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Tesoro Cortes

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Steve Herschbach
  • Price: $ 721 Freq: 10 kHz Weight: 2.98 lbs Waterproof?: No Current?: No

The Tesoro Cortes metal detector was introduced in 2001 and ceased production in 2018. It is a 10 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, and relic detecting.

"Get the best of the Epsilon series with visual and audio identification, notch filter and pre-set ground balance in discrimination mode, and manual ground adjustment in all-metal mode. The Cortes’ VID (Visual Identification) system works in two ways: the detector samples the target and provides a nine-segment bar graph of the entire signal, and a two-digit identification number shows the ID at the maximum signal strength. In addition to the expansive information provided by the VID, the Cortes boasts nine different tones for superior audio identification. Never guess a target again." Source: Tesoro 2013 catalog

Tesoro Cortes metal detector

Tesoro Cortes control panel

  • Operating Frequency    10 kHz
  • Searchcoil Type    Concentric
  • Searchcoil Size    9 x 8
  • Searchcoil Family    Epsilon
  • Cable Length    Approx. 3'
  • Audio Freq. Target ID Tones    Approx. 350 to 800 Hz
  • Audio Freq. All Metal VCO    Approx. 350 to 920 Hz
  • Audio Output    2 ¼" speaker and headphone jack
  • Headphone Compatibility    ¼" stereo plug
  • Weight (may vary slightly)    2.98 lbs
  • Battery Requirement    Eight AA (alkaline)
  • Battery Life (typical)    10 to 20 hours
  • Optimum Temp. Range    30° to 100° F
  • Optimum Humidity    0 to 75% R.H.
  • Operating Modes    Silent Search Discriminate, No Motion All Metal, Sum, Notch Narrow/Wide

Official Tesoro Cortes Product Page

Tesoro Cortes Owner's Manual

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