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  1. Simplex = No multifrequency option or selectable frequency options Vanquish = No selectable frequency options, no ground balance Apex = No recovery speed setting And let’s not forget, both Simplex and Vanquish lack...... Hybrid Audio!!
  2. I have used countless detectors without a recovery speed setting, and to this day only a tiny minority of the detectors made have such a feature, including many top performing machines. Be fun to make a new thread with a list, as it would not be all that long a list.
  3. You hit the nail on the head Walt. Can you imagine making phones now to last twenty years, or computers? That’s fine if technology were not advancing. The product cycle and technical advances are coming quicker than that now. And after the disaster that was the MX Sport release casting stones at others over quality is a joke at best. But they did finally get it right and it’s a good detector now. What people want though is performance, and if it comes in a detector built like a tank or a rickety broomstick that’s what they will buy. What do you think people will be lining up to buy, an Apex for $425 or a TreasurePro for $449? Garrett is every bit as built in the U.S. as Whites, so that excuse really does not wash. I do wish the folks in Sweet Home success though, as much for us as for them. Personally I never agreed with the premise of this thread. The 24K is a great detector. I see no reason why having the option of a waterproof version should upset anyone. If you don’t want a waterproof GMX, get the 24K. Seems like a simple choice to me. Thanks for sharing the info.
  4. Unfortunately nobody will know for sure until somebody tries. It is not true that PI detectors are unaffected by magnetic sands... this should be obvious when a special volcanic mode is needed. There is a point where even a PI will simply overload and become ineffective. I have a solid chunk of magnetite about 10” square and you may as well try to detect through steel plate as detect something under that rock.
  5. Who wants that little stuff anyway? I’ve got a couple places the AQ is going to get used for nugget detecting. It would be fun to be the first person to find a nugget with one. I’ve got a good shot as very few people who get these will be gold prospectors.
  6. Simon, those look like the beaches from the Reunion Island test. More details on Reunion Island test Just a FYI for folks. Just because a beach (or stream bed) is black in color does not mean it has a high magnetic content. A beach may simply be derived from a dark rock, like black shale, which could have a low magnetite content. “Black sands” is a specific mining term that relates more to magnetic mineral content than the actual color. Magnetic sands are almost always black in color, but all sands that are black in color are not necessarily magnetic in content. Notes on PI detecting and beaches
  7. Time I added my picture to the gallery - my steveg rod with counterweight, only way to go with the 15" coil for long days!
  8. Doing anything quickly or even at half speed does not seem to be in the FT DNA... they move very slowly if at all. The Bounty Hunter site is up... different server. There are other links to all the FT companies at the bottom, most of which are down....
  9. With thanks to PPP, here is the new official Fisher Impulse AQ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FisherLabs-Impulse-AQ-Metal-detector-101853481468095/ And phrunt found this: https://fisher-impulse.com/ Registrant: Organization: FIRST TEXAS PRODUCT Presumably we will see the first full announcement information on the Facebook page since that is how things seem to be done these days. Interesting there has been no mention of the main Fisher company Facebook page.
  10. Lake Tahoe beaches are loaded with magnetite and there are some hot rocks also. Most VLF detectors are getting 50% of depth if they even work at all. Here is a picture of pure magnetite sand streaking a beach at Tahoe. And a magnet I simply dropped and picked up - a solid golf ball of magnetite. It's places like this where you need a PI detector. A VLF is only scratching the surface. Lake Tahoe magnetite sand
  11. I’m not into testing and comparing these days, just going metal detecting for fun and relaxation and to find stuff. I’m sure as a PI it will punch deep on mineralized beaches and if I dig enough holes in the right places I’ll find stuff with it. Metal detecting ain’t rocket science, just location and hours.
  12. I was asked up front on the upcoming ATX "should we put it in the Infinium box, or the Recon Pro housing." I said Infinium, they went with Recon Pro. Driving up the weight and cost. I was fine with that but my efforts at lobbying for another light weight dry land version have been ignored for years, except for a couple pats on the head and a "we've not forgot about you" type statements. Bah, humbug! Too late Garrett. I'll get a Fisher instead!!
  13. Well, looks like I'll have my first new pulse induction machine in over two years. I swore off getting anything new after I ditched my 7 lb Garrett ATX and 7.2 lb Minelab GPZ 7000 in a fit of passive-aggressive protest over heavy metal detectors. The new Fisher Impulse AQ at a well balanced 4.2 lbs and hopefully under $2000 is close enough to filling the bill for me that I will get one as soon as they are available, which finally looks like very soon!
  14. With the exception of the battery cable sticking out the back I really like the look of this detector. And after swinging a 7 lb Garrett ATX this 4.2 lbs of well balanced detector is going to seem like a dream on my arm. I ditched both my ATX and my 7.2 lb Minelab GPZ 7000 a couple years ago in a fit of passive-aggressive protest over those heavy beasts, and swore not to buy another pulse machine until somebody made something more in line with the ergonomics I desired. The Impulse AQ tips the scales at a little over 4 lbs, but that is largely because of the 12" round coil. A smaller coil is a distinct possibility, as is the ability to belt mount the battery. That's the benefit of that funny looking battery cable arrangement - external batteries. In any case, good enough for me and a huge improvement of what I'm used to. The price remains to be seen, but it has a good chance at coming in under $2000, making the new Fisher Impulse AQ one of the best contenders so far in my Under 4 lb, Under $2K Challenge Fisher Impulse AQ Data & Reviews Fisher Impulse AQ discriminating pulse induction metal detector
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