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  1. Steve Herschbach

    Orx Tone Break?

    Chuck (Ridge Runner) has one coming.
  2. Steve Herschbach

    VLF Detectors And Depth

    Not as far as I am concerned at least. Mineralization differences are why I honestly pay no attention to most stuff that gets posted as regards metal detector depth. Florida data is completely worthless to me. I may as well air test for that kind of data. It boils down to get the machines and see it with my own eyes. Frankly, it simplifies life. I don't have to watch tons of videos and ask for advice. If you are a PI user the whole thing about VLF depth gets plain silly. If I really want depth, I will use a GPX 5000 or a GPZ 7000. That's depth! Once you get used to the performance of detectors like that in bad ground all VLF detectors are a distant second. I use a VLF for discrimination, not depth. Argue about the Equinox versus V3i for depth for instance. To me it is a shoulder shrug because compared to a GPX 5000 they both suck for depth. I use the Equinox because I like the total package and its depth is acceptable for me. But I never kid myself that it is going "really deep". It's just a different perspective I guess.
  3. I use Paypal as do most. But some people insist on Family & Friends, which removes all protections. The ads are just ads - people have to use whatever payment methods make them comfortable. me, PayPal verified address only or postal money orders. Bank certified checks are completely worthless. Perfect counterfeits exist of these and personal checks. Thieves avoid postal money orders as a rule because of the severe federal penalties and they have extra layers of protection including a verification service.
  4. Steve Herschbach

    Free Target ID Cards

    I fixed it in the broken link and here is a copy... idcardfinal.pdf
  5. Steve Herschbach

    600/800 Seals On A Plane

    Yes. Gore vent in the battery compartment. Remember these are shipped worldwide via air - not an issue. As far as how you transport it that's up to you. When I went to the UK I just packed mine in the checked luggage, and did not remove the handle from the bag. I had two Equinox and all my gear in one bag - one reason I like the machine. Welcome to the forum!
  6. Steve Herschbach

    Smallest Bits Detected.....???

    I have found nuggets weighing under 1/10th grain (1/4800th Troy Ounce) with at least a dozen different detector models. I get stuff that weighs less (my digital powder scales only go down to a tenth grain) and so I honestly don't know about anything under that. It's not worth it to me to get a scale accurate enough to weigh gold I used to toss back in the creek when gold panning.
  7. I have an extremely good nose for scams. You would not believe the things people have tried to pull over on me in over 35 years in retail. There is something not right about that whole Moe thing but if the people involved won't contact the authorities in Bethel to figure it out then there is nothing more I can do there.
  8. And then I have to verify it how? It's a free service I offer and I am doing more than most out there to deter scammers but the bottom line is it is 100% on the purchaser as far as I am concerned. There are very simple ways to protect yourself but people are easily hooked with offers of good deals and common sense goes out the window. I can't be responsible for any of that, and as a free service if I am to be some kind of 24/7 monitoring service..... kiss the Classifieds goodbye. I appreciate the suggestion, truly, but I think we just had a couple isolated incidents. There were no issues here for years and I am sure this will pass. The scammers do get the message that there are easier forums etc. to go after than mine.
  9. This is not about detector versus detector. It is just a video questioning if small coils are always better in trash, and whether concentrics are always better than DD coils at handling ferrous targets. Too bad about the wind noise. Good stuff though illustrating there are no magic answers. For detailed information see this article VLF Concentric Vs DD Coils
  10. NUGGET SHOOTER JOURNALS Published on Feb 12, 2019 - In this video I am using the Minelab Equinox 800 in "gold 1", sensitivity "16 to 18", Multi IQ, and auto tracking. Rest of the settings are stock. It amazes me what this little beast if a VLF detector will do in hot ground (minerals) and finding the smallest bits of gold for the operator. Beautiful area with lots of Agate and other cool stuff just laying on the ground.
  11. Steve Herschbach

    Equinox Vs Tarsacci. Does This Equal More Nuggets?

    This is not one of "those" forums. The goal here is to inform, not paranoia about people defecting to other forums. Post links at will - please - to relevant subjects. A significant amount of my time is spent chasing down and editing posts to provide the links people are not making themselves.
  12. Steve Herschbach

    GPZ Finds

    Not in the situation being referred to but since you apparently know what it's all about I won't say any more.
  13. Steve Herschbach

    Classifieds Rules & Tips

    2/17/19 update - Dealers may have no more than two ads at any one time, and ads not updated after 30 days may be removed. Ads by individuals still will remain for at least 90 days. Please monitor and update ads folks - they are your ads, not mine. I normally lets ads ride for a longer period of time, but as they drift into "page 2" they are generally so old I just delete them.
  14. Steve Herschbach

    Moore Creek Adventures

    More on Spencer’s Find