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Minelab Go-Find 44

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Steve Herschbach
  • Price: $ 199 Freq: 7.8 kHz Weight: 2.3 lbs Waterproof?: No Current?: Yes

The Minelab Go-Find 44 metal detector was introduced in 2018 and is still in production. The Go-Find 44 is a 7.8 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, relic, and beach detecting.

"When you want that edge, that advantage and a powerful sense of discovering more than you thought possible, GO-FIND 44 takes you there. Prepare to unearth what lies deep beneath your feet with your GO-FIND 44. Superior Performance - Advanced technology and innovative features for performance to the MAX. Compact & No Assembly - It’s easy. There’s nothing to assemble and no loose parts that can get lost. Ultra Lightweight - At only 2.3 lbs (1.06 kg). Easy-Trak Automatic - Auto ground-tracking reduces noise interference and maximises target signals. Treasure View - Red = iron targets, likely trash. Green = non-iron targets, possibly treasure! Search deeper and find the treasure other people miss with the GO-FIND 44." Source: Minelab website

Minelab Go-Find 44 metal detector

Minelab Go-Find 44 control panel

  • Portability    Collapsible Body
  • Find Modes    3
  • Search Coil    Large (10-inch waterproof coil)
  • Treasure View    5 LEDs
  • Backlight    Yes
  • Sensitivity    4 Levels
  • Volume    5 Volume Levels
  • Pinpoint Locating    Yes
  • Bluetooth    Yes
  • Smartphone App    Standard Version
  • Batteries    4xAA Batteries (not inc.)
  • Length Collapsed    21.9 in / 555 mm
  • Length Extended    51.4 in / 1305 mm
  • Weight    2.3 lbs / 1.06 kg

Official Minelab Go-Find 44 Product Page

Minelab Go-Find Getting Started Guide

Minelab Metal Detector Forum


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Seeing there is no Gold Find 44 review I'll leave one based on it's predecessor the Go-Find 40 that I own which is very similar with the main change being the build quality of the fold up shaft from what I can see although Minelab indicate the new range have higher sensitivity to targets yet are using the same frequencies.

I gave it a 4 star rating not as it's a 4 star detector overall, but it's a 4 star detector for it's purpose.

The detector itself folds up small, it's very light and cheap enough you can just leave it in your car for whenever you need a detect but don't have your high end detector with you.  They're fun to use and so light even young kids can use one with little trouble. 

They're also simple to use, with 4 levels of discrimination and a Red/Green meter indicating ferrous / non-ferrous targets. It's nice to have volume control on such a cheap detector too.  The bluetooth functionality is there but serves little purpose in my opinion as you can see your detectors screen on your phone and can control it on your phone, I don't know why you'd need to unless you break buttons on the detector ? ? Maybe someone might find it useful.  The Pro version of the app only comes with the 66 series, the 44 comes with the standard app.  These are the benefits of the Pro app which you can purchase for the 40/44

The application allows:

  • Determine coin type
  • View information from the metal detector
  • Remote control of the metal detector.
  • Listen to music to search at the same time.
  • Apply the coordinates of their findings on Google maps
  • To configure the sound device and applications

Pinpoint mode is very accurate.

While I wouldn't recommend one for an experienced detectorist they're brilliant for kids and so easy for them to use and understand.  They work in parks for coin and jewellery hunting and work very well on dry sand beaches.  They automatically track the ground and handle it quite well.  They will work in wet sand but you do have to lower the sensitivity.

The backlight is nice on such a cheap detector too.

If you had a kid and want to get them into detecting, this is a good detector for the job.  They will like it's simplicity and it's lightweight at about 2 pounds, 1 kilo and it's not a hindrance for you to carry along as it folds up into a backpack easily.

It's good for coin and jewellery size targets but don't think you'll find gold nuggets with it ?

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