheet schist bedrock. There was literally no dirt on the rock. I scraped at the bedrock & nothing moved. Signal still there. I blew on the bedrock. Nothing moved, signal still there. Waved my magnet over it, signal still there. Must be embedded in the schist. Has happened many times before so I carefully chipped away at it hoping the signal did not fly off to be never found. After getting down into the schist & noticing there were layers of it peeling away I kept at it. Still the signal was there. Signal getting louder. I stopped for a breather & had a good look at this sheet bedrock. There was a line of grass growing up from a crack in the bedrock. Mmmmm, maybe it was just a large slab of schist. So I drove my Davsgold pick into that crack a few times to get better depth into it. I then tried to lever the pick up & the slab moved a tad. Ah ha....it is a slab. Maybe the signal is coming from under the slab. The slab was too big for me to handle myself so I called out to Mrs JW to give me a hand. We managed to tip the bugger over. Sure enough the signal was still there from where the slab had been sitting. It just had to be gold under there....didn't it? A few scrapes of the dirt & it had moved. Moment of truth. Magnet, nothing clicked up onto it. Into the scoop & it was a bit of gold, .13 of a gram. A thin flat flake. That slab would have been at least 4 inches thick & still probably another 1 inch into the dirt under the slab. So that will give you an idea of the depth. That piece is the top one on the scales so obviously sitting flat in the ground & it was a very good signal from the start. The one that blew me away was the first one at .04 of a gram. None of them were on the surface & required at least a couple of scrapes to move them. I am quite aggressive in my digging. I don't pussy foot about gingerly scraping tiny amounts at a time. My aim is to move the signal as quickly as possible & then get it in the scoop. These pieces would have been from between 1.5 to 5 inches. Here are the 8 total bits I got for .81 of a gram. Cheers. Good luck out there JW 🤠
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    I found out that my home has been 2 or 3 churches, Masonic Lodge and back to a church again. I have since turned it into a home but still have the corner stone in the front corner of the place. I have dug up most of the same things that you have and by the sidewalks found silver from the early 1900's and even a 1889 IH within inches of the sidewalk. All over the yard has been burn piles, and next to them I have found coins. I have found a gold charm bracelet, and more coins near the old trees. I have yet tried the parking lots as they are gravel and I know what kind of mess they will leave for my wife to yell about. Keep checking all signals that you get because you will find a wide range of things mixed in with the trash.
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    Snagged a small .54 today at Cave Creek.......
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    I'm sure an old GP extreme will still beat this for depth, and you can pick one up for about $1300 here in Oz. I agree with Tony, can't see who will buy the Impulse here in Australia. For it to be of any serious interest to myself and I'm sure other beach hunters, it would need to ID iron at depth consistently accurately, and would need to beat an Equinox, 3030 or even an old Sovereign for depth.
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    Bugger the patience Reg......X coils are IT at the moment for me with the Zed. I & many others don't need convincing of that with the results we are getting. But shssshhh don't tell anyone.😉 Good luck out there JW🤠
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    Good on you mad fish. It is all about finding more gold. But don't tell too many people.😉 Good luck out there. JW At the end of the day that is all I ever want to do with my posts, is to help people. I have said this before & I will say it again. I was helped by many when I first got into this "hobby". I still am. My way of thanking them is by giving back, through my posts, to helping others from what I have learnt over the years. Some of that learning was directly from what people shared with me & a lot was from just doing the hard yards out in the field. It has helped to have what I consider to be the best of equipment to do the job as it became available. For me now that is the GPZ 7000 & at the moment these X coils. The little 10" just keeps on finding me gold off well thrashed old haunts. Saturday just gone being no different. 8 little bits off an area that Simon & I have done to death. He with the GM 1000 & Nox 800 & his 4500, even his QED. I have been over it with all my detectors over the years & many coil combinations. Even with the Zed & 10" X coil, although conditions then weren't ideal then with grass growth being crazy. I really thought I was wasting my time going there this time, but the grass was nowhere as bad. Better conditions = 8 bits of gold. Admittedly for less than 1 gram but no catch & release. JW 🤠
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    A process known as Bioturbation is a very significant factor in coin sink. Essentially, earthworms disturb the soil around the item, until one dry/wet/cold/whatever day, the conditions allow it to drop 2 or 3 mm. Repeat this for 100 years and your target is 20cm ( 8 inches) down. If the ground is inhospitable to worms, the sink is much slower. Unfortunately for us, earthworms tend to live in the top 30cm ( 12" ) of soil, because that's where the plant matter they eat is located.
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    Haha, I was calling myself old, and you are 10 years my senior. I suspect the cut off is about 35ish. Older than that and you didn't get used to Myspace or Facebook growing up.
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    I don't think you ever actually finish something like this. It's more a maybe during winter I'll go through them thing. As soon as the 2 spots you go now start petering out you will have 10 others worth checking out. Its very possible you care more about the finding than the found. If so eventually someone gets a helluva coin collection to go through and catalog. Basically I'm saying you dont ever HAVE to do anything with it all. It's a hobby, if the fun is in the finding fill up coffee cans and let someone else that enjoys it deal with it all someday.
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    An interesting difference between Garrett US and Garrett Australia sites is the OZ one having the full lineup of NEL coils for the Ace and AT series. Am surprised that there hasn't been a partnership with NEL in the US considering many of their You Tube "users" do run with NEL coils. http://www.garrettaustralia.com.au/nel-coils/
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    Garrett actually has a pretty focused lineup, more so than anyone else.
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    Yeah well this is a Minelab forum and you Nokta/Makro fanboys should just stay over on your own forum! My feeling about Vanquish is it nailed it's design goal - choice between Garrett Ace and Vanquish is a no-brainer. Between Vanquish and Simplex I choose Equinox, best of both worlds. Minelab Vanquish 540 vs Garrett Ace 400
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    Found four old buttons near a dugout in north Texas. Just hoping someone has any info on these. Thanks
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    Went out for a bit earlier today and found these. The quarter was shallow on edge of what was a small orchard. The locket hinge still works but the photo has disolved away. Locket was pretty deep under a good size rock. Think it was silver plated at one time. Grounds starting to freeze so might be getting close to the end of the season. I'll call it a day when my digger makes a clank sound and I can't dig.
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    he is in production // finally .. I find it amazing that your dealer does not speak a French seller already takes pre-orders without delivery date .... price announce France / Europe 2490 euros 2020 Edit: The Impulse AQ has been revealed - see details here
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    Posted 11/17/2019 https://fccid.io/Z4C-0041 Minelab Vanquish 440/540 User Manual
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    Gold found! A 102.3g nugget found with a metal detector and drilling to come. https://stockhead.com.au/resources/lefroy-hits-visible-gold-in-maiden-drilling-at-hang-glider-hill/
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    Anyone should be happy with that 5 grams. Excellent photography by the way.
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    Dang and I'm happy with (5 grams)......
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    Steve they have the Terra coming out next.....that should be just interesting to watch. Fisher knows they will be competing with MLs big boys there. I just appreciate that Fisher has got others thinking...... who knows where this could go. The high speed VLFs we have now maybe weekend use only lol. You can bet ill be hitting both sides of the island down here with one. Well Fisher will know soon enough if 1 meter is good enough depth in the water. Seriously .... its been awhile since anything has come close to an Eric Foster machine....and this one has alledged disc. It may well be a nitch machine....... but anyone who spends much time on the beach will want one. IF you end up being the only guy on the beach with this machine..... id keep that a secret..... as well as your finds.
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    It's been announced the QED dealers are having a Christmas Special for any QED purchased in December, It's a pretty damn good deal with two coils included. QED XMAS SPECIAL The QED Dealers are pleased to announce a fantastic XMAS special that is only available during December 2019. For anybody wishing to purchase a QED during December, then you can choose a package with a Nugget Finder 17” x 13” (closed) EVO and get a free Nugget Finder 8” x 6” Sadie. December Package Prices with the above coils Whites “S” bend handle: $2100 AUD Whites Tower handle : $2150 AUD Detech handle: $2150 AUD (+ postage if applicable) Of course the existing packages are still available at the standard prices. http://www.qedmetaldetectors.com.au/dealers
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    Those flipped rocks were likely me, almost every bit of gold I've found lately has been under a rock so in that area where I just NEVER get any gold I worked hard flipping rocks hoping that would change my luck. Glad to see my rock flipping helped you find some gold I was armed with the Equinox and 6" coil that day, my GPX goes nuts there with the power lines and most the gold there appears to be too small for the GPX anyway and my QED had flat batteries, it wasn't a planned trip the opportunity came up to be in the area so I took advantage of it to go for a detect. My last gold there was some time ago and it was using the QED and 12x6" X-coil. This shows how good the GPZ and 10" X-coil combo is there especially when combined with JW and his uncanny ability to find nuggets, I struggle to get gold at this location, really struggle yet JW and his 10" X-coil regularly pulls these little nuggets out they are just too deep for me for the size of the gold. The 10" X-coil and GPZ can get these tiny little specs at amazing depth, it should be illegal.
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    That's not an earthworm, it's a confused snake! crikey!
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    Thanks davsgold the email address is all lower case cheers
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    Please let your daughter know that the nice people in the USA hopes she had a great birthday. Congrats on the new find and possible new site.
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    Joe -- Thank you! I appreciate your business, and wish you a terrific Holiday season, as well! Steve
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    Nice but I also stay away from Facebook. only do forums.
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    I suspect its largely an age thing. I have Facebook because I thought it was a good way to keep up with my daughters that lived out of town. Problem is as soon as I signed up I got friend requests from lots of other family. Pretty soon it was just a time sink, so I just stopped ever going there. You only ever see what people want you to see anyway. Anything really important would still come in a text or call from my kids. I havent posted anything in a couple years and wont because I dont want to give anyone the impression I'm back lol. Lots of people I play poker with got me to join a poker facebook group and check it out but it was the same thing, trying to wade through endless crap to find anything interesting. I think there is a great divide between the older and younger crowd on there tolerance for social media, basically because they were born to it and we weren't. Also the idea of privacy is far different. I dont want people to know what I'm doing, not because I have anything to hide but because it's none of their business. Polar opposite to the whole social media craze. Facebook etc is FAR more useful for marketing, so I completely agree with you doing the promo there. Honestly doing it here probably doesn't reach anyone that doesn't already know about your product.
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    Funny story, I was at my daughters birthday party today, she's turned 9 and we hired a big jumpy castle for her and her friends to play on and also a big hall to hold it in so they didn't all come to our house. Wise move, kids and all my toys don't get along. Anyway, one of the parents that was there to drop their kid off asked about detectors as he knew I do it so I went to my car and got my Nox out that was still in there from my last hunt, I threw a $1 coin on the ground and said look, it'll show 21 on the screen, so when that coin is buried I just look for 21 and dig and I've got $1, he was amazed, I swung a bit around on the grass and had a 22, a constant 22.. I said oh, this will be a $2 coin, I was all confident as it normally is.... we had nothing to dig it up with so used a bit of metal bracket we found at the hall and to my surprise and his it was a coin alright, not the $2 I expected A 1934 South African threepence. 80% silver with a 1.4 gram weight. A really odd find and my first ever African coin. I guess I've found another spot worth checking out. I had to then explain about different targets getting the same numbers 🙂 Sorry about the photo, it was taken in my car and the phone camera was confused by the background so wouldn't focus on the coin which I didn't know at the time and I've somehow misplaced the coin..... I'm sure it will turn up!
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    I find it even more amazing there is no official announcement from First Texas. Dealers sometimes jump the gun trying to round up preorders that may not be delivered on for a very long time. If the detector is in production an official announcement with final specifications would be in order very soon. Maybe after this holiday weekend? It would be a nice present for me! I wonder if we are looking at one model or two? Thank you once again LE.JAG for giving us a little hope for the new year. Price also depends on that being MSRP or final discounted price in the U.S. plus who knows what kind of import taxes they have in France. Over $2K but that’s been expected all along. Fisher Impulse AQ Specifications & Data
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    Not so fast... Not necessarily a universal sentiment. I like the Equinox but of the two value machines, personally prefer the Simplex because, unlike the Vanquish, it is different than the Equinox which I already own. The case could be different for someone who doesn't already have an Equinox. Of course, neither are it's equal. Apples and oranges. [For clarity regarding the referenced quote above - Note that Steve is quoting "iffy signals" so I am referring to the iffy signals' quote which may or may not have anything to do with how Steve feels about Vanquish]
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    Yes, I too remember like abenson a similar thing happened with Equinox showing up in Cabelas (and online) while many dealers still had waiting lists a mile long. One thing that deterred me from jumping on these deals while I was waiting "in line", besides loyalty to my primary detecting equipment dealer, was that Cabelas, as I am sure most of the other chain stores, were not honoring the Minelab veteran's discount of 15%, probably because they did not want to deal with the overhead required of providing the suitable proof of service that ML requires in order for the dealers to recoup the difference from ML. Glad I am not in any way invested in getting one of these as they are completely redundant to and bring nothing to the table vs. my Equinox (I have enough "backup" and "entry level" machines for my friends and family to borrow and since the coils are incompatible with Equinox, there is absolutely no motivation for me, personally, to even think about acquiring this machine). This is bringing back some suppressed bad memories from the Equinox roll out.
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    I know this doesn't help most Equinox users, but when iron gets really bad, I usually just switch over to my Deus (or the less expensive ORX which works just as well) and a smaller coil. This is is why I have been saying for months, that the two detectors compliment each other. I love them both and would not be without both in my truck for any detecting situation. But here are some iron site tips for Equinox/Vanquish users because they can still get the job done: Make sure any ground noise is cancelled out by properly ground balancing your detector for each mode you plan to use. You don't need ground noise (in all metal) pounding your head in addition to all the ferrous hits. You should check this over clean ground, obviously, but that is sometimes hard at thick iron sites. I like using the new F2 iron bias at or near the default setting of 6 (4 to 7 seems to be the sweet spot to preclude masking). Use whatever setting works best on Vanquish-suspect Vanquish uses the new F2-like iron bias filter. Iron bias set too high tends to mitigate the advantage of higher recovery speeds causing non ferrous masking, so it is a delicate balancing act to find the Goldilocks (just right) iron bias setting. Use a higher recovery speed setting if the target density is high. For Vanquish, this means coin mode. Unlike Equinox, Vanquish has basically one Multi IQ mode and the other "modes" (coin, relic, jewelry) are merely differentiated by default recovery speed, tone breakpoint, and discrimination settings. See this post for more info. Unless you are going to remove ALL the iron as you go (impractical for most detecting situations), try using a lower sensitivity to "sift" through the iron and look for shallower non-ferrous finds. The lower sensitivity helps keep the deeper, big iron and shallower iron from overloading and overwhelming the detector. It is counterintuitive and takes some discipline, but lowering sensitivity can be a powerful tool. The threshold feature will alert you to ferrous targets if you have ferrous discriminated out as it blanks when you pass the coil over discriminated iron targets. So if you are seeking out or seeking to avoid the iron patches, using threshold can be useful. Use the horseshoe button to interrogate high tone hits to see if there are iron tones mixed in. Problem is, it could be a single iron target or multiple mixed targets so... Use the pinpointer (not available on the V340) to ascertain whether you have multiple targets in the hole or a single target. And since pinpoint is a non-motion mode, you can trace the outline footprint of the target to tell whether you are swinging over a coin-sized object or a larger iron or aluminum target such as a can or actual horseshoe which can ring up high. If you have an Equinox 800, sometimes I find Gold mode to be useful in thick iron situations as either a primary search mode or something to quickly switch to to interrogate an iffy signal as the VCO-like audio can work similar to pinpoint in revealing target strength or multiple adjacent small targets (though you can't target footprint trace because it is a motion mode) with the added benefit of visual target ID. If target density is high, try using the smaller available coils (e g , 6 inch round for Equinox). Yes depth will be slightly less, but fewer targets under the coil simultaneously helps with reducing coil overload and you might be able to use a higher sensitivity and lower recovery speed. Note also, that if you use a different sized coil, your sweet spot iron bias settings might also change. Final tip, don't be afraid to wade into the iron patches. Since most low recovery speed detectors have trouble there, it is perhaps your best bet to find a shallower keeper that has been masked all these years. It takes patience and use/honing of the skills above plus you WILL be digging a lot of iron regardless (and getting it out of your way), but the reward for that can be huge. Even if you get a 99% probable iron signal the only way to know for sure is to dig it and see what else might be in that hole. Hope these help and give you some ideas how to attack an iron site with your Equinox/Vanquish.
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    I sold my Nox 800 after I got my ORX but I reconsidered going Nox-free and bought the equinox 600 w/ 6” coil package. So now these are my main detectors. As a relic hunter I think these two make a good pair. I’ve had more experience on the equinox but while I have made some great finds in highly detected spots, I need more experience on the ORX avoid the wide array of junk targets that give a good consistent high tone.
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    No big deal! I spent two weeks at a time and couldn’t carry out all the trash I found. But every target could have been a nugget. That’s why I’m not driving the thousand miles and staying home coin hunting. Oh boy how do I miss it. Nothing like a gold nugget coming out of the ground and you the first to ever see that nugget you now hold in your hand . The problem people are dropping coins out of their pockets everyday but that nugget is never replaced by another. Chuck
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    Being on the other side of the planet, I have never heard of Nothing AZ so I googled it. Apparently this was on a town sign in Nothing. It gave me a good laugh. 🙂 "Town of Nothing Arizona. Founded 1977. Elevation 3269ft. The staunch citizens of Nothing are full of Hope, Faith, and Believe in the work ethic. Thru-the-years-these dedicated people had faith in Nothing, hoped for Nothing, worked at Nothing, for Nothing."
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    Well, I guess you ought to put this old character in the line with others who are finding their XP Deus or ORX to be a more-often-grabbed device. More than age affecting my hearing, I used to do a lot of shooting w/o ear protection, then had five incoming mortar rounds impact about 10-15 yards to my left one noisy evening in Viet Nam, and an on-the-job injury 9½ years ago ruptured my right ear drum that healed with scar tissue on the ear canal and ear drum. The USAF told me I was deaf in '82 thru '86 on the annual exam for veteran summer hire at Hill AFB, and so did the ear surgeon after my injury .... so I guess I qualify for hearing impaired. That said, I have one of my ORX control units mounted on the operating rod and the other in an XP arm band. I prefer to use my Gray Ghost XP headphones or 2nd pick would be the Back-Phones. However, in very quiet areas that are traffic-free and wind-free, I do sometimes just hunt with the speaker audio only. Overall, no problems hearing most response with the exception of some of the weaker or fainter deeper targets that might sometimes elude me. Monte
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    Nice prospecting brother ....... These are mine in the last 30 days ..... My last one yesterday looked like a hot dog bun ..... small .50 grammer ..... My largest one you can't miss it it's 4.56 grams
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    You are creating a virtual search coil with the box spacing. Two people can hold the boxes 10 feet apart for instance to create a 10 foot or 20 feet apart to create a 20 foot coil. Again, refer to the manual. The rod set is creating a 4 foot coil but you could make a 6 foot coil if you wanted. Like all coils, the larger the coil the deeper you go, but the larger the item needed to trigger a signal. Smaller configurations are more sensitive to smaller items but don’t go as deep.
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    In general if ground is quiet enough I prefer a VLF. Apparently I coined the phrase “use a VLF when you can, and a PI when you have to”. If you use a VLF you will run into ground where you NEED a PI. When it happens you will know it. Modern PI detectors are getting close to VLF type performance on small gold, and once you consider minerals can do better on small gold than a VLF. The ability to hit small gold with a PI is a good thing since minerals can destroy what advantage a VLF may have in theory. All detectors struggle in bad ground, even a PI and yes that includes Minelab's. Otherwise Minelab would not have been able to release so many models over the years adding settings for more and more types of ground. So saying PI might struggle in some ground is just the truth and applies to all detectors. By all accounts the QED is a decent PI so I would not overthink it too much.
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