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  1. KRUZER & MULTI KRUZER WILL COME TO END OF LIFE AS OF DECEMBER 31st! GOLD KRUZER WILL STAY IN THE LINE UP!!! ANFIBIO 14 AND 19 WILL ALSO BE DISCONTINUED AS OF DECEMBER 31st BUT ANFIBIO MULTI WILL STAY IN THE PRODUCT LINE-UP. Yeah, kind of says it all, keep the dedicated specialty machine (Gold Kruzer), but weed out most of the rest, as Legend will consolidate the lineup. Too bad about the Kruzer S rods going away though, I wish Legend was on that rod instead, or even in the balanced Anfibio box. I’m not a fan of any of the cell phone on a stick designs as I think S rods better serve light detectors, and straight rods heavy detectors.
  2. I’m glad things are looking up. And it’s no big deal, just me being anal trying to keep walls around various forums and what they are intended for.
  3. If you guys want to have a debate about who stole what from who, or contrast brands, take it over to the appropriate forum. I promise I will delete any more posts here that are about anything other than Nokta/Makro products. So just expect it when it happens. Same goes for the other brand specific forums, all of which are for fans/supporters of each brand. The Detector Advice & Comparisons Forum is brand agnostic, and there specifically to keep brand comparisons off the brand specific forums. I'm serious about this as I have seen brand wars/flaming ruin other forums, and frankly you don't drop into a Ford Forum to talk crap about Ford. It's simply not polite, and I like polite people. As they say in law enforcement, “thank you for your cooperation”
  4. I’ve heard of the Sierra Madre detector, but never heard of a “Sierra Madre” program for the XLT. If there is such a thing, it would probably be a variation of the Relic program.
  5. First thing I did was put a GPX shaft on mine, thread about it here on the forum. Do check the entire thread as it mentions multiple options, like a telescoping rod I also put mine on. That was my favorite over the GPX rod as it shortened down to nothing. Minelab really should have put a normal rod in the box for sales outside Africa. The broomstick idea might have been fine for there, but it is not what people expect in first world countries. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/3761-gold-monster-shaft-too-long-for-me/?do=findComment&comment=41103
  6. If you have huge beaches or fields that stretch for miles, hard to beat a steveg balanced Equinox with 15x12 coil. I don’t see a Deus replacing this…. Nor do I see a Deus 2 replacing this telescoping Equinox with 6” coil for light weight compactness and ability to work in tight quarters. Also a decent deep seeking discriminating pinpointer for use with a PI detector. 2 lbs 10 oz x 20” long I do like the idea of a S rod Deus 2 with 9” round coil as an alternative to a stock rod 11” coil Equinox as a general hunting detector, parks, relics, whatever. I like a 9” round, something I can’t get for an Equinox. And I prefer an S rod in detectors that weigh under 4 lbs Obviously for me coils and rods matter as much as other factors, as in my opinion performance gets rather hair splitting these days if you compare two detectors with identical coils. But how does a Deus 2 really compete in situations when an oversized coil is called for, when there is not one made for the machine, and you’d hate the balance if there were? Overall, Equinox is simply more versatile, and coil and rod options have a lot to do with that. But if I want an Equinox with a great S rod and 9” round coil, I guess I’d call that a Deus 2.
  7. “Privately owned U.S Company with operations in the U.S. and Mexico” First Texas owns Fisher, Teknetics, and Bounty Hunter, their circuit boards are made just south of El Paso in Mexico, in a facility they own and operate. Details Here
  8. I am. https://wdfw.wa.gov/sites/default/files/about/commission/meetings/2018/02/feb0818_16_gold_fish_2007.pdf
  9. You can get good recovery without mercury using the proper gear. It’s mainly lack of education, and unwillingness to invest in proper sluice boxes. If I was the government that’s the deal I’d make them. You can dredge if you do not use mercury. Anyone uses it, we shut you all down; that way they police each other. The dredging itself is harmless, just putting muddy water in a muddy river.
  10. Very amusing discussion with some nice points being made. Arguing the fine points of language, semantics, and definitions thereof is an interesting approach. The fact is Minelab made a provocative marketing statement, with the sole intent of stirring up such passionate discussion. The thread is simply everyone doing exactly what Minelab wanted you to do. Get all fired up, engaged, and still at it over three years later. The parachute drop is a part of detecting history. From a marketers perspective, a brilliant and successful campaign. Yeah, I have and still use a single frequency detector. So what? It completely misses the point of what this was all about. The idea was to cast multi as the future, and single as the past, in new customers minds from a marketing, not a reality, perspective. It worked, and now everyone is trying to come up with their own version of multi to either stay in the game, or get pigeonholed as stuck in the past. That’s the game that is afoot, shifting customer expectations and mindshare. Maybe the premise is flawed, but sales and marketing people don’t deal in exact facts and reality. The coin of the realm is emotion and engagement, as can be proven by watching any of the so-called news channels. Welcome to the post factual world, where it’s all about belief and feelings. Another fun fact - trying to counter beliefs with facts actually reinforces the belief more often than not. Anyway, I moved the whole thing here as it was running way off topic where it started. Thanks for keeping it all relatively respectful, as people can get amazingly passionate over some of this stuff. Do remember to simply state your positions without casting aspersions on other peoples characters and motives. We discuss detectors here, not each other. Consistent use of ad hominem attacks is, next to politics, the surest way to get banned here.
  11. The entire “Did Minelab obsolete single frequency” discussion has been split and moved to the appropriate forum. This is the Nokta/Makro Forum. Please limit your discussion here to questions and answers about Nokta/Makro products. If you don’t like their products, don’t be a troll here. The brand forums by and large are for brand enthusiasts to have fun without people raining in their parade. Please keep that in mind on all the brand sub-forums. The Detector Advice & Comparisons Forum is the place to engage in this brand versus that brand type stuff. Thanks. https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/17279-did-minelab-multi-iq-obsolete-single-frequency/
  12. I covered it in detail on this thread. Short answer, it was not the Gold Bug 3 everyone expected.
  13. My digging pouch for maybe the last 20 years has been the White's Digging Pouch. I like the three large main compartments plus two side compartments with velcro closure flaps. No longer made as far as I know.
  14. Yes, this. Be kind of nuts not to since they already have the mold, so I’m betting it happens. 40 kHz is fine, anything more would be a bonus, but not really needed. The Gold Monster at 45 kHz and Goldmaster 24K at 48 kHz are operating in the sweet spot for nugget detecting. Going higher will hit tinier bits, but will actually limit depth on larger stuff. I mainly want that narrow profile for better separation in dense targets, and for having the most compact, lightest swing possible.
  15. I like - I’ll get one. I need a beach pouch since all mine are fully enclosed bottoms. Be nice to have one that sifts the sand out. I generally prefer to use a separate belt, but I do keep a dedicated belt on each pouch I have so not a big deal, or at least I think not. We’ll see. Thanks for posting.
  16. If you feel like you are digging too much ferrous, increase the FE setting. Doing so increases the risk of missing a non-ferrous target, so simply set it as low as you can stand given the amount of ferrous you are digging. In general the sparser the targets and lower the mineralization, the lower the recovery speed. The denser the targets and/or higher the mineralization, the higher the recovery speed may need to be.
  17. Ok, sure, let’s look at that. Since you are questioning motives and all. Let’s look at my reasons for having a negative response. I made my entire living in retail and marketing. We never, NEVER, badmouthed or talked the competition down, even in jest. It’s a proven fact in marketing it’s a bad look that turns people off. It does not matter if the other side is doing it. Responding in kind simply brings a company down to the same, lower level. It’s counterproductive to what should be the main goal, introducing and selling a product. I have the same negative response whether it’s Minelab, NM, First Texas, or any other company. In my opinion as a successful professional in the field of marketing and sales, it’s a bad idea. This thread and others are shining proof of that. The focus is one the presentation instead of the product, and I don’t see that as a good thing. Just my opinion, explaining my “motive”
  18. Yeah, let’s leave politics be. The only Turkey I need to think about today will be on my plate for dinner.
  19. I’m sorry to see so much drama and high emotion stirred up over what should be a simple, happy event. The introduction of a long awaited detector, one with a fabulous set of features at a fantastic price. Yet another option for people, in an area that once had few options. A little late is one perspective, another is that this company has in a few years gone from unknown, to in all probability passing up First Texas and Garrett in the multifrequency realm. That’s an impressive achievement. On top of that, Dilek has been perhaps the most communicative metal detector company representative to ever grace the internet. One who is no doubt overworked and under a great deal of pressure right now. So how about everyone turn down the volume and relax a bit. It's metal detecting folks. This is supposed to be fun.
  20. Great results Keith. Though I am sure many will note the generally smaller size compared to most PI finds. It's not that the GPX 6000 won't find large gold, but unfortunately, more that the largest gold is cleaned out of a lot of places. The large gold is the easiest to find, and goes away the fastest. I agree the GPX 6000, like many Minelabs, targets gold missed by prior models. Minelab is pretty good at doing that with each new model, keeping the game going. The GPX 6000 really is the Gold Bug of PI detectors, and those who cut their teeth hunting small gold with VLF detectors have an edge with this machine. It is not forgiving of those who are in a hurry. Those who go fast will not only miss that small stuff, but the large stuff at depth, that gives a tiny response no different than a small nugget near the surface. I've pulled gold from a measured 20" with the 6000, so I know it gets the depth on larger stuff. But it is the kind of small gold you are showing here that is the most common remaining at many locations, and those nuggets do add up. I know how you hunt, and the GPX 6000 was made for a guy like you, for whom slow and methodical is the order of the day. Good luck down south, definitely time to seek warmer climes. We have had a fabulous November, one of the best ever, but the cold is catching up with us finally. One thing about those tiny dinks, I really don't like trying to find them in lumps of frozen dirt.
  21. For those who do not know, Jason has modified a Nokta/Makro PulseDive. The PulseDive is actually a pulse induction pinpointer, but it has two accessory coils that basically turn it into a handheld PI detector. I thought myself that by simply putting it on a rod, one would have a really inexpensive beach PI detector, especially using the 8” coil option. Very nice work Jason, and hopefully you can post some finds made with this setup in the future. Thanks for posting!
  22. Yeah, I know, posting off topic! One of the perks I guess that come with running the place. I can break the rules and not get shown the door. It’s early morning, I have my coffee, and am in a contemplative mood. Tomorrow a lot of us will be celebrating the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving, many with family and friends, and some of us alone. Like many things I feel holidays of all sorts have been watered down by our busy lives, and the commercialization of everything. When I was young holidays were more real, all businesses except essentials closed, and the country did for a moment pause, and recognize the day. I am gratified to see Target stores announce that, going forward, they will be closed on Thanksgiving. I hope it starts a trend with other businesses. Giving thanks has special meaning for me. I’ve lead a blessed life, with good fortune heaped upon me. Yet like everyone I have suffered my share of pain, death, and despair. None of us live this life unscarred. A decade ago I was well on my way to killing myself with alcohol. Rehab, counseling, and very hard work on my part brought me back from the brink. I can say more than most that I was reborn, my life started anew, when I finally found the strength to stop drinking. People who are on the path I was on often reach a state of despair, of no hope for the future. Everything is bleak, and there seems finally to be no reason to live anymore. One of the greatest tools I was given in rehab was my practice of gratitude. Every day, we were asked to write down just one thing in our life we were thankful for. At the time that was hard, and more an exercise of going through the motions to keep the counselors happy. Now, practicing gratitude daily has become a core part of my spiritual practice. I tend to my body and soul like the gifts they are, and gratitude is the water I use to nourish them. I try every day to take a moment to give thanks for simply drawing breath another day, for seeing the sun rise, for being with my wife and my pups another day. There are people yesterday who made plans for today, and who are now gone, those plans snatched away, their lives at an end. We take so much for granted, we plan for tomorrow and next year, yet the truth is any one of us could leave this earth today. Truly understanding this, knowing how fragile life really is, is a core part of being grateful. Having life itself is not enough though, as many of us struggle to simply survive each day. A measure of contentment to go with life goes lacking for too many. I am supremely grateful, and give thanks, for all the blessings conferred upon me in my life. Family, good friends, good cheer, things that engage my mind, that bring me peace and happiness. I hope you all, no matter who you are, or whether you live in a country where tomorrow is just another day, have a measure of gratitude for things in your lives. Things that make you happy, fulfilled, content, at peace. Happy Thanksgiving! Steve Herschbach https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2021/11/gratitude-thanksgiving/620799/
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