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    The Nokta/Makro Simplex is a new 12 kHz single frequency VLF metal detector with an expected release date in October 2019. Pre-orders are being taken at select dealers now. The Simplex redefines the features available in a metal detector selling in the under $300 range. Key features are the fully submersible design, integrated wireless headphones, built in rechargeable battery, updates via the internet, and more. Look for more information and discussion on the Nokta / Makro Metal Detector Forum. Nokta/Makro Simplex metal detector The Simplex is available in two packages, both are the same wireless capable detector. Note that Nokta/Makro uses a proprietary high speed wireless solution not compatible with other wireless systems. The Simplex+ has a MSRP of $299 and is available discounted at $254.15. The Simplex+ WHP adds the Nokta/Makro wireless headphones and a hat for MSRP $399 but available discounted at $339.15. You may purchase the less expensive package and add the headphones at a later time if desired. In either case you are buying the same detector which has the wireless capability built in. 12 kHz Single Frequency VLF Waterproof to 3 meters or 10 feet Built in rechargeable LiPO battery Built in wireless headphone capability Built in vibration mode (for hard of hearing/deaf people and great for underwater use!) Three piece telescopic rod assembly collapses to 25" for easy transport Stout construction yet only 2.9 lbs (or less) 11" DD coil, many other options will be available Firmware pdates available over the internet Price under US$300 Built in forward facing LED flashlight for night hunting Backlit screen & backlit keyboard controls Battery strength indicator Four search modes - Park, Field, Saltwater, All Metal Full time automatic ground tracking 0 - 99 target id Notch discrimination Ferrous volume setting Depth indicator Main volume control Sensitivity control Frequency shift to reduce electrical interference 2 year warranty Nokta/Makro Simplex display
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    The Fisher Impulse AQ is a new pulse induction (PI) metal detector that has a probable release date of late 2019. This first of a possible series is a waterproof model intended for beach and water hunting. The machine is expected to offer excellent depth and superb sensitivity to small jewelry items due to an very low 7 uS pulse delay option. The most anticipated feature is discrimination that is supposed to be better than that currently offered on any other pulse induction metal detectors, although this discrimination is aimed more at gold rings than coins. The compact waterproof design and relatively light weight is also attracting attention. Follow up models may be aimed at gold prospectors and possibly even the coin and relic market. May 2019 - the latest information indicates the machine is almost ready for production, once some issues with waterproof integrity get worked out. Fisher Impulse AQ Prototype A thread on this websites First Texas Forum is tracking the latest developments. Information will be added here periodically. All information here is preliminary and subject to change, especially pricing and final specifications. Latest pulse induction technology Waterproof to 1 meter or 3 feet Lithium Ion battery Battery under armrest may be swapped out with a fully charged battery (optional) Standard battery run time 5.5 - 6 hours Larger external battery option - 11 - 12 hour run time 12.5” Mono Coil, weighs 400 grams or 14.1 ounces Detector complete with battery under four pounds Weight of detector with battery on belt 3.24 lbs or 1428 grams Price US$2100 - US$2500? Controls Volume Threshold Sensitivity Self Adjusting Threshold (SAT) Speed Iron Mask Pulse Delay Adjust Noise Cancel Mode Switch: Power On/Off Battery Test Set For Noise Cancel All Metal (One Tone) Tone (Two Tones) Mute Fisher Impulse AQ controls First Texas - Bounty Hunter, Fisher & Teknetics Metal Detector Forum
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    This is a simple listing of metal detector models which I will be filling out with models new and old as I have time. The intent is to have basic information on metal detector models for easy reference. The models are listed alphabetically by manufacturer but by using the "Sort By" function can also be listed by weight, price, or other basic specifications. Links to manufacturer pages and owner's manuals are provided when possible. Discontinued models are highlighted, and when discontinued the price shown is the last known sale price new. The heart of the whole thing is intended to be the User Reviews. If enough people take the time to write up their basic thoughts about each model, pro and con, it can help others in the future. Please try and keep it on the level - critical commentary is good but trashing things just to trash them is not. Please note each forum member may leave one review only - this is not a discussion forum. Anyway, this is an experiment that will only prove its worth over time if everyone contributes. Thank you in advance for any review you post! See also Steve's Metal Detector Reviews for in-depth reviews of select models. 21st century metal detecting - fully submersible with wireless headphones
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    The Minelab Vanquish 540 is a new metal detector announced by Minelab and with product shipping in 2020. The Vanquish 540 is a multifrequency VLF detector with a unique collapsible rod system and 12" x 9" DD coil. Follow Minelab Vanquish threads on the Minelab Metal Detector Forum for the latest news. Minelab Vanquish 540 metal detector Search Modes - Coin, Relic, Jewelry, Custom, All Metal Custom User Search Profile - Yes Operating Frequencies (kHz) - Multi-IQ Noise Cancel - Auto (19 Channels) Bluetooth Audio - Yes Iron Bias - High (default), Low Sensitivity - 10 levels Volume - 10 levels Target Tones - 5 tones Discrimination Segments - 25 segments Target ID's - -9 to 40 Depth Indicator - 5 levels Length - Extended: 1450 mm (57") Collapsed: 760 mm (30") Weight (incl. batteries) - 2.9 lbs (1.3 kg) Standard Coil - V12 12" x 9" Double-D Audio Output - In-built loudspeaker, 3.5 mm (1/8") jack, Bluetooth wireless Supplied Headphones - Wired 3.5 mm (1/8") headphones Display - Monochrome LCD with red backlight Supplied Batteries - 4 x AA NiMH rechargeable Waterproof - Coil to 1 meter/3 feet Operating Temperature Range - -10°C to +40°C (+14°F to +104°F) Storage Temperature Range - -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to +158°F) Key Technologies - Multi-IQ, Bluetooth, aptx™ Low Latency Forum threads with "vanquish" tag Minelab Metal Detector Forum Minelab Vanquish 540 display and controls
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    The White's TDI BeachHunter metal detector was introduced in 2018 and is still in production. The TDI BeachHunter is a fully submersible pulse induction (PI) metal detector aimed primarily at beach detecting for coins and jewelry. The TDI BeachHunter is basically a waterproof TDI SL and performance is about the same. "Common VLF detectors, even multi-frequency ones, can struggle in strong mineralization or salt conditions. That’s where the power of Pulse Induction can help you find more treasure! Specially-built for both the beach and the goldfields, the TDI BeachHunter offers extreme depth performance on land or sea. Waterproof to 25 ft, the TDI BeachHunter punches deep at the beach, in goldfields, or even in difficult relic areas like red clay. The adjustable Pulse Delay lets you set the machine up for maximum sensitivity to fine gold jewelry, small nuggets, and hammered coins at depth. Just set your ground balance, adjust your gain, and start swinging! With the dual-tone audio users quickly learn the difference in sounds, and adjustable volume and threshold controls allow flexibility for different hunters’ preferences. At only 5.2 lbs, the TDI BeachHunter is ready for action, and an included hip and chest-mount pouch allows for users to customize the machine to their own hunting style. The included Heavy-Duty NiMH rechargeable battery extends the run-time to about 6 hrs, and the backup 8 AA battery pack means you’re setup for long days in search of gold, silver, or relics. The patented 12″ Dual-Field search coil features two coils in one – a small, inner coil with higher sensitivity to small targets, and larger outer ring that punches deep into salt or other mineralization. Due to the fact that the coil is hard-wired, users may find this model offers increases sensitivity and stability compared to the TDI SL." Source: White's website White's TDI BeachHunter metal detector White's TDI BeachHunter control panel FULLY SUBMERSIBLE UP TO 25 FEET FULL-CONTROL GROUND BALANCE - Quickly balance out the iron mineralization of hot rocks, black sand and other tough grounds ADJUSTABLE PULSE DELAY - Settings from 10 microseconds (best for finding gold nuggets) to 25 microseconds (for relic, coin and beach hunting) THRESHOLD CONTROL - Accurately adjust the audio to hear the smaller, deeper signals FREQUENCY CONTROL - Adjustable for hunting near power lines, microwave or other interference GAIN CONTROL - Maximizes sensitivity and depth LOW BATTERY L.E.D. INDICATOR LIGHT NIMH RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK - Up to 6 hours of hunting. Backup “AA” pack included. WATERPROOF 12” SPIDER search coil TWO-YEAR Parts and Labor Warranty Official White's TDI BeachHunter Product Page White's TDI BeachHunter Owner's Manual White's TDI BeachHunter Color Flyer White's Metal Detector Forum
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    The Teknetics G2 metal detector was introduced in 2014 and is still in production. It is a 19 khz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at relic, jewelry, coin, and gold nugget detecting. "The new G2+ is unique among relic hunting detectors for its versatile function as an all-purpose treasure detector and also its high sensitivity to small gold nuggets. The controls, menu options and features are tailored to relic-hunting, including a sophisticated ground balancing system, separate control over signal gain and threshold and a unique discrimination control system. These features also make for a great gold prospecting detector, especially when the G2+ is outfitted with the optional 5” DD searchcoil. While the G2+ makes for a highly competent coinshooting detector, its user interface and features are not specifically designed for this purpose. As a coin-shooter, you will notice that the G2+ exhibits slightly lower sensitivity to high-conductivity coins, like a U.S. quarter; this is a result of its specialized design to emphasize sensitivity to smaller, lower conductivity metals like relics and gold nuggets. The G2+ is outfitted with a 11”DD open elliptical searchcoil as standard equipment since this searchcoil construction is best-suited to relic-hunting. At the trashiest sites, you may find the smaller optional 5”DD searchcoil makes pinpointing easier, is better suited to penetrate highly mineralized soils and improves target separation." Source: G2+ Owner's Manual Teknetics G2+ metal detector Teknetics G2+ control panel FeTone®Adjustable Iron Audio Enhanced V-Break® Tone Discrimination System Notch Mode with Adjustable Notch Width Adjustable Backlight Computerized GROUNDGRAB® One Touch Ground Balance with Manual Override Unmatched Target Separation in Iron and Trash Continuous Ground Condition Readout Ground Phase Value Indicates Type of Mineralization Fe3O4 Graphic Indicates Amount of Mineralization Ground Balance All the Way to Salt Static All Metal Pinpoint with Depth Indicator 19 kHz Operating Frequency Official Teknetics G2+ Product Page Teknetics G2+ Owner's Manual First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
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    The White's Goldmaster 24K metal detector was introduced in 2018 and is still in production. It is a 48 kHz induction balance metal detector aimed primarily at gold prospecting. "Featuring a 50% increase in coil voltage over previous models along with an all-new XGB ground balance system, take your prospecting to new depths with the Goldmaster 24k. This machine represents a new generation of VLF detection technology, with features that both sourdough and greenhorn prospectors can appreciate. Starting with the industry-standard 48 kHz operating frequency, we’ve packed all the necessities into one package to put you on the gold. A large, backlit display shows you all the machine’s settings as well as valuable target information. The Target Graph at the top of the display shows Ferrous, Gold, and High Conductor ranges, which is mirrored with Target ID numbers ranging from 0-99. An all-new XGB ground balance system can handle mineralized ground unlike other VLF prospecting machines." Source: Goldmaster 24K brochure White's Goldmaster 24K metal detector White's Goldmaster 24K control panel For advanced users, TracLock and Ground Grab are just a tap of button away. You can assign a ground balance offset in both TracLock or XGB modes. To help prospectors that prefer drywashing, sluicing, or panning, the Goldmaster 24k features a Ground Scan mode that can show you where valuable paystreaks are in streambeds and washes. The Goldmaster 24K offers 10 levels of adjustable sensitivity, adjustable audio volume with two levels of Boost, adjustable discrimination, vSAT, adjustable threshold, non-motion pinpoint, and a Tone ID mode. But don’t let that scare you if this is your first prospecting machine – this is a turn-on-and-go machine, with advanced features you can grow into as you gain experience. SENSITIVITY – Set the sensitivity at a level that does not result in false signals from the ground. Very strong ground may result in the symbol on screen and a loud sound – this means the sensitivity is too high. GROUND BALANCE – With the default setting, the detector will use XGB to automatically ground balance. Tap to lock the ground balance to the current setting. Tapping when the ground balance is locked will update the current ground setting to what is under the coil. GROUND SCAN – Hold to put the detector into Ground Scan mode. The top bar displays the ground strength and the two digit numbers display the ground type (phase). Useful for tracing paystreaks. IRON CANCEL – Tap to silence hot rocks, trash and mineral changes in both audio modes. Hold to select the Iron Cancel setting (1 bar is default). Note that this setting may decrease the detector’s sensitivity to very small gold, but is necessary in difficult ground conditions. VOLUME and THRESHOLD – Tap to adjust the volume with the up and down buttons. Hold to adjust the threshold with the up and down buttons (“th” displays on screen). Set these to a comfortable level for your hearing and preference. AUDIO MODE – With the displayed on screen, the detector is in “BEEP” audio mode (high tone = good target, low tone = bad target). The default setting (without on screen) is a traditional All-Metal audio mode with greater sensitivity to small targets. SAT – SAT can smooth out ground inconsistencies. Hold to adjust it (“Sa” displays on screen, 2 is the default setting). PINPOINT – Hold for non-motion pinpoint mode. In difficult ground this mode may be affected by mineralization. BACKLIGHT – Tap to enable the backlight (this reduces battery life). FREQUENCY SHIFT – Hold when turning the detector on to shift frequency (useful when there is EMI). Power off to save the selection. FACTORY RESET – Hold when turning the detector on to perform a factory reset. AUDIO - Built in speaker, 1/4” headphone jack BATTERIES - 8 AA WEIGHT - 3.5 lbs COILS - Optional 6” round concentric coil available Official White's Goldmaster 24K Product Page White's Goldmaster 24K Owner's Manual White's Goldmaster 24K Color Flyer White's Goldmaster 24K - Steve's Review Forum threads tagged "whites goldmaster 24k" White’s Metal Detector Forum
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    The QED Metal Detector was first released in late 2016. It was known as the QED PL1 and had only three control buttons on the forward mounted control box. Mid 2018 saw the release of the improved current version, the QED PL2. The QED is a ground balancing pulse induction (GBPI) metal detector aimed primarily at the gold prospecting market. The QED is currently only available for sale in Australia. "The QED design philosophy was to “to create a performance competitive detector at a realistic price for fellow prospectors”. The result is a single channel Pulse Induction metal detector that’s very well priced in relation to its competitors and has the performance to match the current tier 1 metal detectors of all other brands; you can swing it all day without a harness and bungy and the supplied LiPo batteries last all day." Source: Interfacion website Interfacion QED PL1 metal detector Interfacion QED PL2 metal detector Features on both the PL1 and PL2 versions of the QED: It can use most of the past and present Mono (round or elliptical) coils, either flat wound, bundle wound, spiral wound or conventionally wound from all of the major coil manufacturers. It has a 5-year Industry high retrospective Manufacturer’s warranty on the QED control box/boxes, which commences from the original purchase date and is transferable. All Software updates are cost-free to units within the warranty period, however the QED Detector owner is responsible for all transport costs to and from the QED Manufacturer (INTERFACION PTY LTD). Features on the QED PL2 model only: The main box re-located to under the elbow and the Control Box located forward for better weight distribution and better ergonomics 8 Modes increased to 15 Modes to improve performance over heavily mineralised ground The addition of Mode 16 for beach detecting The addition of the Automatic Ground Balance (AGB) function via a newly introduced fourth control button Official Interfacion QED website Owner's Manuals for QED PL1 and QED PL2 Latest Forum Thread on QED
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    The White's Sierra Gold Trac (SGT) metal detector was introduced in 2013 and is still in production. It is a 48 khz induction balance metal detector aimed primarily at gold prospecting. The SGT is a stripped down version of the White's GMT in that it only has two controls and is locked into full time ground tracking, but other than that it has all the power of the GMT for half the price. The SGT had an MSRP of $599.95 when introduced in 2013 but was discounted to $499.95. It was temporarily discontinued but revived in 2018 with a new price of $399.95. "High-frequency (48kHz) gold nugget detector with just two controls - GAIN and THRESHOLD. Automatic ground balance. Perfect entry-level prospector." Source: 2019 White's catalog White's Sierra Gold Trac SGT metal detector AUTO GROUND BALANCE with Fast AutoTrac® TRACKS AND ADJUSTS while you hunt SIMPLIFIED TWO KNOB OPERATION for ease of use TWO CONTROLS - Power/Gain and Audio Threshold WATERPROOF ELLIPTICAL “DD” search coil 48 KHZ operating frequency - Best for gold! EIGHT “AA” Drop-in Battery System 40 HRS. OF HUNTING (Optional Nicad Rechargeable System, sold separately) LIGHTWEIGHT only 3.4 lbs TWO-YEAR Parts and Labor Warranty Official White's Sierra Gold Trac Product Page White's Sierra Gold Trac Owner's Manual White's Metal Detector Forum
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    The Minelab GPX 4800 detector was released in 2010 and was discontinued in 2012. The GPX 4800 was a pulse induction (PI) metal detector aimed primarily at the gold prospecting market but which also became popular also with relic hunters. "Gold detecting is a fascinating and rewarding activity enjoyed by people all over the world. By getting to know your GPX Series detector you can become one of the many who find gold and valuable treasure on a regular basis. The GPX 5000 and GPX 4800 are high precision instruments incorporating Multi-Period Sensing (MPS), Dual Voltage Technology (DVT), Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA), and advanced digital processing. The GPX 5000 and GPX 4800 will locate gold in all types of ground, especially highly mineralised ground conditions, with great efficiency. This manual is designed to help both the beginner and expert prospector get the best performance out of their GPX 5000 and GPX 4800." Source: Owner's Manual Minelab GPX 4800 metal detector MPS, DVT & SETA technology delivers to you the most technologically advanced detector yet making small hard to hear nuggets more obvious. New timings it's like having 6 detectors in 1 enabling you to find more gold in more ground conditions. In addition to five of the timings found on the previous model the GPX 4800 introduces the new coin/relic timing Coin/relic timing is the deepest ever for benign ground conditions Improved enhance timing for more depth Improved electronics for increased target sensitivity and ground balance performance Three preset search modes gives you easy switch on and go detecting. All three general, deep and hi-mineral search modes can be modified to your personal favorite settings Automatic ground balance options make it easy to adjust the detector to suit all ground conditions. e.g. (fixed, tracking, tracking speed, ground balance type, quick-trac button) Audio adjustments to maximize target signals for your personal hearing ability e.g. (threshold, tone, audio type, signal peak, target volume, volume limit, stabilizer) Iron reject adjustable to suit the iron trash level where you are detecting Motion control, adjustable to match your sweep speed and optimize target responses Tune (also known as noise cancel) automatic and manual options to minimize electrical interference Rx gain adjustment for adjusting sensitivity Backlight so that you can read the LCD menu in any light, allowing you to detect day or night. the back light also has an adjustable timeout to help preserve battery power Lightweight Li-ion battery with inbuilt speaker booster capability One coil as standard: 11” double-D coil Languages: English, Spanish, Russian & Arabic (manual only) Minelab GPX 4800 Owner's Manual Minelab GPX 4800 | 5000 Color Brochure Forum Threads Tagged "minelab gpx" Minelab Metal Detector Forum
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    The Garrett AT Pro metal detector was introduced in 2010 and is still in production. The AT Pro is a fully submersible 15 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, and relic detecting. The AT Pro was revolutionary at the time it was released due to it having a full complement of controls, an LCD display, and built in speaker, all while being waterproof to ten feet. This and a low price has resulted in the Garrett AT Pro being one of the most commercially successful metal detectors ever designed. 12/1/2018 - Take note of a temporary offer to buy the AT Pro with the smaller 5" x 8" coil as standard instead of the 8.5" x 11" coil. Garrett AT Pro Sport Special "This all-terrain detector offers new and exclusive Garrett technology that makes it ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelry, and even gold nuggets. The AT Pro includes Garrett's exclusive Target ID technology and patented discrimination features. Two indicator scales allow you to see the detector’s discrimination setting (Lower Scale) as well as the analysis of each target (Upper Scale). In addition, a Digital Target ID scale provides a more specific target value. The AT Pro also features High Resolution Iron Discrimination (40 points) for separating desirable targets from iron junk in cluttered areas, several advanced audio features and a standard 8.5" x 11" elliptical Double-D searchcoil engineered for optimum performance in more challenging mineralized soils. In addition, the AT Pro can be operated in a very user-friendly Standard (STD) Mode or in a more advanced PRO Mode for experienced hunters." Source: Owner's Manual Garrett AT Pro metal detector Garrett AT Pro control panel Pro Mode Audio - Proportional Audio response and Tone Roll Audio features allows user to hear subtle changes in target’s response to better judge conductivity, size, shape and depth. All Terrain Versatility - Weatherproof design for dusty, humid, or wet environments; and fully submersible to 10-foot depth. High-Resolution Iron Discrimination™ - Provides fine resolution of iron discrimination (40 levels) for the most precise ability to separate a good target from iron trash. Iron Audio™ - Allows the user to hear discriminated iron (normally silenced) to avoid digging tricky, undesired flat iron objects (i.e. bottle caps, steel washers) and to alter the detector’s mid-tone signal’s range. Digital Target ID - Numeric scale from 0 to 99; indicates a target metal’s conductivity for increased ability to distinguish targets from each other. Fast Track™ Ground Balance - Automatic feature that allows the user to quickly ground balance the detector in mineralized soil conditions. Ground Balance (Manual) - Allows the operator to manually adjust the detector’s ground balance to reduce the detrimental effects of ground mineralization. Pinpoint - This non-motion All-Metal Mode function is used to precisely locate a detected target in the ground. Fast Recovery Speed - Allows greater ability to pick out good targets amongst trash. One-Touch™ Treasure Hunting - With one touch of a button, your detector is: powered on; automatically reset to factory (or your) settings; and ready to search! More Info: Continuous coin depth indicator to help determine target depth. Battery condition indicator. Graphic Target Analyzer identifies target conductivity. Adjustable Frequency helps eliminate interference. Official AT Pro Product Page Garrett AT Pro U.S. Owner's Manual Garrett AT Pro International Owner's Manual Forum Threads Tagged "garrett at" Garrett Metal Detector Forum
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    The White's MXT was released in 2002 and is still in production as the MXT All Pro or MXT Pro. The MXT is a 14 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, and relic detecting as well as gold prospecting. Previous versions now discontinued include the original MXT with 9.5" concentric coil and the MXT 300 with 12" concentric coil. The MXT Pro was originally released with the 12" 300mm coil. The current MXT Pro features a 10" round DD coil and adds three new touch pad buttons to the control pod (see picture below), meter backlight, and multi tones but performance is identical to earlier versions. "THE MXT ALL-PRO is like having three metal detectors in one! You’ll enjoy the keypad, high-efficiency backlight, Grab and lock settings. This favorite comes with a 10” DD search coil. Three separate programs give you versatility with different target responses, display info and audio frequencies for relics, prospecting and coins/jewelry." Source: White's 2018 catalog White's MXT Pro metal detector White's MXT Pro display Backlit Display for hunting in low light conditions Tone ID seven tones in the coin & jewelry program to identify different targets before you dig Grab update ground tracking from a locked or tracking setting 3 Separate Programs unique target responses, display info and audio frequencies Coin/Jewelry display offers vdi -95 to +95, target blocks, coin/jewelry/trash-target labels, depth reading and tone id and more Relic specifically id’s buttons, buckles and bullets. Displays vdi range of -95 to +95, target blocks, relic target labels, depth reading and more Prospecting iron grunt for targets with high probability of being iron. Vdi range of -95 to +95, % probability of iron, ground phase and more 3 Options for tone id Automatic Ground Balance simple, fast, accurate 3 Easy-Adjust Controls Gain maximizes sensitivity and depth Threshold allows you to hunt with a slight hum or hear only the sound of targets Dual functions differently in each program Operating Frequency 14 kHz 10” DD waterproof search coil Drop-in Battery Pack 40-hours from 8 “AA” batteries Two Year parts and labor warranty Official MXT Product Page White's MXT Pro Owner's Manual White's MXT - Steve's Review White's Metal Detector Forum
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    The Teknetics Eurotek was introduced in 2013 and is still in production. The Eurotek is a 7.81 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, and relic detecting. "The Eurotek and Eurotek Pro were designed for congested and iron laden European hunting conditions. An exceptionally fast retune speed offers impressive target separation in iron-infested sites and the expanded 39-point Iron ID range makes it easy to identify desirable iron targets. These are turn-on-and-go detectors for quick and easy operation. They have waterproof searchcoils, fully adjustable stems with locking collars and are powered by a single drop-in 9V alkaline battery. With a large, easy-to-read display and touch-pad operation, the Eurotek and Eurotek Pro offer unique features at an affordable price." Source: Teknetics 2014 catalog Teknetics Eurotek metal detector Teknetics Eurotek control panel Large 2-digit numeric Target-ID numbers from 1-99 Ferrous ID: 1 – 39 Non-Ferrous ID: 40 – 99 3-Segment Depth Indicator 2-Tone Audio Target-ID Motion Discrimination Mode Discrimination Adjustment: 1 – 79 Adjustable Sensitivity: 1 - 10 ¼” (6.3 mm) headphone jack Large Target Overload Warning Save Settings as Default Battery Power Indicator 8” (20 cm) Concentric waterproof searchcoil Ergonomic S-Handle design with locking stem collars 7.81 kHz Operating frequency Length: 37.25” – 50.5” (95 cm – 128 cm) Uses one 9V battery (not included) Battery life: 20-25 hrs. Weight: 2.4 lbs. (1 kg) 5-year warranty Official Teknetics Eurotek Product Page Teknetics Eurotek Owner's Manual First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
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    The Teknetics Eurotek Pro was introduced in 2013 and is still in production. The Eurotek Pro is a 7.81 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, and relic detecting. "The Eurotek and Eurotek Pro were designed for congested and iron laden European hunting conditions. An exceptionally fast retune speed offers impressive target separation in iron-infested sites and the expanded 39-point Iron ID range makes it easy to identify desirable iron targets. These are turn-on-and-go detectors for quick and easy operation. They have waterproof searchcoils, fully adjustable stems with locking collars and are powered by a single drop-in 9V alkaline battery. With a large, easy-to-read display and touch-pad operation, the Eurotek and Eurotek Pro offer unique features at an affordable price. With the Eurotek Pro you get Teknetics’ exclusive Fe Tone™ adjustable iron audio. Set the volume of ferrous targets lower than the volume of non-ferrous targets for increased clarity on desirable targets. The Eurotek Pro also has an Iron ID indicator that illuminates whenever the searchcoil passes over iron, regardless of the discrimination setting. A no-motion Pinpoint Mode assists in target recovery. These features provide a distinct advantage when hunting iron-infested areas." Source: Teknetics 2014 catalog Teknetics Eurotek Pro metal detector Teknetics Eurotek Pro control panel FeTone®, Adjustable Iron Audio – Adjust the audio volume of iron targets independent from non-ferrous targets V-Break®, Variable Breakpoint – Industry’s first variable breakpoint tone discrimination system Variable Iron Discrimination – This is a digital feature allowing full range adjustment of discrimination, 0-39 Superior Iron Separation – Fast Recovery Speed – Very effective at separating ferrous targets from non-ferrous targets in close proximity to each other Iron Identifier LED – An on-screen LED that lights up when iron is detected, regardless of discrimination setting Adjustable volume (1 – 20) 5-Segment Depth Indicator 3-Tone Audio ID Large 2-digit numeric Target-ID numbers from 1-99 Ferrous ID (1 – 39) Non-Ferrous ID (40 – 99) Depth Indicator Multi-Tone Audio Target-ID 7.81 kHz Operating frequency Length: 37.25” – 50.5” (95 cm – 128 cm) Uses one 9V battery (not included) Battery life: 20-25 hrs. Weight: 2.4 lbs. (1 kg) 5-year warranty Official Teknetics Eurotek Pro Product Page Teknetics Eurotek Pro Owner's Manual First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
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    The Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ metal detector was introduced in 1997 and ceased production in 2018. It is a weatherproof 17.8 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at gold prospecting with coin, jewelry, and relic detecting being secondary uses. "The Lobo Super TRAQ is an incredibly versatile, feature-rich machine that triumphs in small gold nugget prospecting. Spoil yourself with a detector that self-adjusts to any type of soil, even in highly mineralized locations. While the Lobo is designed to find gold, it also thrives in detecting coins, relics, and other treasures." Source: Tesoro 2013 catalog Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ metal detector Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ control panel SuperTRAQ Computerized Ground Tracking System VLF 17.8 kHz Frequency All Metal Auto Tune Mode Adjustable Threshold Silent Search Discriminate Mode Instant All Metal No-Motion Pinpointing Ultra-Smooth Operation in Extreme Mineralization MAXBoost Sensitivity Three Ground Tracking Modes: Normal Soil, Alkali, Black Sand Pole or Body Mount Lightweight Design 10" Elliptical Widescan Coil Limited Lifetime Warranty Official Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Product Page Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Owner's Manual Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ - Steve's Review Tesoro Metal Detector Forum
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    The Tesoro Vaquero metal detector was introduced in 2004 and ceased production in 2018. The Vaquero is a 14.5 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, relic, and gold nugget detecting. "The versatile Vaquero is an all-around detector designed to do just about anything a detectorist could want. Named after the Spanish word for “cowboy,” the Vaquero lives up to the hard-working, take-on-the-tough-jobs reputation that made cowboys in the Old West famous. What enhances the Vaquero’s versatility is its 3-3/4-turn manual-adjust ground balance, which gives the detectorist the capability to set up the machine to suit mineralization conditions and personal treasure-hunting style. We’ve also added an ED180 discrimination feature for filtering trash from treasure, a push-button pinpoint for easier digging, and a VCO-style all-metal operating mode—features that give the Vaquero its “do anything” power. With a weight of just under 2.2 pounds, the flexibility to use any Lobo SuperTRAQ or Tejón accessory coils, and its lifetime warranty, the Vaquero is the ultimate go-anywhere treasure tool." Source: Tesoro 2007 catalog Tesoro Vaquero metal detector Tesoro Vaquero control panel MicroMAX Design VLF 14 kHz Frequency One Drop-in 9V Battery Variable Threshold 3 3/4 Turn External Ground Balance Ultra-lightweight Design 9x8 Monolithic Coil 3-Piece Knockdown Pole Limited Lifetime Warranty Operating Frequency 14.3 kHz, 14.5 kHz, 14.7 kHz Searchcoil Type Monolithic (Carbon Fiber) Searchcoil Size 9 x 8 Searchcoil Family Delta Cable Length Approx. 3' Audio Frequency Approx. 293 Hz or VCO Audio Output 1 1/2" speaker and headphone jack Headphone Compatibility ¼" stereo plug Weight (may vary slightly) 2.2 lbs Official Tesoro Vaquero Product Page Tesoro Vaquero Owner's Manual Forum Threads Tagged "tesoro detector" Tesoro Metal Detectors Forum
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    The White's V3i metal detector was introduced in 2009 and is still in production. The V3i is a VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, relic detecting, saltwater beach detecting, and gold prospecting. The White's V3i is a multifrequency detector that can also run at one of several single frequencies: 2.5, 7.5, and 22.5 kHz. The V3i was originally released as the White's Spectra Vision or simply White's Vision. Due to a name conflict with another company the name was changed to White's Spectra V3. The original Vision and V3 models both had software updates issued. The updates were consolidated into the final White's Spectra V3i model which is still being manufactured today. All previous models can be updated to the latest V3i software by returning the detector to White's Electronics. Details here. "THE SPECTRA® V3i IS WHITE’S PREMIER METAL DETECTOR. We’ve included all our treasure hunting features and your investment is backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty. The beautiful, full-color HD display clearly explains the depth and metal type of detected objects. And, if you’re just starting out, the V3i has 9 preset programs, for turn-on-and-go versatility that fits the terrain and target... whether it’s coins, jewelry, relics of the past, or gold nuggets. Expert users will appreciate the V3i’s dozens of optional settings. You’ll experience unparalleled depth and sensitivity, even in previously-hunted areas!" Source: White's 2018 catalog White's V3i metal detector White's V3i control panel HD COLOR DISPLAY with adjustable backlight SPECTRASOUND® wireless custom-built headphones (optional) TARGET ID via 3x3 Target ID system - Search, Analyze and Pinpoint VDI NUMBERS for most accurate target ID DEPTH READING 10 TURN-ON-AND-GO! HUNTING PROGRAMS: >> Coin >> Coin and Jewelry >> Salt Beach >> Relic >> Prospecting >> Deep Silver >> High Trash >> Hi-Pro >> Mixed Mode Pro >> Meteorite MULTI-FREQUENCY DETECTION: 2.5 kHz, 7.5 kHz, 22.5 kHz 10” WATERPROOF DD Search Coil NIMH RECHARGEABLE Battery System LIVE “DASHBOARD” control adjustments as you hunt PRECISION ANALYSIS SCREENS showing data for all 3 frequencies: PROSPECTING SCAN POLAR PLOT Vector Screen SPECTRAGRAPH® Target Signature SOIL TYPE SELECT LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Turkish Owner Registration Software pre-installed Official White's V3i Product Page White's V3i Owner's Manual White's V3i Advanced User Guide White's V3i - Steve's Review Forum Threads Tagged "whites v3i" White's Metal Detector Forum
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    The Fisher F22 metal detector was introduced in 2015 and is still in production. It is a weatherproof 7.69 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, and relic detecting. "The F22 is a fully weatherproof, easy to use turn-on-and-go metal detector. It has superfast retune speed with excellent target separation and easy to use Discrimination, Sensitivity, Notch and Pinpoint features. Fe-Tone® adjustable iron audio allows you to set the volume of ferrous targets lower than the volume of non-ferrous targets for increased clarity on desirable targets. Easily identify buried targets with the 9-Segment Target Categories and a 0-99 numeric Target-ID enhanced with 4-Tone Audio-ID System. Custom made to allow users to set their own tones. Go ahead, get it wet! The F22 can handle almost any environment!" Source: Fisher 2016 catalog Fisher F22 metal detector Fisher F22 control panel Fe-Tone® Adjustable Iron Audio 4 Modes of operation 9-segment visual and Numerical Target-ID Adjustable Sensitivity and Volume Static Pinpoint Notch Discrimination System Large 2-Digit Numeric Target-ID Numbers, 1-99 Iron Identifier Icon Non-Volatile Memory Saves Settings Ultra-lightweight Only 2.3 lbs. Operational Weight 7.69 kHz Operating Frequency Operates on 2 AA Batteries 9-Inch Triangulated Concentric Elliptical Waterproof Searchcoil Official F22 Product Page Fisher F22 Owner's Manual First Texas (Fisher) Metal Detector Forum
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    The Fisher Gold Bug DP is a version of the Fisher Gold Bug Pro metal detector that was introduced in 2010 and is still in production. It is a 19 khz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at gold prospecting, relic, jewelry, and coin detecting. The Gold Bug Pro has been a very popular entry level gold prospecting detector. Note that the Fisher Gold Bug Pro normally comes with a non-standard 5" round coil. This is good for nugget detecting but too small for most common uses. The Fisher Gold Bug DP is simply a Fisher Gold Bug Pro that comes with the 7" x 11" DD instead of the 5" round DD coil. "The Gold Bug® family has revolutionized gold prospecting with new prospecting tools, Target-ID, incredible depth and all at an affordable price! Its fast retune speed and biaxial Search coils create superb target separation with impressive depth. V-BreakTM, the industry's first Variable Breakpoint tone discrimination system, allows user control of the multi-tone Audio ID system. This feature helps distinguish iron targets with a distinctive low audio tone while non-ferrite targets like gold, induce high tones. Tone discrimination combines with a dead-accurate Visual ID system to give gold prospectors a vital new tool in finding gold without having to dig any iron targets. An expanded 40-Point Iron ID target range helps differentiate between larger iron objects and smaller nails and pieces. The way it minimizes the masking effects of ferrous targets near non-ferrous targets is simply amazing! Coin and relic hunters marveled at how well the Gold Bug® Pro performed with our legendary 11 "DD Searchcoil, and the Gold Bug® DP was bom. Two more unique features are the real-time display of the Ground Phase value and an Fe304 meter that indicates the amount of mineralization present. These features monitor changes in soil conditions to locate and trace black sand concentrations where gold is commonly found. The Ground Balance system handles the toughest of ground conditions, capable of balancing all the way to salt. No longer do you need a specialized detector for prospecting and another for coins and relics; the Gold Bug excels at both!" Source: Fisher 2016 catalog Fisher Gold Bug DP Metal Detector Fisher Gold Bug DP Control Panel Discrimination Mode for coins and relics Motion All Metal Mode Computerized GROUND GRAB with Manual Adjust No-motion Pinpoint with Depth Indicator Continuous Ground Phase and Mineralization Readout V-BreakTM, Industry's first Variable Tone Breakpoint Discrimination Threshold and Gain Adjustments Signal Strength Indicator Target-ID and 2-Tone Audio that includes V.C.O. 1/4" (6.3 mm) and 1/8" (3.2 mm) headphone Jacks Uses one 9V Alkaline battery Standard with 7" x 11" DD Waterproof Search coil 19 kHz Operating Frequency Weight: 2.8 lbs. (1.1 kg) 5 Year Warranty Official Fisher Gold Bug DP Product Page Fisher Gold Bug Pro Owner's Manual Fisher Gold Bug Pro - Steve's Review Gold Bug Versions Compared Forum Threads Tagged "fisher gold bug" First Texas (Fisher) Metal Detector Forum
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    The Fisher F75 Ltd metal detector is a model in the F75 series introduced in 2007 and is still in production. It is a 13 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, relic, jewelry, and gold nugget detecting. Note that the F75 Ltd was also called the F75 Special Edition, leading to some confusion regarding the various F75 models. The latest version of the F75 Ltd is the F75+. The original F75 Ltd model was upgraded in 2014 to include Digital Shielding Technology (DST) but the model name as sold remained the same. Earlier models are just called the F75 Ltd and the newer version is referred to as the F75 Ltd DST by users. These models should not be confused with the basic F75 model which also come with and without DST. "The F75 Ltd and Fisher F75 are two of the best metal detectors on the market today. Ideal for coins, relics, jewelry, caches and gold nuggets; they are truly versatile. When the F75 was released it raised the bar in the industry for impressive depth and incredible target separation capability. Its unparalleled "iron see-through" has been the talk of the industry. Sites thought to have been cleaned out now produce countless artifacts. These brothers of a sort share a core group of features. The Ltd version comes with additional Boost and Cache Modes, a 5" DD Round Searchcoil and a set of rain covers for the control and battery housing. The advanced technology of the Fisher F75 Ltd makes it the deepest and most versatile detector on the market today. Boost Mode increases depth and gives an added edge when hunting forest clutter or deep vegetation. Cache Mode detects large objects buried deep. Combined with our 15" DD Searchcoil it is the ideal combination when searching for deep caches, projectiles or meteorites. Also included with the F75 Ltd is a 5" DD round Searchcoil, excellent in trashy areas and for locating small items and gold nuggets. A set of rain covers for the control and battery compartments is also included." Source: Fisher 2016 catalog Fisher F75 Ltd metal detector Fisher F75 Ltd control panel Large LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric Target Identification Display Trigger-Actuated Pinpointing with Variable Audio Pitch 8 Different Audio ID Tone Options Multiple Program Modes, 3 All Metal Modes Double-Filter Discrimination for Searching Trashy Areas Notch and Discrimination Controls Magnetic Mineralized Bar Graph Readout Trigger Actuated FASTGRABTM Ground Balance with Manual Override Non-Volatile Memory Saves Settings Back Light for Low Light Conditions Adjustable Armrest and Pole Assembly 1/4" (6.3 mm) Headphone Jack 7 Frequency Shift Options Uses Four AA batteries Comes Standard with 11" (28 cm) DD Elliptical Open Waterproof Searchcoil 13 kHz Operating Frequency Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg) 5 Year Warranty Official Fisher F75 Ltd Product Page Fisher F75 Ltd Camo Owner's Manual Fisher F75 Special Edition (Black) Owner's Manual Fisher F75 Ltd with DST Owner's Manual Fisher F75 Ltd / Special Edition - Steve's Review Forum Threads Tagged "fisher f75" First Texas (Fisher) Metal Detector Forum
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    The Fisher F70 metal detector was introduced in 2008 and is still in production. The F70 is a 13 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, relic, and gold nugget detecting. "The F70 is a multipurpose high-performance metal detector noted for its quick response and fast retune speed so the user can cover ground quickly and still get great target separation. The 13 kHz operating frequency means it responds equally well to gold nuggets, coins and jewelry. The F70 has two different retune speeds: fast (default) and slow, ideal when searching for very deep or for very small targets such as gold nuggets. User can choose from two program modes." Source: Fisher 2014 catalog Fisher F70 metal detector Fisher F70 control panel All Metal Auto-Tune Mode Advanced Software-Based Motion Discrimination Mode Large LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric Target Identification Display One-touch Pinpoint with Variable Audio Pitch Multiple Audio ID Tone Options Notch Mode Soil Bar Graph Readout (Magnetic Mineralized Soil) Confidence Bar Graph Readout (Signal Strength) GROUND GRAB® Touchpad Ground Balancing Non-Volatile Memory Saves Settings Back Light for Low Light Conditions 1/4” (6.3 mm) Headphone Jack Frequency Shift Options Uses 4 AA batteries Standard with 11” (2.8 cm) DD Elliptical Open Waterproof Searchcoil 13 kHz Operating Frequency Weight: 2.9 lbs. (1.3 kg) 5 Year Warranty Official Fisher F70 Product Page Fisher F70 Owner's Manual First Texas (Fisher) Metal Detector Forum
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    The Fisher CZ-3D metal detector was introduced in 2004 and is still in production. The CZ-3D replaced the earlier CZ-5 Quicksilver model and is essentially the same unit with modifications to the discrimination scheme. The Fisher CZ-3d is a multifrequency VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, and relic detecting. "The CZ-3D is an easy-to-use, multi-frequency detector known for finding the deeper coins and jewelry. Dual frequencies broaden the machine's ability to respond to targets across a wider conductivity range, achieving improved depth on most targets. The CZ-3D has 4-Tone Audio Target-ID with a deep target audio boost and easy push-button Pinpoint Mode with a target depth meter. It also has a Wet Sand Mode and an Enhanced Mode for high performance Target-ID. This manual ground balance VLF motion detector can also be used with suggested settings for tum-on-and-go operation." Source: Fisher 2016 catalog Fisher CZ-3D metal detector Fisher CZ-3D control panel Silent Search VLF Slow Motion Preset adjustable Discrimination Adjustable Volume, Sensitivity Salt Mode for wet sand searching Pinpoint Pushbutton with Depth meter Visual Target-ID meter Four Tone Audio Target-ID Big Target alert Faint Target Audio Boost Handle or Hip Mount 1/4" (6.3 mm) Headphone Jack Uses two 9V batteries Standard with 8" (20 cm) Concentric Round Open Waterproof Searchcoil, 7' (2 m) cable length 5 kHz and 15 kHz Operating Frequencies Weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg) 5 Year Warranty Official Fisher CZ-3D Product Page Fisher CZ-3D Owner's Manual Notes On Fisher CZ Detectors First Texas (Fisher) Metal Detector Forum
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    The White's XLT metal detector was introduced in 1994 as the Spectrum XLT. It was cosmetically refashioned as the XLT E-Series in 2001 and finally discontinued in 2010. The XLT is a 6.59 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, and relic detecting. "XLT® is high-performance simplicity and versatility at it’s best. High tech treasure hunting is as easy as turning on the XLT® and selecting a Turn-on and Go! program. With 5 expertly-designed programs to choose from, you’ve got virtually every kind of hunting covered. It’s easy to enhance a program, too, for your particular hunting with one of 10 Basic Adjustments or even a Professional Option. Completely automatic or totally adjustable!" Source: White's 2006 catalog White's Spectrum XLT metal detector White's XLT control panel 5 Turn-on-and-Go! Programs - ready to hunt right out of the box. Completely automatic, professionally engineered for high performance. 10 Basic Adjustments Adjust every aspect of your hunting. Popular adjustments include Tone I.D., Silent Search, Fade Rate, Block Edit, and AutoTrac® Speed. 29 Pro Options Complete Visual Display. Target icons, VDI numbers and White’s exclusive SignaGraph® target signature. Flip the trigger and activate the depth screen. Automatic Ground Balance with AutoTrac®. Tracks and adjusts to changing grounds as you hunt. High Definition megapixel display. Powerful, waterproof 9 1/2” search coil. Slide-in Nicad Battery System. Up to 15 hrs. of power-packed hunting on one charge. Backup penlight pack also included. Two-year Parts and Labor Warranty. White's XLT Owner's Manual White's XLT Archive White's Metal Detector Forum
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    The Teknetics Gamma 6000 was introduced in 2008 and is still in production. The Gamma 6000 is a 7.69 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, and relic detecting. "Handle tough ground conditions with the Gamma’s GROUNDGRAB™ control and on-screen mineralization indicator. Multiple Tone Target-ID audio makes is easy to identify targets by sound alone. Notch out unwanted target categories and zero in on targets with a no-motion All Metal Pinpoint Mode that indicates the depth of your targets." Source: Teknetics 2014 catalog Teknetics Gamma 6000 metal detector Teknetics Gamma 6000 control panel Multiple Notch system Motion All Metal Mode Mineralization Readout Real Time Depth Bar Graph Multiple Audio ID Tone Options Adjustable Discrimination, Sensitivity and Volume Target Category Icons and Numeric Target-ID numbers GROUNDGRAB™ Touchpad Ground Balancing with Manual Override No-Motion Pinpoint Mode with Numerical Depth Indicator Uses one 9V Alkaline battery (not included) 7.69 kHz Operating Frequency Weight: 2.3 lbs. (1.0 kg) 5-Year Warranty Official Teknetics Gamma 6000 Product Page Teknetics Gamma 6000 Owner's Manual First Texas (Teknetics) Metal Detector Forum
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