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Minelab GPX 6000 Accessories & Spare Parts

Steve Herschbach

This page lists accessory items and spare parts for the new Minelab GPX 6000 metal detector. Photos, descriptions, and part numbers are updated as new information becomes available. Minelab GPX 6000 Data & Reviews

Minelab GPX 6000 with 11" round mono search coil 4.6 lbs part# 3300-0500
Length Extended - 57 inches          Length Collapsed - 30 inches


Minelab GPX 11 11" round mono coil, 680 grams, waterproof to one meter, not compatible with other Minelab detector models. Skid plate / scuff cover included. Stock coil on GPX 6000. part# 3011-0425


Spare skid plate / scuff cover for GPX 11 search coil. part# 


Minelab GPX 14 14" round DD search coil, 1015 grams, waterproof to one meter, not compatible with other Minelab detector models. Skid plate / scuff cover included. Ships with U.S. version of GPX 6000. part# 3011-0426


Spare skid plate / scuff cover for GPX 14 search coil. part# 


Minelab GPX 17 17" elliptical mono search coil, waterproof to one meter, not compatible with other Minelab detector models. Skid plate / scuff cover included. Ships with African version of GPX 6000. part# 3011-0427


Spare skid plate / scuff cover for GPX 17 search coil. part# 


Quick release Li-Ion rechargeable battery for GPX 6000, 7.2V, 5833 mAh, 42 Wh (input 12V 1.0A), approximately 8 hour running time per charge. part# 3011-0432


Mains AC charger for Li-Ion battery, with various country adapters. This is probably the same Universal AC Charger as used on the Gold Monster and SDC 2300, part# 3011-0339


Field charger cable, 12V DC with alligator clips. This is probably the same cable as used on Gold Monster, CTX 3030, and GPX 7000, part# 67-90204 


Minelab ML100 Bluetooth rechargeable wireless headphones, with micro-USB charging cable. part# 3011-0435


Hard wired adapter cable for ML100 headphones, with Equinox style 1/8" waterproof adapter. part# ???


GPX 6000 adjustable armrest, with strap. This may be the same armrest as used on the CTX 3030 and GPZ 7000, part# 8013-0028 and strap part# 8005-0040


Lower rod GPX 6000. part# ???


Middle rod GPX 6000. part# ???


GPX 6000 headphone outlet rubber door/cover. part# ???


GPX 6000 speaker cover/grill. part# ???


GPX 6000 rubber washers for rod to coil connection. part# ???
(see below for coil bolt)


Minelab GPX 6000 17" elliptical mono and 11" round mono coils compared 


The following items do not come with the GPX 6000, but are likely to work with it based on what is known so far. This is preliminary guesswork, and it is not advised a purchase be made based solely on the information presented here.

12V Vehicle "Cigarette Adapter" charging cable. part# 0302-0082



Equinox 1/8" male waterproof audio to generic female 1/4" headphone jack. part# 3011-0369


Vanquish style coil bolt. part# 4001-0025


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