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  1. rusty1212

    Holiday Weekend Gold

    great job thanks for showing the gold
  2. Great review always get information who would of thought that the equinox would find gold behind the gold monster
  3. rusty1212

    Rare Oregon Pocket Gold

    Great find thanks for showing the pic
  4. rusty1212

    Weekend Finds With Gm1000.....

    Great job it so much fun finding you first gold nuggets you will remember it for I long time the pic are great thanks
  5. rusty1212

    Eqx Nuggets

    Thank lunk great review everything help I need to get me one
  6. rusty1212

    Whats Wrong With This Gold Photo?

    there shirts don't match that sad
  7. rusty1212


    don't for get to put that one back in the ground so the grandkids can find it lol