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  1. Does it void the warranty when you remove the speaker grill? You only sent the box correct? Or did you send the entire upper shaft? Went back and read the thread from the start and found the removal instructions....duh
  2. Agreed, it is a bit of problem that plug does not seat to the base without at least three steps.
  3. Way to go, congrats. Made for a great read!
  4. I tried my 10 x 5 last Friday and was cut short by weather also. The things I noticed were, the signal created by axis rotation was greatly reduced. It seemed to be more sensitive to very small hot rocks but the signal disappeared after the first pass which was confusing at first. The coil seems stable but my 11 is also so nothing different there. It will be useful for working tight areas.
  5. Today I got the deepest piece of gold I have dug to date. Using my 6000 I was detecting an old push in the Cargos. It was a very faint signal that got a little stronger with each boot scrape. I started removing more dirt with my pick and the signal kept getting stronger. When it was finally out and in the pile the hole was deeper than the coil turned on edge. I was real slow and careful about removing the target so I did not bury it. This thing was coil on edge depth. The orientation had to have been very flat. I only wish it would have been a little more portly. This is the first PI machine I have ever used and I am pleased with it.
  6. I have done this also. It works well enough. For whatever reason the supplied 6000 headphones are terrible in the wind.
  7. I had never heard of it. I did my obligatory google image search and saw the beautiful, finished pieces and the even better prices.....wow. Good on you, best of luck with it.
  8. From the Cargo Muchachos. A good strong but low signal on my nox. I cut it just to see what it looked like inside, I was hoping it would be a little more colorful. Past threads were very helpful.
  9. Very nice finds for a short hunt, congrats. Thanks for taking the time to make and post the vid.
  10. Not looking for a pointy finger, just the club names that have Hyd pit claims in these counties.....if there is such a thing!
  11. Nice finds and good work under rough conditions! Props to you for getting out and not letting the weather completely dictate your hunting. I live in the desert also, being aware of how you feel and never being out of reach of plenty of water are priority one.
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