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    Shooting, loading ammo. Prospecting, metal detecting, getting out on ATV,UTV
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    ML 4500, MLXterra 705, Garrett AT Gold, ML 2300 and ML Gold Monster. Now EQ 800

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  1. Thanks, I am still digging every target. So far junk and clad coins...
  2. Hello All. Has any one found a Platinum Ring with their Nox 800? If so how did it read on the scale. I will be searching for a Platinum Diamond Ring lost about 24 years ago. Thanks...
  3. I do not know if the two charging cables are interchangeable but I am not going to hook my module cable to my 800 and visa versa to find out . Good advise on not pulling the cord to disconnect. ( on any devise )
  4. Each to their own. I modified my Monster by putting it on a GPX Shaft so it would adjustable, put my GPX on a 3 piece shaft so it would fit in a Mine Lab hard case. The shaft on Nox 800 suits me fine. I do not feel that the nose is overly heavy while swinging it and I am 76 years old and have bad shoulders. But like I said, "Each to his own".
  5. Mine has no issues once I tightened the cam lock.
  6. Very interesting indeed-can't wait to hit dredge piles with the Nox.
  7. With all the comparisons how do these two stack up, I know it is Apples to Oranges but what think you Steve and Gerry. I do not have my Nox yet so I can not compare them my self.
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