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  1. I love the air test items - a wrench, an iPhone, a small shovel, and the lid off a large pot! The color and look reminds me of a 1980's Garrett detector. The armrest is similar to that on the GTI 2500. MD-88 metal detector
  2. Talk about prototypes has constraints. It does not matter what prototypes were using, dongle or inline. All that matters is what will be sold, and Nuggetfinder has already said they are still exploring the options there. In other words, that question has not been settled yet. I am sure when it’s settled the information will be part of the official announcement.
  3. Welcome to the forum! The 24K is a great machine and will do you well.... all you have to do is put the coil over a nugget!
  4. I habitually save anything that might be useful. This was the connector off a prototype coil I had to destroy so I cut it off and saved it. I have so many extra Equinox coils the chance of me needing this is zero so may as well go to somebody who can use it. Yeah, I’ve left stuff out before a splice... infuriating!
  5. The proper splice and some of that waterproof sealing shrink tube and you will be in business. Put the shrink tube on before you splice!
  6. If you need one I have a cut off extra I can mail you. Would just need your mailing address via PM. Let me know.
  7. It would be easy to make the belt longer. Just need the right size belt clip set and more webbing. Any decent backpack supplier would have them.
  8. Have to wait for JW or whoever measures first. I sold both my 7 lb detectors and I actually am boycotting heavy detectors from here on out, even if that means I use something less powerful. So my harnesses are gone or I’d already have given you a number to work with. But I am sure JW or somebody will put a ruler to work soon.
  9. I agree but unfortunately I have high frequency hearing loss. It’s all about what we can hear and everyone has different ears and different audio processing circuits in their brain. You can have great hearing but still be tone deaf. I had a hearing test recently and my ability to hear sound is identical in both ears, but my ability to comprehend words is lower in my right ear. So my audio processing in my left brain (our brains are cross-wired) is deficient. Interesting stuff.
  10. Interesting that the coil above is a DOD coil same as the Minelab coils. That implies more stability in bad ground than non-DOD solutions. The big question mark that needs answering is the dongle situation - please Minelab, provide Nuggetfinder with the needed parts!
  11. Very late to comment here but here is my two cents. I always use 50 tones but leave it at the default pitch setting. I do lower the ferrous tone volume from 12 to 4 however, which makes ferrous a very low level puttering sound to my ear. I like hearing the ferrous as it alerts me to potential target fields but I don't like getting beat up by it.
  12. Well, I hope I did not nudge you the wrong way! There are no perfect detectors, though these days a person can get close. Things like feel on the arm and audio are very subjective and mean more than most people give those things credit for. Anyway, given your decision do look at this thread and especially the video posted there. The video especially is superb for what you are desiring. Minelab Equinox Tones & Advanced Tone Options and some commentary here about the 50 tones setting may be helpful although in your case 5 tones is probably a better choice as you get more customization.
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