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    Shooting, loading ammo. Prospecting, metal detecting, getting out on ATV,UTV
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    ML 4500, MLXterra 705, Garrett AT Gold, ML 2300 and ML Gold Monster. Now EQ 800

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  1. IdahoAl

    Platinum Diamond Ring

    Thanks, I am still digging every target. So far junk and clad coins...
  2. Hello All. Has any one found a Platinum Ring with their Nox 800? If so how did it read on the scale. I will be searching for a Platinum Diamond Ring lost about 24 years ago. Thanks...
  3. Thanks, good information to know.
  4. IdahoAl

    To Seal The Coil Cover Or Not…

    4414, would that void the warranty ??
  5. IdahoAl

    Charging Cable Concerns

    I do not know if the two charging cables are interchangeable but I am not going to hook my module cable to my 800 and visa versa to find out . Good advise on not pulling the cord to disconnect. ( on any devise )
  6. IdahoAl

    A Couple Of Nox Mods

    Each to their own. I modified my Monster by putting it on a GPX Shaft so it would adjustable, put my GPX on a 3 piece shaft so it would fit in a Mine Lab hard case. The shaft on Nox 800 suits me fine. I do not feel that the nose is overly heavy while swinging it and I am 76 years old and have bad shoulders. But like I said, "Each to his own".
  7. My wait is over. Thanks for going the extra mile Gerry Like you always do!
  8. IdahoAl

    Shaft Play Issue??

    Mine has no issues once I tightened the cam lock.
  9. IdahoAl

    Feel The Power Of Your 800

    Thank you for sharing.
  10. Will do Steve, we have a Animal Sanctuary here in Challis, no animal is ever put down. Keep up the good work. If need be I for one would be willing to pay a yearly subscription fee. I believe this is the most used Forum of its kind and for a good reason.
  11. IdahoAl


    Very interesting indeed-can't wait to hit dredge piles with the Nox.
  12. IdahoAl

    My New Treasure Talk Blog - Equinox 600 Vs 800

    Again, thanks Steve for good useful info. ...........
  13. With all the comparisons how do these two stack up, I know it is Apples to Oranges but what think you Steve and Gerry. I do not have my Nox yet so I can not compare them my self.
  14. IdahoAl

    Video - Gold Chain Buried On Saltwater Beach

    WoW, makes me wish I lived near the Ocean.
  15. IdahoAl

    Complete Set Of Equinox Physical Measurements

    Thanks Steve, I do not have mine yet so thanks again.......