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White's MXT Pro

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Steve Herschbach
  • Price: $ 823 Freq: 14 kHz Weight: 4.3 lbs Waterproof?: No Current?: No

The White's MXT was released in 2002 and was still in production when White’s closed up shop in 2020. The MXT is a 14 kHz VLF metal detector aimed primarily at coin, jewelry, and relic detecting as well as gold prospecting. Previous versions now discontinued include the original MXT with 9.5" concentric coil and the MXT 300 with 12" concentric coil. The MXT Pro was originally released with the 12" 300mm coil. The current MXT Pro features a 10" round DD coil and adds three new touch pad buttons to the control pod (see picture below), meter backlight, and multi tones but performance is identical to earlier versions.

"THE MXT ALL-PRO is like having three metal detectors in one! You’ll enjoy the keypad, high-efficiency backlight, Grab and lock settings. This favorite comes with a 10” DD search coil. Three separate programs give you versatility with different target responses, display info and audio frequencies for relics, prospecting and coins/jewelry." Source: White's 2018 catalog

White's MXT Pro metal detector

White's MXT Pro display

  • Backlit Display for hunting in low light conditions
  • Tone ID seven tones in the coin & jewelry program to identify different targets before you dig
  • Grab update ground tracking from a locked or tracking setting
  • 3 Separate Programs unique target responses, display info and audio frequencies
  • Coin/Jewelry display offers vdi -95 to +95, target blocks, coin/jewelry/trash-target labels, depth reading and tone id and more
  • Relic specifically id’s buttons, buckles and bullets. Displays vdi range of -95 to +95, target blocks, relic target labels, depth reading and more
  • Prospecting iron grunt for targets with high probability of being iron. Vdi range of -95 to +95, % probability of iron, ground phase and more
  • 3 Options for tone id
  • Automatic Ground Balance simple, fast, accurate
  • 3 Easy-Adjust Controls
  • Gain maximizes sensitivity and depth
  • Threshold allows you to hunt with a slight hum or hear only the sound of targets
  • Dual functions differently in each program
  • Operating Frequency 14 kHz
  • 10” DD waterproof search coil
  • Drop-in Battery Pack 40-hours from 8 “AA” batteries
  • Two Year parts and labor warranty

Official MXT Product Page

White's MXT Pro Owner's Manual

White's MXT - Steve's Review

White's Metal Detector Forum


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Steve Herschbach

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Over a decade ago I would have given the White's MXT a five star rating, and am only giving it a four star rating because it is showing its age. The MXT was one of the first detectors to really leverage a microprocessor design in a metal detector by having a switch that made it like owning three detectors in one - Coins & Jewelry, Relics, and Gold Prospecting. Yet it stuck with an analog knob type control interface that is one of the best examples of simplicity and ease of learning I have seen in any detector. The controls are not only clearly marked with "cheater" settings but an abbreviated set of instructions is printed on the bottom of the control box!

The MXT also has one of the best coil selections of any VLF detector ever made. The only real weakness is that as a non-waterproof single frequency detector the MXT is not the first choice for saltwater detecting.

The MXT 14 kHz circuit is one of the best of the 20th century and the machine is already a true classic. There are newer designs that make the MXT look a little old fashioned but the fact is that it is a very capable detector that would be hard to go wrong with to this day. I have moved on to other units myself but will always consider the MXT to be one of the best metal detectors ever designed. The fact it is still selling almost twenty years later is a testament to that. See my detailed review for far more information than I can present here.

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Mxt Sniper

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I have and use a MXT Pro, it still is pretty much on top of the vlf pile for coin/jewelry for me, I have tried some of the latest machines and gone back to the MXT Pro every time so far. Most my park finds are in the first 5" of soil, not worried about the latest and greatest, its very good on gold jewelry due to the khz freq, even with the 5.3 eclipse coil I can hit 10" on a coin if needed. The gold mode works well down to about 2 grain wt nugget, is limited in depth due to vlf but is a decent gold machine in some areas. Very wide range of coils makes the MXT very versitile.

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