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  1. Having worked around heavy machinery and loud tools most of my life (farmer), I am used to having earplugs in, so not a problem for me. My hearing is still very good by their test but have lost some high frequency which is normal as we age unfortunately. I hate earphones in our temps and the loss of normal ambient sounds can be dangerous. Have used external speakers exclusively but they are a pain in windy conditions as volume has to be turned up and didn't realize how fatiguing the extra noise is until I used these. Please Note, I am not recommending these to anybody, just that they suit me very well.
  2. https://www.nuheara.com/products/iqbuds-max/ I use these on both my GPZ and GPX5000 with their bluetooth transmitter plugged into detector earphone jack. All are APTX LL. They will pair with my Equinox without transmitter. Aussie Product as well. So far ahead of anything else on the market. Programmable to your own hearing frequency losses as well as directional noise cancelling.
  3. Hi Doc, Package arrived this morning. 7 days from when you posted.....not bad. They look good. Won't get a chance to try them for real for a couple of weeks but will have a install and play this weekend. Thanks Heaps!
  4. Hi Doc, I actually ordered two of your Saga swing arm assemblies from you yesterday and yes the freight was expensive...so I ordered two LOL. The stock GPZ swing arm pivot is prone to breaking and not much cheaper than your whole assembly. And very inconvenient when it fails when you are out bush. I'll let you know how it goes on my 5000 as well. Kind regards, Frank
  5. EL NINO, That is a very gracious offer of you and much appreciated......but we still have the same problem. How do I arrange payment to you in another country in another currency? It is too much trouble for such a small thing for both of us. Thank you so much for your offer. Frank
  6. El NINO, I emailed them but they wanted me to prepay in Euro to a specified account. Account details were very strange and I couldn't understand how to make it work so I gave up. If they would just put them on Ebay it would be so simple.
  7. El Nino, I tried to purchase one of these adaptors from them but they have no easy way of payment such as paypal etc. I think the language barrier made communication with them difficult as well. They have a very good looking adapter and I'm sure they would sell 100's if they would modify their website to allow overseas buyers a simple way to purchase.
  8. https://www.lovecpokladu.cz/eshop/produkt/set-pro-pripojeni-jednotky-minelab-equinox-600-800-k-teleskopicke-tyci
  9. Thank you El Nino. I will try to email them and ask if they will send to Australia.
  10. Hi Nakky, As I stated earlier, they don't don't ship overseas. Thanks for posting the link.
  11. El Nino, Did you ever get a reply from them? I also have a golden mask shaft and would like one of the printed adapters for the Equinox. Their drop down box in their online ordering system does not list Australia as an option.
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