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  1. Very nice finds as usual for you Tom. Your research always shows.
  2. I have covered maybe 1/10 of the area. I am using the stock 11, I am using Park 1 , iron on, iron volume set at 1, 50 tones, 6 recovery, 0 Iron bias. The small plate is a 1949 California registration plate. I went back today and hunted in an area that was covered in small demolition debris, slow going. Wheats and 4 silvers today, the charm was eyeball. I believe it will produce more silver but will be a tough nut.
  3. My 800 works great for me also. I have only owned 4 other detector and the Nox is the best I have used.
  4. I got out today for about 4 hours. A couple of old locals told me of an area near a WW2 air field that had civilian housing when the base was in use. During the 50's the county rented the cottage bungalows out. Small wood structures that were built on pier blocks. They were sold off and taken down by the early 60's. Looks to me to be a 10-12 acre area that had maybe 60 small units. Lots of junk but the area has not been razed. Looks like I have a new area to fiddle around at.
  5. I am not interested in the detector but your outlook is perfect!
  6. F2 set at 0. I am not around a lot bottle caps and they don't seem to be a great consistent signal anyway. Old rusted tin can pieces are a pain no matter what I do.
  7. I use the Bluetooth exclusively. Untethered detecting is a pure joy, I could not go back to being corded. I do not feel the supposed lag time hampers me in any way. I never used the WM08 because I did not have quality headphones to begin with, so I can not truthfully say if I like it. I was good with the supplied BT phones but have since started using Avantree phones.
  8. I found this Mexican 1925 10 centavos a little over a year ago. Dug it at an old SP stop that was very good to me. It sounded like an IHP. Solid 19 on the 800. As small as it is I am surprised that more have not shown up. Show some small silver.
  9. I have been trying to locate a school house site in a small farming settlement that was abandoned by the late 1920's. The settlement had a few houses scattered about, a rail stop/ post office and a 1 room rural school house. Everything was razed years ago. Yesterday I located a privy hole that was cased with an iron pipe so I figured that must be the area. Meager finds that are par for the course here where I live with the exception of the Chinese coin. It is the first I have found, so I was pretty happy with that.
  10. Your research paid off. Great job and even better finds!
  11. With only three weeks in I would say you doing great! Congrats on the finds and the new detector.
  12. All great stuff...that quarter is over the top though
  13. Congrats and great find..... finding big silver is always sweet and rare.
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