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    I found this button a month ago and posted a bunch of photo's with my other finds. I thought it was just another old button, but today I saw some detail in it and started to clean it. After about two hours of cleaning this is what I found. The button has a steel back and a brass front, the back has writing on it that is not legible. I'm hoping GB can help me out with the id. Any button people out there, your help will be appreciated. Mid to late 1800's ? The design is really unique. Stars, snake, infinity symbol, sailing ships, little circles and cattail plant. too fancy to be an average button ( my opinion) Look at it and tell me your thoughts.
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    Hit an area where I had picked up a trime before. This time out I snagged an 1853 half dime, old 3 ringer, bronze wedding band that was fairly deep and 2 large cents that are in rough shape. Probably won't bother cleaning the large cents as they may just disintegrate. Used the Multi Kruzer at 14 khz in 2 tone mode. Had isat off, was manually ground balancing as the ground is pretty tame, gain at 95 and disc at 0. I'm finding it is better to let it do it's chatter and low iron hum once in a while rather than using discrim at all as it disc seems to make the audio bit choppy and hard to follow. Finding 2 tone very easy to pick out good targets even when there is a lot of trash and iron around, just work slow. That stock coil is working really well in the woods.
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    Hi Guys. I made a comment on Jason's post that I was going to an area that I have been wanting to get into for a while. At 5000 feet above sea level & needing to be able to spend a few days up there to have a good look around. Mrs JW was away & we had a long weekend so I thought this was my opportunity. Checking the weather forecast Saturday morning before heading off it wasnt looking too good. With a high of just 3 degrees celcius for saturday & 10mm of rain. That didn't encourage me at all. The glacial silt up there turns to grease with any hint of moisture & even with a 4X4 & being by myself with no other assistance I gave it a miss. I decided I had to get away & so I hooked up the caravan went to an area I hadn't been to since november. Reason being the grass growth has just been crazy here the last couple of years making detecting non viable. I have been so spoilt in the past with billiard table like conditions so any grass now is just a hindrance to my cause knowing how good I have had it. I phoned the farmer when I got my caravan all set up to let him know I was around. I didn't want to go & see him in person due to this virus situation. He informed me that there were rabbit shooters lower down on his property. So I told him I would go up the top end & well away from them. I wasn't wanting to go there as that was where I went in november & the grass growth was mental. I used the 10" coil that time & did manage a few bits. When I got in there this time the grass was even worse. BUGGER. It was mid afternoon by this time so I ended up putting on the 12" coil to get a tad more depth through the grass. Thought I was on to a good signal here on one of the very few bald spots on one of the old timers turned over piles. You will note the grass covering the piles & prospect holes going up the gully towards my wagon parked center background. Turned out to be a deeper shotgun pellet 🤬 Further down the turned over gully some more bald areas & I got another faint hit. Down 4-5 inches. 12 inch coil Down the gully a bit further another very similar signal from in the grass. So had to dig out the grass & the signal really improved. Down 10 inches That was it for the saturday. Just the two small ones. Zoomed up on the one on the right looks like a mouse without a tail 😄 Sunday I decided to go on a long walk into an area I hadn't been in to for about four years. The grass growth here was even crazier. If I hadn't of detected these old workings back then I would have struggled to recognise them today. It was unbelievable. They were quite substantial workings too but you wouldn't think so today. I just couldn't detect any where in them at all. I had elected to put back on the 10" coil for this days mission. Numerous gullies were all the same. Just 2-3 feet of grass. In some places it was up to my neck. This photo shows the grass growth & a bit of a bald spot on the top edge of a sluiced gully. The main workings are to the left they weren't even worth a photo. I detected that bald spot & down the bank face & nothing. Note that rock formation in the background. I nicknamed it Doggy Rock. Wonder why?😄 Gully after gully of old workings were all the same. Just too longer grass. The day wasn't looking promising & I had got gold before in all these gullies. I just couldn't get the coil to the ground. Came across a ruin of an old timers stone hut. I am thinking it was more of a rock base & probably had canvas sides & roof. Coming to a small area of exposed stony tailings or throw out pile where the grass hadn't got a hold, I made a vee line for it. Got a very faint signal after scanning most of it. Getting deeper & deeper down the signal getting better & better. So much so I was sure it was going to be a big bit of crap. But nothing lept up on to my magnet. Down 400-500mm it was screaming. Got to be rubbish for sure. Pick handle is 700mm Well stone the crows & tickle my arse with a feather.🤣 Not to forget that is just a 10 inch coil on the Zed. High Yield/Normal & full max sensitivity of 20 purring along nicely in my ground conditions. It must have been laying on its flat for sure. My biggest piece in a Longgggg time. Ye Ha.🙏 To be continued..... Cheers & Good luck out there JW 🤠
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    This morning I plugged the charger into the deus and my WS4 headphones were dead, they would come on for a split second when first plugging them in but that was it and the battery indicator was completely nonexistent, I’d run them down last time out and forgot to charge them and they sat uncharged for probably a couple months my bad I know better. Couple years ago the lithium battery in my Cordless drill stopped taking a charge and after researching I found with my drill anyway the batteries had a habit of doing that and someone had found a fix that sometimes worked, trick was to rapidly plug and unplug the battery from the charger and or with the battery in the charger base do the same action at the wall plug in, the intent to introduce little power spikes into the lithium battery controller circuit tricking the battery controller into thinking there was a charge in the battery and beyond my understanding this somehow resets the battery with enough juice so it will accept charging. with my only option sending them in to have the battery replaced and with things kind of iffy right now in the world I opted to try the bush fix, took me a couple tries with 3 or 4 rapid connect disconnects and the battery indicator started responding flashing from empty to full in succession. After about 8 hours time (the first 4 hours the battery didn’t fill past the initial indication) the meter shows a full charge and the headphones seem to be working fine. someone here will I’m sure have a better understanding about this and why it worked and probably several reasons why this is taking a chance zapping the firmware, but it worked and I don’t have to send it in😀.
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    The Yankee Fork is small gold country. I don't think I've ever seen a nugget from that area, definitely not anything bigger than 5/8". Not to say there aren't any but I would personally be looking at other areas for detecting.
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    Copper alloy or silver alloy? If it's large enough it could be aluminum, though. Pretty much the same restrictions here in the Midwest of the USA. (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and that was just yesterday's list) I'll be posting the results of my last ("volleyball pit hunt") from yesterday in another thread soon. Technically I could probably argue that hunting in a park is exercise. The authorities have more important issues to be concerned with than an old retired guy alone in the middle of the park. But I don't want to raise the ire of anyone. We detectorists don't need people taking a dim view of our hobby. The loot will still be there when this is over with. I've got a test stand, geologic specimens, and pannable concentrates to keep me busy.
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    Do I look like the Weather channel? 🙂
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    A bit further down and the other end of the contact. Virgin area, outside of known districts. poundage 🙂
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    Hi Dave, Stayed home & isolated for most of the day, even mowed the lawns, then I isolated at 4pm this arvo to a local detecting spot for 4 hours. Same location that Simon & I have been going to but a different spot. I had every intention of taking my phone for photos but left the bloody thing at home. I managed to get 7 of the little blighters. Only the last one required me to spend about 45 minutes with the screwdrivers & hammer to free it from its entombment down from in the schist bedrock. The rest were freed with the use of your pick.👍 Hi Lunk, Yes it made for a long day & a lot of walking to try to find a bit of bare ground to swing the coil. The frustration was that any one of the old worked gullies had a very good chance of coughing up gold to me, only to be beaten time & again by the grass. I guess in hindsight that big one in weight would have been more than maybe the multitude of small ones that I may have got. Cheers guys & best of luck out there JW 🤠
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    Nice chunk, JW! I felt your frustration over the thick grass, but in a way it led you straight to that golden whopper...go figure. Well done!
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    Well, the entire country is in self isolation now, locked up in our homes due to the Covid-19 virus. We don't really have any major issues with it yet in NZ with just over 100 cases but the government thought it best to act fast before it is a problem so locked us down in the hope of halting it before it does become a problem. This means I'm not legally allowed to go for a gold prospect as gold country is an hours drive away, if you go outside to exercise it has to be in your immediate local area such as a walk around the block and you have to stay away from any other people. I'm fortunate to live with a river right behind my house and nobody is around so I took my dog down there for a quick walk, I took the Vanquish never really expecting to find anything down there, it's not a spot you get a lot of people hanging around, mostly just fly fishermen who are normally tourists but they're all in lock down too or gone back home. I figured I'd do a scouting mission with my dog to see if I found anything worth finding in 15 or so minutes while we were down there. Today is very cold as it snowed a couple of days ago and the wind is still from the south (Antartica) so I wasn't going to hang around long. The section I ran my detector over is often under water, it's part of the river bed and only a couple of weeks ago it was under water. I just walked randomly to see if there was any good targets, not a serious detect, a quick scout. And I found myself a coin, not sure what it is, obviously old.... I put it under my phones magnifying glass to try work out it and couldn't. It's target ID was no indicator either with an ID at 26. Very shallow, but every time the water goes over here these rocks will be moving around like a washing machine, the river is VERY fast flowing. That's the spot I found it. The mountains in the background there are where gold country is. Not in the usual condition I find my coins..... but oh well, at least I found something for my first 15 minute Quarantine hunt. I'll be back on a nicer day for a real hunt now I know targets are there to be found, it's sort of breaking the isolation rules by leaving my house for an extended period of time I think but I will certainly be isolated so I doubt they'd mind. The rules aren't that clear yet seeing it's just happening.
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    I am buying another NOX,should have bought 2 when i was in the Victorian goldfields will have save a few pence but i had a CTX at the time,as i am always between the Capital(Mudlarking) and the coast (Beachcombing),can't be bother putting it in the car all and i will have spare(can believe i am trying to convince you😆). I can feel this machine as something special for the beach and after seeing Goldrats(from he forum) picking tiny gold in OZ i was sold. The plan is to tested in on the Thames with the 6"coil, fast recovery and .....settings well i need to work on them . Got all the coils now and we are in Lockdown..... The AQ Impulse will be here soon but thats another story RR
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    I doubt I'll be finding one like that for some time yet, for a start I'm locked down in my house 🙂 but after that it would involve finding new undetected ground, something I've not been successful with yet, when I think I've found a new spot I check with JW and nope, he's been doing it for years 🙂 I'd need to get even more remote but I get lost easily! I'd also need paramedics nearby as if I found a nugget like that my heart would stop. I'm still at the stage I do a happy dance for a 0.0X of a gram piece. I'm just happy JW has demonstrated it can be done, we do have bigger nuggets than fly poo.
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    I’d be getting the coil for a 24K and I doubt you are saying you are using a Hot Foot on a Goldmaster 24K? Presumably you are using it in some other machine like the GMT. At a minimum you would need to change the plug since 24K/GMK coils are not plug compatible with the GMT and earlier Goldmaster coils. But maybe you have done that, and if so it would be interesting to hear about it and how well it’s working. I would think there is a high probability of the Hot Foot overloading at higher gain levels if employed on the 24K or GMK. I would not hold your breath for a review. I’m in no hurry to get the coil and have no idea when I would get around to using it. Since I have the 6” concentric which would be my preference anyway this is just a whim purchase. It would take just the right circumstances for me to actually use it, like deep, crevice and pocket riddled bedrock or some extreme mineral ground. The bottom line is when I have a detector I have kind of a knee jerk thing about getting the available coils that go with it.
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    I did a small separation nailboard test .... on a 4 gram silver coin ... Vanquish 340 - V10 coil ... gained 5 points out of 8max .. Equinox 800- 11 "reel ... scored in the nailboard test this 6-6.5 points out of 8 points max ... Equinox 800 -11 "has been tested in Park2, ... recovery speed 6, IronBias F2 ... has been set to 5 .... to eliminate false signals from nails ... By default, the Iron Bias F2 at Vanquish. 340 .. guess at value = 4 Equinox ..- ..Vanquish falsifies a little more on nails .. Equinox 800 on Iron bias F2 =5 .....falsifies on nails less than Vanquish 340 ....
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    I work without swing. There are very strong man In Russia! 😉
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    went into isolation today in the Arizona fields, with my baby of course .....
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    I think that reverse was used on a lot of 18th Century coinage on both Great Britain and the American Colonies. Here's a post-Revolution example, but of course yours is not necessarily this one:
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    Sure has an Oriental look to it, but that's the extent of my opinion. You USA East Coast guys have 5 centuries of European influenced history to uncover. I don't know how much trade there was there with the Far East (West Coast a different story), but sure is tantalizing. I'm looking forward to reading what others can come up with. With that patina I'm going to be very surprised if it turns out to be reproduction.
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    That lead looks like a minie ball of some sort, perhaps a carbine, but not a 3-ringer. Nice saves.
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    So cleaned them up a bit. Large cent is mid 1800's based off the edge and head facing left. I used a piece of bamboo I had left over from my fly rod building days because it holds up better when wet than a tooth pick. Other coin looks to be a very early King George, front is blown away but back you can make out some lettering along the edge and some character in the middle. Wild guess mid 1700's but not sure.
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    No, we have decided to stay home for the foreseeable future and see what happens, it is going to look like a refugee camp at the boarder before long if they don't get things sorted very quickly. stay safe and isolate cheers dave
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    Firstly: I am using an aspect of JP's fantastic thread (among others as well), - the way he sets out his posts - because it is so instructional, I decided to give it a try. I had been thinking about why hunting in known areas is sometimes beneficial. Here are some brief thoughts based on yesterdays hunt. I was able to drive to a spot I have been an incalculable number of times, to spend four hours doing what we all love. My only human contact was my son who accompanies me but then disappears to hike and sketch. The area is close to the Los Angeles area so, as you might imagine, it is incredibly worked - I decided to look just on the outer edge of an area that has a similar "look" to where everyone usually goes. This is the geology of the general area. It is strewn with basalt, iron stone and a number of other types of conductive rock. It takes a lot of concentration to pick out targets among the myriad of inputs. I used HY/N, no Smoothing, conservative settings for the rest. I tried Low Smoothing which was nice in one way; it lessened the amount of ground feedback - but it also mitigated the target signals enough so that I switched it off after testing each target with it before I dug. These are not spectacular finds - they are to show two things; one, that working outside a known area sometimes can be successful and two, working carefully and yes, slowly - can pay off. There were a number of dig holes in the 40 yard square area from a long time ago, they missed these. found just beside the basalt stone. this was about 6 inches down and a really faint signal at the start In contrast, this was found after two boot scrapes - but had the same faint tone as the deeper one above -go figure. Below are some other finds from the day. As you can see, these are nothing to brag about, but for sharpening skills this area has been perfect.
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    My 3D deep separation test was the answer to this YT test ... Of course, properly set up Equinox has no problem to pass such a test. as well as many good detectors on the right coils. , because for this test enough detector with a frequency of 6.6 Khz ............. Over time, I have made this test even more challenging ... and more difficult ... it's a 0.6gram 9KT gold ring ... but you can also use a 17mm -0.6gram silver hammered as the same equivalent .. Here, it will be necessary to increase the frequency of the detector ...- but only increase the frequency ... here is still not automatically guaranteed only a good result .. This demanding test can handle only two of my detectors so far .. Equinox 800 at multi frequency and Rutus Alter 71 at frequency from 14khz -18.4khz ... Vista Gold Gain 30khz gives only partial and also and quite irregular signal ....- but it can already be considered a success .. in separation..
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    Yes perhaps I should have opened a new thread named "testing the vanquish 540" , actually I did not find the way to do it in this forum and I was short in time I decided to join this vanquish 340 thread ... Otherwise you conclude in your last post that the 340 is an excellent detector , it does not surprise me because its electronics must be very close to the 540, so you are right, for sure the Vanquish 340 at 240e is a bargain ... Your 3D test yes very interesting also. Actually I had an other idea about this 3D test. Why not reuse the box system , simply filling a box with ground mixed with old nails , and a coin in the middle? Doing this it would reproduce almost exactly the field conditions . Probably I will do this when it is possible in a few weeks , filling a box with let say 20cm height of ground containing old nails , with a little coin buried at say 10cms depth , and see what happens with the detectors .... Up to now I was just using the boxes filled with ground with no iron in it, just for pure depth perfos . I do the separation tests on the field and with the experience I can quickly see after a few hours the differences between the detectors in high iron trashed areas, just comparing the numbers of targets found by each detector during a given detection time. Again clearly the minelabs even the last Equinox and Vanquish are not the best, they are a little too slow to locate the targets among the nails probably due to the calculation time of the multifrequency algorithms , and on such areas a monofreq like the Deus at 30khz is much faster , then more efficient for finding the targets amsong the nails. However I use the XPs since 2007 ( goldmaxx ) and 2013 ( deus ) , so I am very experienced with these machines , that helps a lot ….
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    I'm headed out tomorrow for a few days. Good luck! Dean
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    JW, I'm glad to see that all of my 'free lessons' to all of you here on Steve's forum are finally starting to get results. More walking, more swinging, don't stop for the small stuff, etc ... 🤣 Now that you have done it Simon will be sure to follow. Mitchel
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    So far, I've tested some of my detectors in this 2D "Monte-style nailboard test" ... but I'm going to continue testing the 4g Silver Coin and test Teknetic G2 .... and Tesoro Mojave ... and more detectors I own .. An essential element in my separation tests is also the Deep Separation 3D Test of this type .... 2D nailboard and 3D deep separation test excellently show the separation capabilities of Detectors and coils of various sizes ...Because 2D nailboard tests and 3D depth tests have conflicting requirements for optimum coil size .. 2D nailboard Test -small 4-6" DD coil its better. 11 " DD coil is still significantly worse ... 3D deep separation test -11 " DD coil works great here .. Small 5-6 "or ellipse DD coils .... I work very poorly in this test ... or I don't work in general.. An excellent compromise here could be a 9 "round DDcoil... - and it also lies in the magic of Deus ,Golden-Mask detector ..excellent 2 and 3D separation, excellent sensitivity, and sufficient depth range in one 9 "coil of powerful detectors. This test is a bit less demanding ... assuming a good combination of detector setup and appropriate coil size ... this test can pass many "good" detectors. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another 3D test is already very demanding ... and perfectly shows why some detectors are exceptionally in 3D deep separation ..0.6 gram 9Kt gold ring is a very demanding target ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But we depart from the main theme of the MINELAB VANQUISH 340 .... IT IS A EXCELLENT DETECTOR FOR THAT VALUE FOR WHICH IS SALE. AND THE MULTI ID ACCURACY AT THE BORDER OF DEPH DETECTION ... IT IS UNKNOWN IN THIS PRICE CATEGORY ..
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    Great finds while this virus thing is going on, glad to see you staying away from people and having fun at the same time.
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    I haven’t been getting out as much compared to last year. This is my first gold for the year and first silver (1858 seated dime). I got to the beach at 5 am for low tide and surprisingly I was the only Detectorist out there. Maybe the slight rain and the lack of sand movement kept everyone else at home. There were almost no targets on the wet sand but somehow I managed to snag this 14k bracelet. The silver dime, Indian head and most coins were from a spot that has given up a few oldies in the past. Good luck out there and HH.
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    Do you want depth or discrimination? For depth I'd be using a GPX 5000 with an 18" round mono coil. Discrimination I'd be using a Equinox with 12" x 15" coil or Gold Racer/Gold Kruzer with 13" x 15.5" coil. Just my choices... there are many others that would work also.
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    Yay, good for you! I do believe I will round one up for myself.
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    We're talking about metal detectors under $400 here. So the topic is getting off track, I'm partially to blame. I will say the Vanquish 540 is an excellent machine and it comes stock with the V12 coil not the V8, that's an accessory coil. So with that in mind you're pretty limited on the sites you can hunt successfully. Great beach machine for depth and stability also a great coin machine for parks. Take it to a trashy relic site or ghost town and it's going to be out of it's element. Get the V8 coil on any of the Vanquish detectors and it will perform a little better. Entry level machines give entry level performance. Although some are clearly better than others. As for all the Fisher Garrett, Minelab and Whites machines I've used in this price range, I'll take the Vanquish hands down. Site selection is going to determine what you use. If you just want to hunt modern coins almost any metal detector can find them. If you're going after older coins, relics, and gold nuggets then you just might have to consider spending more than $400. Sure you can find some old coins, relics, jewelry, etc. with a low priced detector. I know lots of people that have. If a metal detector that costs less than $400 is all that's in your budget, then learn it well and enjoy your time outdoors. Also, visit this section often, there is some great advice from very knowledgeable people.
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    To all my friends down under, be safe and soon this will be over. Good health to all good people around the world and may God bless each and everyone of us who swing a detector.
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    The TDI SL is a very light weight, inexpensive "old school" ground balancing pulse induction metal detector. The design is derived from the earliest Eric Foster pulse designs. As such the machine simply is not as sensitive to tiny stuff as a hot VLF or a modern PI detector. That does not make it a "rotten" detector anymore than a two-box cache hunting detector is "rotten" for prospecting. It is a matter of knowing your tools and using them for their best application. Trying to stuff a square peg in a round hole is an operator error and no fault of the tool. That said it honestly is an older design and if you have the money there are better PI options. Using a TDI SL in a location hunted by the last several generations of later PI detectors is an exercise in futility. Personally I think the Goldmaster 24k will be a far better value for most people than a TDI SL.
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    I've had my Vanquish in the rain with no rain cover, no issues so far. In this video they say the control pod is water resistant. They mention it has a rain cover but my understanding from the video is the pod is water resistant... It could just be poor wording on their part or poor understanding on my part (most likely as they say with water resistant cover) but I'm running with it and have had mine in the rain often. I don't care about waterproofing, water resistance to rain is all I'll ever need. If the Vanquish was waterproof it would possibly be getting too close to an Equinox to keep the product lines separate.
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    If someone made a detector that could show gold, silver, aluminum, copper and iron. How long do you think it would take for us to not find anything after we found it all. I kinda like diggin trash in hopes of finding something good. Your not doing yourself any good if you don't learn what the machine is telling you, just like Sven 1 and cjc said. Sometimes this can take awhile. I personally like detecting just the way it is, A challenge between us and the dirt!!!
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    I have to admit this has been bugging me.... Waterproof up to 1 meter... wow, the coil is waterproof. Water Resistant “with included rain cover?” So not water resistant without? Seriously? In this day and age? My 40 year old detectors were also “water resistant” when I put a bag over them. It appears to me the folks in marketing were pushing it a bit on this one.
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    Have you run the exposable lithiums long enough to measure operating lifetime? Amazon USA price is about $1.37 each ($5.50 to load the Vanquish).
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    Jeff I will have to disagree with you on the F19, it's actually a very fast machine and separates quite well in trash with the 5 x 10 coil compared to the Vanquish wearing any size coil. As far as target ID goes I do agree there, it is very stable and accurate.
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    The V3 & VX3 are/were living on borrowed time. The main processor, wireless module, and color display have all been obsoleted by their manufacturers. Probably the VX3 was killed first since the V3 is more profitable.
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    These posts are even more to-the-point than videos, we can ask a specific question and get a specific answer. Very impressed...
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    Simon, Should you ever forget how old you are again, simply get a calculator enter the present year and then subtract the year you were born.
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    The reality of naturally occurring gold nuggets is that the smaller nuggets are more common than the larger nuggets. The larger nuggets are also easier to detect. Unlike jewelry, natural gold except in active placers does not replenish. That means that in order to sell metal detectors the ability to find the small gold that is left is becoming ever more critical. However, if you are prospecting for an actual income, either full-time or more often part-time, as is true for small numbers of people in Australia and the U. S. and in far larger numbers in the third world, there is the reality of diminishing returns. I have run my prospecting as a business licensed for profit operation since 1979, and turned a profit in nearly all those years. I have only shown a loss a few times, typically when making large equipment investments in a single year. In most years I have all my equipment and costs are merely food, travel, etc. Since I work for myself there is no labor expense per se. Yet the hours do matter to me. I am only willing to devote so much time to prospecting and only if it makes a reasonable return or at least breaks even. My cut off point has declined over the years as the price of gold has gone up, and was last set at an average of 1/2 ounce per week or about 2 grams a day, figuring at least 50 hours of detecting in the week. To make this happen I need to be seeing at least half gram and 1 gram nuggets (or larger) turning up now and then. To make it on sub-grain gold I would have to be parked all day in one place using the detector to find tiny bits at a fairly constant rate. I once detected nearly 100 nuggets in one day, all under a few grains, in a 10 foot area. That made my half ounce for the week. The thing is, if that is the situation a washing device like a high banker or dry washer usually makes more sense. There are places where there is a lot of small gold, and rules make using anything but a detector difficult. I have no doubt in Africa some people exist on just the tiny bits, but they live on nothing compared to us. When full time detecting one has to be searching for new ground constantly. There are many days with no gold. So when a few nuggets do get found, they need to be good enough to cover all those non-productive days. Hobbyists on the other hand just want to find gold, any gold. They will spend a great deal of time and money to find a few tiny nuggets. That’s who buys most detectors in the U.S. The problem for me is I am one of the older hard core more serious types. If all I want to do is find stuff for fun I’d as soon go to a nearby park or beach and look for jewelry, and be home for dinner. Real prospecting for me means weeks or months in the field at a time, and lots of work. I have found many pounds of gold nuggets over the years, so simply finding a gold nugget is no real challenge for me. I almost never come home empty handed if I go nugget detecting. However, I am finding it hard to justify the time spent to use a metal detector to find gold nuggets and am slowly shifting more to doing it for fun. Long winded explanation but the bottom line in my opinion is there is a place in the nugget hunting world for a detector that can handle alkali conditions, and that by default means small gold will be lost for reasons we have already covered. Tune out the salt, you lose the small gold anyway. But many gold nuggets do hide in alkali conditions. The other lesson there is that having a salt compensation mode would be very useful on the gold prospecting version of the Impulse.
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    The White's GMX Sport metal detector has just been released by White’s Electronics and is expected to be available at dealers in February 2020. The GMX is a 48 kHz induction balance metal detector waterproof to ten feet aimed primarily at the jewelry detecting and gold prospecting markets. The GMX Sport is physically based on the White's MX Sport housing but otherwise is a Goldmaster 24K electronically. The control functions are identical the the Goldmaster 24K and the display screen is also identical to the 24K. The introductory offer for the White’s GMX Sport includes TWO search coils, the round 6.5" concentric, and the 4" x 6" DD oval. The Whites waterproof headphones are also included, plus an adapter for standard 1/4" detector headphones. The GMX Sport MSRP is $899.95 with an internet price of $827.95 White's Goldmaster GMX Sport metal detector For advanced users of the White's GMX Sport, TracLock and Ground Grab are just a tap of button away. You can assign a ground balance offset in both TracLock or XGB modes. To help prospectors that prefer drywashing, sluicing, or panning, the GMX features a Ground Scan mode that can show you where valuable paystreaks are in stream beds and washes. The GMX Sport offers 10 levels of adjustable sensitivity, adjustable audio volume with two levels of Boost, adjustable discrimination, vSAT, adjustable threshold, non-motion pinpoint, and a Tone ID mode. But don’t let that scare you if this is your first prospecting machine – this is a turn-on-and-go machine, with advanced features you can grow into as you gain experience. WATERPROOF HOUSING IP-68 certified waterproof to 10 feet COILS - 6” round concentric and 4" x 6" DD coils both included as part of the Introductory Special. Optional "6 x 10" DD and 8" x 14" DD coils are available. SENSITIVITY – Set the sensitivity at a level that does not result in false signals from the ground. Very strong ground may result in the symbol on screen and a loud sound – this means the sensitivity is too high. GROUND BALANCE – With the default setting, the detector will use XGB to automatically ground balance. Tap to lock the ground balance to the current setting. Tapping when the ground balance is locked will update the current ground setting to what is under the coil. GROUND SCAN – Hold to put the detector into Ground Scan mode. The top bar displays the ground strength and the two digit numbers display the ground type (phase). Useful for tracing paystreaks. IRON CANCEL – Tap to silence hot rocks, trash and mineral changes in both audio modes. Hold to select the Iron Cancel setting (1 bar is default). Note that this setting may decrease the detector’s sensitivity to very small gold, but is necessary in difficult ground conditions. VOLUME and THRESHOLD – Tap to adjust the volume with the up and down buttons. Hold to adjust the threshold with the up and down buttons (“th” displays on screen). Set these to a comfortable level for your hearing and preference. AUDIO MODE – With the displayed on screen, the detector is in “BEEP” audio mode (high tone = good target, low tone = bad target). The default setting (without on screen) is a traditional All-Metal audio mode with greater sensitivity to small targets. SAT – SAT can smooth out ground inconsistencies. Hold to adjust it (“Sa” displays on screen, 2 is the default setting). PINPOINT – Hold for non-motion pinpoint mode. In difficult ground this mode may be affected by mineralization. BACKLIGHT – Tap to enable the backlight (this reduces battery life). FREQUENCY SHIFT – Hold when turning the detector on to shift frequency (useful when there is EMI). Power off to save the selection. FACTORY RESET – Hold when turning the detector on to perform a factory reset. AUDIO - Built in speaker, 1/4” headphone jack adapter cable included WATERPROOF SPORT HEADPHONES included as part of the Introductory Special LENGTH - 45 inches collapsed, 55 inches fully extended BATTERIES - 8 AA BATTERY LIFE - 20 to 40 hours WEIGHT - 4.0 lbs WARRANTY - Two Year Transferable Official White's Goldmaster GMX Sport Product Page White's Goldmaster GMX Sport Owner's Manual White's Goldmaster XGB Ground Tracking Explained Forum threads tagged "whites 24k gmx" White’s Metal Detector Forum
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