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White's MX Sport

Steve Herschbach

The White's Electronics MX Sport was introduced in 2016 and is still in production. It features a new housing design waterproof to ten feet. Many people assume the MX Sport is a White's MXT stuffed in a smaller box, but the reality is the MX Sport is based on the MX5 electronics. The MX5 circuit is inspired by the MXT but is new and so an experienced operator can tell the machines are different at the core. Not better or worse - just different.

The MX Sport also has its own offshoot design, the White's MX7, which is the MX Sport circuit in a dry land design. See White's MX7 and MX Sport Compared for details.

The MX Sport comes with the 10" round DD coil and has a couple coil options taken directly from the MXT lineup. These are the 950 9.5" round concentric, 6" round concentric, and 10" x 5.5" DD elliptical. There is also a new 7" round DD coil made by Detech. Although these coils are similar to the coils used on the MXT they have the special waterproof connector needed for use on the MX Sport and are tuned differently. White's official position is that coils are not directly interchangeable between the MX Sport and MXT series.

The MX Sport has a great set of target id tone discrimination options. There are single (mono) tone, 2 tone, 4 tone, 8 tone, and 20 tone options. The tone ranges and the tones themselves are preset, but each tone has its own volume setting - a very rare feature. On most detectors notching out or rejecting a certain target segment causes items that fall in that segment to make no sound at all. With the MX Sport, you can set the Rejection Volume to a percentage, for instance 20% or 50%, and instead of being completely eliminated those items would be heard at 20% volume or 50% volume levels respectively.

White's MX Sport metal detector waterproof to ten feet

The MX Sport is waterproof to ten feet. However, it is a very high gain single frequency metal detector. This means that although the MX Sport can be used in saltwater, the sensitivity will have to be reduced to eliminate false signals from the saltwater of wet salt sand. This is not a problem; it is common to all single frequency detectors. Freshwater however is invisible to a detector and so the MX Sport can be operated in freshwater lakes and streams in a similar fashion to using it on dry land. This is a good time to mention that in 2017 White's added underwater headphones to the MX Sport standard package. This is an item that would cost over $80 if purchased separately, and do note that many competitor machine do not include this needed option in their waterproof detectors.

The MX Sport does have a Prospecting Mode, but in a field already crammed with lower price mid frequency prospecting machines I have my doubts. White's themselves is not marketing the MX Sport as a prospecting detector. I therefore expect the MX Sport to have minimal if any impact on the prospecting market. The main market as pursued by White's is coins, relics, jewelry, and beach detecting. However, I personally have no doubt that I could go out and do just fine using the MX Sport for gold nugget detecting.

Sept 2017 Note - The MX Sport had new machine issues with both the firmware and the hardware. These appear to have been solved now. However, potential buyers of used MX Sport detectors, especially those made in 2016, would be wise to be fully informed of these issues prior to any purchase of a used unit. See this forum thread for details. Rest assured that if you somehow end up with one of these detectors either new or used, that White's will take care of you. Contact them if you have questions.

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White's MX Sport Technical Specifications*
Internet Price $749
Technology Induction Balance (IB)
Frequency 13.9 kHz
Autotune Mode(s) Variable Self Adjusting Threshold (V/SAT)
Ground Rejection Tracking, Fixed and Grab
Soil Adjust Normal and Salt Modes
Discrimination Adjustable Notch, Visual ID, Tone ID
Volume Control Yes 
Threshold Control Yes
Tone Adjust Yes*
Audio Boost No
Frequency Offset Yes 
Pinpoint Mode Yes
Audio Output 1/4" headphone via adapter & waterproof speaker. Waterproof headphones included.
Hip Mount Shaft Mount Only
Standard Coil(s) 10" round DD
Optional Search Coils Three accessory coils available
Battery Eight AA
Operating Time 20+ hours
Weight 4.23 pounds with batteries
Additional Technology Waterproof to ten feet (with included waterproof headphones), screen backlight
Notes *Various tone schemes are preset, but a rare feature allows the volume of each tone to be independently adjusted

*Notes on Technical Specifications - Detailed notes about the specifications listed in this chart.


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