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  1. A test where all 3 detectors get all the targets, except perhaps one, just leaves you with the different sounds they make. I would have liked to see targets half the weight at those depths
  2. Baby boomer's requiem, and even a millenial can use it
  3. Probably important when you are running away from the pigs or dogs
  4. If you don't have issues with your 12 by 15 mono, and it runs fine, then I would recommend the 15" evolution
  5. Of course the state minerologist was wrong about there being no gold around san francisco, as there is gold in the sands at ocean beach, and others, worked during the depression. There are also gold mines on Mount Diablo
  6. When they short out you can often fix it with soddering on a new connector. Otherwise sending them in for replacement is also good
  7. This is frequency dependent. If you select a different frequency for the 5000 you wont hear it. Easiest way is turn the pinpointer on then hit the frequency select button
  8. Thanks for the response. That is weird. I must have had a different unit 7 years ago. Mine has none of the issues you mention, and I use it to recover the vast majority of nuggets (because I only want to dig just as much as I have to). Only issues I have are forgetting to put a new battery in when it is low which causes it to act up (my bad), changing frequency on the detector to avoid EMI and finding it conflicts (my bad), and if I hit the tip hard on a rock (you guessed it). otherwise works in most orientations.
  9. I have been using the minelab pinpointer for 7+ years with the gpx and it suited my purpose fine and I didnt think much about it, but your comments made me wonder. what makes you say it is garbage, or what do the others do better?
  10. Their shirts have no holes from the cat claw, and they are way too clean, but perhaps that is because they are on the way back to the truck to get their pick as jasong noted. He isnt going to find much with his coil that far off the ground
  11. Wake board or kite surfing board cases are cheap and available and fit the larger coils https://www.google.com/search?q=o'brien+padded+wakeboard+case&source=hp&oq=padded+wake+board+case&gs_l=mobile-heirloom-hp.1.0.0i13i5i10i30.4692.14365.0.17943. https://www.google.com/search?q=padded+kitesurfing+board+case&oq=padded+kitesurfing+board+case&aqs=heirloom-srp..
  12. I dowsed my way to the minelab store, then I found a bunch of gold...see, it works! Seriously though, my minelab detector couldn't tell which box the gold was in either. It would sound off pretty well on all but the rocks
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