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  1. Check Ebay....you will see what todays market on those coins are. Than you will have some idea of what to expect from yours. Grade and key dates and mint marks are key to getting top dollar. Good Luck !!
  2. Sweetie nuggies....yup always the struggle , just can't get enough of it....GOLD FEVER....nice job.
  3. Willkommen Silvanus , Most of us hunt gold nuggets with detectors, primarily Minelabs and some use vlf detectors. Many of us come from the relic/coin hunting past and discovered gold to be the most challenging of all. Hope you find Steves forum useful....my sister in law lives in Hohenstaufen, love the history, I can imagine some great finds to be found in the area of the old castle built in the 11th century !
  4. Sounds like Ben had a great time in Midpines ...we've all been there I am sure..frustrating as heck, chasing a tiny bit of gold. After all these years using my hands to scoop dirt I finally started using a plastic scoop.. don't know why it took so damned long....
  5. I have enjoyed the Tesoro Sand Shark. turn on and go, built tough..Plus with the lifetime warranty it's a no brainer... great detector.
  6. Thank you for the pictures..I didn't make it to Denver this year, wanted to be there as it was the Gold & Silver themed event.
  7. We all been sailing in the same boat....a DINGHY !! Nice work......
  8. Aussieome, nice nuggs and thanks for sharing some QED nuggets with us......
  9. Thats some incredible detector control.......way to go Peg !!
  10. Toby, I have used Detech coils and still do, I also use Nuggetfinder coils...I have used coiltek but found them a bit to touch sensitive working around rocks and bushes. My most successful coil in Detech is the Elliptical 15x10 Mono.... I have used the Nuggetfinder Evo coils, and prefer the 12" round over the larger ones. The Evo and I am sure the Elite coils are the same, super hot and react to hot spots, you will dig more ground noise or what appears to be real soft deep targets...reducing gain helps. Reality is.....all the major brands are good coils...I have no allegiance to any of them, as long as they squeeze out gold for me I keep them. Detech makes a good coil, built well, and run stable, and are not bump sensitive. Over the years, all others now have a slight sensitivity to bumping into rocks and such...the Detech not. Don't get to hung up on which brand..just decide on one and buy it....they will all find you gold if you get the coil over a nugget. Good luck........and Happy Hunting.
  11. MXT with 5.3 " eclipse coil...KILLER combo in trashy areas, still my favorite setting is relic mode, 2-tone crisp and clear.
  12. Nice trip RedDirtDigger, the flat one with the pyramids on it is my favorite. When you fellas go out on those long trips to hunt, what is the average amount of time ( hours ) spend detecting every day? I know many of us here in the States are in awe when we see big gold and a lot of it from Aussie hunters, but I bet you're pounding the ground all day long. Hope your next trip brings even more...
  13. Sweet Russian Lunkers......must be the same place the Devils Ear was found....
  14. Although, my favorite all time coil...Detech 15x10 Mono E. This little wonder has found nuggets form .09 grams and above at great depth. Its light for all day use, and when bumping against rocks and plants, shrubs it stays silent unless its over a target. I found this size perfect for long daily use. This was a multi grammer found pretty deep, can't recall how deep but looking at the hole....it must have been down 16 inches as the coil from front to back fit in it.
  15. Absolutely Rick, Anything that gives us an advantage I am all for...lets hope Detech engineers have seen what the Evo and Elites coils do and push the envelope even further....
  16. Just got an update from Detech stating they have a new 15 Round Mono deep coil coming out soon. At the moment the coil is being field tested in Australia, not sure if any in the States. Rege, do you have any information on this new coil? If so , is it a new tech coil that is competing against the Elites and Evo coils, or better? Fred
  17. Unique piece....looks like natures art work.
  18. Yes, heard the news...RIP Jerry and my condolences to his family. Just a reminder how time is flying by....loved visiting Pat, Mark and Jerry when I lived in Ventura. Always learned something....thankfully Jerry raised two boys that will continue in their father's footsteps. Keene has done so much in supporting the small scale miners especially with their time and donations. My San Gabriel days on the East Fork are over, but I still hold the memories and some I contribute to the Keenes....
  19. Awesome..congrats to you ....beautiful coarsegold.
  20. especially with classified posts for detectors and accessories for a bargain deal . buyers should always beware of offers to good to be true. ..
  21. Nice to see some activity on Detech coils.....Iam with G,B. although I don't have the 8" Mono, I do have the 8" DD....great stable and tough coil. But my all time fav is the 15x10 Mono elliptical..........one of the best things about them is they are not bump sensitive .
  22. Okay zed lovers......thanks for your opinion.....glad you're all happy with them.
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