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  1. Steve I don’t know where you find the time to be so vigilant along with posting your comments and advice and still have time to detect and have a life. I assure you it is appreciated. Thanks, Wes.
  2. I had renewed my subscription to Lost Treasure and was about four months into it and they quit. Would have been nice to get a heads up.
  3. Yes it was good to see his video. Glad he’s doing them again. I’ve known Chris and his Dad Steve for more than 20 years, no two better people to know.
  4. Friend of mine just bought a steelphase and really likes it. I’m probably going get also for my scd2300.
  5. I bought the Nox 800. A good coin, relic and jewelry machine with a very good gold mode. It will complement my SDC and my GPX 5000.
  6. Three year membership is still cheaper than filing your own single claim.
  7. Hey Rick, nice going on the gold. Haven’t been to Rye Patch in years, one of these days.
  8. So after reading all these comments it seems the Rye Patch Area is either all claimed or privately own now and off limits to most folks.
  9. Steve I noticed the other end of the coil cord plugs into the control box or the picture makes it appear that way. Seems to me they only need is to design a closed in coil. Like you said, most of the work is already done. I’d get one of these instead of the round 6 in dd since I want the 6in round for gold anyway.
  10. Good information here. I left for the beach near Bodega Bay this week and took the E-800 out for the first time. Kept it on factory settings for the most part. Found over 3 dollars in coins when I wasn’t getting sand blasted and blown off the beach.
  11. I got the Equinox 800 mostly for the beaches on the coast. Now that my wife is retired it will be the Detector that gets loaded in the RV. It would be interesting to see a comparison with the small coil and the GM 1000. If I want to go after really small gold I’ll use my GMT with my 6 inch round concentric. We’ll have to get together and do a comparison.
  12. I want that 6 inch coil for a go in the hydraulic pits on small gold.
  13. Ya rediculous isn’t it. Then you have California that’s twice as bad as the rest of the country, almost a country of its own.
  14. Here’s a pic of my prospecting rig. 1988 Cherokee, lockers front and back, 4.6 L stroker engine, 5 sp manual trans. 4 inch lift with 33’s. Goes just about anywhere I need it to. Building a trailer to tow with it to haul my quad for the places the jeep can’t go.
  15. Another reason I’m hesitant on a 7000 purchase is the time frame between the next detectors from Minelab has usually been about 4 years which we are either at or fast approaching with the 7000. I’ve been playing catch up since 07 when the 4000 came out. It would be my luck that as soon as I bought a 7000 the next model would be announced.
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