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  1. Hi Chuck,I would not mind getting one but I am really busy right now and White's does not seem anxious to actually sell them. The whole have to jump in the car and go find a dealer who has one to buy it face to face thing is getting annoying. Guess I have until end of month to decide.
  2. The Pro-Swing harness is not included. The unit comes with the standard GPX harness.
  3. Not a big deal but I pass on news when I see it. Minelab is now packaging some popular options along with the GPX 5000 which might be a good deal for anyone who actually wants those extra items. The Minelab GPX 5000 at MAP (minimum advertised price) of $5795 includes: • GPX 5000 • Harness • Headphones • 11" Monoloop Coil • 11" Double D Coil • Battery and battery cable The Minelab GPX 5000 Pro Pack for MAP $5975 ($180 more) also includes: • 15" x 12" Monoloop Coil • Lower Shaft (spare) • PRO-FIND 25 Pinpointer • GPX Coil Wear Kit • GPX Armrest Wear Kit • Minelab Carry Bag The 15" x 12" mono coil is a great accessory coil that by itself has a MAP of $366 so this really is a good deal if you were planning on getting these items anyway. I have a GPX 5000 already but if I was getting a new one this would be the package I would get. Any dealer offered free stuff would be on top of this so look out for anyone trying to tell you they are tossing this stuff in to make the sale.
  4. The secret is using a swing arm, like the home made one in my earlier picture, or this commercially made one, which I have also. You operate the detector with both arms greatly reducing arm strain.
  5. I am sorry about the arm but not about the gold. That actually is a great story - congratulations on the nugget!
  6. Well, I just went back there and got my hands slapped so I am voluntarily banning myself from that forum. When it gets to the point that a detector manufactured by White's can't be mentioned because it says "Sierra" on the side things have gone too far.
  7. Hey Bob, That is not what I at least was talking about. The more options the merrier. It is this weird deal of several detectors in a row now that can only be purchased through the White's of California distribution network. If I was a White's dealer out east I would not be pleased. The politics are so strange that when I posted about this detector on the official White's forum my post was censored. Because it is considered a "Jimmy Product" and not a "White's Product" and posting about non-White's product is not allowed on that forum. Seriously, made by White's, warranty by White's, can't mention it on the White's forum? That's the kind of crap that made me start this forum.
  8. I have been in sales and marketing my whole life and the stuff the metal detector manufacturers do just baffles the heck out of me at times.
  9. Thanks Fred, I am finishing up part three now. It was intended as a two part article but I got into the detail of threshold and how it is controlled deep enough in the last article that I needed a third article to finish up. I recently visited Jerome, AZ and thought it would be a great subject for an article so I took lots of photos. Then I got home and did a search and found a great article was already written about the district for the October 2012 ICMJ http://www.icmj.com/article.php?id=2180&keywords=The_Verde_Copper-Gold-Silver-Zinc_District,_Jerome,_Arizona
  10. The discovery of sunken gold conjures up visions of instant riches: Swiss bank accounts and lazy afternoons on faraway beaches, daiquiris in hand. But the quest to salvage the S.S. Central America — which went down in 1857 in a hurricane off South Carolina carrying 425 souls, as well as thousands of coins, bars and nuggets of California gold — has produced a quarter-century of broken dreams and legal nightmares. Story continues at http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/05/us/x-still-marks-sunken-spot-and-gold-awaits.html?hp&_r=0 Gold bars and coins seen at the shipwreck in 1989. Associated Press
  11. I believe I was the first person to post about the GMT Super Pulse back in Sept 2013. This looks to be the same detector with different stock coil relabeled for US sales. If you follow the thread at Link deleted since Findmall update broke all old links you will see that I liked the unit and talk about trying to get one. I did follow up with inquiries which may have got certain people thinking. But seriously this detector first came out in Aug 2011 as the TDI SL. This is just the SL with a more limited control set. Nothing really new here except the breakthrough price. White's GMT SuperPulse website (no longer active) White's GMT Super Pulse (TDI variant sold in Africa)
  12. That is cool. I wanted a small coil and through end of May one included no charge.
  13. The SPP uses the regular drop in battery pack same as GMT and many other Whites detectors. Comes with the eight each AA pack and NiMH rechargeable pack. And eats them for lunch! You never want to use the AA batteries unless you want to buy them by the case. I used two rechargeable packs - you can put rechargeable batteries in the AA holder. The downside is the short running time per pack. The upside is no transportation issues like with the TDI Lithium Ion batteries. Plus you can use standard AA batteries if you have to. The standard TDI is a high power PI using a 14.5V battery which even then does not get the best running time. The SL and SPP are a variant that has a noise suppression circuit that produces a solid even threshold. It also takes a bit of performance edge off compared to the standard TDI. This is compounded by the use of a 12V AA pack since the TDI circuit does benefit from more power. In theory the circuit can handle up to 18V http://forums.whiteselectronics.com/archive/index.php/t-68143.html
  14. Again, this is just a repackaged White's TDI SL so there will be no surprises on performance. Plenty of field tests and reports already exist. And just like the TDI most Nugget Finder, Minelab, and Coiltek coils will work. But not all! Some non-White's coils required increasing the pulse delay to more than 10uS to work properly, and the SPP is locked into 10uS mode. So if you have the coils already no big deal but I would hate to purchase a non-White's coil specifically to use on the SPP as it may not work.
  15. I have been expecting this one and oddly enough I am pretty excited about it. "Why oddly" you ask? Normally I tend to go for pure horsepower. Instead in the new White's Sierra Pulse Pro what we have is simplicity and killer bang for the buck, in a lightweight, well balanced detector. In a nutshell the Whites SPP is a TDI SL ground balancing pulse induction metal detector with the control set focused down to exactly what you need to hunt gold nuggets. And best of all White's broke through the $1000 price barrier offering the first ground balancing pulse induction (GBPI) metal detector for a manufacturer suggested list price of only $995!! And that, my friends, is something to be excited about! The only caveat is the name. Pulse Pro implies this is some kind of super powerful professional PI. Don't let that mess with you and lead you to believe the SPP is something it is not. There is nothing new here per se. But again I am excited by this detector because I am a bit tired of heavy overly complicated expensive GBPI detectors. In my opinion this is just what the market needs. A White's customer can walk out the door after cutting a deal on a GMT and SPP together and have on heck of a fantastic combo gold getting setup that will get most gold under a wide range of conditions for way less money than most single GBPI detectors currently on the market. The SPP is locked into the hot 10uS pulse delay mode for best gold sensitivity. The conductivity switch is eliminated to insure you hear all targets, but you still get the tone responses that help identify many ferrous items. Intriguing to me is that the model comes stock with a normal 12" mono coil instead of the 12" dual field. This gives up a tad on tiny gold but offers smoother performance in bad ground and hot rocks. Anyway, kudos to Whites. I gotta have one of these for rough and tumble detecting in extreme terrain. Only three pounds, battery and speaker included. But I will need a smaller coil for most of what I do. I wonder if White's can be talked into selling it stock with a smaller coil?
  16. Busy visiting with family. And may be fine for dredging but ground a bit too frozen for detecting around Chicken. Hope I bump into you up there Ben.
  17. Nice gold - I like that rock wall. Thanks for posting Ray. Wish I could get out every day like you now but it will happen soon enough.
  18. I think El Dorado is talking about the 5" DD and you are talking the small elliptical concentric Hobo. I have put the elliptical on my GB Pro and it bench tests well but I have not tried to ground balance it in the field. I will give it a go soon and report back, but being a concentric what you are saying does not surprise me.
  19. No, the Moore Creek gold looks like your stuff AFTER you cleaned it up!
  20. Color and lighting is good, just need to get farther away to get in sharp focus and you have it. I reduced the image size and sharpened it up best I could for you. Nice stuff - good on you Rick! Reminds me of gold we used to find at Moore Creek.
  21. Like any other mineral gold can form crystals but they are very rare and therefore valuable. Well formed crystals normally need an open space or cavity in the rock to allow full expression of the crystal habit. It really in simplistic ways is no different than growing salt crystals. Good article in the American Mineralogist Volume 27, pages 219-229, 1942 GOLD CRYSTALS FROM THE SOUTHERN APPALACHIANS by STEPHEN TABER, University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina. http://www.minsocam.org/msa/collectors_corner/arc/gold.htm and nice photos at http://www.mineralatlas.com/mineral%20photos/G/gold32cp.htm Hope you can get a good photo to post!
  22. More pics. Another question - will the black and gold version cost less than the camouflage Ltd version? Prices I am seeing quoted of $899 discounted to $799 are for the Ltd. New F19 page added at http://www.detectorprospector.com/gold-prospecting-equipment/fisher-f19-metal-detector.htm and will update as new information becomes available.
  23. My brother and I will be staying at Chicken Gold Camp. I decided that instead of being out and about staying in Chicken with WiFi keeps me in touch well enough to save me having to activate my satellite phone. That ends up offsetting much of the cost of staying in "town" plus allows me to keep up with forum.
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