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  1. Welcome to the forum! There is no information confirming or denying that the GPX 6000 is software upgradable, just statements from people who really do not know. Since every machine Minelab has released for years does have such a feature, it would be odd to decide to leave it out now. However, 99% of the detectors ever sold have had no update facility, and the world got on just fine. In this day and age an ability to update if need be is an extra layer of assurance for early buyers, not so much for people late to the game. Some companies still do not have this feature on any of their dete
  2. Never had it happen on any of my devices. A color pdf brochure for U.S. and Australian customers, as a bare minimum, is way overdue.
  3. Looks like Minelab is running a little “contest” each week on their GPX 6000 page as a filler until they have something more to say. Each week’s contest offers a chance to win a Minelab T-shirt, Hat, Water Bottle, Headphones and PRO-GOLD Kit. The contest subjects so far listed below. It's like they have forgot they have never actually introduced the detector yet in the U.S. and Australia. Just rumors from Africa, plus a dealer meeting where everyone was apparently told nothing, and then sworn to secrecy about it! Minelab GPX 6000 - Choice of Coils Minelab GPX 6000 - Loud and Clea
  4. Dealers can only do what they are enabled to do, and what customers are willing to pay for. As a dealer I can open up a new detector box, take it out, and swap parts as much as I want. So you want a different coil. I can do that, but what do I do with the stock coil I now have in stock? That nobody wants since it comes on the detector? I may have to sell it at half price, and take a loss. Who should pay for that loss? Correct, the person that just bought the detector. So I can do the coil swap, but I have to charge you for doing the swap, both for the labor involved, but also for the probable
  5. In theory a detector that is turned off handles ground really well. I'd think you want to also pick items up at depth. The Infinium handles ground well enough, but is barely more powerful than a decent VLF. In fact I doubt an Infinium could keep up with an Equinox in all but the absolute worst ground. Minelab has at least a twenty year lead on pulse induction ground balancing technology over the competition, and they leave something like the Infinium completely in the dust when it comes to performance. The ATX was a big step up from the Infinium, and it still lags behind the GPX 5000, le
  6. It's possible. It's also probable there is little to nothing to be gained by doing such a thing. This article explains why. https://www.detectorprospector.com/magazine/steves-reviews/minelab-gold-monster-1000-nugget-metal-detector/
  7. It is a classic trade off. VLF gets you pretty good ferrous discrimination, but has issues with bad ground and hot rocks. A good PI will help you with bad ground and hot rocks, but the ferrous discrimination is unreliable by VLF standards. VLF is what it is, and you have a Gold Bug 2 already. An Equinox will give you more depth on larger gold, and more control over the discrimination.... but it will still not be a PI when it comes to ground handling. You already have a GP 3000, and if ferrous disc is your goal, and GPZ 7000 or GPX 6000 will not help you. In my opinion it really just
  8. Yes I did, and I said repeatedly it had nothing to do with lack of performance. Bringing my sale up as if it means something negative about the detector is neither accurate nor fair. I simply decided to wait and see what both final versions of the detector have to offer, before making any further decisions. The Impulse AQ in my opinion is exactly what it says it is, a detector for finding gold rings on beaches. It has almost zero application outside of that, so in my opinion relic or gold nugget hunters are barking up the wrong tree here. I am specifically talking the AQ version. The Impu
  9. I agree... the entire thread addresses the question just asked very late in the thread, no point in repeating it all. Just review the thread.
  10. I looked into buying Codan stock a year ago, but it is listed on the Australian exchange, and seemed no easy way for me to buy as a U.S. citizen. But I did not try very hard - wish I had now!
  11. I knew this had been posted before, but I had to go back a way to find it. Other than the posts about it, nothing on the Fisher website or elsewhere that I have been able to find so far. Most places are still trying to get rid of the old version.
  12. There is no mystery regarding the Impulse performance for anyone that has followed along the last few months. There are a large number of very detailed posts and videos from numerous users, all of whom paid for their detectors. Anyone with questions about performance still would do well to dig in and study for a while. People who want a machine like this generally know who they are, and if they are anything like me, they have no use for tests done by others anyway. That goes doubly so for PI detectors.
  13. No, the Nokta/Makro wireless system is proprietary and only works with other Nokta/Makro products.
  14. The GPZ 7000 never found favor with relic hunters due to a lack of ferrous discrimination, combined with extreme sensitivity to ferrous objects. If anything, the 6000 promises to be even more sensitive to tiny ferrous bits than the GPZ, making the GPX 5000 a superior choice over the GPX 6000 for relic hunters. The Equinox versus GPX 6000 argument is a straw man argument, as the question never was about Equinox versus GPX 6000. The better question would be, why use a GPX 6000 for relic hunting instead of a GPX 5000, which is better equipped for the task, and at a lower price? The only appl
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