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White's MX7

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Steve Herschbach
  • Price: $ 549 Freq: 13.9 kHz Weight: 3.5 lbs Waterproof?: No Current?: No

The White's MX7 metal detector was introduced in 2017 and was still in production when White’s closed up shop in 2020. The MX7 is a 13.9 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, relic, and gold nugget detecting.

"THE RIGHT DETECTOR, AT THE RIGHT PRICE! All the features and sensitivity of the MX Sport - in a detector built for land and shallow water hunting. Just like Sport users have discovered, MX7 will give you a new opportunity to hunt those spots you’ve been before and uncover a new layer of depth. Super-sensitive to small gold targets, too. Plus, the MX7 is so light and balanced at just 3.5 lbs, you’ll be able to hunt all day,and find more." Source: White's 2018 catalog

White's MX7 metal detector

White's MX7 control panel

  • WATER-RESISTANT HOUSING is perfect for land and shallow water hunting
  • SIX ADJUSTABLE HUNT PROGRAMS. Coin and Jewelry, Beach, Relic,Prospecting, High Trash and All Metal. Plus, Pinpoint
  • FAST RECOVERY SPEED. Pick out those good targets right alongside trash
  • REJECT VOLUME™. Maximize depth and filter target responses by the intensity of the volume- 8 settings
  • SALT TRACK. An option in all hunt programs, Salt Track enhances performance in wet sand, in some farm fields and in the alkali patches often found in prospecting areas
  • TONE ID. Hunt in 1, 2, 4, 8 or 20-tone I.D.
  • AUTO GROUND BALANCE WITH TRACKING. Grab options. Complete versatility to go from the park to the beach to the desert
  • FREQUENCY OFFSET for hunting alongside other detectors
  • 8 “AA” BATTERY PACK included
  • 9.5” CONCENTRIC WATERPROOF COIL (other Sport coils are available, sold separately)
  • ADJUSTABLE ARMREST with arm strap

Official White's MX7 Product Page

White's MX7 Owner's Manual

White's Metal Detector Forum


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Jeff McClendon

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I was very excited to purchase the MX7. Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed with this detector. It struggled with the high mineralization in my area whether in auto tracking or locked ground balance. Target ID was very unstable and jumpy at depths beyond 3" and the detector was very susceptible to EMI and crosstalk with other detectors. I loved the display and the tones of this detector. I found it to be too heavy for longer hunts. I am no weakling but this detector gave me lots of wrist and neck fatigue no matter how I adjusted it. The 6" Detech coil was a vast improvement over the stock Whites coils which were disappointing. Hopefully others have had a more favorable experience with this detector.

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Mx7 is a very capable detector, but for me the stock coil should have been a concentric spider coil at about 8 inches. I knew going in that I would be adding 6.5 six shooter and the 6x10 DD.  I like to hunt jewelry and coins on dryland ( no ocean here). The 6x10 is used on sports fields and open areas. The 6.5 is used for around structures, tot lots, and trashy parks. The pros are: a) Power, the Mx7 is no wimp, b)Sensitivity  on the fly, a must in structure hunting, C) EMI resistant, this the best I have used in my urban environment, D) battery life is over 40 hrs, E) Lots of modes and many can be customized, F) Ground balance is a snap and I use both  locked and unlocked, G) Tones are great, and the # used  is according to circumstance.

Cons: A) Need to look at a different stock coil that is lighter, B) Come on Whites, develop a stand that puts the battery compartment off the ground. 









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