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  1. Wow, that looks like and awesome spot you have. Not much gold here in Southeast Virginia, or rather I've never found any but anyway congrats on the color. Keep up the good fun.
  2. Been thinking of visiting the man I sold the V3i to and see if he might part with it. Accordingly from him the detector has not been used not even one time in well over 5 years. He actually bought it to hunt for arrows he loses while either hunting for target practice.
  3. The V3i I had was also badly affected by EMI and I can say the Wish I had know this information when I owned the V3i.
  4. Check with your local jewelry shop. We have a local shop that buys gold and silver. If you looking for only gold value.
  5. Congratulations. Nice stones. Keep on and the diamonds will have to come.
  6. I run mine open because I want to hear everything. Helps to locate iron infested areas where humans have been. Then listening for the mid or high repeatable tones that may be targets other than the iron. Very useful.
  7. I really like mine. Not quite as deep as the stock coil but lighter. Found a couple of rings so far and a few other notable finds. I bought it mainly to hunt the heavy trash. It separates very well.
  8. Wow, what you're saying make a lot of sense.
  9. I might add, I know and understand why Dimitar is so secretive about revealing more detailed information on the salt balance (so called)/ threshold interactions and settings. A lot of things can change with just small adjustments and if you get one thing set wrong the machines can be severely handicapped. Yea, sure, there's quite a bit of information here about how people (users) have set the machine up but to be quite frank, some of these settings just won’t work in my area. Every location can be different and some of my sites gives the Tarsacci no leading edge over the Equinox. The essential requirement for the Tarsacci is super bad ground and I'm assuming the salt water beach. But, I'm pressing on, learning more with each outing.
  10. Still using exclusively. Trying to learn all I can before having to send it back to the loaner. Honestly, I've not found anything that the Equinox or Manticore couldn't. Another day trip tomorrow to an old plantation site. I really believe it might excel at the beach or other extremely harsh areas.
  11. If you don't have another coil, unscrew the cable from the detector and re-install. Don't over tighten. When it's doing good and quiet, take and lightly tap the coil to see if you can get it to act up. Usually power lines will interfere if at a distance. What about your cell phone? If you have location on, it continues to broadcast your location to the tower.
  12. I have the Coiltek 10x5 Nox coil for my Equinox. Might try it next time. Love this little coil, almost as deep as the stock coil.
  13. Revisited the site this afternoon. Took the Tarsacci with both coils. The 12" coil is much worse, had both types of EMI. With the stock coil I had silent, random ID numbers flashing continually. With the 12" coil I had both random ID numbers and audio tones. Experimented again but this time I combined more than one settings. Finally settled down enough to actually detect the 4" dime. Threshold -4, sensitivity 5. Also took the Equinox 800, as a second test. Awful interference. Went through all the programs and did a noise cancel. No joy. Went through each frequency and noise cancel. No joy. Went back to Beach 2 program because it is suppose to be reduced transmit power for salt water hunting. No joy. Switched back to the best program I could find and reduced the sensitivity to 15, a lot quieter but could only get an iron audio on the 4" dime. PP on the Equinox could find the dime no problem. Never actually tried the prospecting mode, just to much added noise. Well anyway, I gained back some of the painful confidence I had in the Tarsacci. Wondering if there was a leaking transformer on one of the power poles. Just thinking.
  14. Three horizontal power lines on T poles about 20' from the school property.
  15. Spent well over an hour yesterday evening trying to quieten down the machine with absolutely no success. Went through each frequency, sensitivity 5, GB. Adjusted threshold and nothing helped. SB through the entire range of options, could never get a quiet setting, nothing helped. Turned on Black sand, no help there. Screen displayed random numbers, EMI at the worse of any machine I've ever had. Adjusted the GB up and down, no good. Now I could reduce the sensitivity to 2 and this helped but the machine couldn't not detect a 4" dime in the ground. No joys here. Increased the sens back to 5 and could only randomly get an audio on the 4" dime. This is my 3rd trip to this site in and attempt to hunt. Most successful was the TDI SL with the 7 1/2" coil and to think I had contemplated selling the TDI to get a Tarsacci. Man, glad that didn't happen. This is the area I've always talked about, being the bad, coke waste school. Big difference between silent and auditable EMI. EMI completely shuts down this machine. Only remedy was to move 50 yards away. Leaves a lot of questions.
  16. Rev number shows when the detector is first started. The SB settings are saved between frequencies and after a complete shutdown/restart.
  17. This applies to the Tarsacci detector.
  18. Noticed a couple interesting bits of information while hunting yesterday: The unit I'm using does not save the GB settings between the frequencies. I went through these frequencies multiple times and each carries the GB of the prior frequency settings. Not a problem for me. This unit has a revision of 1 "R1", no idea how many revisions there might be. Thought I would hunt a while without SB enabled and noticed I was digging a lot more pieces of foil that gave a good tone. Enabling SB and these deep trashy items would break up after a few coils sweeps. Nice. Starting to hear the difference in iron false tones. Nice. Even if you get a good tone one way, 2-3 more sweeps over the target reveals its true nature. One thing for sure, if the ground has ever been moved, the GB will be a lot less than compacted dirt "what we call field dirt in Virginia" Confidence in this detector is growing with each hunt.
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