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    Hello to all was was away in Vietnam for 3 weeks weeks eating and discovering the country but the crave for beach combing pushed me to schedule all my shifts straight at work then head to the coast. A Strom is battering the UK at the moment but i wasn't really interested in that i had my eyes on a beach which i think has been ignore for a while......not a really good access as the road isn't maintained and i dont have a 4x4 so i need to be careful if i dont want to leave most of my car there😅 So i took my nox which i swap for my CTX in January and headed to the spot at 5 am. Signals started straight away with big lump of brass, then i started to pick up fishing weight one after another then i hit Gold with this nice 9ct 4.45gr alas 9ct.....😪 Then few holes later my DIY unbreakable shaft broke but i brought a super dupa spade so i headed to the car and after a water refill(Was sweating despite the strong winds and low temp) i carried for another 2 hours finding the biggest anti aircraft shrapnells i ever found ,imagine been hit by that.The fishing weight are apparently 70/80s.....and the deus shaft you see on the picture of the broken shaft was actually the one i put inside to reinforce Anyway please find the result in picture,i think that that beach has much to offer will try to do another or two long session with the Nox then i will hit it with the PI.....if i succeed it will means 1 thing...my tenacity has paid off or maybe i am just getting to know the beaches better.............. Enjoy RR
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    when moving lots of material, or breaking down an old drywasher tailing. I like to break the crust and knock them down by six inches or more. Smooth it out, let it dry for a few minutes, and your coil just glides. I added magnets sheathed in stainless steel to help clean up the trash.
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    Over the weekend digs. First day(Saturday) I hit a 1890s homesite, it dates 1890s to 1930s, then next day(Sunday) went and hit one of my colonial site that I been hitting for a while.Script A, war of 1812 button, V-nickel, Sunday school pin, few flat buttons and other goodies. Script A, war of 1812 button 1908 V-nickel. Sunday School pin Few flat buttons Spoon handle Everything. Old trigger guard with some rusty iron.
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    Ok, I have a working 15x10 X-Coil in Southern California. I'm willing to meet up with someone within a 3 hour drive of Santa Monica (Bakersfield, Arizona border to Yuma) and you can try it on my Z (preferred) or your Z (at your own risk) and see how it performs. We can meet at a place of your choosing (if you want to know how it performs in a specific spot) or we can go to one of many well known spots. I belong to several clubs and I can take a guest. We'll both be detecting and keeping what we find. (No pool and split because I don't know how to divide equally. haha) You can use the X-Coil half the detecting time and I'll use it the other half. If this sounds like a day of detecting for you let me know and we'll see if we can set up a day. Mitchel
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    Thank You Kac for the research! Out today for two hours, nice lower tide, Different beach...First target of the day..14k Amber stone ring. Not many targets dug, had a drysuit issue. Small leak...Cut the day short.
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    No, I wouldn't say faint, not a screamer but certainly not faint. I had a good idea what it was going to be too. I am in very mild soil. I took the Vanquish for a 30 or so minute hunt today at Cointopia, my closest spot. I didn't really have the steam for it, it was too hot and I couldn't be bothered. It seems the Vanquish is good at cleaning up all the old cupro-nickel coins I missed with the Nox. I only found one Penny and I put my damn shovel though it as I was too lazy to pinpoint or even do a cross over it to work out where it was You can see to the left of the soil clump the indent in the soil where it was sitting. Whoops! Other than that nothing exciting at all, some old badge thing and a few cupro's. The Pin/Badge thing is not magnetic.
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    Yes, I want to see more patches come back to life as they have for JW! I've just had my initial day with it so far and there are many more to come. I've got a couple of days lined up with friends so I thought I'd make the same offer to forum friends. All days out in the field are enjoyable and finding some yellow pieces makes it more so sometimes. Mitchel
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    I tagged the bullets and my buddy got the S.C. Button....
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    Amazing what a week of the wrong direction winds can do. Keeping tides very high and pushing sand in...Not Good. But luck was with me the last two hunts and I was able to get into a small section out in the middle of no where and dig some treasures. Four Gold rings and eight silvers.
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    Carolina, Your math is a little flawed as the coverage of a DD coil is not a function of the total coil footprint area (that metric only determines field strength and density which affects depth and minimum target size sensitivity) but simply length because of the narrow shape of the detection field that is transmitted into the ground down the center spine of a DD coil (think windshield wiper vice mop). For example, a 12" round DD coil and 12x8.5" elliptical DD coil have the exact same swing coverage (ignoring spurious coil edge effects) but the 12" round coil will have more depth than the elliptical due to the constant 12" diameter vs. the 8.5" width of the elliptical, but the elliptical will be lighter due to less coil mass and will have slightly greater sensitivity to smaller targets as the smaller area of the coil concentrates the magnetic field. HTH
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    I'll cautiously throw in on this since I live in S. CA and have been hunting the beaches out here since the early 1980's. I have used the TDI Beach Hunter and the Equinox 800 extensively. Cautiously since I want to preface this by saying that this is only my experience. The last time I posted a comment about this same subject, on a simple YouTube video, I got torched by PI loyalists. So here goes. From my own experience and observations, the Equinox is every bit the match for the TDI Beach Hunter. Its depth is amazing, as is its sensitivity to small gold. Let me share one experience with you that will prove my point. Last winter, at one of our beaches, a storm had come in and created a huge cut. Several of us hit it hard, a group of about six guys. 4 had Equinoxes, one had an Explorer and I decided to use my TDI Beach Hunter. While I did find a single small gold, I was so busy digging deep iron trash that my buddies were killing me in total gold finds. The reason for this is that the ground balance mode of the TDI Beach Hunter is just a gimmick and really limits your depth. You have to use it as a pure PI to get maximum depth. After several hours of digging trash I gave up and switched to my Equinox 800. My reward: a nice 14K gold chain and a 14K gold signet ring at about 15" down. Again, this is just my experience but if you have an Equinox 600, which you do, and you hunt in beach 1 with the stock coil you will get great depth and you can discriminate. The TDI Beach Hunter does get excellent depth but the "dig all the trash" aspect of it is why I generally stay away from PI's. So my advice would be to keep what you have. I have never used a Garrett Sea Hunter so I can't comment on its capabilities. Bill
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    Pat used dual wall heat shrink like the latest instructions people are supplied with to make the adapter recommends. It has a glue on the inside of it that when heated up to shrink the heat shrink becomes sticky, when it cools down the glue sets and you have a very strong bond, it's often used for waterproofing joins in wires for underwater use on boats. I think everyone should be using it on their adapters and not just the normal cheap heat shrink and even putting a few layers of it on wouldn't hurt. The hot glue inside the adapter plug would stop any shorting if a wire's solder connection broke as if done properly the solder joins will have glue surrounding them everywhere. But you're right Jin, that adapter looks like it lacks heat shrink. It could always be added now. When made to specifications an adapter should be very strong.
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    Sorry about the fumes guys. We couldn't think of anywhere else to send them 😉
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    I already have in my mind all mods to transform it in a good dive machine. Believe me, the biggest question right now for me, still remain how to use seriously a 7Ms delay in saltwater. I'm able to remove small copper plated iron cents on my TDIbh misadjusting the GB and to leave gold safe under big coins that I don't dig. (Thanks Steve!). The threshold drift at 10Ms is sometimes a pain however, even with sensitivity on 70% and in really shallow water. Hopefully a stable threshold will be the key for this machine. I know the ferrous/non ferrous target separation is at it's best due to the videos. Now I only need to test one of the first that will be here in Europe to sleep in peace😁
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    As much as I love the Gold Monster, the 24K audio in both all metal VCO and discrimination two tone modes, the XGB ground balance options, the iron cancel options, the threshold tone options (a really big one for me!) and the "to die for" digital backlit display along with that super hot 6.5" coil make it a better choice for me.
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    Craig, right now White's is using all of their 6 by 4s in the promotion for the GMX. The demand for the GMX has been greater than expected, thus 6 x 4's are in short supply. It might be a couple of weeks before they are available publicly. I have one of the first ones and absolutely love it! Just be patient bro. HH Jim
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    So I couldn't resist having a crack at my own adapter soon as my x-coil turned up today. I was pooping my undies on the enitial turn on but all in all wasn't to bad to do it you take your time I started with number 3 blue wire at bottom first as hardest to get to to solder then worked my way up to 2 and 1 the 4 and 5 spent a good 20 mins thoroughly checking for any shorts or anything when I was happy I hot glued all wires and invetween stopping them from being able to move or that in future then heat shrink followed by lots isolation tape I then put the female plug back on the std 14 and works like charm I also waterproofed the xcoil by adding marine silicone in and around the plug and a thin layer along the joining lip were skid plate goes all and all thought for a first attempt wasn't to bad and I didn't make it go boom so that a bonus
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    Daniel, depth is not a problem believe me... You only need to fine tune the machine to obtain a stable threshold with lowest Delay and 70/80% sensitivity. The ground balance can change the sound of objects between low and high conductors. Try a 10 Euro cents coin and slowly turn down the GB to 4/5. At a certain point it will sound like too high (low tone)..Anything under that will be little rusty iron, stainless steel bits and rings, bottlecaps,gold rings and damned 1,2 and 5 Eurocents. There's a way to remove it...but really risky.(You can miss big wedding bands.). All these settings are ONLY available IF and WHERE the water is not that salty and the bottom not that mineralized. Keep in mind, for a real ground balance, the same principle will happen turning up to 7 the GB. So other more conductive coins will be included as lower conductors. The low/hi switch is been removed from the original SL box and on the TDI/BH works this way and only with GB on.
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    woow.what a nice ring,love the stone!!
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    At least the Equinox has optional coils ( plural ) available and it cost half as much as the Tarsacci.
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    The two detectors are neck and neck for gold finding capability. The 48 kHz White’s 24K at $729 is lower price out of pocket, but the 45 kHz Gold Monster at $849 comes with two coils and a rechargeable battery pack. If tuned as hot as possible but for stable operation the machines have almost identical performance. It is possible to overdrive the Gold Monster sensitivity to get a slight edge over the 24K, but it comes at the price of the coils becoming unstable and knock sensitive. I like both machines a lot and when I weeded out my collection they both stayed longer than most as I had a hard time deciding which I liked best. After a year of using both I finally sold the Gold Monster and kept the 24K. Why? Ergonomics had a lot to do with it. The 24K comes with an adjustable length rod, the GM a three piece screw together rod. Yeah, you can replace it, but why should you have to? The 24K “S” rod is counterbalanced by the battery pack under the arm, and is more comfortable than the nose heavy GM. The round handle on the 24K fits my hand better than the squared off GM handle. Finally, the 24K stays put when set on the ground and does not roll over like the top heavy GM. Each of these is a small thing in practice but all together add up to a solid ergonomic win for the 24K. The biggie for me however is enhanced options and control. I won’t make a list, suffice it to say the GM was designed for simplicity and as few controls as possible. The 24K on the other hand has a full suite of tuning options including full target id capability, which the GM lacks. I’m a control freak and more than anything else that’s what tipped it for me. The 24K is more versatile. Finally, coils. The GM you have the 5” round DD and 6” x 10” DD. The 24K has the 6.5” round concentric, 6” x 10” DD, 4” x 6” DD, and very soon 8” x 14” DD. To sum up I look at the machines as being a push when it comes to gold finding capability. Give me either and I will do fine and be happy. I recommend the GM for somebody who is control adverse and won’t read manuals. It’s as near automatic as you can get, just don’t overdrive the sensitivity. The 24K offers more versatility for those who thrive on that sort of thing, and along with the ergonomics out of box and extra coil options now I believe White’s has produced an excellent offering in the 24K. In my case at least it’s the one that stayed when the others went away. White’s Goldmaster 24K Data & Reviews
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    That gave me a chuckle. I've never found a coin at Carrot depth. 8 inches (20 cm) is the max, and those were pennies and dimes. Of course our large cents haven't been made since before our Civil War (last mintage date is 1857), unlike GB, NZ, and Australia which were still stamping them out in the late 1940's into the early 1950's? Enjoy your 41st birthday, old man. 😏
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    Snow is invisible to a metal detector. You can’t ground balance to it. If you are getting a signal, it’s not the snow.
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    If the V12 depth perfo on medium/big coins is similar to the nox11 , then it is a very good result for the V12 because the V12 has ( or should have ) better target separation than the 11coil. Then the V12 should be much better than the nox11 in iron infested sites . It seems that you have already confirmed this on the field reading your prev posts. And perhaps the V12 will be a little lighter than the nox11. Sounds good … BTW I hope that the V12 will not loose sensitivity on small and very small targets , for example medieval hammered coins weighting no more than 1 or 2 grams , than we can find over here in France/Europe. I do not think it will be the case. The other thing with the Vanquish is that it is not protected against humidity. In the past I have often had pbs with such detectors (not protected ) when the air hygrometry is high ( with the xterra705 and the xp goldmaxx for example ), either in winter or in summer. The machine works correctly during say 1 hour then starts to fail becoming unusable. The probable reason is condensation on the electronics board of the detector I think. The only solution is to go back home and dry the detector close to a radiator in winter for example. I do not know the climate in NZ but in the North of France the climate is quite humid during Winter 🙂 , I will check this as soon as I receive the machine ...
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    The leaks reminds me the time I sprung a leak in my waders. My crotch was completely soaked and when I hit a local convenience store and bought some snacks with some soggy cash I pulled out of my pocket. The gal behind the counter gave me the nastiest look and took cash with the tips of her fingers in disgust.
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    Still using those general settings, but running the threshold at 27 or 28. Change the Gold Mode and or Ground Type according to ground conditions and type/depth of gold. How are the settings working out with the SteelPhase?
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    I would guess they're similar on depth. I really don't know, it's so difficult to tell as targets have to be deep to find them in the first place, the average depth at these fields seems to be about the depth of my Carrot. Maybe because a majority of the coins have been lost between 1900 and 1950 when the fields were popular. The oldest coin I've found at them has been 1866 which was under ten years since the first European settlement in the area, prior to that was the indigenous Maori people who didn't use money currency.
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    I have the SeaHunter too and with the larger 10x14 coil it hits close to what a TDI Beach Hunter does. Big turn off for me when I was looking at pi machines for the beach was the TDI Beach Hunter has a hard wired coil so you can't change it out and if it breaks the machine has to be sent in for repairs. I use the hip strap on my SH and can swing it all day with the larger coil. I would sell the Nox 600 and get the Nox 800 and snag the larger SH coil. Lastly when beach combing or wading I use the M2 headphones on the SH, audio is so much better. Much easier to hear the tiny targets.
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    Handsome ring Joe. Good luck with the dry suit repair. Warm and dry is good, especially this time of year. Rich
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    That beach will keep you busy! Well done.
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    Happy Birthday! I think you have earned a good drink/s and rest after all your coin finds. Great hunting Simon.😊
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    Very nice hunt, great job on the finds. That button sure cleaned up nice.
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    You are having as much luck getting your coil as I am getting a 6” x 10” elliptical for the Equinox. Wish in one hand and %#$# in the other, and see which fills up first! 😄
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    I never did end up buying a Simplex even though I was desperate to get my hands on one, all I read on it and watched on YouTube about it other than some fancy features like the vibration in the handle and the waterproofing and so on when it came to performance it was just another single frequency VLF which I have too many of already. I'm certainly not bagging it out as I'm sure it's an incredible detector for the price and has really put some other manufacturers on notice with their "high end machines" which is fantastic, but it was not something I ended up needing, I was also worried when on our local second hand goods trading site (Trademe) in our very small market a guy put his Simplex up for sale that he imported from overseas (paying a premium to do so) almost straight after getting it at a very discounted price saying it was surplus to his requirements. I felt it was just going to be too similar to my T2 which I don't use often with a few extra features that I don't need so it would also be surplus to my requirements. The Vanquish on the other hand is a very powerful machine for its price, I shouldn't even say for its price as if the Equinox didn't exist and the Vanquish hit the market everyone would be on it like a fly to cow poo. I'm not a skilled enough detectorist to feel the need for the extra settings the Equinox has, I know a lot of guys here can take advantage of those extra settings but I've never felt the need to use them and if I was concerned about the gains they'd give me I'd sure be trying to use them. I know I could do just as well with the Vanquish at my skill level as with the Nox. The Vanquish does the job just fine on coins and jewellery. If I wasn't a tiny gold hunter which is what I really love doing I would say the Vanquish suits my needs perfectly for a coin and jewellery hunting detector in my detecting environment. I honestly think Minelab have nailed it with the Vanquish. An entry level detector that rivals or excels over some high end detectors from other manufacturers.
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    So true Phrunt. Wise words from one so young! (Younger than me anyway) I came out of the "closet" ..... as being "selfish" is counter-productive to the advancement of a detector I currently use 95% of the time. I am enjoying life without feeling guilty. It takes many $$$$ to study physics, engineering etc......then to put that knowledge and "out of the box" thinking into patenting that technology, buy components, pre market test etc etc.......all to produce a detector for end users to indulge in their hobby. In the past I used a Sovereign GT which was a brilliant beach machine but the years have rolled by and despite it still being a good unit it was heavy, and the market does not stay stagnant, which benefits us. I have little free time so try and make the most of it. Yeeup......I can take as good as I give, but I will always respect others. Learning and sharing is never ending....n'est pas?
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    Hi Carolina, I was the "tester" for the NZ coil, which performs exceptionaly well to the point where I use my Tarsacci 95% of the time...... shared between our NZ west coast black sand beaches, east coast "normal" sand beaches, mud, dirt and water. Yes, I can go into overload on the very very black iron sand, but by running TH0 and Sens 9, tracking.....sometimes Blk sand setting I get results. It just means in places I have to raise the coil a bit higher than normal. Balancing of GB and salt imperative, as is the balancing of other settings. The Tesoro Sand Shark I used never got the same depth, nor did the Sea Hunter Mk2. The GPX5000 just couldnt cope in the same spot as the Tarsacci on the black titanomagnetic iron sand.
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    A stunning result, congratulations, good for you!!! Sounds like you are doing incredibly well with what you have, no doubt about that. A great location and a great hunter will do well with many different detector options. YOU found the jewelry, not your metal detector.
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    I’ve always imagined ground balance and discrimination as “necessary evils”. In other words, if I don’t have to use them, I do not. Both are electronic filters, and their use can cause lost depth and lost targets. The TDI is the best example of ground balance off giving best performance in mild ground, but there are others, like the little known ability to shut ground balance off on the GPX 5000. The thing is, if you use no ground balance, you will run into issues where increasing ground mineralization and especially hot rocks impede depth and create false signals to the point where you are better off engaging the ground balance to get back stable performance. I have found it is the hot rocks especially that are the issue. I can run a PI like a Surfmaster PI or TDI with ground balance off in pretty bad ground as long as the mineralization is even, spread out, homogenous. But toss some hot rocks in mild sand, and the false signals can get overwhelming. Same with discrimination. Digging everything is the only way not to miss good targets, especially the vast numbers of good targets masked by trash. If you don’t dig that trash target off first, that masked target at 4” stays there. It’s not all about depth; there are plenty of good shallow targets in parks masked by trash. But most people hit a wall digging trash. We all usually have time constraints, and digging everything can be counterproductive when all you have is two hours. So I turn on the disc and do the best I can. Therefore my mottos. Use a PI when you can, and a VLF when you have to. Leave ground balance off when you can, but turn it on when you have to. Leave discrimination off, but turn it on when you have to. Each of us has different thresholds for when we are forced to switch methods, and no one methodology can be said to be right or wrong as it just depends on circumstances and personal taste. The main goal is to have fun I think, and so do what it takes to make your detecting fun.
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    Thanks Lunk, the desert areas have been kicking my butt, but thanks to Lucky Lundy & Mitchell and now your setting's I'm hoping to turn the corner, from being a good desert environmentalist by digging and removing Trash ( Haha ) to actually digging Gold target's. It's been a season of learning dwn here in Nevada ( Rye Patch area ) & Arizona ( Morristown & now Quartzite ) and will be trying out your number's in Quartzite today. Would like the ride back home to Alaska to include some desert Gold...….
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    Hi from OZ, have used Lunk's settings found gold, did a lesson with JP, used JP's conservative settings found gold. Last season run almost silent threshold max sense finding gold. Next up coming season going to switch from semi auto ground balance and try manual ground balance. Amazing machine, also going to try the SP01. Cheers
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    Had the great pleasure to chat with Jerry *** aka tinfoil. For those who might not know this guy, back in the day, 20+ years ago he was one of the treasure hunters who wrote a lot on finding gold. He wanted me to mention that he and Pat are doing good. That he doesn't get to hunt anymore but remembers posting many years ago. He says hi to Steve too.
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    The reality of naturally occurring gold nuggets is that the smaller nuggets are more common than the larger nuggets. The larger nuggets are also easier to detect. Unlike jewelry, natural gold except in active placers does not replenish. That means that in order to sell metal detectors the ability to find the small gold that is left is becoming ever more critical. However, if you are prospecting for an actual income, either full-time or more often part-time, as is true for small numbers of people in Australia and the U. S. and in far larger numbers in the third world, there is the reality of diminishing returns. I have run my prospecting as a business licensed for profit operation since 1979, and turned a profit in nearly all those years. I have only shown a loss a few times, typically when making large equipment investments in a single year. In most years I have all my equipment and costs are merely food, travel, etc. Since I work for myself there is no labor expense per se. Yet the hours do matter to me. I am only willing to devote so much time to prospecting and only if it makes a reasonable return or at least breaks even. My cut off point has declined over the years as the price of gold has gone up, and was last set at an average of 1/2 ounce per week or about 2 grams a day, figuring at least 50 hours of detecting in the week. To make this happen I need to be seeing at least half gram and 1 gram nuggets (or larger) turning up now and then. To make it on sub-grain gold I would have to be parked all day in one place using the detector to find tiny bits at a fairly constant rate. I once detected nearly 100 nuggets in one day, all under a few grains, in a 10 foot area. That made my half ounce for the week. The thing is, if that is the situation a washing device like a high banker or dry washer usually makes more sense. There are places where there is a lot of small gold, and rules make using anything but a detector difficult. I have no doubt in Africa some people exist on just the tiny bits, but they live on nothing compared to us. When full time detecting one has to be searching for new ground constantly. There are many days with no gold. So when a few nuggets do get found, they need to be good enough to cover all those non-productive days. Hobbyists on the other hand just want to find gold, any gold. They will spend a great deal of time and money to find a few tiny nuggets. That’s who buys most detectors in the U.S. The problem for me is I am one of the older hard core more serious types. If all I want to do is find stuff for fun I’d as soon go to a nearby park or beach and look for jewelry, and be home for dinner. Real prospecting for me means weeks or months in the field at a time, and lots of work. I have found many pounds of gold nuggets over the years, so simply finding a gold nugget is no real challenge for me. I almost never come home empty handed if I go nugget detecting. However, I am finding it hard to justify the time spent to use a metal detector to find gold nuggets and am slowly shifting more to doing it for fun. Long winded explanation but the bottom line in my opinion is there is a place in the nugget hunting world for a detector that can handle alkali conditions, and that by default means small gold will be lost for reasons we have already covered. Tune out the salt, you lose the small gold anyway. But many gold nuggets do hide in alkali conditions. The other lesson there is that having a salt compensation mode would be very useful on the gold prospecting version of the Impulse.
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    I've been thinking about it for a while, however to reach low prices it would only be ALL METAL. No magnetic ground effect compensation. I also drew it completely. It would of course have all the settings ... delay, freq, volume, threshold etc ... a waterproof version 60 meters
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    He mentions in the video a couple months for the GMX so maybe same for the coil for some inexplicable reason. NokMak makes all the U.S. manufacturers look like they are mired in a mudhole with a two wheel drive ATV.
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    This summer i had a chance to camp and hunt for a day, and i had some luck when i turned up this little slab just hanging out in a small depression in the bedrock. .6gram
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    Hi Gerry Thanks for the heads up you have some in stock but I’ll have to take a rain check. Everyone is telling me to get one and even my wife says if you want one I should get it. I take one look in my pocket book and when I open it, it says you got to be kidding. Really ! My Mothers and I have came to the same conclusion. That we should have been born rich instead of so good looking. This way we could have bought anything we wanted. Chuck
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