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  1. You are hereby forgiven! I'm the sort who looks for his glasses when they are perched on my head so gotta have each others back.
  2. More won't hurt anything. Charging devices draw from the charger, the charger is not pushing to the device. Unless it is a cheap, defective charger.
  3. Anker is good stuff, I have several of their devices, in fact one just like yours David for my travel kit. At home I got tired of wasting time looking for chargers and got this one from Amazon. Been happy with it also. 【8 USB PORTS】- With worldwide 100-240 volt AC input voltage, the USB charging station supports 8 Ports Charging to charge 8 devices at high speed. It’s a great multiple usb charger compatible iphone, ipad, Samsung, LG multiple smart devices etc. Only one USB Charging Hub with 40W 8A high capacity, which is great and enough for family to use. 【LCD DISPLAY】- The USB charger can quickly detects and displays the current and voltage of different ports. Perfect design with LCD display, provide the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps per port or 8 amps overall. 【COMPATIBLE】- This multiport USB charger is compatible with 99% of electronics devices in the market. Works with Phone, ipad, Samsung Galaxy, other cellphones and tablets. The portable charging also works with cameras, headsets, speakers, drones and kindle. 【WORLDWIDE SAFE】- This 8-Port USB Desktop Charger is built in overheat, overcharge, overcurrent, overload, surge, leakage, lightning, short circuit protection, greatly improve the lifetime of battery and protect your devices. 【PORTABLE DESIGN】- Compact design, detachable USB charger cable with multi port for travel. The USB Charger weighs only 9.88 oz. Compact size makes this multiple USB desk station a real travel companion. It comes with a standard US plug. 30-day money back guaranteed, 18-month limited product warranty and 24*7 easy-to-reach customer support for your purchase.
  4. I have used just about anything and never had any issue except the time to charge. Note below. USB 2A charges in less than 4 hours but they also say you can use a 0.5A and charge in 18 hours. In other words, don't sweat it but more is better. You can't overpower it as it will only draw as needed. You won't find any 100A USB ports no matter how hard you try. By high quality all they mean is stay away from super cheap stuff that may have issues. They misspeak in the warning box saying mid-capacity. Capacity has nothing to do with it. Don't use mid to low quality chargers.
  5. Air tests are not useless, they simply have to be used wisely. There are those who say detectors can detect deeper in the ground than in the air, and I'd not argue this is impossible in rare situations. However, you can generally assume that testing PI to PI or VLF to VLF you are not going to see detectors exceed what they do in the air under actual field conditions. Air tests are a good way to get theoretical maximum depths under very mild ground conditions. Where people go wrong is in comparing PI detectors to VLF detectors in air tests. VLFs by nature air test great, but also by nature lose the most depth in the ground. PI detectors do not air test so great, but lose depth far less quickly than VLFs in the ground. So air testing PI to VLF is deceptive - keep it apples to apples. Long story short I would not air test a big box TDI Pulsescan against a TDI SL of any version, and expect that in the ground the results will flip. In this case we are talking a 16V Pulsescan with a 12" round Dual Field coil versus a 12V TDI SL with 8" x 12" Dual Field. If you used a higher power battery on the TDI SL and the same size coil it might have a fighting chance on relic type targets that Joe is after, but the HI-Q coil is more a nugget hunting coil so leans better performance on small stuff. Between the smaller coil and lower power battery what Joe is reporting is exactly what I would expect.
  6. When White's took the TDI design on from Eric Foster I fully expected it was going to be the starting point for a line of ever more powerful detectors, something that would give Minelab a go for the money. Instead, the SL watered the original big box version down. Now it was lighter and less expensive so that's all fine. But then White's discontinued the big box version instead of introducing a more powerful version, in effect actually going backwards in performance. People now do circuit modifications and battery upgrades to the SL models just trying to get back to the performance we had in the original TDI back in 2008. I really like the TDI SL for what it is... and light weight, well balanced, affordable PI detector. But I think I speak for a lot of us when I say I am disappointed that White's never accepted the challenge and pressed forward with the TDI as a Minelab alternative. The excuse I was given was that there was no more room to grow with the Foster platform, that it was maxed out. I kind of accepted that, but now it appears that Fisher is going to release an upgraded version of the Foster design in the form of the Impulse AQ this year. It appears there was room for improvement after all. Long story short, no, nobody with a big box TDI should get an SL model, even the latest, and expect it to outperform what they already have out of the box with a 12V battery.
  7. You should do that Simon... it would convince nugget depletion is a real thing. Nobody is saying all the gold is gone everywhere. Yes, some people are still doing well but they are getting rarer every year. Places like Africa and such are newer fields but if nugget detecting has taught me anything it’s that it’s amazing what a few thousand people with metal detectors can do given a little time. The gold lasts forever but the cream of the crop goes away in a stunningly short period of time. Not long ago finding an ounce of gold a day was not that hard for me. Now I’m really happy with an ounce in a week. Anyway, I’ll shut up now. I don’t want to be that old guy raining on the parade. Lots of gold out there for sure, just ask any metal detector dealer!
  8. The owner's guide for the new Goldmaster GMX Sport is available for download here. White's Goldmaster GMX Sport waterproof metal detector White's Goldmaster GMX Sport Specifications
  9. Yeah thread title says 6” coil, and F2-0 setting indicates the latest version of Equinox firmware. Great finds!
  10. If I target known ground I almost never get skunked. Yet these days hitting known ground is getting lean results. There are indeed undiscovered patches out there, but anyone who tries it knows the normal result is many days with no gold. It’s a worthy goal for sure and can result in a big score, but tests the limits of how much time you want to spend finding little to nothing. Here was my last attempt, there is some good commentary about the subject on the thread. I do believe I will give it another go this summer.
  11. I have used both VLF detectors and PI detectors extensively to hunt tailings. Yeah, I dig junk like you would not believe. A GPX 5000 with an 18” mono is a nail finding monster. Click Steve’s Journal below in my signature line and look for Ganes Creek, Moore Creek, and Jack Wade Creek stories. The bottom line is simple. VLF is great until the gold plays out, then you have to go to PI or go somewhere else.
  12. Metal detectors have some basic limitations on how far they can detect items. From http://www.talkingelectronics.com/projects/200TrCcts/MetalDetectors/MetalDetectors-1.html : “the sensitivity is roughly proportional to the cube of the object diameter (as expressed as a function of the search coil diameter). Sensitivity is also inversely proportional to the sixth power of the distance between the coil and the object. All this means is that if the object size is halved the sensitivity is reduced to one-eighth. Also, if the depth is doubled the sensitivity is reduced to one sixty-fourth. It’s easy to see why all metal detectors which are designed to pick up small objects use small coils, (150 to 300 mm diameter) and really only skim the soil surface. If the search coil is doubled in diameter for greater penetration the sensitivity to small objects falls to one-eighth. You rapidly encounter the law of diminishing returns.” Famed metal detector engineer Dave Johnson reiterates this in a different way at http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/davejohnson/davejohnsonjohngardinerinterview.htm : “Getting extra depth out of a VLF, multifrequency, or PI machine is very difficult, because these machines follow an inverse 6th power law relationship between signal voltage and depth. If everything else is maintained equal, doubling the depth requires 64 times as much signal. If this is done by increasing transmitter power, doubling depth requires 4,096 times as much battery drain. That’s the basic reason why depth increases come so slowly in this industry.”
  13. For all the mega gold these people supposedly find you would think they could afford better digging tools and detectors! It's always the same $59 detector and a bloke chipping away at soft material like a woodpecker. The ones where he uses a little screwdriver and small hammer to tediously chip away is pretty painful to watch. But hey, they are getting millions of views so striking their own kind of gold!
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