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Gold Mining Claims For Sale or Lease in Alaska

Steve Herschbach

This page is a free service to help people find mining claims for sale or lease in Alaska. Listings here may be deleted after 6 months but in general the ads are left up until you notify me that you want them removed. To have your ad listed here, email your ad with details. I no longer list ads that do not include an email address in addition to phone numbers as calling people for updates is too much hassle for me. Use the existing ads as your template. Note that since I am a prospector it can take a week or more for listings to be posted. Be patient - the service is free. :smile:

VERY IMPORTANT! DetectorProspector.com and Herschbach Enterprises take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented here. A listing on this page is in no way an endorsement or recommendation of the property listed. Contact the person listing the claim if you want more information. Research all claims thoroughly before purchase. Read Investigate That Claim Before You Buy. Also see Gold From Water and other mining scams (look for Free Downloads pdf link). If you have any doubt about what you are doing, consider hiring a Qualified Person or company to validate a potential claim purchase. If you know of a listing here that you believe to be fraudulent in any way, please alert us immediately with the issue, and your concerns..

MANLEY HOT SPRINGS – Updated 5/7/2023.  Alaska placer mine for sale.  46 state claims – 1,840 acres.  Located 30 miles from Manley Hot Springs on Little Boulder Creek, Salt Creek, Trail Creek and West Fork. Access to claims from Tofty Rd.  You can use the following coordinates to locate area of claims: 65°09'35.0"N 151°08'37.0"W $550,000 OBO.  Not interested in leasing.  For more information, please call 1-907-978-2843 or email manleymine@proton.me

Petersville Area #1 - Updated 05/28/2021. Four forty acre claims located near Poorman and Cottonwood creeks. Road access. Two creeks drain into Cottonwood. Have info of area and geologist report. Asking 100K motivated to sell, serious inquires only. Contact Michele Stevens 907-345-9655 or email: goldengirl@petersvillemining.com website: http://www.petersvillemining.com Thank you for looking.

Petersville Area #2 - Updated 05/28/21. Six State of Alaska mining leases totaling 2,690 acres. State of Alaska Mining Leases are a 20-year lease with the State of Alaska which I own the lease and the lease has 14 years remaining and are renewable. Also available are 25 forty-acre claims with 6 buildings and 3 airstrips. Located in historic and present Petersville/Yentna Mining District area, that has seasonal road access to all claims and leases. Located in Talkeetna C-2 Quadrangle north of the Peters Hills and all above tree line on Cottonwood, Poorman, Pass, Willow, Little Writer, and Peters Creeks where very limited mining of present alluvium has occurred. Drill logs, sampling, and certified geophysical information are available. Owner would like to see the property brought to commercial production. Prices have been dropped and owner is motivated to sell. Leases can be subdivided and sold as smaller leases if need be. Serious inquiries only. For more information contact Michele Stevens @ 907-345-9655, website: http://www.petersvillemining.com or email:  goldengirl@petersvillemining.com Thank you for looking. 

Birch Creek - Updated fall 2020. My siblings and I have nine (9) State of Alaska mining claims (720 acres) for lease with the possibility of sale in the Circle Mining District on Birch Creek.  The physical location is Fairbanks meridian, T007N, R010E, Sections 26-28.  ADL numbers 623131-623137 and 624102-624103.  The claims are mostly unworked with a few exceptions.  A small cut in the early 1980's, approximately 5,000 cubic yards, at the mouth of Willow Creek and a couple of small cuts mined in 2011 and 2012.  The upper end of the claims had 2 holes drilled in the 1940’s along with a full line of drill holes between the upstream claim and Bear Creek.  Other lines of holes were drilled further upstream.  I have a copy of the drilling report. The claims are very easily accessible via the Steese Highway between MP 95 and MP 97.  Bedrock is typically 7 – 9 feet deep in the floodplain, somewhat deeper on the benches.  Gold averages 87%. Terms of the lease would be 15% (negotiable).  If interested or have any questions please email Ray Lester Jr at rplester63@gmail.com

Prospect Creek, Just South of Coldfoot -  Updated fall 2020. 320 Acres Federal Placer Claims for Sale. Located 6 hours north of Fairbanks AK and 30 miles south of Coldfoot, and about 4 miles east of the Dalton Highway. Milclay Creek runs through the SE corner of the claims with three tributary creeks. This is all new ground ready for mining. There is a reliable Drill Report from a mining operation just south of these claims. This report indicates a Paleo Channel between elevation of 1150 ft. and 1250 ft. There is also a “Remote Sensing Mineral Survey” available for these claims illustrating areas of gold deposit, geological formation and more. This is a great tool to use to assist in narrowing in on areas for exploration. We submitted a Plan of Operation (POO) for Exploration of the 320 acres.  We will also help with developing the Plan of Operation (Mining) for the buyer. A buyer can conduct exploration with a deposit. Claim numbers AKFF097686, AKFF097684, AKFF097679, AKFF097680, AKFF097685, AKFF097683, AKFF097681, AKFF097682. Selling for $500,000 Terms available. Email goldfever01@hotmail.com

Miclay Creek Site Map

Valdez Mining District - Updated 7/24/20. Gold and Platinum Claims. 2000 acres in the upper Valdez Creek Mining District. Claims currently being worked. Yield has been 1 to 7 grams of gold per yard of material, and 10 grams per yard of platinum sitting on bedrock. Claims have been tested to bedrock. Underlying layers reveal bedrock is 10 feet from surface. Gray clay, red clay and on bedrock, blue clay. Easy access to claims. Virgin ground, except the test hole we are working. Owner will be on claims until freeze up.  Price for the 2000 acres is $950,000.00, OBO. Will include and LS2800 Link Belt excavator, 6" suction dredge, and gold wheel. Contact Claude at 907-394-2552 or email at akclaude2009@yahoo.com

Windy Creek Canyon - Updated 7/24/20. 1000 acres on the Windy Creek Canyon in the Valdez Creek Mining area. Access is good. Testing has yielded .5 to .7 grams per yard. Silver bedrock source has been located, but not completely explored as of yet. Price for the 1000 acres is $200,000, OBO. Contact Claude at 907-394-2552 or email at akclaude2009@yahoo.com

Cherry Creek - Added 6/7/20. I have 7 claims on Cherry Creek  South of Boundary, Alaska. There is road access to both ends of the claims they are still mining above these claims  there are 6 virgin claims and one that has been mined but needs to be mined again . It produced over 200 oz when it was mined in 1990. I am asking $20,000 per claim, they are very good ground and they are all state claims if interested contact me at   websterscrap@yahoo.com

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Greenstone Creek - Added 4/13/20. In the Ruby Mining District. For sale 13 State of Alaska claims enclosing 760 acres of placer and lode claims. The hillside placer ground is very shallow to bedrock. I deal for a small placer operation and hardrock exploration. The extensive list of equipment includes dozers, excavator, loader and many more items. 767 troy ounces of coarse gold was mined in two recent seasons. A potential resource of >900 ounces from 35,000 bank cubic yards of pay gravel (0.03 oz/bcy) has been outlined by test pitting for production in 2020. Fully permitted through 2023. The portable camp  of three trailers and one RV motorhome and can comfortably accommodate up to 7 persons. Small generators provide electricity to all buildings. Start mining or detecting gold nuggets this summer. Complete purchase required. Motivated seller. Asking $1,000,000 for the placer, lode, camp and all equipment. Contact Jim Halloran (agent) at augeojim@yahoo.com for more information.

Falls Creek - Updated 12/1/20. I have three claims for sale in the Cache Creek Basin (Dutch Hills). They are on upper Falls Creek. I have held them since the late nineties. I am getting a little long in the tooth now and hope someone will be interested! The asking price is $12,500 for one, $10,000 each for two ($20,000 for two) and a great deal, $9000 each for three ($27,000 for three). Please e-mail me with questions / or interest Niallix@aol.com with the word CLAIM in the subject line.

Hansen Gold Claims Near Nome - Added 2/26/20. Budd Creek, Windy Creek, Million Creek, Gold Run Creek group North of Nome, Alaska. 34 State of Alaska, 40 acre claims for sale on 2 adjacent streams on the American River north of Nome. Approximately 9 miles of stream placer. Access is from the end of the Kougerok Road  then along established trail for approximately 25 miles. 4,000' runway at end of Kougerok Road. Historic Bucket Line Dredge (Walter Johnson) on Windy Creek. (1914 intermittently until 1929). Estimated 85%of valleys are virgin.


All claims are shallow (running 3 - 12 ft. to bedrock) Some areas of permafrost because of 2-4  of overburden. No timber on claims. Plenty of Water to work. No anadromous streams. Some ground worked by hand during the gold rush. An exploration program conducted in 2018 with a small backhoe found samples to 0.1 oz/yd. and average of all tests from top of gravel down averaged 0.03/yd. Most tests did not reach bedrock and only a few claims were tested. Sale or lease to qualified Placer Miner. All claims sold as a group. Call or e-mail for more information. Jim Hansen  eaglejim39@yahoo.com 907-707-1090 or 907-304-1756

Coldfoot Area - Updated 7/26/20. 500+ acres placer gold mining claims, 17 miles south of Coldfoot with road access. Comes with drill logs along the Middle Fork of the Koyukuk river. You just have to go get the gold. $145,000 or best offer. Mining equipment on site for sale (see below), if needed. For more information e-mail ddkeill@gmail.com

Mining equipment for sale near Coldfoot: double deck 5' x 14' wash plant, 320 and 235B excavators, D9G and D8H dozers, 966C loader, 55KW and 20KW gen sets, box trailers, tools and supplies. For pricing e-mail ddkeill@gmail.com

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