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    Thank you Walker. Yes they are like hens teeth where I detect now. Any bigger ones I found way back in my GP 3000 days. This one is 13.85 grams, my 2nd ever biggest find, found with Coiltek 24 x 12 "UFO" coil. My go too patch finding coil back then & is responsible for ground I still go back to today. The GP 3000 didn't come out with the push button ground balance button on the handle like the 3500 did. I did the mod myself. Would have been so easy for Minelab to have done that...but no. Was a real pain having to fiddle & flick switches at the front panel while pumping the coil setting the ground balance. Not impossible obviously, but the push button was a no brainer. This was actually a very good few hours detecting all up. Just over one ounce. Where have those days gone?? My biggest find to date was with the GP 3000 & older ML 11" mono. It was deep for that coil & just a whisper of a signal. 18.75 grams Flip side of the 18.75 gram piece on the right & the other is a 4.1 gram piece found on the same day but with the 24 x 12 UFO coil. Photo taken on a large quartz boulder at the location of the finds. And others That 12 x 24 inch coil was crazy sensitive for its size & I got some pretty small gold with it too. Even a 9 gram slug with the GP 3000 & little 6" round coiltek mono Even with the Zed & ML 14" I have never found anything bigger. Deeper yes, but not bigger. Sorry....I was getting carried away. Oh the boredom of being in lockdown & house bound. Stay safe & stay isolated. No contact outside of people you are isolated with & hopefully we can beat this sooner rather than later. Take care. Best of luck JW 🤠
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    Don't know if this has been posted before but worth watching. Gets good at the 3:30 mark.
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    From Wikipedia “By the 1840s, Indian peace medals had come to be known as a "presidential series" for which there was growing interest. The federal mint in Philadelphia started collecting dies for the previously issued medals. This began the practice of striking bronze replicas of medals for presentation to government officials or historical societies. Production of the bronze medals began in 1842 with the Jefferson medal. The dies of the Washington and John Adams medals were missing during initial production, however. The John Adams die was not collected until 1878, and the George Washington die was ultimately reproduced in 1903, completing the series.” Restruck in 2007
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    Time to share some finds i have been making with my Nox 800. From the Sierras to the streets of Reno i have been swinging as much as possible over the last couple weeks. I'm running in Park 1, sens. 19-23, manuel ground balance, 5 tone, and 5 recovery, but i also play with the settings some to learn the machine. Here are some coins and relics i just found over recent weeks. I'm new to coin hunting, only been hunting since the end of January, but i am falling for this hobby too much fun!😃
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    I didn't really want to say it due to the possible backlash from Nox users but I actually prefer using my Vanquish for coin hunts than my Nox, partly because of what Jeff has said regarding ID's and it's just fun and easy to use. I've also had really good success with my Vanquish. I think there is diversification between the Vanquish and Nox too, I love Jewellery mode on the Vanquish so much I want to try emulate that on my Nox. I sent ML an email asking if there was any way I could, they never replied. I guess it's like KFC's secret herbs and spices recipe. You can't question if you're in the right settings as there are none 🙂 I love simple detectors. These are just my personal preferences, a lot of people are completely the other way and like full control of everything. I only like full control if I need it due to unusual circumstances where things just aren't working right in the conditions, otherwise I like it simple.
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    Been pretty busy lately organising our business and finalising last minute preparations for the global lockdown associated with current world events. I am so lucky to be able to self isolate in an area where I do not need to travel to go detecting, therefore contact with others is near zero. I encourage readers of this forum to understand the importance of not moving about where there are others present, the risks are too great at this time. Please do not respond to my comments about COVID19 on this thread, I am just explaining my own personal situation and why I‘m able to continue detecting thanks to my location and circumstances and do not want to seem to be encouraging others to take risks if they have to travel any distances to get to a goldfield. I am able to literally step out my front door and go detecting more often than not with my detecting buddy Mia. Here are a few pics of some of the gold I’ve found over the past week between tasks. Gold is a very big part of my usual income and now because our shop is effectively defunct it has become a vital component to our survival strategy. I live where I live for this very reason, having ready access to gold bearing ground was always the main driver for this decision. I am happy to share my finds here so long as it is not seen as rubbing salt into the wounds of those of us who can’t, the primary focus is about sharing something I love with others and I sincerely hope it’s taken that way.😕 Speci found sitting on an old timers pile Yesterday I revisited a favourite old gully where I found 1 1/2 ounces quite a number of years ago, there is always some left behind in scrubby terrain like this. Gold bearing gully Nice solid chunk that made me smile when I weighed it The aim is to ‘try’ and find an ounce a week to keep ourselves afloat during these trying times, any gold coming in is better than nothing! Going detecting and finding nothing is way better for my mental health than being stuck indoors and I hope my sharing goes some way to helping others cope with the magnitude of what is happening to all of us collectively.😔 I will not be mentioning this subject here again as there are plenty of other places for those discussions to take place, but felt I should explain where I‘m coming from in case it is seen the wrong way. JP Yesterdays take
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    Hunted a patch today, very challenging. I have spent a lot of time in this patch. Testing detectors and using detectors. It is loaded with iron nails. Part of old settlement t dates back to late 1700s. Speed 5 and auto GB used in all modes today. Where multi freq was used speed 5 used and iron bias FE2 set to 0. So I plugged in 40 kHz into park 1. Used it to locate all targets. Would toggle and check with park 2 and also prospecting mode 1. Found a total of 15 nonferrous targets. Crosschecking I would not have dug all the targets based on park 2 signals or the signals behavior. Prospecting 1 mode did better than park2 generally. Use of the single freq 40 kHz tamed the Nox, I could keep my sanity moreso, less falsing. Some located targets did infact sound better using Park 2. But lot easier to get over using 40 kHz in this site today. Now this site has seen previously EQX action running multi freq using park 2 and field 2. I never have found 15 nonferrous previously in this area using park 2 and field 2 using multi. Also loads of Deus action previously by me in this site too, even Hf coils. Just thought I would share. I plan to try this strategy again soon in another iron laden site just across the road from site I detected today. When I go there on all located 40khz targets I will check all using park 2, field 2 and prospecting 1 modes using multi freq. Cheers.
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    Thankyou JP for sharing your knowledge and the large amount of time you have put into videos, clear explanations. With a zed with 14 & 19 i have been chasing bigger deeper nuggies in extra deep. I have recently slowed my swing speed down to incredibly Very very slow when gold is around and i seem to be able to get signals i miss with a slow swing speed. Not sure if i am imagining it How slow is too slow for optimal signal response for deeper targets??? Is there a general guide for faster to slower swing speed relative to settings/ gold depth? cheers RDD
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    And that set-up, combined with the already awkward weight and balance is what's causing more arm and shoulder fatigue and war-and-tear. I've owned Sovereigns and 6 or 7 FBS models and the weight and their balance takes a toll on me. I factor in my age and impaired health and mobility and had to part with my last Explorer Ii in 2013 or '14. I never extend my rods too far or make a wide sweep I watch those who do and not only to I get tired just watching them work that coil, but I see they miss sweeping a lot of ground. Why" They usualy don't overlp the coil enough, or at all, and they miss covering a lot of the terrain because the faster the coil is swept on those wide arcs, the faster the feet move, and that results in a lot of missed coverage. I also never use, or even like the thought of, an annoying bungie cord or other set-up. A detector ought to be designed to be comfortable as a hand-held device. The Equinox is an improvement over the FBS series. I like your idea of buying a 2nd Eq-800 just to have it set-up with a different search coil for different applications. I've done that for decades with a number of different detector models, and do so today. I have two Nokta FORS CoRe that each wear a different search coils, and I bought two Minelab Vanquish 540 Pro Pack to do the same with the two nicely-shaped and comfortably-balanced coils they come with. I borrowed the CTX-3030 and, using the stock 11" DD coil, I enjoyed using it as it did balance differently than my Explorer II's or SE Pro, but it was still awkward. If Minelab wanted to up the sale of an FBS model or even an Equinox model, all they would have to do is design them to work on 4-AA Alkaline or NiMH batteries, and configure them to fit in the Vanquish physical package! Matter of fact, give them lightweight and balanced search coils like the Vanquish 5X8 and 9X12, as well as the round 11" for those who like it better and the roundish 6" DD. For those who use and enjoy the Vanquish, can you imagine having an EQ-800 or CTX-3030 in that same configuration and feel? I know my Minelab model inventory would increase, as in double! Monte
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    I did the test on my ring and it showed up as a 24, my wedding ring that I wear showed a 12. My wedding ring is a 10K 2 tone gold ring with some small diamonds. My old ring that looks close to yours shows 10 k also, I think that the reason it rings up differently is because it has the hollow area in the top. It does have the 10K mark on the inside towards the top. Hope this helps.
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    Mate. I want to claim that Aussie coin. I’m sure I lost it when I was in the States in 2010. 😎🤪🤛🏻 On a serious note, I hope you guys are coping with the ‘beer’ virus and not taking anti-malarial pills for it. I’m hunkered down with Netflix and perusing my favourite forums. Keep safe y’all. 🔒☠️🇦🇺
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    Unfortunately it seems all the search engines are using popularity over content and meta tags now. Gone are the days when you typed in a query and ended up with what you wanted instead of some stinking irrelevant ad or topic. Really annoying. When we are allowed outdoors again I'll ask my neighbor, he's an antique dealer and probably knows.
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    I've found on actual in ground undug targets the ID's on coins and so on is exactly the same as the Equinox, in my case I've found it to have slightly better ID's in some situations, as in a bit less jumpy on some targets and I think I can put this down to my Vanquish handling EMI better than my Nox in the locations I experience this. I've hundreds of hours on both detectors now and find them basically the same in regards to ID's so once you know the ID's on your Nox you know them on your Vanquish. If you're like me and just switch your Equinox on and leave it in Park 1 and all defaults only adjusting volume and sensitivity for coin hunts then using the Vanquish is the exact same experience only lighter on the wallet 🙂 I can use either and be just as happy but I do prefer the elliptical coils of the Vanquish. I have the Vanquish 540 Pro Pack and Nox 800.
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    Yes. Same target id range and almost identical numbers on targets. The tones sound similar but keep in mind the Vanquish 44 is three tones max.
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    I have a couple silver rings (with meteorite mountings -- remember those for the late 70's / early 80's?) that look quite similar in regards to the texture/casting. Each TID's at 32 on an air test with the Equinox.
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    Couple more passes this time with the Tejon so I could skim over all the can slag and got the usual clad, 59 nickel which is the age of the school and a nice old sterling kids ring. Has a makers mark inside I'll try to look it up.
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    My main problem is most of the time i go on the coast its on my day off after a week of hard graft.I tend to extend everything to the max and sweep slow and low and wide.Even with the nox i managed to f%@% my arm its going away now but i havent been out for a month 😉 Anyway i may one day get another CTX its a good machine to explore it offers a lot. Stay safe RR
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    My Nox was in for repair and I used my 3030 for about a month with the standard coil without a bungee and hipstick and found it acceptable if I adjusted it to a straight arm length. If I keep the weight in my hand then I'm ok. I like the screen and the GPS which shows me where I found my rings on the beach. When I went back to my 17" coil I needed the help of a bungee and hipstick because of the turn on my elbow. If I was to go out to the beach with my wife she would use the Nox and I'd use the CTX.
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    Seems like a great machine,user friendly,suspect with a better coil like a 12 Evo,it would hummm along beautifully. Also liked the way 4 clicks up and the down ,prooved/disprooved target!.Brilliant!Well done guys.
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    Great finds, and wish you more luck in the future.
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    Congrats on the interesting and unusual finds. Excellent photos by the way. Good luck!
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    Wind and noise is a major factor when hunting. Enjoyed the video, Thanks for sharing. I like the longer then normal coil cable LE JAG. Something that would be good to isolate the control box from the saltwater...And the reason I mention this is ......"IN" rough saltwater the effect of the water on the control box can cause noise. Something I did with my excalibur was to remove the control Pod from the water and run it under my drysuit. The results.... the excalibur went from a machine that was hard to use, false-ing in rough water to a machine that was almost silent and un-affected by the current and waves. Still some noise from the coil but so much better it can turn a bad hunt into a good hunt.
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    I tried a couple different google searches and google image searches with different key words too and not much useful, at one time in the early days the first hits would have given you a direct link to an identification page for free and you could have narrowed it down a number of ways, all you could learn right there I’m hooked, The information high intoxicating. I kept coming back for more like everyone else searching for answers, google was waiting on the corner with a sly inviting smile as though they expected my return. I was having to search harder now clicking more links it’s frustrating but I could still satisfy that restless need to know, it just took longer to get there and I’d find the information less rewarding the need to return becoming more frequent the empty feeling from conflicting advertisements making me feel anxious, sleepless and strung out unable to decide my own breakfast... I fear the street knowledge all that’s left, I need the answer to the mystery of the button, really nice button and great find best of luck finding about it sorry for the google rant🤪.
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    Good job on the ring, After awhile pounding the ground, choppy and jumpy signals always mean trash. Consistent strong tones are good or bad depending on the numbers. But it seems like you have already figured that out. Doesn't take long after digging a couple of hundred crap targets. When you think you've hunted it out go back again and you will be astonished at whats still in the ground.
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    I often do the same thing with the GB2 or the Gold Monster on a deep Zed dig (pin pointer). Those two VLF's are always in my wagon & they also come in handy for re scanning the dig out pile & in the dig out hole if the ground or initial gold target recovered from using the Zed & ML 14" coil hints at me that smaller gold could still be present. This has very often rewarded me in more gold from the initial dig. Example: initial Zed dig And bits of gold with the Zed Bring on the Gold monster one in the hole & one in the throwout dirt Not so much, actually not at all, with the 10" & 12" coil so I have stopped the practise. Good luck out there JW 🤠
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    Today afternoon ... after work I did a short comparison of my Teknetic G2 detector separation on 13 "Ultimate coils and also a small 3.5x 7" coil Nel Snake / cors chrew / .. in my standard deep and separation test .. Detector setting :, sensitivity 100, discrimination 40 .. Results of depth and separation: Teknetics G2 + .. 13 "Detech Ultimate Coil .... has reached 4-to 4.5 points out of 8 max. On this large 13 "Ultimate coil you really only get the average separation .. But deep profits increase by 3-5 cm compared to the Standard 11 "DD coil ... for targets like small and medium sized coins .. /up to 23cm for small/13mm silver hammered/ ..and up to 35cm for medium sized /50eurocent/ coin..-but it is already a border signal with ID... Tek G2 + ..3.5x 7 "Nel Snake Coil ... achieved excellent separation results ... 7.5-8 points out of 8 max ... and works great with this detector in the iron. The depth of detection will be up to 14cm.. for small/ 13mm hammered/coin-...and up to18 cm on medium sized/50eurocent/ coins ...
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    Hi maxxkatt, Several Nox users wanted a three tone setting for the Nox. With the Vanquish 340 and 440 you get that. To me, the tones are more immediate or fuller on the Vanquish than on the Equinox. The pitches of the three tones on the 340 and 440 are exactly the same musical tones as the highest silver pitch, nickel pitch and iron pitch of the default 5 tone settings on the Nox 600 and 800. Like phrunt, I think the tones and numerical target IDs for shallow to medium depth targets are more exact on the Vanquish. Numerical target IDs on shallower targets are less jumpy and the tones themselves whether over accepted targets or over junk/rejected targets are easier to recognize. Most junk targets are not quite as clear as coin/jewelry targets. Rejected shallower iron targets that false in the teens to low twenties also have easy to hear fractured mid or high tones. Deeper iron falsing and deep coin targets are more difficult to distinguish. The pinpoint function on the Vanquish is much easier to master even though you have to hold down the pinpoint button throughout pinpointing. The V10 coil is much less troubled by EMI than the (much more sensitive???) larger 11" Equinox coil. Ergonomics and adjustability of the Vanquish are outstanding. I love my Equinox. It is a serious detector for very hardcore, serious detecting. It always challenges me to be a better detectorist. The Vanquish is a really fun, no nonsense detector. Jeff
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    Missed this one sorry...... Channel flipping is when a target is hitting the High/Low and Low/High response all at the same time. The GPZ does it a lot especially on solid small nuggets at depth. The audio can have a slight amount of it present in certain ground types, usually saturable ground or salty ground (quite often its a combination of the two). Channel flipping is also called a “confused signal” when it happens on a target. There are varying degrees of channel flipping, it can happen in one direction of the swing only, it can happen when the coil is held further away, one channel can be more dominant that another and can even swap about as the coil is moved in relation to the target. JP
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    The B audio is the best for sure, that Low/High response is what I’m most keyed to listen for. JP
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    WTG!!!! wow Chris you hit a nice spot...it sure pays to live in or on the gold! fred
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    The weight,the weight!!!! I am fit and strong but my arm needed a week to recover even with a harness,another friend of mine was swinging his and even with the big coil no prob.................. The CTX is an excellent machine maybe deeper than the nox on the beach but the weight no chances i am OUT :) swapped it for NOX Number 1 RR
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    Pretty much expected.....everyone should contribute IF possible. Thanks for the update Rick. Cliff
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    Small acid test kit is the easiest way to take the guess work out. I recently found a 925 ring made in Italy and it rang in lower than a quarter or dime. Rings and jewelry in general vary based on how much metal, size and orientation so the numbers will be different.
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    I'd be looking in that flattened cartridge for a nugget! Nice bunch of finds. GaryC/Oregon Coast
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    I enjoy finding foreign coinage. I think its cool. Very nice dime!!! HH Mike
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    Too true, JW! learning to work smart took way too long...but, I did learn. fred
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    I'm guessing it wasn't in the ground too long--only 1" deep. In that time, it had some tarnish on it. I soaked in ketchup, but that did nothing. Once I put it in jewelry cleaner, the tarnish came off quickly. Some buffing brought back the shine.
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    Am I missing something here? Most finds don't appear very deep, yet the Minelabs couldn't find any gold but the AQ did?
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    Mitchel, to me the question is moot, since the Zed has no discrimination. However, in high trash areas, I usually default to the old standard of only going after the deep, mellow sounding targets, and avoiding the screaming surface trash. As to your thread title, the Zed's Locate Patch option of the Ground Smoothing feature allows for a faster swing speed akin to the motion filter of the GPX 5000, providing a shorter, sharper signal response than Ground Smoothing Off. But even at that, I'm sure it couldn't hold a candle to the target separation abilities of the Nox.
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    A bit further down and the other end of the contact. Virgin area, outside of known districts. poundage 🙂
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    Hi Guys. I made a comment on Jason's post that I was going to an area that I have been wanting to get into for a while. At 5000 feet above sea level & needing to be able to spend a few days up there to have a good look around. Mrs JW was away & we had a long weekend so I thought this was my opportunity. Checking the weather forecast Saturday morning before heading off it wasnt looking too good. With a high of just 3 degrees celcius for saturday & 10mm of rain. That didn't encourage me at all. The glacial silt up there turns to grease with any hint of moisture & even with a 4X4 & being by myself with no other assistance I gave it a miss. I decided I had to get away & so I hooked up the caravan went to an area I hadn't been to since november. Reason being the grass growth has just been crazy here the last couple of years making detecting non viable. I have been so spoilt in the past with billiard table like conditions so any grass now is just a hindrance to my cause knowing how good I have had it. I phoned the farmer when I got my caravan all set up to let him know I was around. I didn't want to go & see him in person due to this virus situation. He informed me that there were rabbit shooters lower down on his property. So I told him I would go up the top end & well away from them. I wasn't wanting to go there as that was where I went in november & the grass growth was mental. I used the 10" coil that time & did manage a few bits. When I got in there this time the grass was even worse. BUGGER. It was mid afternoon by this time so I ended up putting on the 12" coil to get a tad more depth through the grass. Thought I was on to a good signal here on one of the very few bald spots on one of the old timers turned over piles. You will note the grass covering the piles & prospect holes going up the gully towards my wagon parked center background. Turned out to be a deeper shotgun pellet 🤬 Further down the turned over gully some more bald areas & I got another faint hit. Down 4-5 inches. 12 inch coil Down the gully a bit further another very similar signal from in the grass. So had to dig out the grass & the signal really improved. Down 10 inches That was it for the saturday. Just the two small ones. Zoomed up on the one on the right looks like a mouse without a tail 😄 Sunday I decided to go on a long walk into an area I hadn't been in to for about four years. The grass growth here was even crazier. If I hadn't of detected these old workings back then I would have struggled to recognise them today. It was unbelievable. They were quite substantial workings too but you wouldn't think so today. I just couldn't detect any where in them at all. I had elected to put back on the 10" coil for this days mission. Numerous gullies were all the same. Just 2-3 feet of grass. In some places it was up to my neck. This photo shows the grass growth & a bit of a bald spot on the top edge of a sluiced gully. The main workings are to the left they weren't even worth a photo. I detected that bald spot & down the bank face & nothing. Note that rock formation in the background. I nicknamed it Doggy Rock. Wonder why?😄 Gully after gully of old workings were all the same. Just too longer grass. The day wasn't looking promising & I had got gold before in all these gullies. I just couldn't get the coil to the ground. Came across a ruin of an old timers stone hut. I am thinking it was more of a rock base & probably had canvas sides & roof. Coming to a small area of exposed stony tailings or throw out pile where the grass hadn't got a hold, I made a vee line for it. Got a very faint signal after scanning most of it. Getting deeper & deeper down the signal getting better & better. So much so I was sure it was going to be a big bit of crap. But nothing lept up on to my magnet. Down 400-500mm it was screaming. Got to be rubbish for sure. Pick handle is 700mm Well stone the crows & tickle my arse with a feather.🤣 Not to forget that is just a 10 inch coil on the Zed. High Yield/Normal & full max sensitivity of 20 purring along nicely in my ground conditions. It must have been laying on its flat for sure. My biggest piece in a Longgggg time. Ye Ha.🙏 To be continued..... Cheers & Good luck out there JW 🤠
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    All kidding aside on the the monster nugget size. What was the largest nugget ever found? Any photos? All you guys that earn a living prospecting for gold kudos to you, It's got to be the best job in the world.
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    Here’s a video I did yesterday of a GPZ7000 being Ferrite balanced correctly with a GPZ14 coil. You will notice the detector sounds ground balanced when pumped and waved over the ground nearby yet makes a signal over the Ferrite until Quick-Trak is triggered. If a coil continues making a signal on the Ferrite it will also generate noise associated with any X signal in the ground adding to general ground noise which will degrade performance. JP
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    I’ve missed something here obviously. As was mentioned in the threads bio I would prefer others not putting up photo or video material etc on these threads but you are more than welcome to have a discussion about any of the subject matter enclosed. I sincerely want to avoid conflict and keep the posts informative and friendly. However to be fair I have used an X coil as a means of demonstrating various behaviours that are detrimental to GPZ use which Minelab went to great pains to design out during development, poor Ferrite balance and Saturation noise are detrimental to working in my areas. In the interests of fairness I intend to film these again using a GPZ14 coil in the same locations to show the differences. This was not an attempt to discredit or create argument but to clarify comments I’ve made in the past on the subject. Showing what these detrimental behaviours actually sound and look like is educational I feel. If Phrunt wants to start a new thread with his video I’m more than happy to answer any questions as best I can so long as it remains amicable, for my part I will do my best to keep it that way. JP
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    Mitchell we have already determined you are Def lol.
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