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    Early (1980's) Bounty hunters, Tesoro Vaquero, Tejon, Garrett Ace 250, AT Pro, Minelab Explorer, Etrac, Fisher Gold Bug, F75, F75 LTD, F19, Whites TDI SL, V3i, XP Deus, Eurotek Pro, Equinox 800

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  1. Nice details of your night hunt. Glad to see the rings. I hope to try my hand at beach hunting later this year. Congrats.
  2. Mark Gillespie

    I Don't Always Find Silver, But When I Do...

    Congratulations on like the machine, it truly is a great machine.
  3. Mark Gillespie

    Equinox 600 Hits Big Gold

    Awesome, I'm getting excited with all these finds.
  4. Mark Gillespie

    Future Manta And The White's TDI

    I'm jumping up and down on that. That could make the best beach detector ever. No more fear of shorting out the control box by water or even an unexpected rain storm. But I desire TDI performance ( I have), water proof (I have with the Equinox) and a feature that will allow digging deep silver and not nails.
  5. Mark Gillespie

    Glad I Waited For An '800'

    I think you're on the right path and a good start at that.
  6. Mark Gillespie

    I Really Like The Equinox :-)

    Well I'm kind of in the same position. But I actually have three detectors that I use. The F75, White's TDI SL and the Equinox 800. Not used the F75 or the SL for over 4 months. I too, if I had to only use one it would be the Equinox for sure.
  7. Mark Gillespie

    Official Minelab Headphone Adapter Dongle For Equinox

    Looks like one end is threaded. But that's a lot of money.
  8. Mark Gillespie


    Found this at the same site yesterday. Not sure what it is
  9. Mark Gillespie


    Did a little construction hunting yesterday at one of the locals schools where I live. It’s truly amazing what happens when the top layer of dirt is removed from an old, hunted out site. Over the past 20 years this particular site has yielded many different type of coins dated to the late 1800’s. Some brought both happiness and complete confusions as to why they were at this location but little research revealed the original school was a two story wooden structure and an old home at the same location. Well anyway, the city decided to build on to the school again and started moving dirt this week and I thought I’d give it a try. I believe the V nickels might have come from the original school location. Maybe moved and reburied when the original school was demolished. All and all a very enjoyable hunt to say the least. I must admit I've not re-hunted this site since getting my Equinox, but maybe I should.
  10. Mark Gillespie

    1/8” Male Mono To 1/4” Female Stereo Adapter

    Been looking for an adapter that will fit the WM transmitter, that way I can use my Killer Bee headphones, thanks, I'll look into it.
  11. Wish list is one that will ignore nails and still hit on the deep silver. I tried the same gold experiment (gold ring with nails on top) with my TDI and it will detect a gold ring surrounded by nails. Manta iron and nails [www.youtube.com] TDI iron and nails
  12. Mark Gillespie

    Newbie Asking: Do I Dig A One-way Chirp?

    For me the one way chirps, especially if I can't get it to repeat after rotating around the target are usually some type of iron. But they do, at times sound very good when approaching from one direction. If in doubt dig it up. I will add one thing, if you're getting a lot of those one way chirps, drop the sensitivity down a bit. It will help....
  13. Mark Gillespie

    Odd Equinox Discovery

    That is an awesome find to say the least.