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    Here are my last 2 gold finds with the NOX. Was in Oregon over the 4th and as I always do I like to hunt areas most other have issues with, the old workings that has the iron trash. These 2 finds are very different kinds of gold and pretty far apart, but yellow metal no less. The large specimen is 3.96 ozt and the small nugget is 1.6 grams. Did anyone else get out for the 4th or recent hunts and add to their heavy metal collection?
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    I've actually had some pretty good weeks of detecting earlier this year mostly because of a drained lake I stumbled upon before the pandemic. However, this was certainly the best week of beach hunting for me in 2020 with my 4th hunt of the week this morning. It seems to be an unusual time of the year for significant beach erosion, a phenomenon usually experienced during our winter storms out of the northwest Pacific or in the late summer when hurricanes in the southeast pacific generate swells that make their way to the southern California coast. I already posted about the first 2 hunts and hunt #3 came a day after a massive swell that I think even surprised the weather and surf experts. The lingering swell coincided with some extreme tidal swings so I anticipated that the conditions would still be ideal for detecting and I wasn't disappointed. It was a situation where I even had options on where to hunt as it seemed that pockets of targets were scattered over miles of wet sand, not particularly dense with targets but enough to keep me digging as many targets as I wanted to. One of these pockets yielded a nice sized silver ring that I thought was gold at first because it felt smooth and heavy and looked so clean in the moonlight. However, it was a fresh-drop silver and meant that other heavy metal targets could be nearby. Shortly after, a sterling silver cross made its way into my pouch and not long after that, perhaps, my favorite find of the year. A nice coin-sized target was scooped out of the hole into a mound of wet sand beside the hole. Rather than taking a smaller bite with the scoop to retrieve the target I often reach down with my hand to feel for it and that is what I did with this one. In the darkness I love the feeling of a heavy unseen target in my hand immediately followed by the discovery of a hole in its center and the realization that I have a ring that is possibly made of some precious metal. However, when I felt this target it took me a little longer to process what I had found. It felt like a heavy wet noodle and when I lifted it up I could see it was a clean, glimmering bracelet with gemstones! I turned on my headlamp and saw the golden luster and a stamp on the clasp where you would expect to find one on a nice piece of jewelry. Pretty confident that it was the real deal I thanked God for this wonderful moment that will be etched in my memory for the rest of my life. Today's hunt was fun although not nearly as memorable. It seemed that the sand was beginning to return but there were still enough targets to keep me busy most of the morning. I did find a small, unmarked, gold letter "B" pendant that I'm sure is a lower carat piece and several small silver jewelry pieces and a pretty, wave-shaped, cuff bracelet that I thought was silver but turned out to be plated. Here are some of the better finds this week- actually all from the last 3 hunts as the first hunt yielded only costume jewelry: The bracelet is 7" long, stamped "14 K" and weighs 8.5 grams. Used the TDI BH with Ground Balance "off" on all 4 hunts Thanks for reading, GL&HH!
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    A short trip out to Tibooburra in far west NSW Australia, we managed to get about 150 nano nuggets, for just over 12 grams, but hey it was fun and catching up with people we have meet over the years as well was great. The gold and some of the places along the way. 10" and 12" spiral x-coils were used on the Zed Towns along the way A hill over looking Tibooburra in the distance Sturt Desert pea, grows in the outback desert areas Cameron Corner this is where three states meet, NSW, SA and QLD cheers dave
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    This is why I like vacationing back home in Pennsylvania! 🙂 I only dug two coins today, on a two-hour hunt at the site of what used to be a mid 1800s church, but is now just forest, and a small, old, adjacent cemetery... --Steve
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    I am old enough (64.5) and definitely sore enough from football, kick boxing, golf, gold prospecting, years of metal detecting, 30 years of K-12 teaching, four kids and bad genes to just walk over US zinc penny signals when I'm near the end of a detecting session, no matter how good a day I've had or what detector I'm using. It's just a corroded zinc penny RIGHT!!!!! Nope, too many times to count, I have dug a zinc penny signal and ended up with a shot bottle sized screw cap which is super annoying, junk pot metal jewelry, and large aluminum can slaw or building material. A few times however, luck and sheer tenacity (ignoring the pain) takeover and I dig that zinc signal on the Equinox 20-21 or ORX-Deus (and many other detectors) 82-84 and being stupidly stubborn does pay off . This 14K 5 diamond beauty popped out of the ground at 3" depth July 3rd and seriously made my day. Screaming 20-21 on the Nox, Field 1, 50 tones. It sounded so good I almost didn't dig it, but common sense and experience thankfully took over. 9.8 grams of beautiful gold and 5 Sl1, H, diamonds totaling approximately .25 Karats............. I also found this stunningly beautiful custom made pendant with turquoise, 14K gold and Sterling silver which made for an interesting crown bottle cap type signal with no iron grunt. At 4" deep it sounded like big, jagged, aluminum can slaw or a foil covered beer crown cap and bounced between 12 and 25 on the Nox. Gotta dig those weird signals folks. Jeff
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    Well, Steve, Im working full time right now in response to the virus. Wish I had time to hunt more but have had it out a few times. I'm a ways off from the level of information density and value that I like my books to have. The prefab way in which some authors construct their books with the same pages being used from one to the next is definitely a road I don't plan to go down. My readers expect more. Certainly getting some good notes though. See a lot of potential in this machine wish I could get to some better sites to really see what it's got. I do like the stability and the depth of the All Metal mode. I also like the overall response --the speed and small gold sensitivity. Like any machine they key will be in finding where to best use it's strengths. Under normal circumstances this machine would have been on a plane with me within weeks of arriving but that will have to wait for now. Thanks for asking! cjc
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    I received a text message from a friend yesterday telling me that one of our neighbors up the street lost his wedding band while playing on one of those large inflatable water slides. He asked me if I could help. Of course I said yes and my friend picked me up in his golf cart and we headed to the man’s house. Our neighbor was standing by the water slide staring pensively at the ground--his face and body language told me the whole story. 😰 He pointed out where he was standing when he shook the water from his hands and felt his ring fly off. He and his young son had searched the area for over an hour...even using a magnet in desperation--not very effective on a gold ring. 🥴 Fortunately, the suspected area was only about a 10 foot square. I cranked up the EQX in Park 1, noise canceled, lowered the sensitivity since this would be a surface find and started to grid the area. I hadn’t gone 3 feet when I got a nice solid mid tone. I pulled out my Pro Find 35 and told him to look exactly where it was pointing. He parted the grass, which was about 3-4 inches high and there was his ring. The look on his face was one of total relief and incredulity. He couldn’t believe I found it that quickly (neither could I). I’d spent all of 1 minute at the most swinging the EQX before it sounded off. To say he was mightily impressed would be an great understatement. He then asked me all about my equipment and detecting since he knew zero about any of it. His wife came running out of the house and thanked me profusely saying her husband was no longer in the dog house! Quick find; quick return and all is well. 🙂
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    Early on I see the Halo of targets in the threshold of the "AQ" doing airtest..... so I've been playing with the settings to see if I can pull up more of the audio of them when out hunting in the water. Jim and I have hunted together before, a very good "old beach" hunter. Video of those changes in the threshold Jim speaks of.... d
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    When it is a 14k/6g/33 diamond ring! And then there were 4 other cheap rings to go along with it and two cheap chains. These were from the same beach that had next to nothing on it for over a week. In addition to that loot there were lots of other targets. After I found the first ring and the gold ring in my 3 hour plus session I decided to switch from Beach 1 to Park 1. It just bangs harder on the coins and targets on the damp beach sand better than the B1 that I have used for years now. It also seemed easier to pinpoint. If I went down to the black sand line it would get noisy at 23 or 24 so these were all targets up the slope in a very compressed beach. I found nearly nothing on my mile hike in and same hike back out because there was nothing in the wet and the top had been waved over/blown out without a cut. It was a glorious full moon night with no one on the beach and most thankfully no other detectorists. Mitchel
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    My Opinion...........They better move up with something more modern....more of a Carbon fiber look. ....And I don't think four 18650s are going to do the job, I'm thinking more (4) 26650's inline ..same battery the MDT uses..the new Fisher needs at least 8 hours hunt time to cover these young guys and who have endless energy, and not have to walk back to the car to change the batteries after 5 hours....And for the Old Goats like me have a insert that holds the (4) smaller (less weight) 18650 batteries.....I need to work for these guys....second though I enjoy hunting more.
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    Found a 1926-D Mercury dime and a 1908 Barber dime today. Just about passed out from heat stroke in the process, but I got 'em.They were about eight feet apart and both about four inches under the surface. The Merc is in pretty good shape. It rang up 25-26 on the Equinox. The Barber is more worn and has a gouge in the rim on the lower right in the pic. That one rang a little higher at 26-27.Also found a very green 1936 Wheatie about a foot from the Barber dime.
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    The handle on my trusty old stainless steel scoop finally broke. The scoop is fine, but the handle is a custom curved 7/8" aluminum tube. I made a trip to Home Depot - nothing like that in stock. Looked at a piece on Amazon - shipping is killer on stuff 40" long. It was going to be like $50 delivered. I figured I could find something locally for less, but did not want to bother with it at the moment. I decided that I had $50 I might want to spend on a new scoop instead. Has to be stainless steel, and my new criteria is that I want to be able to bolt any straight handle on it that I want - wood, metal, fiberglass, whatever. I've looked at highly recommended scoops like the Stealth 720, but I have to admit $250 seems a bit much for a scoop to me. A bit of Googling and I saw one that looked fine, and the price was more to my liking. The $99.95 Scoopal Sand Scoop. I had a 10% off coupon from Serious Detecting, and after free shipping this scoop showed up in two days for $89.95, U-bolts included. I like that! It is well built, looks plenty stout enough to me. I happened to have an old wood handle already in my pile of pick parts, and so I bolted it on. The scoop has been on two outings so far, and I am quite happy with it. The holes are a little smaller than my old scoop, so it gathers more gravel, but is also way easier to recover tiny stuff like .22 shell casings that slipped through the old scoop. Anyway, if you are looking for a scoop without spending the big bucks this scoop is worth a look. I have zero regrets on this purchase.
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    I just got home from a 3 day Nevada trip. Went back down to the drywash where I found the multi-oz nuggets in June. Boy, was I in for a surprise. The 6 x 10 coil on my GM24K is bad, and I really wanted at least a 10" coil, so hauled out the old GM3. It rewarded me with a multi-pound hunk of copper....or at least it's got copper in it. Same grayish metal clear through. Weighs just over a kilogram. I sent the bigger nugget I found in June to an assay lab. Should, know what the metal is in a couple of weeks. This nugget, along with another golfball-sized nugget were found about 100 yards up the wash from the last one I found in June. This morning I covered the area carefully with the 6" coil on the GM3, but found zero gold, or other nuggets. I think this one is close to it's origins. I can't see something this hefty moving very far in a relatively dry climate. I need to go back and do some digging, but just can't manage it in this heat. Going to have to wait for late fall. Jim
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    Why do I feel this detector gets my vote of confidence as the best gold detector on the market today. As a multi line dealer and one who enjoys the hunt for gold, I have spent more time and money than most folks trying out all the different gold machines on the market. Another of my attributes is having qualified Field Staff Experts who have been and still are in hot pursuit of the soft yellow precious metal. Some of my team goes back 20 yrs with me and many trips across the gold bearing western states including Alaska. Even my newer Staff have proven their stature with many ounces and or pounds of gold being recovered, but more importantly, by a variety of gold detectors. We also take our knowledge of the many detectors and share with each other. Heck, many times we are together and even comparing different detectors and or settings to get the ultimate signal. We find the happy medium between clearest target vs strongest response and this can really speed up ones abilities at sniffing out gold with the best of the best. At times in recent years I’ve been labeled as a Minelab guy who pushes them for profit. What those folks don’t understand is that profit is the last of my worries. Heck to be really truthful, Minelab has one of the lowest % margins out there. Early in my Dealer career, I was labeled as a Fisher guy, then a White’s dude and it seemed any detector I used and pushed, it branded in their minds. What I have learned is to put the best tool in my customers hands that will give them the greatest chance of Success. If they are finding gold, I have a walking advertisement for my business and they’ll share their experiences with all those around them who are interested. That my folks is how I work and it brings me long lived happy/repeat customer… becomes my profit. As a true die hard detectorist when in the hunt for gold, I have no other objective but to find it. I really don’t care what country detector is made, what brand, model or name it has on the label. I’ll even go so far as to say I also do not mind spending the money on a detector if I feel it will help me recover more gold. The bottom line is for me to be Successful at finding gold. This should be the case for most folks who look for Au and especially if you want to be proficient at digging more than most others. Here is the problem for the vast majority of people out there who want to detect for the heavy metal. You listen to the wrong music, lol. Most don’t have the knowledge of all the different gold units and or technologies and how they work best. Not only that, lets be honest, the majority don’t have the ok from the wife (the money) to buy them all. But even for those with no wife and or no budget limit, you still don’t have the time. OK, at least those with no wife and no limit on spending, you might have more time than most others. On top of all the scenarios already mentioned there is still one factor that really does help my detector of choice and this is where so many people get confused or have been mis informed. My detector finds more varieties of natural gold than most any other and as a bonus, it also finds man made gold as in rings and gold coins with more accuracy than the competition. But that last bit is a bonus, so we won’t even count that part of the equation, even though gold is gold. So what is this detector I speak so highly of (at least until something comes out and proves to be better)? It’s a gold machine with features I really like, use in the field and prefer. Some of the most important (in no given order) details are listed below. Target Identification - So many detectors now have the ID of (Don’t Dig/Dammit = Ferrous or Hot Diggity/Dig It = Nonferrous) and that is a nice feature, but I want more. I want digital ID that can split my Hot Diggity/Dig It targets into sub categories and it’s accuracy of low conductions, medium ones and higher ones where most gold never reads, is pretty reliable. Actually, nothing is 100% accurate when it comes to digging gold, but I’ll play the odds and trust me, I’m usually right more often than wrong. Now I will say, knowing the kind of gold at the location is very beneficial when trying to use a detector with such accuracy of nonferrous targets. Ground Balance – Better have Auto & Manual Ground Balance. My styles of detecting gold has me in many states, different terrains and soil conditions. I sometimes even go back and forth at a certain site as the day goes on and the speed of ground I am covering. Cruising and trying to find an Indicator Nugget is best left for the Auto Track Mode. But when I want to dial in a certain small section to get best depth and sensitivity, I go into the Manual Mode and do a Fine Tune. I want the option of being in charge, not having my detector do it for me. Iron Discrimination and or Iron Bias. Some of my more productive sites have bigger man made iron targets and I want the ability to adjust how they will respond. Some folks say you have to dig it all and I’ll laugh you silly at sites you can’t get 3 feet without a iron target. Sure you can dig each one and waist precious time and energy (are you listening you PI hot shots at Ganes) or you can be selective. When there is big gold in an area, big iron can fool so many detectors and to be fair, small tiny iron will also fool quite a few machines too. I feel my gold detector is the best in and around a variety of old mining camps and mined materials. Ergonomics - Light weight non tethered. It’s 2020 folks and a cell phone has more capabilities than any detector on the market. I want a detector with the main base/housing to fit into the palm of my hand. We shouldn’t be tethered to the dang detector with a battery on our backs. We don’t need extra dangling rods attached to the main detector to help swing the beast, it’s flipping 2020. Yes I do realize the size and number of a batteries are part of the amount of hours in a day’s use. I also realize some detector coils pull more juice. My detector does just fine with the weight is minimal and only needs charged after 10/12 hours (2 days hunting for most folks). 100% Waterproof. Heck so many people seem to think this is a big feature and a must have. I think you folks are dreaming and actually many of you who desire to find gold in a river or stream, have never actually attempted it. Sure it can be done as I have had some success doing so. But the reality of using a 100% detector under water is: It is hard enough to find gold on dry land let alone in a moving stream or river as the current is constantly fighting the coil, the gravels are filling back the hole you are trying to dig and the chances of you seeing what the heck is going on under water is most minimal. You better have a good waterproof pin pointer to help you. But I still want 100% WP so I don’t have to worry if someone throws me in the river. At least might detector is still going to live. Another size note, my 100% WP detectors has found me over 100 gold rings and most were in 3 to 5’ depth of water. I don’t like hunting on the beach. Yes this detector I speak so highly of for as the best gold nugget detector is also my favorite in the water jewelry hunting unit. Proper Frequency – We all know the king of tiny flea bag gold is the famous GB-2 and it’s very popular 71 kHz. We also know the medium kHz in the teens (likes of the MXT, AT Gold, LST to name a few) runs smoother in highly mineralized ground and is also deeper on larger gold. So if you want to hunt a variety of gold in different gold conditions, you better have a few gold detectors to maximize the opportunities of finding the different gold sizes, characters and shapes. The one I use, runs a variety of frequencies at the same time. In such doing so, allows for my detector to have the best chance at finding all sizes of nuggets and kinds of gold (wire, crystalline, salt/pepper specimens etc). But as an added bonus, the varying frequencies going into the ground can compensate for different ground conditions as we know they change from site to site. Sure a fixed frequency is optimized for 1, but how about the other 99 potential variables? Price – I’m a big fan of everyone staying within your budget and lifestyle. At the same time, I also realize all the items I want on a detector and that it may not be within someone’s investment range. Since we have gold capable detectors of $500 and up to $8000, it would not surprise me if my desired detector was priced around $1500 to $2000, and I’d still but it. As I mentioned before, price is not the deciding factor for me as long as I feel it will find me more than my other detector tools. What really shocked me, is the detector I feel is best is less than $1000, but gold is almost $1800 an ozt. Now that is a bargain. Warranty/Support – Metal Detecting manufactures warranty varies but not long ago the industry standard was 2 years. The one I like so much has a 3 yr transferable warranty. I like having transferable so if I ever decide to sell it, the next guy has a piece of mind for a while anyway. Shame on companies who do not have transferable warranty. Support here in USA, if there is an issue, is a big must for me. I’m not interested in sending a detector outside of the country for repair and not having a unit for a month or longer. Let alone the cost of shipping there and back is a big turn off. Luckily my gold getter has a facility here in the US. At the time, their Customer Service turn around is good and within the allowable 2 week window. I’ve even experienced a few of my customers within a week, which is hot damn skippy good. But there is always exceptions and or things out of our control. Proof of Finds – I know it works. My staff knows and so do a few others. This is where so many people are just now seeing the benefits and icing on the cake. Seems the manufacture of this detector has their head so far of their ars, they can’t figure out how to properly advertise it? Well at least their Engineers know how to make it (thank you) and those of us who took the initiative to get in the field have since found out it really is a gold detector. But most impressive, it is the best VLF classified gold detector on the market (at this time) and possibly the best of all? Please manufacture, when you make your next catalog and on your website, it would be wise to put this in both the Gold Detectors and the General Purpose section too. Heck, might as well put it in the Water machines as well, it rocks gold rings just fine. If you feel I messed up on the category of this detector, then please remove the X-705 from the gold detectors as it won’t even hold it’s own water to this machine. If you have not figured out by now what my favorite gold detector is, just call me with a credit card # and I’ll have one in the mail to you. When you open the box, it just might surprise you. My favorite gold detector is the Multi IQ Technology Minelab Equinox 800, nicknamed the NOX for those who are new. Just my opinion and everyone has one hanging around.
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    So I wanted to go back to my favorite beach since this time I would hit it at low tide. Not a great low tide, but enough to expose a good stretch of wet sand where I am dying to try the Tone (and Mute) modes where there is a decent amount of iron present. Today was not that day. Completely sanded in so I will have to wait until this beach gets ripped up a bit. It does not help that they groom the beach every morning. Last time the grooming guy came out of his way to circle me, trying to intimidate me into leaving I heard almost no iron, so I knew it was deeply hidden. 2 1/2 hours flies by and I'll probably have to wait until my good season hits this fall. I guess I'll have to cough up some cash and buy that Xtreme scoop so I can maybe hit some lakes with it. I'm not strong enough to handle those rough waves at these exposed beaches like you veteran water guys are The surfing dudes will be scraping me up out of the water. I'm not disappointed in the machine, just in the beach conditions and of course the short time allowable to hunt.
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    My 5th outing with the AQ today at another beach I've had success in the past. My gold virginity with the Impulse is still intact. In fact, I didn't find any jewelry of any kind today. That monkey is getting heavy! I'm actually having an easier time finding coins with this detector than finding jewelry. I hadn't found a coin from Cuba before. Today I found 8! None of them were together, but, all were found in about a 25' circle. All were between 12 and 16 inches deep. I was hitting cobble on each one. A few U.S. coins too, some shallow, some deep. It hits on nickels loud, clean and with a high tone. Everything else is a low tone.....nice and smooth low tone. Some bad targets down there too, but, not many. As you can see, this thing just loves pull tabs....at all depths. Some were down in the cobble too. I searched in all metal, switched to Tone on all targets and then decided to dig or not. Mixed signals were mostly ignored as the few I did dig were iron junk. Smooth low tones and solid high tones were all dug. Still not getting more than 3 hours on a charge, but, my pin pointing is getting slightly better. Here are the grim results.
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    No problemo😉 Pointed questions or remarks can only generate progress and new ideas. I know the whole history of that project from its beginning when it was still named 'Manta' back in 1990. Since then, Alexandre and I have worked in closed team complementing each other with our respective technical backgrounds. I still keep in close contact with the Impulse project (and with El Paso) while working on my own project(s) and I am happy to answer any technical question posted on THIS forum if it does not infringe the NDA I have signed with FTP.
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    I agree about the four 26650 batteries Joe, and your version does look nicer. A perfect design. Hey, I’ve got an idea. Fisher should put out an early version of this detector. Then, after enough users have time to use the machine, poll them for ideas to come up with the perfect finished version.
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    Due to the high danger in entering the house with grains of sand and rusty materials when my woman is there, I keep my buttocks safe leaving any find that is not gold outside in the garden, inside a basket ... I do not remember how many hunts ago I left this pendant and other coins in the basket, perhaps distracted by the rings, much heavier ... Also it is rare to see pendants with red paint ... It seemed like costume jewelry. Anyway with my daughter yesterday afternoon, we rummaged in the basket and I showed her how many coins that I discard can return as new with a bit of hard work .. She immediately noticed and took the little heart and asked me if she could keep it ... I was surprised by the color, which I neglected to check well and with a lens I searched for the title engraving .. With great surprise this 2.3g pendant is 18K and at the current price it is a find of respect! I explained to my daughter that she will have a prize for this discovery, because I don't want her to wear gold at the age of 6 ... I was about to throw a good part of everything I collect and leave only coins to clean up and she saved something that I had not even noticed that I had recovered ... For the record, like an idiot I lost today's hunting session sleeping till late, after more than two weeks of decent waves stop and only 24 hours available before other waves arrive ... Too much wine and roasted meat last night ... Damned Italy
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    We know you have an AQ Clive... you posted that you did on Facebook. Any early thoughts or observations? Likes or dislikes? Inquiring minds want to know! And yes, we are hoping for a book ASAP. Pulsepower Book
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    I've been wanting to take the QED to the beach for a while now, it has a Mode 11 beach mode which is very deep, its essentially just a mode that has ground balance disabled at 7.5uS pulse delay. The beach I went to was only just over an hour and a half from home. I live about as far from a beach possible in NZ. I also wanted to try out my new Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer as it's meant to handle salt water beaches, my Garrett Carrot AT doesn't, last time I tried to use it on the beach the wet sand was setting it off like mad and it would not balance to the wet sand. The good news is the F-pulse worked fine, handled the wet sand well. I took a photo of my QED all geared up ready to detect. The weather was shocking, About 3 degrees with snow on the forecast for later tonight, strong wind and showers was what I was dealing with. I was going to be near the beach which is why I took my detector, the purpose of the trip wasn't to go detecting, the detecting was just a bonus. I decided I'd put the X-Coils 15" spiral coil on it as it's my biggest GPX coil, it's also very sensitive and deep so seemed a good fit. This beach is just huge and people spread out all along it as you're allowed to drive your cars on it, so there is no "good busy spot" like on normal beaches. On the dry sand Mode 11 (Disabled Ground Balance) worked well, it was perfect actually and I was digging deep bottle caps. I'm more of a discrimination type person so was getting pretty annoyed digging junk. I was however surprised how deep I was digging these bottle caps. It felt like I was regularly digging junk at 12". I got sick of that real quick so I jumped back in my car and drove down closer to the water, I was using my car as a bit of a wind break the weather was that bad. As I was closer to the water I was no longer able to use Mode 11, the no GB mode, it's my first time using the QED where I've had a response from the ground raising and lowering my coil. I'm not used to bad ground 🙂 The beach has a fair bit of black sand, not terrible like some of NZ's beaches that are virtually pure black sand. I ended up having to go to Mode 5 with a gain of 6, settings I've never used before, I always run things flat out but I didn't like the ground response I was getting, If I kept the coil level to the ground the No GB mode worked OK, although I wasn't sure if that would mean depth would be affected so I wanted to be balanced, I was able to ground balance now after a bit of fiddling around with manual ground balance. I'm not good at dealing with bad ground, it's something I'm not used to at all. My first target as I got down near the water was an old NZ 2 cent coin, then a rusty old beer bottle cap and a few pull tabs and an old rusty weird looking bit of scrap metal and a few more bottle caps and then....... to my surprise a coin I've only found two of in my entire time detecting, a NZ silver florin!!!! from 1933 too, the first year NZ made a Florin and a harder to get date. I went to take a photo and my damn phone was flat! It was deep too, I tilted my coil sideways in the big hole I dug with my scoop and it was almost the depth of my coil, and the coil is a 15" coil. I took these photos of it when I got home. It's not all nice and shiny silver like the coins I find in the grass, I will try clean it up a bit somehow. My silvers from the sports fields always come up looking new. I decided to leave after that, the weather was getting to me and the wind was freezing. I had achieved what I wanted to do, test the QED out on the beach. It worked well enough, certainly deep and good ground coverage with such a big coil, I'd rather use a detector with discrimination and Target ID's for beach hunts though.
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    Ok guys...I'm the real guy from the other forum who goes by the name of KOB. But here , I will go by King-Of-Bling. Which is what the name stands for and was given to me many moons ago. I have only been looking at this forum for a few weeks now and it appears it's a little more serious on the discussion side regarding hunting and detectors. As some others here may know me from elsewhere , I like to have fun and not always take life so seriously. Will see how it goes. A little about me : my 1st detector was in 1970. Had to use 2 hands to swing it. Didn't really detect much often until 1980 , where being wiser (and stronger) led me to better finds. I live in So.Cal , though have spent time in Miami and Hawaii. Grew up as a surf rat , always loved the beach. My main go to machine is a PI. Though over the years have owned others. Most recently the Nox , which I sold. I don't have a lot of dirt experience like others do here. But the beach , well.... 1 of my mottos in life has been : You are never to young or old to learn something new. Anyway...Thanks for having me join....King-Of-Bling !
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    Dear Valued Members, First of all, I apologize for not being on the forum lately... but I could barely keep up with my regular work plus a few hundred messages, emails I get everyday!! I miss you guys:-) Please find below the links for the video commercial of the upcoming Mini & Midi Hoard Kids Detectors: FACEBOOK YOUTUBE:
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    I've been thinking and posting a lot about the Impulse AQ lately as I patiently wait my turn to purchase one. Perhaps my TDI Beachhunter realized this and decided that it needed to put out a little more than it has during my last few trips to the beach with it. Same thing that happened to forum member, Seeker, happened to me yesterday. The news media had mentioned a particular beach being open on July 5th (that starts after midnight right?) but when I got down there there were signs all over saying that the beach was closed the 4th AND the 5th. Fortunately, I had a backup plan and, as has happened so many times before, the backup plan was probably better than my original one. Eventually, I found some wet sand to hunt in where the top of the slope showed indications of recent sand movement. It didn't take long to find pockets of targets but there was a fair amount of trash along with a few coins here and there. I typically hunt in "all metal" (ground balance off) with the Beachhunter because, after years of using the Dual Field, I'm more comfortable in that mode and like the extra depth when needed. I followed the tide out and the number of targets dropped off considerably. During the next couple of hours I searched all over for low-on-the-slope pockets occasionally digging that discouraging 1 foot deep pull tab or piece of can slaw. I only had about another hour left where I was parked when I started to get some promising targets in an area about lower-mid slope. First I hit a couple of coins, then a cheap ring followed by a heavy fresh drop silver ring, a neck chain and not long after that a lightweight fresh drop silver ring. I was "in the zone" when you can almost sense that the gold is near and time was running out on me. Suddenly, a nice loud tone rang out in my headphones and with one scoop the target was out of the hole. With my hand I grabbed the unseen target out of the mound of wet sand and immediately felt the unmistakable shape of a nice sized ring band! In the improving daylight I could see that it was stamped but I've been fooled so many times that I tried not to get too excited even though with the weight and feel I was pretty confident that I had a good one and my last target of the hunt. The chain is stamped .925 but appears to be plated. The ring in the top left of center is stamped "750 Swiss" and weighs 13.3 grams. https://www.furrer-jacot.com/us/wedding/gents-only/white-gold/71-28290-0-0 GL&HH!
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    Its like Christmas 😛 Today is the day, I woke up and checked the tracking number, it hadn't changed!! made myself breakfast and then looked out the door in anticipation of a courier, no joy.... ate my breakfast and while eating my phone went nuts with dings, DHL text messages saying my coil was onboard for delivery with my local courier. I know the local courier well and she drove directly from the depot to my house, I had it a few minutes after she'd scanned it in at the depot! Needless to say I was waiting at the door for her 🙂 It came with the usual spare coil cover. Look at it next to the stock coil, incredibly small, it feels tiny on the GPZ, I absolutely love its size. It feels like it weighs nothing, I didn't put it on the scales yet as I was too excited to get it on the detector. I'll have to pull it off later and weigh it. This is it next to my 10" coil, the usual coil I've had on lately. It's a nice looking coil! I cant wait to try it out, it's raining outside so I'm waiting for that to stop then I'll head away from my house and give it a bit of a turn, so far I've just turned on my detector to have a little turn with it in my front yard. It seems less affected by EMI than the bigger coils but I guess you expect that being smaller. Very cool!
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    Got a message while I was out of touch in Nevada. Holly? said they were reopening their Oregon repair center for 3 or 4 weeks. She said they'd take care of my GM24K problem, under warranty. Best news I've had since Tuesday Morning...LOL Jim
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    I got out for two fun hunts and didn’t go home empty handed this time. The first hunt yielded all the older coins and the junk ring. My hunt today yielded a couple clad coins and a 3.2 gram 14k cross. Good luck and stay safe.
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    So based on the above, sort of like this, but the upper rod probably a little thicker.
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    Yesterday I went out on a hunt. It was at my 'bit beach' which produced the gold cluster ring on Sunday. I skipped this beach on Tuesday because I went down to a beach about one hour south but that is another story. Yesterday the finds were 'thin' as the wave action had taken some of the targets back down the slope and I had also found many of them. As I was detecting I started to think about these waves and the slope and the thought came to me that I was getting good targets on this slope because the targets had been moved by wave energy. The targets had been moved by gravity and tides to the 'staging area' and when the waves came at the right angle and tide they were cast up to be found. I had looked at the energy charts for surfing and there was a lot of energy even tho the intervals were long. So these waves broke loose the sand and over came the gravity holding the targets in place and sent them 'flying' high up the slope. Now I'm just going to call them 'anti-gravity' waves for short. I'll look for storm or swell events that will create these anti-gravity waves to kinda use a science fiction term for beach hunting. During all of this idle thought getting targets I got another two rings. I got these in spite of two other detectorists coming on to my little beach but they hunted the blanket line and not the slope. The second ring looked to be silver and I put it in my Minelab pouch along with the other finds and trash. When I got home I told my wife I got another couple of rings and some change but I couldn't find the silver ring. I went back out to the car where I had emptied the pouch and it wasn't there. Where could it be? It was time for me to take my son to the park so I told my wife we were off but I went back to the beach first. I had emptied my pouch in the parking lot and I wanted to check there. It was not at my parking place. The only other place I could look would be near the trash can. I had taken some ragged glass bottle tops off the beach and put them in my pouch when I first started. As I was leaving the beach I stopped at a trash can to throw them away. I don't normally do this but ... So my son and I go to the trash can and I hunt around it with the detector without my headphones. I don't hear or see anything but I look in the can and I see that the beach maintenance people have taken a Styrofoam cooler with a lot of old french fries and other food garbage and put it in the can. I was certain this was the can but I couldn't find my broken glass. My son couldn't wait so off we went to play. About 30 minutes later it was time to go and I wanted to give one last chance to find the ring, again. This time I laid the can down and dug through all of the wet stuff and mess. The seagulls started gathering around. My son is looking in the can with me and we see the bottom. I find one of the glass tops but no ring. Luckily there were not many people around or someone would have wondered about an old man and a toddler looking through the beach trash. I wondered about it myself. It was just a ring. I put all the stuff back in the can and set it up with no ring. I wasn't going to have a happy ending. After I set the can back up I turned on the Nox and swung it about 3 feet from the can and I heard the 24-25 I was looking for. Sure enough it was the ring. We went on to the park. After I showed the ring to my wife and said here was that other ring. She knew nothing about the 'story' until I told on myself at dinner. She got a good laugh and so did I. Here is that cheap little silver ring. These are the other finds from the day. The day after I found the 5 rings which included the gold I found 3 more rings. That would be Monday. One is a silver bow-tie ring. The beach hunt I went to on Wednesday didn't produce much there was a stainless steel ring. Finally I have some other 'find' pictures without a story but that makes for 12 rings this week. The End
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    I spent a couple of last winter's days doing tests like this on my GM1000 (and also my GB2) to get an idea of which coil might fit best for success in the field. My results were the same as his video documentation on both the large and small coil. Interesting enough, I couldn't find in my testing that the large coil was soooo sensitive to "bumps" - the small coil by contrast is very stable and quiet - found these traits prolific in field use. Logic would lead to use of the small coil since it is easier to hear the 'real' targets... but I found very little yellow with the small coil. I switched back to the large coil and have found lots of gold, including the micro specks smaller than with the small coil and at noticeably greater depths. Now with approx 200 hours on the large coil making noise all the time in my headphones, I've learned the tone differences and ignore it - kind of like hearing a threshold, just not steady. The dynamics of the large coil and larger coverage have made it my choice. Regarding modes, I can't stand it's discrimination and won't use it. I have worked a lot with Auto 1 & 2... Today I exclusively run Manual 9 or 10 and never disc. I found in noisy ground to switch to Auto 2, move VERY slowly (not what i would consider a sweep - slight movements) as close to the ground as I can get it listening for a "fuzz" sound. I have found the smallest specks this way ...several inches down. Amazing, my GB2 missed them. The gold vs. iron indicator is another story in itself how I've found to make it useful in success. Small stuff found in a draw in one hour:
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    It’s been a while of meaning to reply to this thread. I certainly don’t want to hijack it, rather follow up with the results of the good advice given here. Shortly before reading the above comments, I was hunting some trashy tailings piles, as well. I chose the 5” coil on the GM1000 and found 2 nuggets. The amount of trash was profound. As has been said, I figured it meant few others had bothered with it. After seeing VAnursePaul’s timely post, I went back to the same piles, but took along a dirt-cheap Harbor Freight Pittsburg Heavy Duty Magnetic Pickup Tool for $7.99. I couldn’t wait for the order of K&J magnets that Rob recommended to arrive. (By the way, those magnets are amazing! Thanks for the recommendation.) In the meantime, the cheap pickup tool worked great. It wasn’t neodymium strength, but there was no way I could have processed that pile without it. The second time around, the EQX 800 with the 6” coil put up a good fight against the Gold Monster. In a strange way, the Equinox is more pleasing to the ear, but I digress. After a filling a pouch with iron bits, two more nuggets popped out. VAnursePaul, thanks for the great question and, as always, the generous sharing of responses. Thanks, guys.
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    I took the MDT 8000 up to Tahoe this morning for a few hours of wading. Beach is heavily loaded with magnetite sands. There is a lot of deeper sandy material, but also some scoured out areas with gravel and rocks. The sand tends to have few targets. The gravels are the base and thick with targets in some areas, including lots of deeply rusted ferrous stuff, some of it quite large. I like hunting the gravels due to the target density. It however is not very VLF friendly stuff due to hot rocks and magnetite sand. The MDT struggled to stay quiet in the gravels. Due to the target density I decided to run in 18 kHz DISC for this session, but the high tone pinging was pretty continuous. The good news is I was after mid tone targets so this was not a huge issue. The mid-tone false signals were far less prevalent. Still, I wanted to see what I could do to make the machine run quiet. With Sensitivity 6 I could get a good manual ground balance at 614. I tried Salinity 15, no improvement. I turned on Black Sand mode. No improvement. I lowered sensitivity to 2, so DISC Mode, GB 614, Black Sand On, Salinity 15, Sensitivity 2.... no real improvement on this high tone pinging. However, at DISC Mode, GB 614, Sensitivity 6, BS Off, Salinity Off, the unit was well behaved on the sandy material. It is just the gravels where it was noisy. The reality for me, since I was not hunting coins was.... I don't care. Rather than dumb the machine down I just ran the higher settings in the gravels and ignored the high tone pinging. Simply chased mid-tones. There was some mid-tone falsing but not enough to be an issue for me. I'm used to running machines hot and noisy and hunting by ear so was actually happy with the resulting setting. Like I say though, a coin hunter might get frustrated. The results below, all the recovered targets. Nothing was super deep, but that is no surprise here as this is normally the kind of stuff I'd run a PI in. Was getting the right kind of targets and only a few items tricked me, three bottle caps heavily encrusted with rust being of note. There is also one dime and one quarter than came up mid-tone, but I recovered nails with both so I think that skewed the target id. As far as target id numbers, I have no idea. I was just digging any halfway decent sounding mid-tone. Like I said, I am happy with the mix. I like to see tabs and nickels and unfortunately corroded zincs - all gold range targets. And a 14K white gold cross pendant, breaking a gold jewelry drought I've been experiencing lately. I'm still a MDT newbie, but basically find the machine easy to run and quite capable of doing what I want it to do. If my mention of the ground noise is off-putting, do not let it be. This is some really nasty stuff, and any VLF is going to suffer here. I thought the MDT did quite well.
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    What kind of proof you want ? Like this ? As you know OBN , I don't post many pics. But for the doubters , this was around a month ago. 14k white gold. Over 1 carat in diamonds. 4 very small sapphires. This is a Disney "Cinderella" ring. Notice the carriage in the side view. I have found cheap Disney rings before. But nothing this nice. Retail online I found them for $1400 - $2k. Posting this cause it's gone now !
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    I like a bit of a challenge and, during the recent lockdown here in Oz, I decided to tune my Nox 800 to hunting just threepences. For those who don't know, a threepence used to be Australia's smallest silver coin before converting to decimal currency in 1966. They weigh about 1.3 grams and are 16mm in diameter. Once free to roam, i went to an old goldfield that lasted from 1855 to the late 1930's. There were a couple of old homesteads in the area that lasted until the mid 1970's. I figured i had pretty well worked out the best settings for the coin and was pleased that, after a full day's hunt, I detected 14 of the little beggars. I didn't get back to put in other hunt for larger coins as it persistently rained for the next three days and I was lucky to get my vehicle and caravan out through the resulting boggy bush tracks. Still, I have narrowed down several old homesites and, what I believe was, an old pub site. Now for another leave pass from the Minister for War.
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    If you use a sand scoop often, getting a good quality stainless (or titanium) one is a must. I've tried a bunch of them and find the Stealth scoops and the Extreme scoops are the best of the bunch. Stavr is not too bad either as an import. If you can afford it, I also recommend the carbon fiber handles. Real strong and light. If all you do is occasional dry sand, just about anything will suffice. For most applications, I like the widest scoop available. More likely to get the target on the first scoop and the least likely to damage the target.
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    Fun day at the lake, no gold this time but found a few old coins and 8.7 gram James Avery silver ring and a thing silver ring w stones. I wasn’t sure on the video the hallmarks were pretty small. Thanks, Aaron
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    For the holiday weekend last week I was determined to get a little more time on my new Nox 800 despite the heat and humidity. Most of my old permissions have changed hands now, so I headed to a bed and breakfast owned by my sister just to try to learn the new machine more. I'd been there a few years ago without much success, but recently studied a map from 1872 and saw there had been a fairly large house across the street where they have one of their cottages now. The door to the 1872 house appeared to be approximately where there is now a rock and gravel driveway. Knowing I wouldn't last long in the heat even though it was the morning, I left the driveway for another day and moved to the grass under some trees near the ditch, hoping for some old coins. Within a few seconds I got a solid (but elongated in one direction in pinpoint mode) repeatable tone in the lower to mid 20s. In the bottom of the plug there was a partial old red brick, and the edges of two more bricks in the side of the hole. I took this as good potential in terms of time period. Anyway, I removed the brick from the bottom of the plug and found a square nail with the pinpointer. Knowing that wasn't what I heard, I probed deeper in the plug and pulled out an intact skeleton key! Didn't detect anymore because my brother-in-law came out and we visited for quite a while, and it was getting hotter by the minute. The next morning I went back for some more. About 4' from where I found the skeleton key I got a solid 24 signal that seemed to be shaped more like a coin. This one had broken glass in the hole and plug. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when I pulled out what looked like jewelry with lots of rhinestones instead of a coin! A little while later my sister came by and I showed her the piece of jewelry. She took it inside and cleaned it, and brought it out on the porch while we tried to figure out what it was. We finally decided it may be an old hat pin? Anyway, my sister said that the rhinestones were a really good quality. I took my pocket knife out and tried to scratch one, but it was too hard. Hmm. For the fun of it I got a piece of the broken glass I'd dug out of the hole and cleaned a small area on it. Would the "rhinestones" scratch the glass? They did! I felt kind of sick for a while! I know there are other things that can scratch glass besides diamonds, but just the thought that these might be real diamonds was pretty exciting. But it looks like the metal was silver plated and not solid silver, so I'm thinking that real diamonds wouldn't have been set into cheaper material. I plan on taking it to a jeweler to find out what the rocks really are, but that probably won't be very soon due to the current pandemic situation in my state. Thanks for looking, and happy hunting! Wow, just realized this was the length of a short novel--sorry!
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    Lots of targets, mostly fresh drops from the holiday weekend. I’m still waiting for my chest mount from Amazon, so still trying to video and scoop at the same time🥴. This was a 10hr hunt and normally don’t find nearly this many targets. The 3 golds made all the abuse from the little kids worth it!🤬 https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/5/3-gold-day-lake-w-tarsacci-4th-gold-ring-season Thanks! Aaron
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    Here are my latest digs in the water at Tahoe. Things were going great until the handle on my old scoop finally gave up the ghost. Can't complain, it served me well, but not like you just run to the store and get another. I'll have to make one. Anyway, I have to admit at this point I am wondering where my first gold ring with the Impulse is at. Popular beach, tons of people in the water for many years, plenty of targets... no ring. Maybe somebody is running a magic detector here that finds gold rings while leaving all the aluminum tabs and nickels behind? I'm actually very pleased with this mix of trash. Exactly what I expect to be finding, but getting it pretty focused, good ratio of ferrous to non-ferrous. I’m digging tight signals that have a little depth to them. Generally ignoring boomer targets and surface double-blips, though a few surface targets got dug just because they were so easy. It's mostly bottle caps and large ferrous faking me out, but not so much as to bother me. I expect a certain amount. Anyway, I need to get a new handle made up so I can get back in the water tomorrow. Best find - a Buffalo nickel, can't read the date so far. The item in lower left is a corroded zinc penny. I’m in thick magnetite sands with lots of rock. Hunting tones exclusively, 7uS, sensitivity to max, ATS and reject at preset. Fisher Impulse - the non-ferrous Fisher Impulse - the ferrous Broken scoop handle
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    I have no idea where to start since most of the things I saw have been said already. I have done only two hunts so far. My first hunt was 2.5 hrs and my second one (today) was about 3.5hrs. Every new detector I get I start from scratch like a new detectorist and just learn it as I go. My first hunt was not good at all since I dug a lot of iron and less than a dollar in coinage. My settings were all metal, ats 0 , sensitivity 8-9, volume/threshold 4. With these settings I was digging anything I heard in the wet and the holes I was making were just too deep so when the 1st battery died I followed suit and called it quits. While swinging I noticed I was getting quite a bit of noise/falsing and I don’t know if it was because I was running it hot. My hunt today was a little better and I managed to pull some decent targets. Setting this time were all metal, ats 2, sensitivity 7, volume/threshold 4. The AQ ran way better, no falsing unless I was running parallel to the water on a slope. Even with the falsing running parallel I managed to hear the small yellow ring and the big gray tungsten. The yellow ring was quite deep too. Today’s hunt I wasn’t 100% into it due to the beach closures going on in Socal. I read online that the beach I went to was supposed to be open today but when I got there it said it was closed. I drove a long way to get there so I wasn’t going to drive back without giving it a try. Luckily during my time there nobody came by to kick me out. There were a handful of people at the beach so that helped some I guess. I am very pleased with the performance/outcome and I’m sure with a little practice things will only get better. The pictures below are from all the targets I recovered today. The fishing lure was an eyeball find. HH
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    You said it right Steve, the area has to be a well documented high traffic area to put that much effort in to. After finding the first of these and many others it makes it very easy to dig the junk.
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    I hunt GB off, as hot as I can make it.Battery mod I have a lot of time, I dig every disturbance in the threshold, I have cleaned both beaches of all junk. Many times after removing a piece of junk I check the hole and come up with rings or silver coins.
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    I am headed to Alaska next month with both of my equinox detectors. I am flying into Fairbanks and want to do some detecting and panning. The last time there we did some panning and believe it or not we panned . 26 ounces of gold. Not in one day of course but in several creeks North of Denali. This time we plan on panning, detecting and fishing. I am also driving the Dalton Highway to the end of the road if possible. A bucket list Item. I have driven coast to coast to the farthest point in NE Maine to the coast of CA and I been to the end of the road in Key West. Now I want to drive to the farthest point north in Alaska. Are there any good gold panning spots along the Dalton highway or any suggestions where to pan or metal detect in the Fairbanks area
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    Sure, but not criminal. if they failed to live up to the warranty, you could take them to court. Of course, it would be a "losing money" proposition, given what attorneys charge...LOL I think they still have a lot of unsold inventory. If word got out that the warranty was no good, it would really devalue that inventory. but mostly, I think they're doing the warranty work because they're decent people. It's the culture of the company, and always has been. That's the saddest thing about the closing....we lose that great culture. Jim
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    Howdy All! A week or so back I was hitting a backyard of a small preschool over the weekend when nobody was around. I got permission from the school after researching that the old house was the original farm house there from the late 1800's. Using my Nox 800, I found the usual sea of trash, lots of toys, a ton of modern clad and a few cool relics. The old Yale lock pictures below is pretty neat and the arm still functions (won't lock though, too much wear and tear) The buckle is something that I am trying to figure out.. I'm not sure if it's old or pretty modern. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance !
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    Setting here now watching three spots very close...Low is around 5 pm....North or NW winds needed at two of the spots, the third is the last resource and looks like it may have the lowest tide. One gets the calling of the AQ, the other two the Excalibur. Decision will be made at 1 pm... Looks like the "AQ" gets wet.... Three hours..........Now Home, ........Bleak is the word. ..think I dug 6 targets.
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    The high voltage and short pulse delay of the Impulse are requiring a strict shielding of all the parts subjected to the pulses (coil, cable and connector). That effect is due to the small gap of continuity of the cable shield between the the male and female connectors and the changes of capacitance coming from the conductive water level variations. It was for that reason that the coil connector was initially made of metal in order to keep the continuity of the cable shielding up to the inside of the enclosure. (Same supplier, other item) Field tests in the sea water had shown a bad electrolysis effect on its body giving it a nasty look. A plastic connector had to be used for the AQ. The GOLD version will even require more attention to this capacitance effect as it will have a much shorter pulse delay, it will get an (expensive) stainless steel connector to keep a perfect shielding.
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    Posted by Metal Detecting For Arizona Gold July 4, 2020 In this video I go out to the Double J claim to gather up some mineralize soil for the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 depth test. I use 7 different Gold Nuggets and conduct the test using Auto 1 and Auto 2.
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    A 24k with the same coils makes more sense, considering balance and weight. But the GMX come with the headphones and this package has the two coils I want the most for use in Australia. So the GMX won the coin toss. The GMX simply won because of that 6x4 DD coil, the added durability and waterproof capacity are great, but the lighter 24k has a lot of appeal. Goes to price and coil selection. The Minelab Equinox 800 with the smaller 6 inch coil, water proof, local support etc was a real competitor. The Equinox or its successor may later replace my Explorer Se Pro and Musketeer Advantage. This White's package with two coils and the headphones beat the local competition on local prices. So the GMX looks as if it will be my last new White's machine. Given the local lockdowns and restrictions in Melbourne Australia, I have not managed to dent my holiday/party budget. So that money instead goes to the GMX purchase. I'll be brewing my own coffee and baking my own muffins for a while yet, saving in the process... Santa came early this year.. All the best, take care and be kind to yourself and others.
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