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  1. Video of the Apex on Monte's Nail Board Test.This is Monte's official Nail Board Test he sent me Years ago.I think for the large size of the stock coil and DD its quite Good!!Test done with factory tone break.Zero Disc.Multi Freq and some other solo freq's at one point for a comparison. Keith
  2. Yes but could tell a chage! The main thing about the Tarsacci is it punches mineral. The other stuff like the sheet of foil and iron unmasking etc is sort of a by product of this technology it so seems. Its fun to see what it can do messing around with it testing stuff..That can be a hobby in itself if your not carefull.LOL!! In the low end things happen like more purity of metal than actual conductance.Like small lead pistol balls will read the same deep or on surface.The salinity seems to really have control of items that can hit close to its dial range. Nails are a
  3. Yeah concentric on a VLF might be your best bet for that test.BUT its still not going to do what the Tarsacci can do.. There's alot of great Detectors on the market for sure.. BUT the Tarsacci doing things that till now were just not doable.Things have really moved forward. Good test! Keith
  4. Your Quite Welcome Sir! Yes to find a detector that can do that would be a chore.Not saying there's something out there that cant with a ID system on it.But I don't know what it is. The Tarsacci is really advanced in alot of ways than what we have become used too. Mineral handling and or punch is it. and the other is lite metals.they can be skinned back. Keith
  5. 👍 I might also add if the ground balance is too low the salinity does not seem to help till you set it to 650 or higher.I actually run it up some if its grabbing lower than 650 and I want to take advantage of the Salinity. It's rare in my area as most of my soil is 800s even 950 at times. But I know in good dirt like 580s and loamy fluffy if I want it to unmask in iron better I set ground to about 800 and Salinity to about 44.ish.and it really gets going unmasking. Keith
  6. At first i had pinging..The salinity will cure most and the pinging that's left will start to be dead flat quick sounding and the legitimate real high tones will be sonar echo hits. I promise they become nothing as you adapt. The salinity is a life saver and sometimes it takes about upper 20s to calm it down.-2 threshold seems to be the spot with 7 sens to really get adapted to it .still punches like crazy and the tones are easier to hear ping from sonar. So far Salinity has not caused me to miss even P.Caps and pistol balls at depth.The salinity can actually help pull a sign
  7. Quarter under a sheet of aluminum foil. Tarsacci has the foil I.D .number Notched out which is about 6-7 ID.. Note the Safari is for demonstrative purposes only. Keith
  8. Yes Steve ive decided the transmission method of the machine whatever it may be is not as important as the Salinity balance.whatever that really is? and how it works. That is the true DNA of the unit.and yes your detailed report on salinity balance once you use it you will see it causes P.I. timing type effects.very reminescent traits will be noticed. Your very astute in your deciphering.!!! Keith
  9. Lots of good info. I've tried to understand the technology and the best answer I get is what if there's another way to designs a detector..Not VLF not P.I. but another way?But this way offers Pulse mineral punch ability and VLF disc ability. And I'm no electronics expert by any means.yet and I don't know .Can you pulse a transmit signal and receive continuous?HYBRID?Seems feasible. Read the patent closely.I'm a novice on reading technical jargon.BUT things stick out. Also and I mean this with all sincerity as the interview comes along in release stages I myself ask Dimita
  10. Yes Steve..I dont want anyone to think its a walk in the park on my account.I too struggled with it and still have learning to do.Its a unorthodox unit.Its quirky.The worse the soil a person has the better results he may have with it.But you dont turn it on and get blown away on inland sites.It takes time to see what its doing and how to tune it find it out.Study what you see is happening and notice things its doing other units are not doing or struggling to do on in soil targets.If a user starts to pay attention to this he will see its strongest point. What i mainly wanted to do is how
  11. Yes both triggers do the same thing.its for left or right handers.instead of having to mount the trigger in the pole in the center like on tejon they opted for under the control box and I'm sure its a engineering thing. There may be a concentric in the works but have no solid info. as far as the BlisstooI have no idea? Keith
  12. Hi Kac! I like the X very very well! But I like about all the DeepTechs.in my soil they are nice and deep. The new design to my ears has enhanced audio traits over the other already great audio traits DeepTechs.The added second disc is nice to have if needed.Yuo push trigger forward fro second disc and pull for all metal center is first disc. What I like the moat about it is its what i wanted a Tejon to be for years but never happened. I'm an old school hunter and grew up on analog and the X just feels like an old friend to me.But has some modern twist. They may n
  13. Here's a video i did of the X Steve Sorry its so long but tried to get in the attributes in under a hour LOL. 50 gain and threshold 40 all potentiometers go zero to 50..disc point is where it just drops out AIRTEST DEPTH Nickle 14.5" Indian Head 13" Z Penny 13" Copper Penny 12.5" Clad Dime 12.25" Silver Dime 12.25" Silver Quarter 14" Half Dollar 15.25" Silver Dollar 16.5" .58 Cal. 3 Ringer 13.5 C.S.A. Rectangle 23" U.S. Oval 25" Breast Plate 23"DISC POINTS WHERE JUST GONE Nickle 34 Indian Head 38.5 Z Penny 39 Copper Penny 43
  14. Hi George!!! I've found on the T2 series if you sweep faster on suspicious targets it cleans up the signal quite well..even in Mineral...almost like the T2 series has 3 filter instead of 2... I think that's why I mesh so well with the T2 series...I like to swing faster than I should and I try to calm myself down but I got used to it years ago HAVING to for depth on the early machines.. The T2 does do well on mineral...at least the + is and It may be doing better than the earlier T2's.. My 10 inch 4 bar dime is coming in nicely especially on three tone.. Yep Three tone
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