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  1. Thank you very much for this tip , I can now grab our little flat bits of gold, i was grindiing it down to dust, then finding it hard to seperate from the blacks
  2. im guessing trip this down the sink to?
  3. I'm confused lol are you talking about this qartz
  4. No worries just looking at this mine hasn't got on where near that thickness of this and weighs a kilo more how does work?
  5. Thanks for comments, I never said it was gold, I thought may have had copper in it
  6. Thanks, na not me, I've just started melting little gold button out of crushed Quartz that i was told had no gold lol
  7. Only my wedding ring, I did have a very old gold detector but its broken, in Australia no one want to help anyone with gold, and no one has access to mercury or any acids stong enough to kill an ant,
  8. Looks nice I'm am still unsure about this one it weighs 86ounces
  9. Thank you all very much for the great advice. :)
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