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  1. It's nice to see some concentric coils offered for the racer, I'll be ordering one right away. Keep up the good work!
  2. I was hoping for a dual frequency machine myself, looks like I'll stick with my cz and mxs. I had an at pro, great machines with a few quirks that bugged me like floating in water, but the deal breaker was the bashing my ears got in iron. It's too bad they didn't add iron volume. Unless I see a new dual frequency machine come out I'm pretty good on new machines with the exceptions of some of the euro analogs. Maybe we'll see some US companies take advantage of the interest and relative success that those machines have enjoyed even without a domestic manufacturer. Micro mx pro? Mini beach
  3. Speaking of the mx sport and coils, it looks like Whites is working on making a 5.3! There is a thread on another forum and tboykin is asking for testers. I would try an take him up on the offer only I don't know the first thing about being a tester and have my plate full with work for a couple weeks. I've tried the big coils before but usually find myself using the smaller ones 90% of myself. As soon as the 5.3 is ready for prime time I'll be picking one up!
  4. I don't prospect but if gold dropped to $300 I know I would be finding a lot more of it.
  5. Here's an interesting video I know that mixed metal coins ring up best with a Tesoro for me. Not knocking the Mxs, I really like mine and my Racer as well but a simple disc and concentric work. Hopefully we'll see the 5.3 coil available one day. I know the 950 is available, but I'm holding out for now. Oh thought I'd add, I've watched a few of your video's but I never thought of enabling the subtitles! I'll have to check them out again!
  6. One of the reasons I love my little silver sabre micromax is I picked up a brand new cleansweep for $100. Now that I've used that coil in a large park I couldn't imagine using any other. Netted two rings first time out!
  7. On findmall one person has stated that the newer firmware units sent to dealers had a SAT of 6 while the ones sent in for updates had 8. Confusing I know. Check it with the 10dd, you'll be able to tell easy if it's got the newest firmware.
  8. I was dissapointed in the auidio mod, and still am not impressed with it. The good news is with vco working in relic mode it's kinda a moot point!
  9. Before the update I was going to to get the 6x10, but now I'm going to hold off for the 5.3. If the 6x10 was non buoyant I'd get that and call it a day. Now that the 10dd is managable I can hold out for a smaller coil. Please be non buoyant, if not I still get it but I'd prefer it was.
  10. I use a garret coin probe to check fror canslaw and a gasket scraper to pop the coins. And and a pinpointer to start it all out. If it's a little deeper an a.m. leanord garden knife. Out where I can dig a bit the predator raptor gets switched for the garden knife. The coin probe will scratch a coin but for clad and jewellery no problem.
  11. Ridgerunner, do think maybe the ground has been recently fertilized? Still with the readings you're getting on a quarter it sounds like a ground balance issue with the mxs it's self. Maybe a faulty coil. I'm hoping everything gets sorted out for you as soon as possible, I know you were excited like I was to get the mxs and can only imagine your frustration.
  12. For micro jewelry I have a a Bandido micromax 12hz. The first one not the 2nd one every raves about. I can disc out foil and still get a bic pen to respond out to a respectable distance. That with the ablity to get close to playground structures that my other higher performance machines can't match make it a tot lot killer!
  13. Here is my two cents. If not for this forum I would not have known about the issue, although I did notice something was amiss. Thanks to to Steve and others for their experience and ability to convey to Whites in more technical terms their observations. But I wouldn't have known about the mx sport in the first place without this and other forums. I also had heard of Whites exceptional customer service and dedication from others and even though I was concerned, (a couple of days seems like a long time when a potential problem arises) Whites has done well. I realize technical support is a two wa
  14. I was really hoping it was a Whites DetectoRpro with the Classics's miniaturized and stuffed into headphones. With all the raspberry pi's and old game console's stuffed into a controller it would be neat to see the same done with some old favorites.
  15. Also, I don't know if it has been mentioned, under the specs for the mxs 5x10 on Whites web site the frequency is listed as 3 to 22hz. I don't know if it's just a copy paste but...
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