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  1. 64 replies and over 6000 views so far.... I'd not worry about the fine details Trevor. Best advertising dollars you'll spend this week! I'll take this opportunity to thank you for dropping by - your posts are always appreciated, and of great interest to forum members. Do make it more of a habit, as we all have extreme interest in anything you are making for any detectors. That 6x10 for Equinox, by the way, truly a superb effort, looks more like Minelab made than aftermarket - well done!
  2. I'll fight with anyone who calls you a Minelab lickspittle JP, and have indeed done just that! People have no idea how at odds you have been with Minelab at times, trying to make them see sense on things. But I definitely own the "crotchety old grumble guts" part. It's actually one of the few benefits of getting older. I've always been one to call it like I see it, and age removes what little reserve I had, perhaps not always for the best.
  3. Impossible to tell from that photo. Do a hardness test for starters - garnet is between 7.5 and 8.5 on the mohs hardness scale. My guess is no - looks like a red stained rock.
  4. Now that is a really nice ring, better than any I ever find. The only diamonds I seem to find are the tiny kind. But that's also just a real nice ring - my wife would be grabbing that one from me fast if I found one like it. Great job on that find Dew!
  5. Yes, that little rubber door constantly opens, letting dirt in. I tried sawing the little protruding lip off, but it still opens. I never use plug in phones now anyway, so I came up with this fix. The GPX 6000 port is the same as the port on the Equinox. A small 1/8" jack can insert directly, though it must be the proper type to cut the main speaker out. Otherwise the headphones and speaker both run. Or you can use the official Minelab adapter dongle that both keeps the connection watertight, while converting to 1/4" jack size. Headphone Adaptor Cable 3.5mm (1/8-inch) to 6.35mm (1/4-inch) Part No. 3011-0369 The Equinox plastic port plug will also plug the GPX 6000 port - Part No. 0703-0348 - Cap, M12x1 Headphone Connector. I cut a hole to fit right through the rubber door, and screwed the cap in. Problem fixed, and if I do want to plug in headphones, I only have to take the plug back out.
  6. Rock collectors carry crack hammers for a reason. You need to see clean, unweather surfaces to identify questionable rocks. Only in rare cases does breaking a rock matter, so break that thing n half, and get a clear picture of the exposed surface.
  7. All you need to do is a simple hardness test. It is definitive for corundum versus quartz. Corundum will clearly and easily scratch quartz or glass, and if it does not, it is not corundum. From https://www.nps.gov/articles/mohs-hardness-scale.htm
  8. You are not ruffling my feathers at all JP, and I hope I don’t ruffle yours when I say that yes, you are defending Minelab. You put yourself out there as their default spokesperson, when they never speak for themselves. If anything is ever said that is critical of Minelab, you are there running defense. The GPZ sold in huge numbers worldwide, generating record profits for Minelab. To say that market has no interest in accessory coils just flies in the face of common sense. People want these coils so bad they will cut up coils to make adapters to get the coils made by X Coil. X Coil has long since proven that small coils, and large coils, can be made for the GPZ that suit people just fine. The only requirements here are ones artificially imposed by Minelab, along with this idea that coils must work well in all locations. This has never been true, as all Minelab PI detectors had mono, DD, and figure 8 windings, for varying performance in different soil types. ZVT is only all about max depth? Yes, including max depth on small gold, something X Coil proves can be done with ZVT, with superb results. More likely Minelab saw a small hot GPZ coil as competing with its soon to be released GPX 6000, and squashed the release. Minelab very much appears to enforce differentiation of detector performance by artificially limiting coil selections, keeping each model distinct, aimed at certain tasks. Enough. I’ve said all I have to say about all this. Interesting discussion though, and thanks for the alternate perspectives JP. Now go out and find some gold!
  9. I’m only bringing the GPZ up due to all that I hear from faithful GPZ owners. The ones who stood by Minelab and Nugget Finder and Coiltek, loyally waiting for the coils they craved. They endured being made fun of by X Coil owners, who got the coils that they themselves wished they had. What has been their reward for being loyal, extremely patient customers? Not much, in my estimation. Is the 11” only an inch smaller than the 12” which is an inch smaller than the narrow width of the GPZ stock coil? Yes, that’s a fact, and if you want to talk weight differences, it’s far lighter than the NF 12, which alone costs a full quarter of the purchase price of a GPX 6000 with two coils! So consider me well satisfied to have ditched the GPZ and replaced it with the GPX 6000. The three coils I already have suit me just fine were there to be no more 6000 coils at all, simply because I do think an 11” coil is a sweet spot of sorts. A even smaller coil is something I desire, but the 11” is still just fine for the majority of my use. Minelab must agree, since every PI they ever made came with an 11” coil. The 17” mono is a dream coil that will probably be my most used coil next year. I still honestly believe that in the U.S., on most ground, and most gold we encounter, the GPX 6000 is the optimum detector choice at this time. That being the case the GPZ situation is moot to me personally, but I truly feel the pain of those who have waited, and continue to wait, for a plug and play coil selection befitting the worlds most expensive consumer level metal detector ever produced.
  10. It’s just my opinion, thats all. Not a right or wrong thing, or a test with a correct answer and an incorrect answer. It’s incredibly frustrating to see X Coil make dozens of coils in all sizes and shapes, while anyone wanting plug and play is left with basically nothing by comparison. As an end user and consumer, all excuses as to why that might be fall on my ears as just that - excuses. I miss the old SD/GP/GPX days when we got new coils every year like clockwork, in every size and shape imaginable. Now we don’t. Are there valid reasons for that? No doubt, but frankly I just don’t care, and I suspect I’m not alone in that sentiment.
  11. One problem with keeping old designs for a long time is that it made White’s a sitting duck for the counterfeiters. This will eventually be a concern for those buying used detectors, as a way to “launder” these fakes, is to buy them, and then resell them as “used detectors” on eBay. The people most at risk are those bottom feeding for “that extra special deal.” Buyer beware!! When this topic loses steam here I will move it to the White’s forum, and may even pin it to top as a warning.
  12. I know from experience that the male Jack on some aircraft headphones seems slightly different that a standard 1/4” Jack, and may not mate up properly. Other than that I can’t comment, as that style is not something that appeals to me.
  13. My main thought on your posts are “man, that’s just like the good old days!” Certainly makes me want to go try out of the way locations, as there are still some relatively unhunted locations out there. I’ve gotten lazy in that regard, just hitting places close and convenient, but they also have been pounded for decades. Thanks for the inspiration!
  14. The NF coil is a whole 1” narrower Rob - consider me entirely underwhelmed, and why I basically ignore it. It’s too close to the stock coil as far as I’m concerned, to be worth the money. I like coils to be widely different in size and shape. The NF coil was a huge disappointment to me after waiting so long for a small coil, small being 11” round or smaller in my book. The draft Minelab manual for the GPZ 7000, page 39, showed an 11” coil as a future option. That set my expectation, and I'm still grumpy it never happened.
  15. Sure glad to hear you are doing ok, as this stuff can take a person down. Stay healthy and well... same goes for everyone here!!
  16. You are on a roll, and that's a freaking awesome day!! I just love Mercury dimes, I'd be on cloud nine for sure!
  17. Nobody in the U.S. cares about that JP. You can’t find gold where coils won’t fit, and even the 11” mono is too large for many locations here. And, we have lots of mild ground with no hot rocks. So make it smaller, and make it HOT. If it won’t work in some places, oh well. It’s all about where it will work, not where it won’t work. We desperately need a small GPZ coil here, and since that seems impossible unless you go X Coil, then give us one for the 6000. The 10” x 6” form factor has always been the most popular nugget coil size here, and yet it’s always the last coil we can seem to get out of Minelab. Trevor is surprised by demand for the 10” x 6” Equinox coil? I have been pounding the table, and pulling my hair out, since day one trying to make it understood that is the coil everyone wants here. If we could just get people to listen to us…. from April 2018 And yes, people here still want a plug and play small coil, like the 11” round or smaller, for the GPZ. It’s all GPZ owners here talk about, like wishing we could win the lottery. One factor in my selling my GPZ was my feeling that Minelab reneged on the promised smaller coil, and that still bugs me to this day.
  18. My votes are for 14” x 9”, and if at all possible, a 10” x 6”. If a big coil is in the offing, 18” round. All mono, though some may crave more DD selections also.
  19. Coiltek responded on this thread that they are indeed making GPX 6000 coils. I moved the post and all the ones that responded to a new thread. Please go thereto talk Coiltek, and stay on this thread for X Coil.
  20. Rogue saltwater wave - probably better off just looking for a good deal on a used one. I got my last DFX used, real clean, for $250, so I'd expect to pay $200 or less for a clean XLT.
  21. No apology needed Norvic, and "Greg" can easily rectify my error, if indeed that is what it is. My attempts to communicate directly with him went ignored. I make mistakes, and will be the first to apologize profusely if I am wrong. Pretty well over it at this point, so locking this thread, and moving on.
  22. I’ll skip the contrasting and cut to the chase - it’s hard to go wrong with Equinox 800 for almost any type of detecting. To date, it does more different detecting tasks well than any other detector made. It’s the first, and still only, true “do-it-all” detector on the market. I’ve been detecting for near on 50 years now, enjoy everything from nugget detecting to mask and snorkel saltwater detecting, and everything in between. If I had to have one, and only one detector, for the widest range of uses, it would be an Equinox 800.
  23. Tom’s forum has a guy that has been banned and rejoined dozens of times, and there is a Aussie Minelab hater that plays the same game down under. I think Friendly has someone like that also. If it’s a thing in the tiny world of metal detector land, then it must be very common on the larger internet. It’s an oddity of our times that for some people, not being on the internet somehow is treated like banishment from existence. Being “canceled” is treated like a death sentence. I, on the other hand, have a constant low level craving to just unplug entirely. I’m a hermit by nature. I can’t imagine wanting to sneak or force my way into any online venue for any reason. I find the desire in others baffling, but then, lots of things about life baffle me. It’s no bad thing to celebrate a simple life - J.R.R. Tolkien
  24. No schematics I am aware of, and I posted to most detailed image I’ve seen of the internal wiring. I would not open the case, simply test the pin outs for a result. You can’t hurt anything randomly hooking up headphone leads. Its the same circuit board as MX7 so look here: https://md-hunter.com/opening-the-whites-mx7-novelty-2017-with-a-2015-circuit-board/
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