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  1. NDAs are for real product testing. This was likely just a promotional “test” so no NDA required.
  2. Something between the Ace 400 and AT Pro makes sense, as there is an over $200 gap between those two models. Marketing types don’t like that so you may be the winner with this guess. A lower price waterproof model might also help now that Simplex has hit the market. Or drop all existing AT models $100 and add a multi model on the top end.
  3. I certainly did not mean to stir up talk of death knells. I'll perk up when the official release finally happens, but with FT shut down we are now on indefinite hold. Hopefully before end of year for AQ, and maybe next year for Terra. Or maybe the delay will allow Terra development to catch up with AQ, but no matter what we are looking at yet another delay, and obviously no fault of FTs. All I'm saying is I'm not wasting any more energy watching this pot not boil.
  4. Well, I have to admit I was totally wrong about accessory coils for the Simplex+. Every other new model from this company was swamped with accessory coils in short order, and I assumed it would be the same with Simplex. Nothing from Nokta/Makro and no aftermarket coils either after half a year. The difference now is so striking it makes me wonder what is up. Or have I missed something?
  5. You could download the pdf provided earlier in this thread. Some Minelab Equinox VDI Numbers Another Equinox Target ID Chart Target ID Numbers Can Vary With Search Profile & Frequency UK Target ID Numbers Canadian Target ID Numbers Australian Target ID Numbers Jewelry Target ID Numbers & Tones
  6. Nope, never had it happen on any of my three Equinox.
  7. From https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/5990-what-are-the-steps/?do=findComment&comment=62787 "The very first thing I would not do is go to the very worst place you can think of for the maiden voyage."
  8. The AQ was not a prospecting unit anyway. As far as the QED goes I've never used one and so can't help you there - try asking this guy. I appreciate the offer but I really don;t want to be responsible for somebody else's gear.
  9. Quit drinking, quit smoking cigars, lost 40 lbs.... but those sure were the days!! Moore Creek will go down as my all time best adventure, incredible obstacles faced and overcome, and lots of gold found. Equinox would be fabulous at Ganes... not so much at Moore.
  10. For what it is worth this was a major deciding factor in my ditching my Gold Monster and keeping the 24K. Minelab's policy of limiting coils lost me and switched me to White's in this instance. Not only does the 24K have twice as many coils, you don't get the coil knock issues with the 24K to anywhere near the extent as exists with the Gold Monster. You can scrub the ground with the 24K with no problem. Plus more control options, better balance, does not roll over when set down, etc.
  11. There have always been lots of aftermarket coils for Garrett, so I doubt that will be a problem. Though if it's totally new there may be a limited selection initially. I hope that's the case because anything using the existing coils will just be another retread. I can't even begin to hope this is the new lightweight version of the ATX I have been craving so long, with a new set of standard coils to match. Maybe Garrett will shock me but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. More likely a replacement for the over 20 year old GTI 2500. Or a high frequency gold machine.
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