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    Hey Guys! Remember this thing that I found on Florida’s Treasure Coast a couple weeks ago and posted about? I was so disappointed there were no visible markings to link it to the1715 Spanish Fleet that sunk during a hurricane. Well, I decided to carefully try to separate the silver sandwich with a paring knife, and was successful with minimal damage. The inside surfaces were dark and thick with corrosion but I kept working on them(rubbing on wet aluminum foil did the best...very time consuming. I don’t have an electrolysis setup yet). So glad I did it! I’ve definitely found my 1st Pieces of Eight finally (1/2 Reales likely)! Minted in Mexico between 1700-1715 during Philip V’s reign in Spain, if my research is correct. They may be little, but I’m tickled pink with them! 🙂
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    I've been hunting a lake nearby for the last week, so far, every hunt has produce some nice silver or gold jewelry. Today I was able to retrieve 3 more rings, 2 silver and 1 junk. I found something else, but, I'm not sure what it is. Here's my setting: Park 2 Manual GB Sens 22 2 tones Iron bias 0 Tone break +5 up Tons of trash to wade through to find a keeper, but, very satisfying when it happens.
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    Here's the thing; if you are Red Dirt Digger or Reg or JP who not only have the inclination and the time to get out and detect, they have the know-how and they have the ground where success (i.e. paying off their detectors), is possible. Don't think most of us are in that situation. There is no way I will ever pay off my detector(s), and that was never the hope. If you try to be economically prudent with buying detectors and hunting for gold, you are in the wrong hobby. What my detector allows me to do is to get out into areas that I would not usually go, to test my skill and luck and try my hand at finding something…it is the hunt that you cannot put a price tag on. I am lucky in that I have been able to pay for my detectors mostly with gold I have found. But the majority of the gold I have found comes from about three summers of dredging in the Mother Lode of the Sierra Nevada's in the late 70's, spending 10 hours a day underwater. As a friend once commented it's like voluntarily going to Leavenworth under water (a famous prison where they used to crack rocks all day). At one time I had accumulated about five pounds of gold and at todays prices, because I saved most of it, that has helped pay for most of my detectors. Nowadays I do not have anywhere near that amount of gold, but I do have years of fantastic enjoyment of new places, new experiences and new people. That has been worth everything.
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    Several months ago friends and I went to look for some lost Civil War valuables. Since we all had signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement I am unable to say where it was at except that the state is Tennessee. We were using a new type of metal detector that I put together and had a friend from John Deere software division do some programming for the unit. This system uses 3 separate frequencies for 3 separate coils and builds a 3D image of the metal in the ground. The images show a depth of over 5 feet and we expect to find the item close to that depth. Since we are looking for something rather large this works very well to keep us from digging the smaller items. We use a standard metal detector for finds closer to the surface as well, and yes we have found more than we expected. We arrived on a rainy day and set up camp for the next 10 days and settled in. The rain ended about midnight and we knew that the ground would be wet. We had early breakfast and proceeded to gain the land owners permission to hunt on their land. That took some negotiation to get everyone’s permission but we had written permission in hand. We then unloaded the 4 wheelers and equipment and set forth to locate what we were after. After digging up almost 2,100 pounds of trash and a couple of small relics we called it a night. The next several days proved to be just as bad as our first day on the hunt, finding only small stuff and very few relics, but we still had a pile of trash left to dig. On the 7th day we had a very good target that looked like we had found what we were after. We were able to dig it up and pull it from a 6 foot hole and we knew we had found something important. We had uncovered a chest that belonged to a 2nd Lieutenant of the Union Army. Inside were several of his items including a Remington Model 1861 Army Revolver of a 22 caliber. Also there were numerous other items including 8 $1.00 gold pieces. He had some silver tableware, razor, and many other items. The chest had shown wear from being in the ground and the inside material had all but rotted. Surprising as it was the chest was In good condition as someone had put bees wax on it and it was wrapped in a trap of some type. The heavy iron straps that held the chest together was all intact and just slightly rusted. One of the locks was mostly gone, but the second one was in much better shape. Most of the chest has been cleaned and redone and looks almost new, and the other items have also been cleaned properly. Some of what we had found will be placed in a museum near the location of which it was found, while the gun and the coins have been shared between the people who went. Everyone had an equal share in this hunt and 2 of the people were brothers who wanted the pistol. I was given 4 of the gold pieces and now I have them hanging on my wall. We are planning another trip back because we know that the treasure we are looking for is there. Since we have the area narrowed down we should find it within a few days. The land owners have given us the permission again and we have plenty of equipment this time to make it go much faster. Below is a picture of my coins as I am still waiting on pictures of the chest and other items.
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    I detect for gold alot and have paid off my detectors since the 2100 many times over. My best was the 4500...paid off 40 something times over. Its my backup detector after the Zed which is catching up to the 4500 in times paid off. While spending time wandering deserts other income opportunities come along, meteorites, gems, ornamental stone deposits. Detectors also lead to taking out leases and paid detecting from mining companies. But whether your obsessed like me and many others on this forum or just a hobbyist its great just to get out in the bush/desert with friends or family.
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    Here's a video of the Minelab Vanquish 540, Equinox 800 and eTrac comparing some targets while relic hunting. The area is challenging because there are not many targets left and the EMI is terrible. Steve if this should be under Comparisons feel free to move the post. Thanks
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    I've had this coil for quite some time, but it was packed away and forgotten. It was purchased for A$60 because I was intrigued. It is the anti-interference version. Measures 12 x 4 and uses the MInelab lower rod. Weight is decent, build quality is good. Performance in the field still remains a mystery as I've yet to use it. I gave it a quick air test just to see how it behaved on the Tdi Pro. This version has a hot spot in the centre of the coil which appears very sensitive to small targets at shallow depth. Seems to hit fairly well at shallow depths but doesn't have much punch for the deeper targets. Test garden results on coins would give real world depth on coins between a solid hit around 15cm or 6 inches and fading fast past 20cm or 8 inches. Useless air test with ground balance off, gain at max, in ALL, frequency in the middle, pulse delay at 10. 1 grain was 7cm .5 gram gold coin 16cm 1/2 Sovereign 23cm Us Quarter 23cm Aussie Penny 25cm Whites Buckle 33cm So in summary it hits hard on small and shallow targets, the centre of the coil is a hot spot for sure.. Fades fast as depth increases, the big Whites buckle just managed 13 inches. Since I managed max gain on the Tdi Pro in an EMI hot zone, the Anti-interference feature seems to work ok.. One of the things I like about the Tdi machines is the ability to plug in all sorts of coils, never know if you don't have a go.. My Tdi SL is highly resistance to EMI and the Pro less so but still very good. This coil could make more sense mounted on a Minelab around electric fences and mobile phone towers.. etc. All the best, Karelian
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    I've never had that great of a post-hunt surprise and probably never will. Great job, both in your hunt but also in your perseverance to find out what you really had, and well deserved , too. A great piece(s) of history to boot!
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    Hi Yes I agree with you Alexandre , a serious MD test must be a blind test. If the tester knows where the target is buried and the kind of target buried , in most cases he will tell that he detects the target, even its detector cannot do it. As you said he THINKS that he detects it but it is a kind of psychological "auto suggestion" process ( sorry it is in French ) . The MD tests must be done very scientifically with a very strict procedure as you have done above . Doing this with many detectors of different brands on my own bed tests , I arrived to the conclusion that the max detection depth for a VLF detector in moderated mineralized ground is always around 28/30cms for a 10Centimes napoleon3 ( 10grams french copper coin ), no more ,whatever the detector brand is . Tthis is just logical because the electronic/electromagnetic physical laws are the same for all the machines.... The last test that I did was with the Nokta Simplex+ , and the result was again 28cm on this 10C Napoleon coin. By the way I am looking forward to see a Fisher PI coin/relic machine coming after the impulse AQ and the Terra , if this is technically possible .And I am looking forward to see a machine beating the 30cm depth on the 10Cent Napoleon 3 ( with a very good iron disc of course ) , I have never found one up to now …. thanks , Alain
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    Well, I think there are enough testers and users out now to have identified the potential problems of making the lead. There are several here on this forum who have helped make the situation better than when we first heard about the Xcoils. The manufacturer/coil maker has worked with them. I'm in the process of getting one. When I get it and I'm ready to cut the 19" cord I'll look at the instructions and chat with some people here. Even those who had problems got them fixed and went on to get another Xcoil. They know more than I do. They've seen them work. When mine is working I think I could make a good case that I could sell my Z for more money with a working Xcoil than a Z that has not been Xcoil modified! (It shouldn't be worth less or worthless. haha) I've lost the fear factor. It is a tool that can be modified. More gold is our cry! When the NF coil is ready and the connections are made known for that perhaps a Z with NF and Xcoils will be more desirable in the resale market. I've already asked the question about a detector paying for itself and everyone says it is about the enjoyment. It shouldn't matter much then about the cost of a coil, right?
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    I did a test with my 4500 against my mates 7000 on both tiny gold and larger bits. On the larger bits i was able to match the 7000 but my settings were questionable as to whether they were usable (very noisy). On the smaller bits i wasnt able to hear them at all no matter what timings/settings i tried. it was at that moment id realised id made a big mistake for the last 4 years holding off buying the 7000. On a recent trip with another friend i got him to try his 5000 on 3 targets id found with the 7000 (standard gpz coil) They ended up being small gun pellots at good depth. We had to scrape off heaps before he could register a response.
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    Holy cow! THAT IS TERRIFIC, Peg! What a nice surprise! Steve
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    Good job, that must have been so fun to open. 😀 happy hunting!
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    They are coins from here in Europe. Its appearance seems to be copper, but nothing is further from reality. Its material is highly ferrous and as I have put in the photo when they get lost on the beach they are not worth even for the legal course. When I had TDI SL you had to dig it if you wanted to recover gold and it was frustrating to make 12 or 13 inch gaps and get that out. The beaches of southern Spain what I live in are full of these coins
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    I use both the sdc and the Zed. In high yield/normal/smothing off the Zed is an amazing machine that will find gold so small that even the sdc will hardly find ,especially in difficult ground. Note: you will need metal free boots!! Both machines have a different target profile with respect to the ground your hunting. In the open field the Zed is King by a large margin and superior over any other Gold Detector that's out there
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    I have already found a ring of 22k 0.3 grs I think 0.2grs 18k and 0.1grs 14K The chains in 18k it depends on the size of the mesh In 14K it's much easier but here we don't have any, it's only 18k
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    Well with apologies to Dew and in defense of the overthinkers (I’m one myself) the whole reason for a forum is to ask questions and discuss things. I guess where I have a hard time though I endeavor to be patient is when questions are asked that were answered earlier on the very same thread. People don’t read through, they jump to the end the ask the questions again. But that’s ok. It’s just the nature of the medium and people being in a hurry. And some stuff is complicated, like how disc is implemented in a PI detector and how it differs from a VLF. Bottom line is it is a job I took on myself to set up and moderate a forum and I’ve got no right and in fact am stupid to complain when people ask questions and discuss things. It is the reason the forum exists. So I do apologize Dew... your questions are welcome as are your contributions to the forum. That out of the way.... yes, I agree with you Joe!
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    Let's not OVERTHINK this detector. I remember Rick pointing out that this is a very simple detector. Maybe not as simple as a Whites Dual Field but still simple. Where the OVERTHINK comes in is that since we don't have one in hand we are still trying to compare it to VLF detectors. Steve has pointed out that we can ONLY compare it to other PI detectors. Again, most are pretty simple with very few controls. Mode control on the Impluse is about as complicated as it gets. The charts are pretty simple to understand (unless I am over simplifying them), reject the differ size nails and you reject different denominations of Euros. Again, they are in France and can only compare Euros with the nails. It is also stated that the shape of the coins verses the shape of the nails will cause a double beep in the nail and not in the coin on depending on the mode that you are detecting in. It has been stated several times that Le Jag almost always prefers to hunt in All Metal where nothing should be rejected except for saltwater which is always rejected as it is a built in feature which again makes this a simple machine as it is one less thing for us to fiddle with. Once he acquires a target then he will change Mode to decide whether or not do dig the target. Now if I am underthinking this detector please let me know. I read posts and think, "Is it me not understanding or is it others making it more complicated?". Just my two cents, Joe
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    If I still had my Z there is not a chance I would do it - even if I got a professional do it. Just too much money involved but that's just me, each to their own. Be great if the NF coils are just plug and play for you GPZ mob. Re: tiny sized gold that the GPZ will find, have a squiz at an old thread of mine here. The first pic shows a piece a similar size to the echidna's nose on an Oz 5 cent piece. Not sure if you are familiar with a 5 cent piece but it is bloody small 👍
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    Amen to that flakmagnet. I have always considered the gold to be just an excuse for getting out there & enjoying the great outdoors & all it has to offer in the four seasons, the adventures & thrills (sometimes) of just getting out there & back home. Any gold found is just a bonus & the icing on the cake. Having just said that....best of luck out there. 😄 JW 🤠
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    As far as I know yes. I still have the older coils LF as well as one Hf coil. My units updated with latest version. The Hf coils and the x35 coils won’t run on the older versions. The x35 Coil needs even the later versions to operate. Here is a thread where I answered a question concerning this subject. http://metaldetectingforum.com/showthread.php?t=271188
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    Many PIs, BBS, VLF of all types have given up, there are not really detectors that have shown themselves to be brilliant. The good mastery and experience of the prospectors meant that they were able to score more points. Count of correct answers: ferrous targets + 1pt / gold targets + 3pts.Counting the wrong answers -1pt.
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    Nice finds you got there, I am surprised that you didn't find some coins with all that.
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    Today I went to the beach to take advantage of the super tides. I got there and as luck would have it there was no one on the beach in my spots! I turned on the detector as I normally do by pressing in the on/off switch on the left side of the control housing. It turned on properly but I can remember I felt a 'give' that I hadn't noticed before. It was working so I just went about my detecting looking for targets. There were not that many either high or low today. When I went to take a break I got past the dry sand and tried to turn off the detector as I had turned it on. I pressed the button and all I felt was it 'give' without stopping. I tried repeatedly but no luck. I turned off the headphones and that didn't help, it just made it so everyone could hear. Now I know I've got a problem but what do I do? I unscrewed the connector to the coil and a message came on the screen that I think said 'Cd' and then the power went off. Now the power will not go back on. It was just before 5 PM in Chicago but I've left a message for Minelab. It will probably be Monday before I hear from them now. It looks like the 3030 will get some use or the SE Pro if I use a detector in the next couple of weeks. Anyone had a bad switch yet? Mitchel
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    What a nice surprise, that had to be a great feeling, congrats!!!
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    Simple is better. My only concern with the AQ is going to be setting it up properly to hunt. I'm an end user. My mind cannot wrap around all the different aspects as it relates to detecting technology. I'm constantly amazed at folks like Steve who can not only understand all this stuff but also explain it in such a way that people like me can go " ok, do this now go hunt." If I miss the occasional small gold but still get 90% of the other gold sitting in the wet sand I'm going to be happy.
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    No problem Steve. I did investigations In the Army and was a Magistrate ... so I do tend to ask way more than needed. So no need to apologize.
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    For the past 2 years, all I did was cherry pick for old coins and did ok in that dept. But, I've already dug more gold and jewelry than I did compared to then. My time was limited, so, I had to be more selective and utilize my time to improve my odds. I have an opportunity as this moment to take the time and dig it all. This window will be closing at the end of the month,then I'll have to become a bit more picky.
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    I appreciate it when a poster shows their junk/trash digs. It makes me take notice that one of the reasons I don't have as many good finds like I used to is because I have been too overly selective with what signals I should be digging. I really have to start digging more. Congrats on your silver Dan !!!!!!
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    Wow, amazing and congrats !!!!! This reminds me of a Jacques Cousteau documentary. This is above & beyond anything I could imagine myself doing in this hobby. You have taken it to another level. I'm sure we'd all like to see your homemade metal detector some day. Anxiously looking forward to seeing your next amazing find on your CW site.
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    Thanks for the reply.. Yes I agree its the sub 10 inch coil I've been hanging out for for the gpz. As for the cutting the lead that defanitly scares me with cost of coils etc so if probley try sorce someone to do it that knows what they are doing 😣
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    Bought my first one last week and when it got here, i charged it up and just like Fred's would not turn on, so waiting till next week for my new one. Minelab took good care of me so far.
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    Yes. But the catch is, if you get a legacy LF coil, you might have to downgrade the controller to the version the used LF coil is presently at in order to get the controller to "see" the LF coil before you can upgrade everything back up to the newest version. (Every time you upgrade or downgrade the controller, you lose all your custom programs and settings, and don't accidentally "downgrade" your HF coil to below 4.X or you will brick it). Honestly, however, I really wouldn't waste my time getting an LF coil, even for cheap. The X35 coils are so much better both in terms of EMI immunity and their extended range of frequency operation and other settings features (TX power and frequency shift flexibility) vs.the LF coils, not to mention the fact that the LF coils have been out of production for over a year, so their battery age is older, even if you get a relatively "recencently" manufactured used unit. HTH.
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    Next time it gives me fits I will pop it apart and see what I can find. There are 3 turn and 5 turn ones out. Not sure what would be sealed mil spec if even available that would be the same size. Thanks
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    Here’s some info..Looks like the phrase - with airline approval — could be a show stopper for some depending. https://www.faa.gov/hazmat/packsafe/more_info/?hazmat=7
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    There are probably few Nox units that have been switched on and off and vice versa more than mine has been. So far no problems.
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    Your probably right, the back looks like it was attached to something.
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    the round thing with stones looks like costume jewelry from the 20-40's era fred
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    Not sure on part number but it’s a 3-3/4 turn Cermet 100K?? I believe. Mouser was out of stock when I last looked. The 10 turn is great for GB as it’s a much finer adjustment but they are a TIGHT fit in those uMax housings.
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    Thanks guys, I sent Waterbury an e-mail with pics to get a positive ID.
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    Count of correct answers: ferrous targets + 1pt / gold targets + 3pts. Counting the wrong answers -1pt. Note : Those who did not answer scored more points than those who were convinced 6 squares of 1 meter x 1 meter Each square containing 10 boxes. Possibility on each square to have 0 or 1 or 2 or 3 targets Indicate whether there is a gold or iron target or a ground effect or iron mixed with gold, or nothing at all and do this for each of the boxes of all the squares. Advantages : - Impossible to lie - Impossible to guess by chance (millions of possibilities) - allows to compare the detectors on all the difficulties encountered. - allows to perform depth tests simultaneously. STATISTIC FILE HERE ***************** https://www.casimages.com/f/G3SvyFRmCSb ***************** There were 66 prospectors, and 48 prospectors abandoned. STATISTICS PORNICHET.pdf
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    certainly would be nice to hear from Nuggetfinder or Minelab. But I've spent a lot of time out in the sun over the years so I'm probably hallucinating.
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    491/5000 Hammer coin I found on 5 ID ... near the coin was a piece of aluminum foil that gave 4 ID. After digging it had a hammer coin of 7-8 IDs. I use Park2 ../ in this program, conductive ground may reduce the salinity of IDs. Park1 program is resistant to saline and conductive ground. Try to compare Park 1 / for conductive, saline ground / and Park2 / for iron-polluted ground / Try to compare it with recovery speed 7 and discrimination set to +2 ...
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    This is suspicious. Copper is one of the highest conductors (pure copper second only to pure silver). Even copper alloys hold their conductivity well when alloyed with most elements (nickel an obvious exception). Further, an annular ('ring') shaped piece sets up larger eddy currents which will lead to higher TID's. Consider that very small aluminum pieces which aren't annular shaped give positive ID's. And (annular) steel washers are known to give positive ID's. Did you hold it next to a magnet? That's the best iron detector. (Some stainless steels are non-magnetic, but those give moderate TID's in my experience.) Copper plating is common on iron/steel and will give the appearance of an item being copper. Pardon my skepticism, but I'm a scientist and we are trained to be such. 🤔
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    yes, the lower the carat the easier they are to detect in discri a large 10 k signet ring is easier to take the same in 22k / in rejection mode
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    Found a Union gun pit and went to work with the Deus..
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    Whites 600d -yes Bountyhunter RB7 -yes Garret Deepseeker -yes Garret Groundhog -not quite Minelab -GS15000 -yes Minelab GT16000 -A hundred times over. Minelab SD2000 - Four times over the first day Minelab SD2200 -Three times over with demo model borrowed from Barry Johnson the Wedderburn dealer. (about 3 hours) GP3500 - Found 40oz piece with borrowed detector (never owned this model) GPX4000 -Took about a month. GPZ -About 2 weeks QED - About 3 weeks.
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    Something I've been wanting to do for a while now..I got another x ray generator couple weeks ago and wanted to try it out on my DR System.. Heres most but not all of the coils I have. 1. CTX 6" 2. TDI Pro 12" double mono 3. CTX 17' 4. XP Deus 9" 5. Miner John 8x12" mono 6. x cal 8" 7. Gold Monster 6" 8. Fisher Gold Bug two 6" 9. Nox 6" 10. Nox 11" 11-14 GPZ 7000 stock coil
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    That’s some good news! 👍🏼 If there is any area in metal detecting that needs the “Nokta/Makro touch” it is pulse induction.
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    Ahh 1/4" to small, should be some in a Walmart or if there is a Bestbuy or any place that sells audio stuff. If your hooking small foam pad type headphones to your detector you may not like the sound, they are usually weak and cords too short. For me that is what I ran into when I tried some on my Tesoro. You should have headphones with the coil cord so you have flexibility when you set it down to dig and not have them dangling around when swinging. Just my thoughts.
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