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    So many touching stories and memories of your 4 legged companions and even a few 2 fisted roos.. It just goes to show how attached we are to our loved ones and sometimes more than we realize. My 4 legged partner is Hero. He gets excited every time I put on my detecting cloths as he knows I'm about to head out into the field. Most times he stays home to guard the place. I do take him to Eastern Oregon so he can see his girlfriend (part wolf) on occasion. he is a medium long coat full bred German Shepherd, so he does not care for hot days much. Likes to stay in or around water. Thanks for sharing everyone and I really enjoyed this post Steve.
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    I have been digging nothing but trash most of the summer and modern clad coins. Been a frustrating season. But I finally hit a small honey pot of an area. We have a historic park and residence thats been used for almost 200 years. and its several acres. I know that literally hundreds of detectorists have been combing this park for decades, they say theres nothing left there. Well, I beg to differ. I have started probing into the least likely areas that most detectorists wouldn't venture into and it paid off the first day. I spent an hour digging stuff just along a 50 foot strip from the car, one modern coin, one really old pull tab etc every 2 feet until I flipped one plug to find 4 coins! 1907 Barber quarter, 1923 Mercury dime, a buffalo nickel(no date), and a 1919 wheatie. continued to dig clad quarters and pennys every 2 feet then a diamond ring, says 18k in the band. Then to top it off dug up this old token from a billiards room, did some research and it was a members only billiards room that ended in the 1920's in town. This one 50 foot strip of grass wore me out lol but I guarantee I will be back next weekend. Even the modern clad was all from the 60's and 70's so thats promising. And some might disagree but as long as I'm digging super old 1960's pull tabs that is still promising to me this area isn't over hunted yet.
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    I detect at the beach often because that is where I live. (Lately I've also been doing some surf fishing. The yellowfin croakers taste pretty good.) When detecting at a beach you don't know if you are going to find coins, relics or jewelry. That leaves me to post my finds here. The first picture is of my finds for early (2:30 - 5:30) this morning. We have a negative tide on a practically flat ocean. There is very little energy so I decided to go out to the edge of the water which now has about 9 feet of change. That exposes 75-100 yards of sand that is often times under water. This is where people swim. When there are waves most things will wash up but for now I went to search the flats. I was not the first one there. When I arrived two others were coming from the direction I wanted to go. One searches high and the other low. I don't know them so we just headed our own ways. My first find was the earlobe ring/insert that looks like mother of pearl. It is stainless. As you can see there is not much out in this area right now and I worked it for over 3 hours. About 2 hours into it I got a light signal. I have my shovel type of scoop now because of a bad back. When I went to dig the target I could feel resistance so I pulled back quickly and I could see something in my light. It was the clasp to a chain so I reached down to grab it. The clasp is the only metal part. I kept going and going and going until I had this long necklace in my hand. It was very stiff at first as sand was lodged in all the puka holes. I noticed there was a figure on it but in my headlight I couldn't get too excited about it. I've since looked and looked at it and I'm impressed with the design and workmanship. We can't figure out who (in a general sense) may have made it because it has coral birds, turquoise, puka and the carved bear as part of its features. Has anyone seen anything similar? The other pictures are from my hunt a couple of nights ago where there was then normal assortment of finds including 2.2 grams of gold chain. It's always good to get gold! I hope I can determine where the 'northwest looking' puka necklace came from. Mitchel
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    Hello Rob. Just happened to read your post and would like to make a few comments ..hope you do not mind. Please do not let the price of Simplex+ mislead you. As our Simplex+ video says, the only thing that is really entry level about this detector is its price. This is what we say as the manufacturer of the product and we will leave the rest to the actual users of the product to comment upon as whatever I say here will be biased. Now regarding myself and service – It is totally my personal choice to respond to end users and interact with them as I really enjoy it ...and more importantly I feel like I must understand the customer profile and their needs from first hand experience to be able to perform my job the best way I can as the Sales&Marketing Director of the company. Of course, Nokta Makro is not a one-man show. I have a team of sales and operations guys reporting to me as well as many other departments who make it all happen. In addition, we now have a service center in the USA and the turn-around time is pretty good so far. Are we sprinters or marathoners? I can only speak for the current team including myself as I do not know what the future will bring. All I can say is that we made an announcement end of 2014 when Nokta bought out Makro. Within that announcement we said ''...We will not only offer a richer product portfolio to our customers but address the whole market demand with products at different price levels.'' This is exactly what we have been doing for the past 5 years .... standing behind our word. We have been working hard, really hard to reach where we are today and will continue to do so as the limit is the sky. However, regardless of where we end up, we can promise our customers that: 1. We will never forget the fact that we owe it all first to our end users 2. We will never close our ears and we will continue to listen to the actual users 3. We will maybe make mistakes but will always try to be open and honest about them 4. We will stand behind our products and our valued customers Just wanted to point these out … thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment. Dilek
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    The sad but true story is on my last trip to England I was with two separate groups of random people all from all over the U.S. and not one U.S. made detector among all of them. If that does not say it I don’t know what else does. That’s not being mean or biased or bashing, that’s just open eyes looking at reality.
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    There is no benefit to doing so on a VLF because they are all voltage regulated internally. A PI detector is a different beast, and in general more power means more depth, and many PI models are not voltage regulated. Too much power can of course blow the circuit. The TDI series is odd in that the early models were more powerful and newer models less powerful. The original TDI Pro used a 16V battery pack but White’s went to 12V with the TDI SL, mostly to allow for use of the existing AA power pack scheme, which avoids shipping issues with the old Li-Ion pack that White’s was using. So some people are boosting the voltage back up to gain that little edge that was lost by the move to 12V.
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    The pristine nails have typically Chuck - in that case those pristine nails have typically been annealed by fire (not intentionally though). They look great because the annealing inhibits the corrosion process, but are too soft to actually be used and will bend easily under a hammer. When recovering the corroded nails at archeological sites we call the severely corroded nails "cheetos". The type of nail (hand forged, machine cut (starting in the late 1700's to late 1800's), or the modern wire nail) and the type of head on the nail provides clues as to when the nail was made, what it was used for and can help you date or determine what a former structure was used for at an archeological site. When I do volunteer survey work at local historic sites, the archeologists get really excited about ferrous recoveries that detectorists typically throw in the scrap pile. I have learned a lot about what seemingingly mundane or junk targets are telling me about a site when I am detecting it for relics. It is all about doing the detective work up front and during the hunt, piecing together the back story of the site from old maps, to historical records, to the trees, water soures, and terrain to envision where the dwelling or long-term camp was likely to be located. Once you start heading in that direction, hitting the nails and/or seeing pieces of plates or pottery on the ground, you know you have arrived. That is why I always like to hear the iron when I am relic hunting and don't mind recovering the nails. Some additional info: https://www.uvm.edu/~histpres/203/nails.html https://www.harpgallery.com/library/nails.htm
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    Ok. Battery charged. New location. No Wi-Fi, powerlines, ect. Seems to be working just fine. The problem it turns out, was me. Just a learning curve that I need to master.
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    I went out today for a couple hours to a school not visited previously. The old wood chip tot lot was the target area. All I ended up finding were 4 quarters, 2 nickels, 7 pennies, a small button off something, a rivet off some clothing or a shoe, and a strange metal piece that showed up in the foil range. There were indeed some junk items today but not in the picture (can slaw, a zipper, foil, a few pencil tops). I had the feeling someone else had been at this spot before because it was really quiet. Well they didn't get these! It's getting more and more difficult in these places and the finds are more difficult to pull. All the other counties around us where there are probably good things located within school grounds have a strict "KEEP OUT" policy and don't allow any kind of public activity on school grounds.
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    I received my QED back after it's update today, the manufacturer was very quick getting it back to me, a majority of it's time away was my fault as I accidentally selected the incorrect shipping method to get it over there, I thought $14 NZD seemed very cheap, it should of been about $20NZD... I blame the girl at the post shop as she was new There is a new design battery cover now too as mine came back with the new revision and my old one, Awesome. The new one fits really snug, much tighter fit than the old one and is nicer to get on and off than the old one even thought it's tighter as it has nice edges to grip onto. I like that it's got QED written on it too. Some people in the past had problems with their battery cover falling off sometimes, I really doubt that will happen with this new one. As I was skiing today I didn't have a lot of time to test it out with it's new ground balance method along with the DD coil compatibility but I was desperate to give it a try so I took it out for a spin in the local area with a couple of test nuggets. I took with me a tiny nugget which I left on the ground and a slightly bigger flat nugget that I buried, I thought the flat nugget would weigh more so it was the one I picked to bury leaving the other nugget sitting on the ground to wave over to test as I was messing with settings. Steve H said some time ago I should test out the QED in our mild soils with ground balance disabled so that's exactly what I did today, I cranked the QED up to the highest gain, mode 11 (no ground balance). And set the threshold to my preferred settings and filmed this short video. From the results of this video I assume I can run the QED with ground balance disabled fine in our local soils. I wasn't sure what I set the ground balance to in Mode 11 (NO GB Mode) so I set it to 1, 150 is default out of 300 I believe. I first had it set to 1 as I was testing with the ground balance enabled in Mode 1 which is the QED's most sensitive Mode other than Mode 11 and I was able to run the QED fine without ground balancing when I turned it on so I kept lowering the ground balance numbers and testing and it went all the way down to 1 without any response from the soil. This is what prompted me to try in the Mode 11 which was added as a beach mode initially. Please correct me if I'm wrong with any of this. I am guessing with Mode 11 the Ground balance numbers don't do anything? I pumped the coil a bit to show I'm getting no feedback from the ground with GB disabled. On the previous firmware beach mode was Mode 16 but as this new firmware handles soil types better they were able to drop the numbers of Modes to 1 to 10 for ground balanced modes and Mode 11 to No GB Beach mode. This is the two test nuggets I used The buried nugget The ground nugget. I am looking forward to testing it properly and connecting up my X-coil and NF Evo on it. It's the first time I'd really given my Coiltek Joey 10x5" Mono a chance on it, it clearly worked well. I'm very new on the QED so QEDspert's may find my settings not optimal.
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    The thing about the Equinox is that you can do the very thing you mentioned regarding hitting the site with a variety of detectors as each of the modes behaves very differently plus you have five single frequencies too. Most other detectors, including the AT series, not so much, that is your ability to do with those vs. what you can do with Equinox is limited. The key to succes is patience and never assumung you have cleaned a site out.
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    When I get time (it might be a while) I will post some photos of a Hike/Bush-walk to an old gold mine in Papua New Guinea during the mid 1970's. Here are some teasers of the AREA.
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    I ran the pack for 4 hours to check the drain in voltage over that time. Personal habits mean I'll rarely go over 4 hours without a break so that is my personal time limit. I was using 4 x 18650 3400 mah Panasonic NCR18650B cells. The Tdi SL had an threshold hum using the speaker, to maximise power use and the coil was a 10 x 6 mono by Miner John. A cool day, fresh and pleasant. The pack was warm but not hot during testing. 9.00 am start. 16.4 volts. 10.00 am 15.5 volts. 11.00 am 14.9 volts. 11.30 am 14.6 volts. Noon 14.4 volts. 12.30pm 14.15 volts. 1.00 pm 13.9 volts. Faster drop in the beginning and slowing down as the cells discharge further.. I'll swap out for fresh cells after three hours to maximise depth. The design allows for it and I have spare cells so three hours will be my limit. Still way above the starting voltage for the three cell battery tray and other options.. All the best, Karelian
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    That's a great project and results. Thanks for sharing. A quick bath in pool acid (muriatic) will clean up all the staining on your ingot. I pour a little bit into a plastic gold pan and swirl it around the ingot and it comes out bright and shiny. A gallon of the acid is only a couple dollars where I live.
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    Welcome to the forum! Rest assured a properly tuned metal detector will “handle” any ground. It simply requires reducing the sensitivity until the detector is stable, and then working within whatever limits that imposes. Gold can be found with most any detector if on good ground and with a skillful operator behind the machine. I am not saying all detectors are equal, but the truth is it’s the operators that vary far more than the detectors themselves. Enjoy!
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    Those magazine illustrators really were skillful at their task, getting us to fantasize over the possibilities. Just another lost art in today's internet/social-media/cellphone/selfie photo-dominated age. Here's a slightly later issue (vol. 3, #3) from 1971. Remind anyone of Northern Nevada desert (or Southern Nevada, Northern Arizona, SE California,....? And the back cover: From the accompanying article (written by the infamous Bill Mahan, founder of D-Tex): The total count was 202x silver dollars, 79x $20 gold pieces, 53x $10 gold pieces, 43x $5 gold pieces, 2x $2.50 gold pieces. Mint dates range from 1850-1881. The detector Charles had borrowed form his dad was an old 1966 model D-Tex Standard.... He barely had a signal. It was (later) found that the battery was down to less than 4 volts. It was purly accidental that he detected anything at all. Any detectorist's bucket lister includes a gold coin. How about a cache of 177? Imagine the world-wide media attention such a 6-7 figure find would garner today.
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    Yeah Simon, don't use one. Works for me :)
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    Must have run out of money as that stainless roll holder looks pretty average .
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    Hi Folks, I've been on the road detecting Fairbanks/Richards district then on to Jack Wade & 40 mile area AK. and like I have said Watch out Nevada here I come.... Doctors said I shouldn't sit & watch football & drink adult beverages all winter so here I am on my way to Northern Nevada & I would like to hook up with anyone that's detecting. Have toy hauler & 6x6 and all the right tools. I am in Oregon right now trying to slow my roll, 112 @ my friends in Nevada so gonna BLM Campground for a couple weeks in Oregon unless someone says lets go. Otherwise will be working my way south as temps come down a bit, AC works in camper but not outside... Haha !!!! So will be bck. on site reading the news & stories again & posting some good summer finds, lets detect, Gold / Relics / Coins just want to swing a detector...….
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    The jewelry I find is neat but has no sentimental value so at 1500 an oz. I cashed in and plan to use the proceeds to fund new adventures and some new equipment to enjoy. I will say take a lot of pictures of your finds for future reference, just never know.
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    I went out again for a couple of hours today (Saturday) and out of nowhere I get a good solid signal and dug up a silver charm pendant about the size of a quarter. I walked over to my wife that had to go with me as she thinks when I get out I have someone else with me, and I showed the piece to her. She thought it was a quarter at first until I cleaned it a little. The absolute crazy part of it was what it said. Peace was on one side and the back side said "Good Luck Tim" . The real kicker is the fact that my name is Tim. See the attached pictures.
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    Another problem is that things are not always lost where they are noticed missing.like Steve said...a careful visual search of the parking lot is a priority...before too many cars go over it. search the clothes and house too. how long has this been lost? fred
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    That is just insane! I would love to hear what the complaining is all about because I agree, I dont see how it can get any better. Its nice and crystal clear to me. Maybe they got a faulty machine lol. Aside from the humor. The IDs are awesome. Besides, the IDs are an additional feature of newer machines! I remember when I was little I would detect and have just 1 tone to play with, no screen or anything. I think I did end up getting better machines that gave me more features when I was little but I had no idea what I was doing and just dug everything up. But now to be able to accurately guess what you are about to dig up based on a tID just increases the pleasures of the hobby.
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    Hello. Good to know Mike Hillis problem is solved and good to know the TRX is working as it should. Very good help from the users here, thank you. To bad the links Tnsharpshooter mentioned aint working anymore. When the TRX arrived I had a www search for files about the TRX and down loaded a extended user manual for the TRX, but cann't remember where?? But for those who are interested I'll attach this here. (hope this is legal !?) May be it will help some other users, too. White's TRX_Extended_User_Manual.pdf
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    Completed product, the carbon fibre arrived so some cosmetic changes only. No danger of using this by accident in my MXT or XL Pro. A nice project and I am satisfied with the outcome. Karelian
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    The 7 1/2" dual field coin is my go to coil on the SL. I purchased the coil on one of the forum sites. The coil was advertised as a mono coil but it turned out to be the dual field. The reason I was wanting the dual field coil is because of the areas I was to hunt. I knew right from the start there was something different about the coil. I ask Carl Morland how to test and sure enough the coil was a dual field. I contacted the seller and he basically shut me off (he knew what he had but I was asking for a mono and he thought he could fool me). But I decided to give the coil a try and found the heaviest gold ring ever in a completely hunted out site (with VLF machines). The following is a success story and you will understand my need for a true mono coil. More than 10 years ago I started inquiring about some old locations I hunt. Most of the locations are old shut down schools where coal was used as a heating source for decades. Before the EPA was birthed most people did whatever pleased them when it came to disposing of waste, regardless of what it was and these old school sites are no exception. The burnt coal waste was spread over many acres of school property which created some extremely harsh ground conditions. Grass and weeds find it hard to get a start and most areas are void of any vegetation. Most of the school grounds look like Martian landscapes with small BB size or smaller pieces of coal waste everywhere. This material attracts to a magnet with little effort and can reduce depth of all VLF detectors by well over half. In fact until recently maximum detection depth was actually 2-3”, any target deeper would give a solid iron audio report if any sound at all. After many years of hunting these areas all but completely unsuccessfully I finally purchase a White’s TDI SL. It turned out the SL opened up these old sites and many nice coins and relics were unearthed, but not without many trials and numerous adjustments. Case in point: one particular area had been, in my opinion hunted out with many different VLF machines over a 10 year period and I was certain there were no good targets left. I had been hunting about 15 minutes and all the SL was giving were very short audio reports, which sounded more like chatter or EMI and not targets. This prompted me to increase the time delay to about 15 “which increases the time before a transmitted signal is analyzed” thinking the small pieces of coal waste were the short reports I was hearing. Continued hunting another 5 minutes and noticed the short audio chatter continued but not to the same magnitude. Stopping and increased the delay to around 17 and off I went hunting again. Suddenly I noticed the machine was running very quiet, to quiet. A minute or two later and a very loud low tone, which on the SL means a high conductor, I stopped and reduced the delay to 10 and found my definite answer. The coal waste was causing all the ground chatter and false reports. Increased the delay to 17 and recovered a wheat penny around 4” deep. Now to be honest I had to stop for a moment and think about what just happened. Decided to start over I returned to where I began hunting and discovered I had passed right over many good targets. After digging a few more wheat’s I decided to start checking these targets before digging and discovered if I decreased the delay most of these targets became the short sounding audio reports I had heard earlier. The PI was just the trick to discovering some nice coins deeper than 4” in these barren areas. I must add the SL is not the best choice to make if there is an over abundance of nails because of the very limited discrimination capabilities (using the ground balance adjustment). Just one of many successful hunts.
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    Exactly my experiences. Are you operating both at their max gains? Often I carry both. If the TRX doesn't respond before I start digging, I make my first excavation (usually about 4-5" plug if the ground is moist enough) and then recheck with TRX. If no signal I break out the Carrot. (Note: in my ground the Carrot is often sensitive to the ground itself so the trick there is to place the tip either on the ground or on the freshly removed plug and turn it on -- ground balancing.) Once I'm confident the Carrot is picking up a signal I confirm with the TRX and go the rest of the way with it. As you can see this takes advantage of the Carrot's broad response (tip and especially sides) and after that the TRX's accurate location properties. On my F75 (with DST) there is a sequence of button+knob steps which allow you to switch between DST on and off. I assume there is something similar with the T2. If so it should be in the lastest user manual (downloadable). Then you can at least see if you have it and whether or not it's turned on. I've actually never tried hunting with DST off since my usual sites have EMI.
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    Did a little borax smelt with some dental gold I had laying around..... Didn't even have to dig for it...lol Still have some beach gold I will borax in the near future as well..... Didn't have to dig very hard for it either....lol
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    Right, I'm going hardcore on the testing of mine, if It's going to fail I'm going to help it on it's way.... I'm going to fill up my Spa pool, its over a 1.3 meters deep, my bathroom bath is not deep enough to get it a good test, it's already spent 2 nights in there underwater no problems. I will heat the water in it to the normal summer water temperature to ensure it's real world conditions. Then I'll leave it in there overnight.
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    I once knew a guy who travelled the West (I did a couple of trips with him) and whenever he travelled he would stop to get coffee about every hour. It was not about the coffee however. It was about the chat in the coffee shops. He was an old tool collector and that is where he would do his research. He would chat up the owner and customers kinda like Frank and Mike on American Pickers. We could probably do the same on our trips to gold and find some local knowledge if we would just stop more often! Mitchel
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    GB, I actually have that DeTex model (see attached photos). Your magazine mentions "Nevada's Largest Gold Nugget", what exactly does it weigh and where was it found? Just love these old Treasure Magazines and their article. Busho, I have one too, but mine works like a dream. I can easily go to the mall parking lot on a Saturday afternoon and turn that baby on, guaranteed it will point to a big metal car every time. You have to believe my friend...just believe.
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    I'd reccomend using the 15x12 Commander coil to cover ground more quickly to help locate a productive area. Use the 11" Coiltek later to locate any smaller nuggets the 15x12 misses. It's pretty sensitive for the size, so it won't miss many, so don't be afraid to use it to locate even small nuggets. Best of luck finding a hot spot!
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    I'm not saying always, but in an area likely to have lost jewelry like a swimming area or an athletic field it's best to. Gold unfortunately covers the same range as aluminum, so to get one you have to dig the other. In areas much less likely to have lost jewelry, or if you just want to target coins than targeting just those coin numbers is fine and a great capability of the detector. If you are finding lots of old aluminum in an area that would also hold jewelry though it basically means NOBODY has searched it for gold, so I'd at least give it a solid effort and see what you find. If you get to the point its driving you nuts then just hunt coin signals the rest of the day. I mean, it is supposed to be fun!
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    I've certainly experienced big iron giving ID's up around 13, so if they're fixing that, excellent. I'm sure 600 users will appreciate the lower light backlight.
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    The Mode advantage of the V440 was primarily due to Multi IQ and it's performance on wet salt sand (which ML appears to be attributing to "Jewelry" mode based on their marketing literature as there is no dedicated beach mode as there is on the Equinox) vs. the single frequency ACE. I threw in the ALL METAL comment primarily as a neat feature (not an additional mode) due to the fact that you are one touch away from running with no discrimination (what ML calls AM but which is actually just NO DISC). I am not aware of that feature being present on the ACE other than setting up a custom program slot with NO DISC. HTH
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    Sorry for the delay in getting back on here been dealing with family health issues. I did do a factory reset on it, and auto balanced it I tried the park 2 setting and it would not pick it up at all the gold 2 setting picks it up but the number goes from 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,11 and when i lock in 4 or 5 the detector is like detecting phantom things it will show something is right there, dig, sift through even take any rocks found out run it past and nothing and then check again and now the focus mode shows it several inches away from where it previously showed. It picks up at the earring at currently between 1 - 1.5 inches at my best guess here is the detector running over the earring
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    Haha, yes sooner then later is good. I think we did meet, you pulled up on the ATV. I'm 6'6", stick out like a sore thumb in the dessert
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    Hey Steve, any thoughts on starting another poll to see what people are now mainly running in 2019. Would be interesting to see some of the shifts, especially with all the new vlf gold machines on the market. Just a thought.
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    Employee's like that are what make a company successful. I'm going to have to own a Nokta product in the near future just because I want to be part it's success. I'd like that product to be PI gold machine 🙂
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    White's 24K is one of my favorite dedicated VLF gold detectors for finding gold. It is even better when you use it to find gold nuggets. It is unstoppable when used to find and return a 14K gold ring with natural Alaskan gold nuggets in it, weighing 1 ounce. The owner was broken hearted and thought it was gone forever. Now he is all smiles and very appreciative. His exact comments are posted in the Finding Rings Forum of DP, but I wanted to give a little love to White's for making such a fine 24K detector.
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    Interesting strategy Steve, but I tend to keep detectors l really like and I really like the Nox. My backup is a Explorer ll bought new in 2006. One reason I asked the question is I am considering buying a spare pod because I often travel to areas that are 200 to 600 miles away and a detector failure could literally mean a loss of hundreds of dollars in travel expenses and a wasted trip. I could buy another Nox but I already have the coils and even an extra shaft since installing one of Steve’s custom shafts. If I could just buy the pod at a reasonable price that just means more money for gas and campgrounds and insurance in the event of failure. The recent drownings, while not epidemic, do give me cause for concern.
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    Sorry to respond late guys...Please do not forget that although I am a strong character, I still am a woman and I get emotional when I read comments such as these and believe me I have no time to cry nowadays:-) Joke aside, I thank each one of you so much for these motivating, encouraging and rewarding comments that just make my work and life more meaningful as I devote so much time to my work that sometimes I feel like I am being unfair to my family and myself . But all these years that I have been working, I have realized that nothing could have made me happier than seeing this company grow to this level and knowing that I was part of that succeess. Once again thank you so much guys... and LowTide, thank you for the concern but I am actaully doing pretty well. It is true that my little daughter gets very unhappy from time to time and misses her mom but at the end of the day I feel like I am setting up a good example for her in terms of being a hardworking and a determined woman who does not give up and aims to be successful and most importantly cares and helps others. That is the kind of woman I would want her to grow into instead of going after money only.
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    Thanks for the comments guys! Ill be at this spot detecting and dredging over labor day weekend. Hopefully some more nice nuggets show up.
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    Nice one!!! May be amethyst
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    I no longer collect coins so it more for me than for the snooty collector. Here is a coin i found recently on an E. Coast Fl. beach. Im told its a King Frederick II coin..... somewhere around 1500. Did i clean it properly NO...... but its just a great find. Those IHs are the worst about turning RED if you clean them. Soaking them in mineral oil will do little.... it not like olive oil. Its not a corrosive ment to clean.... its ment to preserve.
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    Well my new (second hand) T2 arrived today, and to my surprise I think it's the new T2 Classic rather than an older T2 like I thought it was going to be, I asked the seller what firmware was on it and he replied 8.8, same firmware as on my old T2 so I assumed it was the same model but it's not. I checked and it does indeed have 8.8 It has a holographic sticker on it's control box with the American flag and T2 on it, the flag can only been seen properly at certain angles. It now comes up with it's serial number when you turn it on like my Gold Bug Pro's, my old one didn't do that. It also ground balances at different numbers on the same soil with the same coil. My Mars Tiger on my old T2 ground balances at 66 in my front yard, this new one using the same coil and settings at 75. It's immunity to EMI is great, I can run it at 90 sensitivity in my front yard with no chatter at all in all metal and disc. The other weird thing is on my old one if I went over 50 on disc it got really chattery if EMI was around, this one goes over 50 no problems in the exact same location. It seems Teknetics have done improvements on newer models than my old 2008 or so model even though it's got the same firmware version, weird. I can't do the EMI tests I was planning on doing as the new one is already good. I popped it open already, couldn't resist and the shielding was done similar to how my old one was done but it looked like they've used less glue. I forgot to take a photo while it was opened up but I'll do that again soon anyway, I didn't even think to check if the board inside it had a revision number to compare to my old one so it's getting ripped open again yet anyway. Here's photos of it. Next to old failthful. Seeing it's an improved model by the looks of it I'm not going to sacrifice it for it's shaft for my QED. It looks like it's had very little use, the owner sold it to buy an Equinox but it's barely got a scratch on it, the screen has a screen protector that was installed with a dusty screen and full of bubbles though. I put my favourite Tiger coil on it straight away. Now I have two T2's and two Gold Bug Pro's.... my wife is going to be cringing, even more so when she sees a Detech Ultimate coil arrive for it. 🙂 The way this newer T2 behaves really makes the T2 a good option for US $499, that's damn good value for such a good detector, I guess until the Simplex and Vanquish come out then that may change.
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    Although I could be persuaded to get an equinox 800😉
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    Yeah, I have a brass probe, but not a Garrett one. Mine is half that. Its a brass rod stuck in plastic, hard to get wrong I figured, bought the cheapest version on Amazon.
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    The good news, if any, is that the tweaking of the electronics and software have been ongoing while all the other hundreds of details of getting the thing produced are being sorted out. For example, LE.JAG has posted about improvements to the depth in the iron ID modes so that now the depth penalty for using these instead of all metal has been reduced to a very small percentage. Since they announced long ago that a gold nugget PI was next in line, I would expect that this platform’s development has moved along so that the gap between the introduction of the “Aqua” and the “Terra” might not be so long.
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