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Gold Mining Claims For Sale or Lease in Alaska

Steve Herschbach

This page is a free service to help people find mining claims for sale or lease in Alaska. Listings here may be deleted after 6 months but in general the ads are left up until you notify me that you want them removed. To have your ad listed here, email your ad with details. Use the existing ads as your template. Note that since I am a prospector it can take a week or more for listings to be posted.

VERY IMPORTANT! DetectorProspector.com and Herschbach Enterprises take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented here. A listing on this page is in no way an endorsement or recommendation of the property listed. Contact the person listing the claim if you want more information. Research all claims thoroughly before purchase. Read Investigate That Claim Before You Buy. Also see Gold From Water and other mining scams (look for Free Downloads pdf link). If you have any doubt about what you are doing consider hiring a qualified person or company to validate a potential claim purchase. If you know of a listing here that you believe to be fraudulent in any way please alert us at the email address above.

Ruby Mining District - Added 6/24/20. Two 40-acre state mining claims in the Ruby Mining District including equipment. I have been running the old timers’ tailings with consistent results over the last 4 years. AK620507 & AK620506 are located along Midnight Creek (great water). There is over 1000 linear feet of tailings along the creek which are anywhere from 20 to 50 feet tall (lots of material).  Sale includes Ford 750 Back-hoe-loader, 6-inch water pump, Shaker wash plant, clean up equipment, 1995 Ford E-350 Cube truck, Keene 5-inch suction dredge with 3 stage sluice and air, various tools, hoses, generators, spare parts. Reason for selling is that I am getting older and just can’t work as hard as I used too (Desk job last 26 years).  The last several years I have taken about 2 weeks off from my job to work the tailings with the following results: 
•         In 2017 I fed wash plant for 23.5 hours and recovered 3.7 ozt of gold 
•         In 2018 I fed wash plant for 9.0 hours and recovered 1.1 ozt of gold 
•         In 2019 I fed wash plant for 15.3 hours and recovered 2.1 ozt of gold 
Serious inquires only please. You can email me for more information and pictures at cessnadrivergus@yahoo.com Cell: 612-201-9372 please leave a message if I don’t answer (too many Scammers & Spammers). $29,500 for the claims and equipment. Here are a few links to video of my mine: 


Cherry Creek - Added 6/7/20. I have 7 claims on Cherry Creek  South of Boundary, Alaska. There is road access to both ends of the claims they are still mining above these claims  there are 6 virgin claims and one that has been mined but needs to be mined again . It produced over 200 oz when it was mined in 1990. I am asking $20,000 per claim, they are very good ground and they are all state claims if interested contact me at   websterscrap@yahoo.com

882 Acres on McWilliams - Gold Trail w/Patented Placer Claims  (Estate Sale)

Click on Lot Links for Approximate Mid-Locations of Listed Lots.  Lots start from Headwaters of Claim and continues 7 miles downstream.  (HINT: Lot J-22 is farthest, upstream lot and list continues downstream to end lot.)  Lot J-22, Lot J-21, Lot J-20, Lot J-17, Lot J-31, Lot J-18, Lot J-16, Lot J-15, Lot J-1, Lot J-30, Lot J-2, Lot J-3, Lot J-4, Lot J-5, Lot J-6, Lot J-7, Lot J-8, Lot J-9, Lot J-10, Lot J-11, Lot J-12, Lot J-13, Lot J-14, USS 6070, Lot J-25, Lot J-27, Lot J-28, Lot J-26, Lot J-24, Lot J-23, Lot J-32, Lot J-33, Lot J-34, Lot J-35, Lot J-36, Lot J-37, Lot J-38, Lot J-39, Lot J-40, Lot J-41, Lot J-42, Lot J-43

Includes any and all abandoned buildings and equipment, without warranty of any kind, 41 Contiguous Claims and USS 6070, encompassing 881.96 acres of Private, U .S. Patent Land running mostly on both sides of John's Creek and Chunilna Creek.  Ground Access:  36 mile trail from the loading docks of the Alaska Railroad to the J-2 Claim.  Air Access:  2,800' airfield off J-14 and area of USS 6070.  (RUNWAY CURRENT CONDITION UNKNOWN) 

Past Placer Mining Activity Over 6,749.84 Au recovered troy oz. from 361,413 cu. yd. with 5,093 hr. worked. Virgin ground believed to still exist.  Value of minerals not given a value in sales price.  Title Insured in the amount of the Sales Price.  Future Land Individual Sales Forty-one (41) Individual lots approx. 19-20 acre lots already subdivided into 2 Mining Claims; MS224, or 282.84 acres, and MS2252, or 519.14 acres; plus one 79.98 acre lot, USS 6070, all which can be divided into 42 individuals lots, allowing for easier divesting of this investment, in the future. List Price:  $1,400,000 Contact Greg Erkins (907) 562-3382 gregerkins@hotmail.com or gerkins@gci.net 

Greenstone Creek - Added 4/13/20. In the Ruby Mining District. For sale 13 State of Alaska claims enclosing 760 acres of placer and lode claims. The hillside placer ground is very shallow to bedrock. I deal for a small placer operation and hardrock exploration. The extensive list of equipment includes dozers, excavator, loader and many more items. 767 troy ounces of coarse gold was mined in two recent seasons. A potential resource of >900 ounces from 35,000 bank cubic yards of pay gravel (0.03 oz/bcy) has been outlined by test pitting for production in 2020. Fully permitted through 2023. The portable camp  of three trailers and one RV motorhome and can comfortably accommodate up to 7 persons. Small generators provide electricity to all buildings. Start mining or detecting gold nuggets this summer. Complete purchase required. Motivated seller. Asking $1,000,000 for the placer, lode, camp and all equipment. Contact Jim Halloran (agent) at augeojim@yahoo.com for more information.

Hansen Gold Claims Near Nome - Added 2/26/20. Budd Creek, Windy Creek, Million Creek, Gold Run Creek group North of Nome, Alaska. 34 State of Alaska, 40 acre claims for sale on 2 adjacent streams on the American River north of Nome. Approximately 9 miles of stream placer. Access is from the end of the Kougerok Road  then along established trail for approximately 25 miles. 4,000' runway at end of Kougerok Road. Historic Bucket Line Dredge (Walter Johnson) on Windy Creek. (1914 intermittently until 1929). Estimated 85%of valleys are virgin.


All claims are shallow (running 3 - 12 ft. to bedrock) Some areas of permafrost because of 2-4  of overburden. No timber on claims. Plenty of Water to work. No anadromous streams. Some ground worked by hand during the gold rush. An exploration program conducted in 2018 with a small backhoe found samples to 0.1 oz/yd. and average of all tests from top of gravel down averaged 0.03/yd. Most tests did not reach bedrock and only a few claims were tested. Sale or lease to qualified Placer Miner. All claims sold as a group. Call or e-mail for more information. Jim Hansen  eaglejim39@yahoo.com 907-707-1090 or 907-304-1756

American Creek / Game Creek - Added 2/10/2020. Seventy miles north of Nome, six State of Alaska 40 acre claims next to old Massey dredge American Queen. Main cabin, tool shed, 2x old bunk houses, water pipe about 35 yards from the main cabin.  There is quite a bit of equipment and some fuel on site. Previous owner 4-wheeled in from Salmon Lake parking. There is another route that the old tractor trail/railroad used. 2x Landing strips near claims.  Military family now unable to work claims due to family situation.


For Sale $50,000 OBO. Please call or email for more information: Sonny 907-406-5122  outlaw13a@gmail.com

Porcupine Creek - Updated 2/26/20. PARTNER FOR JV IN 2,700 ACRE gold mining claims in South Central Alaska located N. of Glennallen in a Porphyry Belt and Critical Minerals Belt. Airborne Surveys are done. Documents on request. Partner may do due diligence and after drilling can earn up to 80% interest in the claims. Email turmacmact@msn.com or call Cell: (520)709-0601

Porcupine Creek Information - click or double-click for larger view

Valdez Mining District - Added 5/15/19. Roosevelt Lake Area 13 claims for 1720 Acres. Active mining adjacent to claims. Several test runs through a high banker show $20 to $30 a yard. Mostly virgin ground. Windy Creek Canyon, a few miles to the South. 13 claims for 640 acres. I have found gold and silver in good quantities. $15 to $40 a yard on tests. All virgin ground. The claims can be driven to in the summer. 4wd preferred, but not necessary. Prefer to be sold as blocks, but individual claim sales may be negotiated.  Contact Claude at 907-394-2552 or email at akclaude2009@yahoo.com

Petersville Area - Added 5/15/19. Four forty acre claims located near Poorman and Cottonwood creeks. Road access. Two creeks drain into Cottonwood. Have info of area and geologist report. Asking 150K motivated to sell, serious inquires only. Contact Michele Stevens 907-345-9655 or email: goldengirl@petersvillemining.com website: http://www.petersvillemining.com Thank you for looking. 

Valdez Mining District - Added 5/15/19. Roosevelt Lake Area 13 claims for 1720 Acres. Active mining adjacent to claims. Several test runs through a high banker show $20 to $30 a yard. Mostly virgin ground. Windy Creek Canyon, a few miles to the South. 13 claims for 640 acres. I have found gold and silver in good quantities. $15 to $40 a yard on tests. All virgin ground. The claims can be driven to in the summer. 4wd preferred, but not necessary. Prefer to be sold as blocks, but individual claim sales may be negotiated.  Contact Claude at 907-394-2552 or email at akclaude2009@yahoo.com

Petersville Area - Updated 5/15/19. Six State of Alaska mining leases totaling 2,690 acres. State of Alaska Mining Leases are a 20-year lease with the State of Alaska which I own the lease and the lease has 14 years remaining and are renewable. Also available are 25 forty-acre claims with 6 buildings and 3 airstrips. Located in historic and present Petersville/Yentna Mining District area, that has seasonal road access to all claims and leases. Located in Talkeetna C-2 Quadrangle north of the Peters Hills and all above tree line on Cottonwood, Poorman, Pass, Willow, Little Writer, and Peters Creeks where very limited mining of present alluvium has occurred. Drill logs, sampling, and certified geophysical information are available. Owner would like to see the property brought to commercial production. Prices have been dropped and owner is motivated to sell. Leases can be subdivided and sold as smaller leases if need be. Serious inquiries only. For more information contact Michele Stevens @ 907-345-9655, website: http://www.petersvillemining.com or email:  goldengirl@petersvillemining.com Thank you for looking. 

Valdez Creek - Added 4/24/19. I have 40 acres in the upper Valdez creek valley near Tenas lake. Active mining on both sides of claim. $35,000 obo.  I also have 600 plus acres on Gold creek across the hwy from Valdez creek. Shallow bedrock. Surrounding area claimed by large mining corp. Easy atv access but last few miles of road need repaired to drive a pickup in. Very good potential for commercial mining. I need to sell it. Only $50,000. I also own 240 acres of hard rock claims on top of Gold Hill. Make me an offer on it. Call 907-768-1137 I am gone often so leave message and I'll call ya back. 

Manley Hot Springs - Added 2/23/19. Alaska placer mine for sale 50 state claims located on Little Boulder Creek, Salt Creek, Trail Creek and West Fork 30 miles from Manley Hot Springs, AK on Tofty Road. Can access claims by road  some older equipment and camp.  83 yrs young time to sell .  email miningwild@gmail.com

Fortymile River - Added 1/24/19. Fortymile River mining lease for sale. Includes 10 claims, campsite with 2 storage sheds, an 8” & 6” suction dredge, 22’ riverboat for springtime hauling gear and a new 1652 Lund jon boat located 17 miles down river from the lower bridge.

Fortymile River Mining Lease area

Rental fees to state are only 375.00 a year for all 10 claims since it is a lease. ADL 588388 asking 40,000.00 obo. Call Royce at 907-317-0335

Fortymile River - Added 9/30/18. I have nine claims I want to sell for $3000.00 each. Also have a brand new Keene 8 inch suction dredge, and a new 6 inch dredge. A full camp site with everything you need from tents to wood burning stoves, showers, gold pans, etc. Call and make me an offer I can't refuse for the whole package together, or may sell separate. 941-416-8839. Don. 

Fortymile River - Added 6/12/18. North fork of the Fortymile River, there are 8 river bottom gold claims for sale at $2500.00 each. Want to sell together if possible.

Fortymile claims, camp, and equipment

Approx. 9 miles upriver from the North fork bridge. Accessible by boat or hovercraft. Gold average size is 20 mesh with a couple of pickers each day. Average 2-3 grams of gold per hour with a 6" dredge. Gravel bar avg. 2-1/2' of overburden down to bedrock to over on the river channel side is bedrock outcropping. Call 907-227-3850 or lowrielp@aol.com

Babe & Vault Creek - Updated 9/30/18. For Lease. We have 440 acres containing almost 2 miles of virgin permafrost placer ground for lease 13 miles N. of Fairbanks. Babe and upper Vault Creek drain a gold rich belt that extends from Ester Dome NE to the Ft. Knox mine. Lower Vault Creek was extensively drift mined in the early 1900’s and was a major producer. One small drift operation was located on Babe Ck. but no production records have been found. There are several old prospect shafts on both creeks that indicate gold values at a MINIMUM of 1oz/30 yds of gravel. One such shaft was cleaned out and taken to bed rock which was at roughly 65’. I recently put down a 6’x6’ shaft and hit bed rock at 60’. Pay gravel is approximately 10’ in thickness. This mining season I’ll be cross drifting the valley to better determine the values to expect both up and downstream. Any operation undertaking the mining of these claims needs to not be deterred by significant overburden which varies from at least 30’ to 70’. An extensive drilling program would be needed. The history of lower Vault shows 1/3 of the gold recovered was 1 penny weight or better. There is good indication that the width of the pay could easily be 150’ to 200’ with the richest pay streaks being around 50’. The two creeks combined typically run enough water to supply a washing operation especially if ponded. There is a large spring that adds significantly to the water available. Contact: Kurt Blumberg e-mail: flintgd@aol.com or phone: 303-507-9502 for additional information.

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Fairbanks Area - Updated 10/2/18. Thirteen gold, silver and antimony claims. Accessible by highway and adjacent to the historic Nordale mine. Located below Cleary Summit in Fairbanks area (picture below).


Claims were recorded in early 1920's with only a single corporation. These are placer and hard rock claims. Aging stockholders wish to sell. Contact Patrice Gapen at 307-631-0601 in Mountain Time or email flypatr@yahoo.com

Cooper Landing - Added 5/8/18. 160 acre gold claim. Four 40 acre claims all connected. Good gold, easy access dedicated road and good camping area, good water.

Cooper Landing claims and gold

There is a creek running through the claims. Claims are located in Cooper Landing, Alaska 70 miles south of Anchorage. $190,000 obo email barnesminingempire@gmail.com

Coldfoot Area - Added 4/11/18. 500+ acres placer gold mining claims, 17 miles south of Coldfoot with road access. Comes with drill logs along the Middle Fork of the Koyukuk river. You just have to go get the gold. $145,000 or best offer. Mining equipment on site for sale (see below), if needed. For more information e-mail kkdeill@gmail.com

Mining equipment for sale near Coldfoot: double deck 5' x 14' wash plant, 320 and 235B excavators, D9G and D8H dozers, 966C loader, 55KW and 20KW gen sets, box trailers, tools and supplies. For pricing e-mail ddkeill@gmail.com

Alfred Creek (behind Sheep Mountain) - Updated 7/3/18. Mining camp for sale on Alfred Creek near Sheep Mountain 123 miles from Anchorage. Over 2,400 acres in sixty State of Alaska mining claims. Mining camp is 12 miles off Glenn Highway (mile 123) and has road drivable by truck or 4 wheeler in the summer and snow machine in the winter. There is also a 2000 foot airstrip at camp. Six buildings include a heated main house with kitchen, bedroom, shower with hot water on demand, and storage area. Caretaker's cabin has a heated kitchen and bedroom. Also has modern outhouse, tool shed, an old miner's cabin and shelter.

Alfred Creek camp

Equipment includes a 6x6 truck, a 5 ton army cargo truck, 6x6 duce and half fuel truck, 6x6 duce and half cargo. All you need is heavy equipment, Mining records for '09 available. Water rights and exploration records available on most claims. Ideal business for suction dredging, metal detection work, panning, high banking or recreational use. Great area for hunting for moose, caribou, sheep, wolf and fox. Price reduced to $300,000 for package. For more details contact Ed DeWitt (907) 563-1822 or Cell(907)227-0801. email: eds@ak.net

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Platinum, AK - Updated 10/2/18. We have approximate 2000 offshore acres of State of Alaska mining claims available. Research: USGS, USBM and Thomas Oommen PhD. Geologist completed 2 studies, one in 2006 and one in 2008. Goodnews Mining Co. recovered 650,000 ounces in a 41 year time frame with a dragline and a bucket line dredge within a 6.5 mile stretch of the Salmon River. We are offering six (6) - 40 acre claims and eleven (11) - 160 acre claims, which total 2000 acres of State of Alaska offshore mining claims. Asking $15,000 US dollars per 40 acre claim, $50,000 US dollars per 160 acre claim, OR $250,000 US dollars for all claims listed above. Please reply to this ad via email at GoldenMooseMining@gmail.com

Placer Gold in Alaska - Updated 10/1/18. On five miles of river claims. Gold grades average of 18 large samples is $44 per cubic yard at the grass roots, huge volume of gravel. Airstrip, trails, professionally surveyed and sampled claims with mineral report. Historic mining, but 99% unmined. Adequate water, water rights and cabin included. Complete buyout preferred. Asking $2,500,000. Contact: Jim Halloran augeojim@yahoo.com

Valdez Creek / Grogg Creek - Added 1/21/18. Selling 720 acres / 18 claims (40-acre claims) of state of Alaska placer mining claims. Along the east bank of the Susitna River, the claims are located on Valdez Creek. Creek is a historic gold bearing location and a leading producer. All the claims are state of Alaska claims, they are not patented. In the 80’s Valdez Creek (Cambior) became the largest placer gold operation in North America for about 10 years and in the best year it produced over 100,000 ounces of raw gold. The claims are about 212 miles from Anchorage at the confluence of Grogg Creek and Valdez Creek, in the Talkeetna Mining District. The area is reached by vehicles via the Denali Highway which connects Paxson on the east with Cantwell on the west. At about Mile 79 (measured from Cantwell) a gravel road heads north along the east bank Susitna River and goes through the old mining camp of Denali and up in back of White Creek and on the confluence of Valdez Creek and Grogg Creek. 4 miles up from Cambior Mine. You can drive to the claims with a 4x4 or 4-wheeler in the summer.

Valdez Creek claims and gold

These claims have huge potential. No mining equipment on site. Placer gold exploration permits. Great area for hunting caribou, sheep, wolf and fox. (Mile 69 Denali Hwy) At $450/oz. gold samples assay up to $15.00 a yard. (Reference sample, 1885, Mike Balen / Jerry Hannio U.S. Bureau of Mines). Excellent ore values. 0.0369 fine ounces per cubic yard of fine grained and flakey gold. Ft Knox ADL No. 539731 Downstream Cambior company’s, A channel, was a 15-foot-thick pay stream that ran 10 ounces per cubic yard. Asking $200,000 - the claims will not be sold separately. Contact Peter if interested or with questions. Email: indigoenterprises@gmail.com  Call: 206-501-6379

Falls Creek - Updated 10/1/18. I have three claims for sale in the Cache Creek Basin (Dutch Hills). They are on upper Falls Creek. I have held them since the late nineties. I am getting a little long in the tooth now and hope someone will be interested! The asking price is $12,500 for one, $10,000 each for two ($20,000 for two) and a great deal, $9000 each for three ($27,000 for three). Please e-mail me with questions / or interest Niallix@aol.com with the word CLAIM in the subject line.

Kougarok River - Updated 10/1/18. Seward Peninsula, approximately 100 miles North of Nome. 8.5 miles of continuous Alaskan State claims on the Kougarok river. 36 forty acre claims, all claims have the river running through them with several very interesting benches . We've prospected these claims over the last 8 seasons using a suction dredge w/ several paystreaks located (98% virgin to suction dredging). Three cabins on the downstream claim (2 miles from end of road), remote ( claims start at 2 miles from end of road and extend upstream for 8.5 miles), ATV, cat trail access.

Kougarok River claims

We found quite a bit of coarse gold on the lower claims, up to 7 oz nugget with gold running up into the bench from the river. This bench is roughly 35 acres and has an old timers cabin on it which I think they only built a cabin to mine rich ground. The upper claims have a paystreak of smaller gold that extends for at least a couple of miles (we haven't fully determined just how far this extends but have got as high as 2ozs/6 hr dredging session). There is an old cabin that could be fixed up or moved closer to the claims in the upper area. Downstream from there about 3 miles there's a large bench and a terrific campsite on the river. The bench carries colors and heavies (looks to me like an ancient channel). On the lower claims we found a nugget paystreak that probably extends 300' or more (we've established the upper end of this paystreak, then 200' down stream is where we found the 7oz nugget and at that time we covered the downstream ground with tailings so we know that the paystreak extends downstream, possibly for several hundred yards. All the claims are Alaskan State claims which means less problems... no BLM & the Kougarok river doesn't have salmon. Our Bottom line for the whole group of claims is 60K  or  we could break up the claims and if so we'd ask  60K (bottom 10 claims), and the other 26 claims starting at $2500/claim respectively...the top 6 claims w/ the established paystreak I'd ask $22,000 if sold separately.  If you purchased the whole 36 claims the price is roughly $1600/claim (which is a very good deal for I see several 40 acre claims in the general area for 40K or more per claim). I can't over emphasis the fact that we've prospected up there for the last 8 seasons...we know where we didn't hit any gold...we know where we hit some gold but not enough to pay with our 6" dredge... we know where there are existing paystreaks.... we know hidden trails for access.... we know of 4 separate benches that we've panned gold on.....and can give advice as to camping etc ... all this information is very valuable and should be taken into consideration. (most of the claims I see advertised don't have much positive information available). GPS coordinates : downstream boundary is 65.4589N, 164.6878W and upstream extends to 65.5671N, 164.7390W....ADL # 554358 thru 554390 plus 705584 and two other claims .... Fineness of the gold is 90.5 to 91%.......Age forces sale.....Contact: Jim at 530 626 8753 (10am to 5pm Mon thru Sat) or Jan at 360 427 5367 ..... email jansiks@yahoo.com

Kenai Gold Claims - Updated 10/1/18. Fifteen 40-acre state claims in two groups of placer ground with great access and off the road parking. All the claims would be great for suction dredging and high banking. Some of the claims have enough low bench ground for heavy equipment operations. They have not ever been mined to any significant degree. They have been held for decades in speculation, but they have a mining history. Hope-Sunrise Mining District. Good gold on every claim. No equipment and no permafrost. Thirteen thousand dollars per claim or a better rate on groups of claims. Sold in two or more claim groups only. About 70 highway miles from Anchorage. Contact: augeojim@yahoo.com for more information.



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