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  1. thanks a lot, Steve! it makes a lot of sense now that you explained it in more detail - I might try your way in a park that has a couple festivals every summer that might still have some shallow jewelry. and I guess for the parks with a bit more history and a chance to find silver coins the ctx would still be preferred choice. by the way, the ctx also sings differently (double beeps) for the really shallow targets. will be waiting for the videos from you sometime this year :) Sergey
  2. Hi Steve, in your posts you mentioned several times that you are using the Makro Gold Racer as a go-to detector for the jewelry detecting in parks, which surprised me quite a bit since I originally bought it as a micro-jewelry detector based on advice from Tom Dankowski. could you please share a few tips on how to best utilize the gold racer for that purpose? e.g. are you greatly reducing the sensitivity to ignore the smaller (aluminum) junk, what exactly you are looking for in the signal, do you ignore the no-number-just-audio signals, etc? I also have a CTX 3030 and was wondering how you'd compare the two for this particular purpose with the goal of digging the least amount of junk and using the screwdriver method of recovery. and last question - do you ever record yourself in process of detecting/recovering? It would be super helpful to see how its being done by someone like you - there is a Russian proverb that says "its better to see one time than to hear a hundred times". thanks in advance for your time, Sergey
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