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  1. Looks like two detectors to me now, the MF5, and the GPX 6000. And with the MF5 already pulling a sneak release, it's really just the GPX 6000 we are waiting on. I sure was hoping for an Equinox 1000 or whatever replaces the CTX 3030, but looks like my Equinox 800 will have to hold out for a while longer.
  2. It's almost impossible to tell from photos. They could be made of rock or plastic or almost anything, just going by looks.
  3. I tossed the coil on my postal scales to get a weight. Nokta/Makro 13" x 15.5" GR40 coil for Gold Racer with scuff cover 1 lb 11 oz (766 grams) Minelab Equinox 12.25" x 15" coil for Equinox with scuff cover 1 lb 7.3 oz (660 grams)
  4. Back in July we were speculating on a new Minelab trademark filing for Geo Sense PI. Looks like now we have an inkling what that was about and that it is related to the upcoming GPX 6000 model. Here are a couple tidbits gleaned from the full Codan 2020 Annual Report: page 6: "Minelab will soon release an exciting new GPX® gold detector which will draw upon the best features of the GPX 5000™ and SDC 2300®." page 14: "Minelab will soon release a new GPX® detector which introduces an ease of use technology, GeoSense Pulse Induction, and will sit within the premium end of our gold detect
  5. Back in May we were speculating on the filing of a new Minelab trademark for "MF5" and what kind of detector that might mean. Well, Minelab quietly added the MF5 mine detector to the lineup. What makes this interesting is the MF5 employs the fold up housing originally developed for the F3 Compact mine detector, and later used on the SDC 2300 gold nugget detector. The Minelab MF5 introduces a new coil that features a round transmit coil combined with a EMI canceling figure 8 receive coil. The coil measures 7.5" x 10.6". Minelab MF5 metal detector Even more interesting is the
  6. I speculated some time back on a question. Would the Impulse AQ be any good at gold prospecting, and would the Impulse Gold be any good at beach detecting? For me as a fresh water detectorist, the Impulse Gold may be the better way to go, as it will work as well in fresh water as anywhere else. However, the extreme short pulse delay on the Impulse Gold means it may not handle wet salt sand, though that remains to be seen. Some kind of "salt mode" would be welcome by prospectors, since the ground in places like Nevada can be loaded with alkali salt mineralization. Until the Impulse Gold arrives
  7. The Impulse AQ has the sensitivity to hit fairly small gold nuggets. Unfortunately the lack of ground balance controls means you are at the mercy of the ground and hot rocks. I found I could get the AQ to run in most any mode if I slowed to a crawl, as any coil speed at all introduced too many false signals. The only mode I could cover ground in effectively was volcanic mode. If the AQ was the only detector I had I would not discourage anyone from giving it a go gold prospecting, but I would not recommend anyone buy one thinking that will be a viable use of the machine. It really is highly opt
  8. One of the better large VLF coils I have used; I still have the detector and coil below. From https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/1387-detailed-review-of-makro-gold-racer-by-steve-herschbach/ "Perhaps the biggest surprise for me was when I decided to give the 15.5” x 13” DD coil a try. Honestly, I did not expect much from it. You normally do not see a coil this large for high frequency machines because the ground feedback usually overwhelms them, negating any gains that can be had regarding depth. Instead, the Gold Racer seemed to be even better behaved with the larger co
  9. Well, all I can say is I tried to find a middle ground. I will assume that since everyone appears equally unhappy that I achieved some measure of success. Let’s leave it there. I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season, and all the best in the coming new year!
  10. They are not fables. It’s this kind of denial and minimization that leaves a bad taste in some mouths. I prefer Dave’s approach of honestly acknowledging issues if they occur, over pretending the issues never happened.
  11. Infinium and ATX have ground balance, Sea Hunter does not.
  12. Well that sucks. I for some reason thought a single extension would be it. But apparently they can keep requesting extensions, so who knows how long this could go on.
  13. They make oil less piston diving compressors for deeper diving. Teflon rings, etc. https://www.keeneeng.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=263 More Hookah Systems
  14. Some stunning specimen gold there JP, more like stuff seen here than what I’m used to seeing from Oz. Thanks for posting!
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