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  1. Nobody in the U.S. cares about that JP. You can’t find gold where coils won’t fit, and even the 11” mono is too large for many locations here. And, we have lots of mild ground with no hot rocks. So make it smaller, and make it HOT. If it won’t work in some places, oh well. It’s all about where it will work, not where it won’t work. We desperately need a small GPZ coil here, and since that seems impossible unless you go X Coil, then give us one for the 6000. The 10” x 6” form factor has always been the most popular nugget coil size here, and yet it’s always the last coil we can seem to get out of Minelab. Trevor is surprised by demand for the 10” x 6” Equinox coil? I have been pounding the table, and pulling my hair out, since day one trying to make it understood that is the coil everyone wants here. If we could just get people to listen to us…. from April 2018 And yes, people here still want a plug and play small coil, like the 11” round or smaller, for the GPZ. It’s all GPZ owners here talk about, like wishing we could win the lottery. One factor in my selling my GPZ was my feeling that Minelab reneged on the promised smaller coil, and that still bugs me to this day.
  2. My votes are for 14” x 9”, and if at all possible, a 10” x 6”. If a big coil is in the offing, 18” round. All mono, though some may crave more DD selections also.
  3. Coiltek responded on this thread that they are indeed making GPX 6000 coils. I moved the post and all the ones that responded to a new thread. Please go thereto talk Coiltek, and stay on this thread for X Coil.
  4. Rogue saltwater wave - probably better off just looking for a good deal on a used one. I got my last DFX used, real clean, for $250, so I'd expect to pay $200 or less for a clean XLT.
  5. No apology needed Norvic, and "Greg" can easily rectify my error, if indeed that is what it is. My attempts to communicate directly with him went ignored. I make mistakes, and will be the first to apologize profusely if I am wrong. Pretty well over it at this point, so locking this thread, and moving on.
  6. I’ll skip the contrasting and cut to the chase - it’s hard to go wrong with Equinox 800 for almost any type of detecting. To date, it does more different detecting tasks well than any other detector made. It’s the first, and still only, true “do-it-all” detector on the market. I’ve been detecting for near on 50 years now, enjoy everything from nugget detecting to mask and snorkel saltwater detecting, and everything in between. If I had to have one, and only one detector, for the widest range of uses, it would be an Equinox 800.
  7. Tom’s forum has a guy that has been banned and rejoined dozens of times, and there is a Aussie Minelab hater that plays the same game down under. I think Friendly has someone like that also. If it’s a thing in the tiny world of metal detector land, then it must be very common on the larger internet. It’s an oddity of our times that for some people, not being on the internet somehow is treated like banishment from existence. Being “canceled” is treated like a death sentence. I, on the other hand, have a constant low level craving to just unplug entirely. I’m a hermit by nature. I can’t imagine wanting to sneak or force my way into any online venue for any reason. I find the desire in others baffling, but then, lots of things about life baffle me. It’s no bad thing to celebrate a simple life - J.R.R. Tolkien
  8. No schematics I am aware of, and I posted to most detailed image I’ve seen of the internal wiring. I would not open the case, simply test the pin outs for a result. You can’t hurt anything randomly hooking up headphone leads. Its the same circuit board as MX7 so look here: https://md-hunter.com/opening-the-whites-mx7-novelty-2017-with-a-2015-circuit-board/
  9. Hmmm, may have to do what I’ve done in past, and just randomly hook up headphone leads until you get sound. Carl, Geotech on this forum, might know.
  10. 24K and GMX Sport are same electronics in different housings, share the same coils. MX7 and MX Sport are same electronics in different housings, share the same coils. I do not expect Garrett to make any MX Sport or GMX based models, they were short lived models that will soon be forgotten. Sorry if that offends any fans, but it’s just the hard truth of the situation.
  11. People imagine Asians assembling things in garages with hammers and tongs, making cheap low quality products. The truth is Malaysia etc is a high tech hotbed, where top quality things like computer processors are made in top of the line facilities. Apple iPhones another example. Obviously offshoring of manufacturing was done to lower labor costs, and evade various regulations on manufacturing. However, the breakdown of the global “just in time” supply chain, coupled with deteriorating global politics, means that companies are rethinking supply chains, and reshoring efforts are underway. People hoping this means lots of jobs will be disappointed, as AI and factory automation is largely cutting workers out of the loop, but this ironically means high labor costs are less an impediment to bringing some manufacturing back closer to the consumers being served.
  12. Almost all nugget detecting takes place in arid regions, and adding weight and cost where there is no need is counterproductive to sales. The old AT series needs to be retired for a better designed waterproof system, and the heavy White’s Sport system would be a step backwards in the regard, not forward. Think more like waterproof Apex.
  13. ATX is two pounds heavier than SDC! If you are not actually going underwater, no real reason not to use the TDI. Even if dropped in the water, it will probably survive if snatched up quickly and dried off. The TDI is a newer machine than the Infinium, and the better performer of the two. Garrett really needs that lightweight ATX I have been making noise about forever. The ATX is a fine machine, but needs a lighter housing, and standard coils without a rod attached. It’s crazy every ATX coil you buy, you have to buy an entire telescoping fiberglass rod assembly, doubling the cost of the coil. It also makes packing a spare coil in a rusk sack a real pain, and makes coil swaps the most difficult of all detectors I’ve used. Such a shame such a great circuit is hobbled by such a heavy housing and nutty coil system. Maybe the “new Garrett” we are seeing now, will finally revisit this long overdue situation.
  14. coil fault https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=37186 board fault https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=37305
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