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    From Russian forum https://www.reviewdetector.ru/index.php?showtopic=1740349&st=29400 More info (Google translate) : Based on the data received from Equinox users from around the world, some software adjustments were made to improve the operation of the basic functions of the device. In addition, smoother backlighting has been made possible for the Minelab Equinox 600. Now the EQUINOX 600 has a function to adjust the backlight brightness - “Low”, corresponding to the minimum backlight level of the EQUINOX 800. And, probably, the most anticipated - thanks to the addition of a new settings profile, the advanced Iron Indicator feature has become available. The initial settings of the Iron Indicator EQUINOX (Fe) will also be available, but now it is possible to switch to the new setting Fe 2. When turned on, a wider range of iron targets is cut off from the search, including and bottle caps
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    You can believe me. The simple answer is the Fisher Impulse is a rumor, not a detector being made and for sale. You can’t but one yet. You will be able to get an Aquamanta someday, probably next year. Maybe sooner. Fisher does not care that anybody wants information and so asking them for it generally gets no response. My advice is just relax and not worry about it. It will appear someday or never, but no point in waiting around on companies. If I needed a detector now I would just buy something else personally. If you can afford to wait, then that’s all you can do.
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    Hi, I have owned several of the Vflex X-Terra series detectors and their younger detector user successor, the Go-Find series. If the Vanquish has anything close to the target separation, unmasking and overall speed of the Equinox (and we know it has some form of Multi IQ simultaneous frequency operation) it will be a BIG step up from the X-Terra and Go-Finds, regardless of what model Vanquish one looks at in my opinion. The target separation, unmasking and recovery speed on the Vflex detectors and the ACE/AT Series is woeful compared to the Equinox. A similar situation exists with the TreasureMaster and Treasure Pro along with the Fisher F11, F22 and F44 and the Greek series Alpha, Delta and Gamma (not the Omega, which has other issues) compared to the Equinox when it comes to overall speed, separation and unmasking. I look forward to hearing about and seeing actual results once the Simplex and Vanquish are released. Jeff
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    Hello all. I found this picture: Does anyone have more info?
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    I got my GPZ back from Minelab last month, which included a new 14" coil and lower rod. Only $3600.00 AUD lighter in my wallet. As you may recall, I bricked the detector after the Patch Lead was defective. It's still crazy hot here in Sunny Yuma, but I was bored and still curious about the X-Coil, so I shook off my concerns and cut the connector off my brand new coil and built the Patch Lead myself. I was extra careful with the heat from the soldering iron and did a respectable job of putting together the connection. I did a few practice runs on scrap wire and connectors so I was a little more confident of my skill. I got out 5 mornings last week for a total of about 12 hrs run time. At sunup the morning temps were still in the high 80's and jumping to 100 by 9:00am. Unbearable in the desert washes with no breeze. The one thing that saved me was the synthetic chamois cooling cloths, one around my neck and one under my cap hanging down my neck. The first morning I did a complete set-up with the detector since it was, for all practical purposes, a brand new machine with all new printed circuits etc. I waved the 17" X-Coil over the ferrite and got the machine nearly silent, though still reacting some to the ferrite. I started in the area where I found the 28 gram rippa last May. This area has a fairly hot layer of clay about 12" under the overburden. Last May we were able to run this zone using HY, Normal, Sens 12, (Threshold 27) with the Patch Search mode to quiet down the machine. The 17" X-Coil in those same settings was way too sensitive, so I had to switch to Difficult to quiet it down. Because I knew I could only be out for a couple hrs, I focused on trying to get that coil over gold hoping to then play with the settings. No joy the first morning. The next morning I went out to an area that had produced half a dozen 1 grammers when the GPZ first came out. I knew it was deeper and a little quieter ground. We tried Paul's 19" GPZ here when it first came out to no avail. This time I was able to zero out the Ferrite and switch back to Normal from the Difficult setting. The machine was still a little twitchy so I backed off the Threshold to 22 and got it humming along nicely. I gridded the area pretty good and came up with a few deep trash targets and then, right as it started to get unbearable hot, I got a faint, sweet rising tone. A lot of digging and sweating produced a sweet 4 grammer right on the hardpack, about 14 inches down. Now a 4 grammer at 14 inches should be well within the range of the GPZ and standard 14" coil, but I've been over that zone at least 6 times over the past 3 years. The only significant difference is the ground is bone dry this year. Last year there were still pools of water from late season rains. The next morning I was back to the area of the 28 grammer. I found that the machine was more stable and I could run in Gen, Normal, Sens 14. I got a couple deep trash targets and chased a number of hot ground seams and hot rocks. The settings were really sensitive to hot ground, but in my mind that's the only way to find good missed targets. Right at the end of the morning I got what sounded like another bit of hot ground. I switched to High Yield from General and it brightened up the target, but still hadn't convinced me that it was gold. The target was in the sidewall of a drywasher's hole, so the 17" coil was pretty awkward. I dug out the ground so that I could get the coil level and the target brightened up a little more. By then I had hit the hardpack which tends to hide these small, reddish hotrocks. I dug dozens in this same area, but I needed to check this coil's capabilities. The hardpack was brutal in the morning sun so I had to go back to the truck and get my handy Aussie (DavesGold) made pick. I'm not going out without it now. About 8 inches into the hardpack out popped a nice 1.5 grammer. I can guarantee I stuck the GPZ standard coil in the hole a half a dozen times over the past 2 years. Thur morning I got out in the same area. I chose a wash that a produced 5 small nuggets, in the sub-sub gram range, in May. I concentrated on the deepest gravels thinking deeper nuggets must be in there, just beyond the reach of the 14" coil. I gridded the zone where a bench had formed on the inside bend of the wash. I went at it from every angle and was about to surrender to the heat when I got the faintest of faint tones. Again I switched to High Yield and it brightened up some. I switched to Difficult, nothing. I started pulling down the bank so that I could get a good level swing with the 17" coil. Slightly improved tone, still unconvincing. I pulled down another few inches and got a much improved tone. I switched to Difficult and got a dull growl, more convincing yet. After much digging into the hardpack out came a nice 1.8 grammer. I even photographed the hole for this one. The Aussie pick is 28" long. I'm really starting to like this coil. It's light enough for all day use with the addition of my homemade hipstick. I run the hipstick to the bottom of the frame in my lightweight framepack, which moves the weight to the back of the hipbelt and off my shoulder. I'm also running the SteelPhase amp plugged directly into the GPZ, no wireless connection between. As per some of JP's guidance, I'm running the GPZ volume at 2, adjusting loudness at the amp. I'm running the Threshold between 20 and 22 depending on how twitchy the ground is. For the most part I'm running General instead of High Yield trying to reach those deeper targets. The first 2 targets were well within the reach of the standard 14" coil, but somehow I didn't find them over the past 2 years. The last one, doubtful for the standard coil. As the weather cools I'll start doing a quick change to the 14" coil over new targets for a comparison. Right now, it's still to friggin hot to bother.
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    Hands down, school's have produced the most for me. In fact, most of my silver and gold rings have been found at schools. High schools are the best. The e-trac was very good at sniffing out rings if there was not too much trash. I now live in a location where schools are all fenced and gated off.
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    Today I had to go to the dentist, which I totally hate, and by the time I finally got back home I didn't have much time before company was to arrive. So I had about 25 minutes to kill and thought I would get rid of more trash from the back yard, so I can put in a test garden. First hole I dug looked like a freeze plug from the 1920's. Throw it away! Second hole I dug up a quarter down about 6 inches. KEEPER!!! Third hole I dug down about 5 inches and I think it came off a bicycle or something. Throw it away! Forth hole I dug I had to go down about 6 inches and found a penny. KEEPER!!!!!!!! Did I forget to mention that it is a 1889 Indian Head Penny!!! Then my company shows up and asks what am I so excited about as I run the penny under the faucet to get the mud off it. I simply dried it off and laid it on the table and he almost fell over. Now he wants to buy a metal detector and go with me. He asks where did I find the penny and I told him in the back yard. For 2 hours he kept asking me where did I go to find the penny and I kept telling him in the back yard. Before he left I showed him the hole that I found it in and then I filled it back in and only then he believed me. I knew that I had bought an old church, but the old grounds keeper who is a neighbor told me that it was the new church that we are now living in. So there has been 2 churches on this property plus an old house that was torn down over the past 125 years. I am going to have to check this place out more carefully every week and get rid of all the trash from the yard. Off to buy more grass seed just in case. I finally broke the 1900 mark and I couldn't be more excited. I wish to thank GB_Amateur for all his help and the settings that he shared with a novice like me. I would also like to thank this forum for all the help and input you have given me.
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    I like and i dont like . I like it is multi frequency . I like the stem , though would prefer straight stem. I like the coils . But , I dont like the colour . Though the cover is black , why not the box? I dont like 1/8 inch socket for headphones , and Bluetooth gets interference in high electrical areas on my beaches . I used my Nox 2 weeks ago on a field with pylons and the only way to stop the noise was to put into single frequency , I thought they were obsolete ! . I have heard of issues with the Bluetooth headphones on the Vanquish disconnecting with the machine , that happens on my beaches with the Nox . Is there a module ? If not then can we plug in adapters for our own headphones ? There doesn't appear to be many settings and as said above the segments might be too few , fewer than the Terra 705 ? And will the coins be all in one small area like they are on the Nox ? Except for the Pound/2 Pound coins . There are other things to do with settings but they have been mentioned above . On the whole , i still want to see one . But for me i can see it not being what i want . Something my dealer said to me when we first heard about a new machine coming . There are other machines coming too , i have heard of the Simplex as we all have . I have heard of a new Nokta/ Makro multi frequency but is that true ? And now i have seen a video about a new C. Scope called the Evo 6000 . That will be interesting , they haven't brought anything new out in Donkey's years . And the Evo in the video was seen in the surf ! Single or multi freq ? Looks like 2020 might be an interesting year for detectors !
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    OK - so the big reveal has occurred and now it is time to start discussing what we know, what we don't, what we want to know (Equinox cross compatibility), the good, the bad, the ugly (definitely ugly) of the new Vanquish series. Here is the link to the specs. From there you can deep dive into each model and get more information. Some interesting tidbits about the 540 (I will focus on the 540 because it the full up model that is most comparable to Equinox). What I like: The standard/accessory coils look great, hoping for Equinox cross compatibility (V12 12" x 9" Double-D, V10 10" x 7" Double-D, V8 8" x 5" Double-D) Not a big fan of the housing but like the stem Good basic entry level detector. If you consider that two coils and wireless phones are included on the 540 pro pack, then the $499 US seems reasonable. Like thd red backlight. What I don't like: While I understand this is entry level, I really struggle with some of what is left off the detector -specifically single frequency operation appears to be absent. Iron Bias - fine, I guess, except you can't turn it off. Would have rather seen variable recovery speed, which also appears absent. 5 Tones only (cannot be reduced to 2 or 3, or increased above 5 and tone breaks are probably not adjustable either). I can live without greater than 5 tones, but locking into 5 and not being able to reduce to 3 or 2 is a tad disappointing. Questions and other Tidbits It looks like ground balancing is automatic Multi IQ compensation (not auto tracking, but auto Multi IQ balanced - i.e., what you get when you leave GB at 0 on the Equinox). Speculating here. Don't know what "Custom" search mode means because there is not much you can adjust. Not clear what audio accessories are included with the 540/540 Pro other than non-descript wireless headphones are included with the 540 pro. Note only 25 disc segments, so individual TIDs cannot be notched out. 540 Uses Rechargeable NiMH AA batteries. Not sure if they can be charged while installed or if they have to be charged externally. 340/440 use standard alkaline cells though I suppose you could put your own NiMH cells in there. Kellyco is advertising "Early 2020" availability and the following price points V340 = $199, V440 = $279, V540 = $369, and V540 Pro Pack (includes V8 and V12 coils and BT APTX LL Phones) = $499. I think the V440 most closely aligns with Simplex but lacks the wireless audio and total submersibility of the Simplex. Simplex lacks Multi Frequency. Pick your poison. Note that the coils are waterproof to only "1 m (3 ft.)" Not sure whether this is because the entire detector cannot be submerged (the housing needs a rain cover) so there is no need to specify anything greater or if the coils truly cannot be submerged deeper than 1 m, which would limit their usefulness as underwater coils with the Equinox, if they are even compatible in the first place. The limitations, though expected, really make the Equinox 600 look like a CTX vs.even the 540. Lol. More to come when I have a chance to provide a more detailed comparison of features between the Equinox 600 and the Simplex.
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    I'm jealous, my subdivision was built on farm fields in the late 60s.
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    I am still learning this unit and like I have stated in the past, I am only a novice at this. I have only been doing this for a few months, but without this forum and the people here I would have given up before now. You guys are great and give great information. I am only lucky that in the area that I live in people just don't know what is still buried in the ground. Some people have seen me panning for gold here and think I am crazy, but I have pulled a few ounces out of the creeks. Friends have found more than me and even diamonds in the same places that I have done. I think that when I try to learn something I just don't give up, I work out the problem and keep going. I know that you have found things that I will never find, and only because of where I am at I have gotten lucky.
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    That's pretty cool, I found a silver in my front yard, no match for your finds 🙂
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    Finally got to work on testing the 7 1/2DF, 8x6 Sadie, MJ 8x12, and 12"DF. Did a comparison on the 7 1/2DF and Sadie with both battery packs, and a comparison of the MJ 8x12 FM, and the Whites 12"DF at 16v. EDIT: I notice I cut off the early portion of the Miner John comparison. Hope you get enough of the sensitivity of that coil. It works very well on my SL. Jim
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    Where did you find that picture? A google image search comes up empty. You maybe onto something though, as the marketing material in the picture there is different to the original Equinox update document. Someones gone to a lot of effort to make a fake picture if it's not real They indicate the new firmware will be out next week.
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    I'm pleased you managed to make your patch lead and all credit to you for giving it another go, it must of been scary doing the snip again! Great to see you back in action... fingers crossed you find a big nugget to pay for the misadventure. Gotta love those Davsgold picks, looks like you'd need it for that ground.
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    I went out today for a couple hours to a school not visited previously. The old wood chip tot lot was the target area. All I ended up finding were 4 quarters, 2 nickels, 7 pennies, a small button off something, a rivet off some clothing or a shoe, and a strange metal piece that showed up in the foil range. There were indeed some junk items today but not in the picture (can slaw, a zipper, foil, a few pencil tops). I had the feeling someone else had been at this spot before because it was really quiet. Well they didn't get these! It's getting more and more difficult in these places and the finds are more difficult to pull. All the other counties around us where there are probably good things located within school grounds have a strict "KEEP OUT" policy and don't allow any kind of public activity on school grounds.
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    I think this is what they call "prospecting"..... How have you tested the top layers? Have you ran a half cubic yard through your box or just done sample pans? Do you have any indication of how far it is to bedrock? If it is more than a couple feet, you got a lot of work ahead of you! What makes you think you "may" have found the right spot in the first place? It doesn't sound like you know what is on bedrock..... More info and we might be able to help you better
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    I have been digging nothing but trash most of the summer and modern clad coins. Been a frustrating season. But I finally hit a small honey pot of an area. We have a historic park and residence thats been used for almost 200 years. and its several acres. I know that literally hundreds of detectorists have been combing this park for decades, they say theres nothing left there. Well, I beg to differ. I have started probing into the least likely areas that most detectorists wouldn't venture into and it paid off the first day. I spent an hour digging stuff just along a 50 foot strip from the car, one modern coin, one really old pull tab etc every 2 feet until I flipped one plug to find 4 coins! 1907 Barber quarter, 1923 Mercury dime, a buffalo nickel(no date), and a 1919 wheatie. continued to dig clad quarters and pennys every 2 feet then a diamond ring, says 18k in the band. Then to top it off dug up this old token from a billiards room, did some research and it was a members only billiards room that ended in the 1920's in town. This one 50 foot strip of grass wore me out lol but I guarantee I will be back next weekend. Even the modern clad was all from the 60's and 70's so thats promising. And some might disagree but as long as I'm digging super old 1960's pull tabs that is still promising to me this area isn't over hunted yet.
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    Great job ignoring the "it's all hunted out" crowd! I'd be happy with any single one of those four coins and you found a nearly century old coin spill. Never seen one of those myself. No argument from me. Anytime I find a ring and beavertail pulltab (circa 1965-75) I know there is potentially gold jewelry in that same region, and even some old coins. Same with with Zincolns. It's easy enough to just recover the trash so why miss the treasure?
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    Yeah, at this rate I only need about 40 weeks of this kind of success to break even on my Patch Lead misadventures.
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    Did a quick test in my yard with the settings but find it a little on the jittery side and need to drop the sensivity a notch or 2. It does gain a quite a bit of depth but not sure if it's worth the noise. Almost reminds me of the AT Max. When I get a chance I'll test it in the local puddle and see if it falses out or has trouble before I do the factory reset.
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    The one issue ive had with the NOX is in my opinion is everything sounds and looks close to the same. Ive been digging pull tabs, beer tops and coins all day and they are all pretty darn close in numbers. But maybe im remembering the deus differently. I havnt used the deus since getting the NOX. But I am using Field 1 for better sensitivity with the small 6 inch coil. even though its a trashy park.
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    Ive read it works good on gold but with my work schedule I never find the time to get out to the mountains and try it. Hope to soon though.
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    I just don't see where the Go-Find fits in anymore, it's really a kids detector as much as they tried to promote it otherwise. It needs to be cheaper. I had a quick look on Amazon and the Go-Find 44 is $199, same price as the Vanquish entry level but a far worse detector, it needs to be under $99 for the Go-Find 66. The Go-Find 22 and 44 just need to be discontinued, there is really no point having three Go-Finds to pick from that are all so similar, don't start doing a First Texas on us Minelab and having hundreds of pointless similar models.... that makes me angry 😉 Having one Go-Find model is viable, it is a great little kids detector, so light and easy to swing, they just have 4 pictures to decide if they want to dig or not and it folds up to fit into a kids backpack. The Go-Find is just slightly better than the Bounty Hunter Junior TID Go-Find has 4 levels of Target ID, Bounty Hunter has 3. The Bluetooth on the Go-Find is just there to connect to it's Go-Find app which is pretty pointless, it doesn't seem to connect to headphones, I've tried. I don't need to control my detector with my phone.
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    The LS they are selling looks exact same as mine, maybe it's just the name, classic twill is just the pattern on the carbon fiber I think https://www.amazon.com/Detect-Ed-Carbon-Minelab-Equinox-Detector/dp/B07R1ZX6JP/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Ed's+Equinox+detectors+shafts&qid=1568659643&sr=8-1
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    Fantastic find, finding gold at Rye Patch in the heat is tough! Brian.
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    I began this Rye Patch trip on Thursday morning about 2 AM. It was time to go meet Dig It and see how he was doing there. This time it was a normal trip without the burning satellite re-entry I saw on one trip before. I was treated with a full moon on my way up 395, 6, 95 and I80. We met up without a problem and I headed out to places where I wanted to look and some places where I had found nuggets in the past. I'd say at least half of my trips to Rye Patch get me on a nugget and the other half don't. This is my first trip up here since Australia so I'm wondering what I gained from all that swinging. Anyway, it was good to meet up with Ken, have a chat about his escapades and try to help him understand what little I know about Rye Patch. We parted and I expected to see him again the next day. I have a bit of an open schedule and he warned me that it was going to be warmer than we planned. I went on to near the burn barrel and spent one of those glorious nights of sleep I get after doing an all nighter. I had no sleep the previous night and I can stretch out in the 4Runner and enjoy a night of no city or neighbor noise! Planes are constantly landing at LAX and if they are from Asia they fly over Santa Monica. No planes at Rye Patch. haha I went to bed at dark, watching the sunset out the front and watching the moon rise in the back! I captured the sunrise the next morning. Rye Patch is full. I've been here many times when all of that area was dry. It was a nice, clear, cool morning. Time to get going. I headed in a direction to take advantage of the morning. Before I got to my spot I had my first target of the day. I dug around and in the early light with my sunglasses on and dirt on the target I thought it was lead. There's lots of trash in the area as I found out later. I looked and looked and finally gave it a mouth wash and I saw the color! Yeeee haaaa ... a nice nugget. I've cleaned it up by soaking it in vinegar. I don't know the weight yet. I'll edit this post when I find out. I think it is my best Rye Patch nugget. Lucky Friday the 13th full moon nugget. I gridded that area for half the day and only found trash. I don't think I would have that nugget now if it had been in the reverse order. I found the clue early and gridded. If I would have found trash, trash, trash without a clue I probably would have moved on. I discovered a couple of things while looking for more in that area but they will be put into another post. It is my only nugget of the 3 days so far but I'm seeing some new to me patches. More travel tomorrow while the temperature is up. Mitchel
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    Well, for some reason, ML did not provide a dedicated beach mode designation so that is NOT a good start (along with the lack of the waterproof housing). Theoretically, there should be a mode (perhaps Jewelry) that should work on wet salt sand. Note that with the Equinox, only the Beach modes are stable on wet salt sand. So hopefully, there is a stable beach mode setting on Vanquish. That being said, there are a LOT of missing features on Vanquish even if there is a stable mode. Lack of adjustable or tracking ground balance and auto transmit power reduction (both Equinox features) will make Vanquish struggle in black sand and surf situations where the salt and ground balance conditions change dynamically. Lack of the ability customize tones (even just reduce tones to 3 or 2 from 5) is also a drawback. Finally, wet salt beach conditions are highly variable and the ability to manually "bias" recovery speed and ground balance settings are advantageous. Neither of these options are available to the Vanquish user. Under ideal conditions, it should be a stable wet salt beach detector but it will be at the mercy of changing conditions. With the lack of waterproofing a literal show stopper, it really makes sense to move up to the Equinox 600 if you want a capable wet salt beach detector. IMO.
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